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Extended: How to apply for artists residencies and connect with other artists abroad. 

Here are the incredible tips that Carol shares on how to apply for artists residencies and connect with other artists abroad.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How to find and stay in artist residencies.
  • allows to find artists residencies all over the world.
  • The level of difficulty for residencies and how to look for legitimate opportunities.
  • Tips on creating the best application that will get you accepted to a residency or an art show.
  • How to find ways to show your work in other countries.
  • How to afford to travel as an artist.
  • Where to find other artists when you are in a different country.
  • Dr. Sketchy’s anti art school is a great way to find other artists and have fun sketching burlesque dancers.

Check out the full interview with Carol Mcquaid on how to turn your artistic talents into travel opportunities

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9 lessons I learned failing spectacularly as a freelancer and how it is helping me succeed today.

Many of you may not know this but I’ve tried to become a freelancer and failed three times already. 

There was a lot of pain and feeling like a huge failure. I’ve shed a lot of tears, and have questioned my purpose.

I didn’t realize that all of those failures would lead to the best lessons I would ever learn. More valuable than my college education ever taught me.

Here are the 9 lessons I’ve learned failing spectacularly as a freelancer and how it is helping me succeed today: 

1. I don’t want to travel for work. I want to have work that will allow me to travel. 

My first dive into freelance work was being a photojournalist. I was able to travel the world and go to remote areas where I photographed indigenous tribes.

My biggest goal was to work with the United Nations. And when I was given the opportunity by the UN to travel to China with 21 other artists to showcase my work, I realized that I accomplished what I set out to do and decided to leave at the “peak” of my career.

I realized that I needed to do something more to help the people I was photographing and constantly traveling for work was not sustainable.  I was burnt out. I left and didn’t touch my camera for 2 years.


2. Don’t get caught up in creating the perfect content. 

My second attempt to becoming a freelancer was to create a children’s website Lollie Tot. I produced how-to activity videos for parents with toddlers and provided in-person art classes.

I hustled hard, made the cutest videos, had the help of the most talented and supportive people. 

As a content creator, most of us are perfectionists’ and it can be really hard to publish your work when you feel like it is not “perfect”.

But, I realized that the more elaborate and complicated I made my work, the fewer people were interested. And the more simple they were, the more my audience was able to relate to the content.

One very simple video that I made in my kitchen-had almost 1 million views, while videos I made in a studio barely had a few thousand views.

Curious? See the video. 

3. Do the 80/20 rule when marketing. 

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a creator was the 80/20 rule in marketing (and pretty much everything).

Spend 20 percent on creating content and 80 percent in marketing your product. Make the 20 percent the best it can be and market the hell out of it.

I learned that no matter how good your content is if you have no audience – it will only ever be a hobby.

I failed with Lollie Tot because I was creating quality content, but did not market my work properly and had no clue how to make money. It was not sustainable. I was spending too much and not earning enough.

failing as a freelancer

4. Having supportive people around you is crucial to your success.

You will know true friendships when you become an entrepreneur and freelancer.

A few years ago, someone ones told me that in order to succeed I may have to let go of certain people and to always surround myself with individuals who truly support me because it can be a very lonely road.

I never truly understood those words until recently. I realized how crucial it is to let go of negative people and to embrace the ones who truly support you.

5. You have to be passionate about what you do. 

Aaron and I also tried selling promotional products. It was a complete departure from my interests and there was no passion behind this new business except to make money and learn sales.

Freelance work really showed me why passion for your work is so important. I became bored. I hated the tasks I was doing and I was questioning my life choices every day.

I was not happy. I gave up.

failing as a freelancer

6. Networking the right way. 

During our time as promotional marketers, we attended so many networking events and we were constantly exhausted. After 6 months of doing 3-4 networking events every week we learned a valuable lesson:

Most people will waste your time. Learn how to be more efficient and research the person you want to connect with.

Instead of going to an event, contact them and ask them out for coffee, this way you will have their full attention and you can create a real relationship.

7. Delegating is the key to growth.

There were so many tasks that needed to be done, that Aaron and I decided to hire an assistant.

We learned that we could not do everything ourselves, and if we could – we really didn’t want to. We were getting some sales from the business and we decided to invest some of our profits to hiring an assistant to delegate some of the tedious tasks.

Although our business did not work, we learned that delegation is key to growth and to always hire someone who will make your business more efficient.

8. Be careful who you collaborate with but be open to new ideas. 

If you have ever met me and Aaron, you will quickly realize that we are very trusting people. We believe that everyone is essentially good.

We learned the hard way that not everyone can be trusted and ended up partnering with an individual who cost us thousands of dollars.

To this day, we still believe the best in people, but now we are more cautious in who we trust.

9. Learn from your mistakes and never give up.  If it is truly what you want. 

Although the last freelance work I did was a departure from my interests, it has taught me the most.

I have learned from so many of these mistakes and I am bringing them with me in my current business, that now it seems “easy” and a lot of things are “no-brainers”. But then I realized how many failures I’ve had in order to learn these lessons.


“It doesn’t get easier, you just get better”

Don’t get me wrong. I am still learning every day. But now I have a better picture of what’s ahead and more prepared to fall while I am continuously climbing up.

There will be opportunities that will be presented to you, many may not be your dream job, but they may be the jobs that will teach you the most about yourselves and what you really want in your life.

I “failed” at all of these freelance jobs and had to go back to my day job.

Feeling defeated and being lost is not new or foreign to me. I know that it isn’t too many of you either. Some of you may have gone through it already, while many more of you may feel defeated every day. 

failing as a freelancer

As I look back and as I am transitioning to yet another freelance lifestyle I realized that things are different this time around and the reason is… I’ve learned from all of these “mistakes”. 

I know that diving into a freelance career is hard work, but so is having a day job. Nothing is guaranteed and a lot of the people I have interviewed for the podcast became a freelancer because they lost a day-job.


So whatever your decision is, whether to have a side hustle while you’re working your 9-5 or going into the unknown to become a full-time freelancer. Make sure it is the right decision for you at this moment.

Nothing is ever set in stone, and even if you have to go back to your day job, you can always try and try again. I am the living proof of that.

Embrace your failures. This is how life is educating you and it is worth more than any lessons you will receive in school. 

And always remember:


“You are not failing, you are learning.”





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Extended: How to do responsible tourism with Rebecca Chant

Here are the incredible tips that Rebecca shares on how to do responsible tourism.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • What to do before visiting a new country.
  • Respecting the monuments when you are traveling in a different country.
  • Taking images of locals, especially children during your travels.
  • Voluntarism and the effectiveness during travel.
  • Other alternatives to voluntarism and ways you can help that will make a real difference.
  • Animal tourism 

Check out the full interview with Rebecca Chant on how to travel and work as a remote copywriter.

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Extended: How travel can become more accessible for everyone with Kaitlyn Cawley

Here are the incredible tips that Kaitlyn shares on how travel can become more accessible.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • Make all your plans before you get to your destination and then be spontaneous when you arrive.
  • Using incognito browsing to look for flights.
  • Why vacation will lead to more productivity.
  • Why you should not feel guilty about traveling.
  • Look at travel as a learning experience
  • How do you save money in order to travel.
  • How to travel like a local in a new place.
  • Safety in a new country, especially as a solo travel.

Check out the full interview with Kaitlyn Cawley on How choosing passion over paycheck can help you succeed.

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Going beyond free hotel stays: Meet 13 Inspiring Influencers who give value to their audience.

How to go beyond free hotel stays as an influencer.

In recent years there has been a rise in the amount of people who call themselves influencers. But what does it really mean?

I read an article recently from The Atlantic titled “Instagram’s Wanna-Stars are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy” .

The article states that “Hotels are being forced to figure out how to work with a new class of brand-peddling marketers”.

Like many of you, when I first started using Instagram, I had stars in my eyes. I saw so many incredible feed’s with beautiful women and couples who travel the world and stay in amazing places.

I thought ” Wow, if I gain enough followers I can also work with those brands and get to stay in the most incredible hotels for free.”

Then I realized how much content I needed to create to get those “free” stays. And since starting The Offbeat Life podcast I have met incredible content creators who opened my eyes to what being an influencer really means.

I began to realize that to be an influencer, I needed to make a real difference. A difference that will not only help myself but also other people.

An influencer must have a real purpose that is valuable to their audience and skills that are  assets to brands.

The hard work and dedication that comes from being an influencer deserves more than just a “free” hotel stay.

So if you are a budding influencer, do not look at the amount of followers you have but the amount of lives you are impacting. If you can make a difference in one persons life then you are an influencer.

So, let’s move pass the freebies and create a difference that will provide a purpose for our work and allow us to make a real difference in the world.

Here are the top 13 inspiring  influencers who give value to their audience.

1) Jacob Fu and Esther Julee : Travel Bloggers – Local Adventurer

Jacob and Esther’s travel blogging career is what many wanna-be bloggers aspire to have one day.

They are one of the top 15 travel bloggers in the World and have worked with countless of brands such as Patagonia, REI, South Africa tourism board and so much more.

The Local Adventurer blog was started because  when they left Atlanta to move out west they  regretted not exploring the home town they have lived in for most of their lives.

Their purpose has been to “be grateful for whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, to see our hometown, state or country with fresh eyes, and to be open to new experiences and take baby steps outside our comfort zones”.

Today, Jacob and Esther live in a different city every year and have been able to create a successful fulltime travel blogging career that allows people to see their own city in a new light.

They are also coming out with a new e-course soon that will help you Become a 6 Figure Blogger. Stay tuned for more info on the Launch!

You can listen to their story on an episode with Jacob where he shares How to Create a Profitable Travel Blog.

2) Andrea Valeria:  Vlogger (Video Blogger) – It’s a Travel O.D. 

Andrea Valeria who is a Vlogger (video vlogger) gives her audience fun and realistic behind the scenes on what it is really like to live as a digital nomad.

Her videos will not only make you want to visit the places she has lived in, but also become inspired by her words that motivate other creators to keep the hustle going, even when the going gets tough.

Thinking of starting your own Vlog? Check out Andrea’s book “So you want to Vlog”, where she gives the most amazing tips and tricks to be a successful vlogger.

Not only is Andrea an expert Vlogger she is also passionate about highlighting creators who give true value to their audience and their clients – she started the #redefininginfluencers movement. Check it out and support Andrea’s cause!

You can listen to Andrea’s episode where she shares how leaving your 9-5 will not guarantee success unless you work hard to achieve it. 

3) Jennifer O’Brien – Content Creator and Founder of The Travel Women

Jennifer created The Travel Women community where she empowers women to travel outside their comfort zone.

Jen is also an expert Photographer, videographer, dronographer  and 360-  which makes her extremely valuable to brands who want quality and beautiful work.

Not only is Jennifer incredibly talented but she genuinely cares and has helped so many people connect with one another through travel.

You can listen to Jennifer’s story to find out how to create a travel community for women. 

4) Kat Gaskin:  Creative and Entrepreneur – Salty Pineapple


A post shared by Salty Pineapple 🍍 (@katgaskin) on

If you have come across the quote” Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.” Then you have seen  a glimpse of what Kat is capable of.

Kat Gaskin is the perfect blend of Creator and Entrepreneur. She has shown versatility in content creation, marketing and has a shop The Salty Pineapple.

Check out the shop to get a piece of the sweet pineapple and tropical vibe she has been spreading around.

You can listen to Kat Gaskin’s episode where she shares how to overcome missed opportunities and so much more!

5) Meagan Morrison – Travel and Fashion Illustrator – Travel Write Draw


A post shared by Meagan Morrison (@travelwritedraw) on

When I think of a woman who has truly blended her passions together to create a successful career, I immediately think of Meagan Morrison.

Meagan is a travel and fashion illustrator who created a new niche in order to do what she truly loves.

Meagan not only provides a unique take on travel through her illustrations, but also gives her Travel Write Draw community inspiring words and motivation to also pursue their passions.

You can listen to Meagan’s full journey where she shares how to be a trail blazer and deal with the pressure to succeed. 

6) Gret Glyer – Public Speaker and Founder of Donor See


A post shared by Gret Glyer (@gretglyer) on

Gret is the founder of DonorSee a company that is redefining the meaning of charity by allowing the donor to quickly and easily help the worlds poorest while seeing the results in raw video footage.

Gret shows us that changing the world can come from small acts of kindness which can create a ripple that changes the world.

Gret is the epitome of what real meaningful influence should be: changing the world and peoples circumstances for the better.

You can listen to Gret’s incredible journey and how he was able to create the Uber of charity.

7) Celinne Da Costa – Brand Story Coach –


A post shared by Celinne Da Costa (@celinnedacosta) on

Celinne Da Costa is not your average Influencer. Yes, she has amazing travel photos on Instagram, but she’s not there to get the free hotel stays.

Celinne is a brand story coach. What does that mean you say? Well, she helps brands and individuals create compelling stories that will resonate with their audience.

She’s worked with fortune 500 companies and individuals who want to grow their brand and scale their business. Celinne is also a big advocate for traveling the world and making real and genuine connections with every individual she meets.

Listen to Celinne’s amazing story and learn how to reverse engineer your fears.

8) Raha Moharrak – Public Speaker and the first Saudi woman to  summit the 7 highest peaks in  the world –


A post shared by Living Curiously (@rahamoharrak) on

Raha Moharrak is the first and youngest Saudi woman to ever summit the highest peaks in the world.

Raha is a public speaker who inspires women all over the world to live their life to the fullest and to push their boundaries.

Since her successful climb to the 7 summits, Raha has made it her mission to inspire other women to tap into their own potential despite the obstacles they will face.

You can listen to Raha’s full interview on how to deal with criticism and turn responsibility into an opportunity and much more.  

9) Meagan Cignoli – Founder and Creative Director of Visual Country


A post shared by Meagan Cignoli (@meagancignoli) on

When Meagan Cignoli uploaded her first stop motion video on Vine, she could not have predicted that a hobby and creative outlet would turn in to a multi-million dollar business a few years later.

Meagan founded the company Visual country and has worked with hundreds of brands such as Lowes, Tiffany and Co., Netflix, Google and so much more!

Meagan’s passion and talent shows on every content she creates and she continues to inspire so many budding artists today.

Listen to Meagan’s story on how to turn a hobby into a multi million dollar company.

10) Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – Personal Finance Expert and creator of Making Sense of Cents

Michelle created an incredible blog Making Sense of Cents that allows her to help people become wiser with their finances and encourage others to earn more, save more, and live more.

Michelle and her husband lived in their RV for several years, traveling across the country. They have recently made a change and traded their RV for a sailboat!

Michelle’s journey is so unique and she earns over 100k a month helping people become financially savvy.

You can listen to Michelle’s story on How to create a million dollar blog. 

11) Sara Melotti – Photographer and the founder of Quest for Beauty 


A post shared by Sara Melotti (@saramelotti_) on

Sara started out as a dancer and then became a fashion photographer. After working for 3 years as a fashion photographer she realized that she was promoting unrealistic standards of beauty.

This led Sara to travel the world and create Quest for Beauty- showcasing the beauty of every woman.

She has also gained recognition with her article How Instagram created a monster – which exposes the tricks that Instagrammers are using to gain more likes and following.

Today, Sara is an advocate for womens rights and being an euthentic content creator.

You can listen to Sara’s story where she shares how to stay authentic as a content creator. 


12) Erin Lowry – Public speaker and author of “Broke Millennial”


A post shared by Erin Lowry (@brokemillennialblog) on

Growing up Erin was given so many valuable lessons by her parent’s that she was able to take with her into adulthood. Lessons that allowed her to conquer finances at a young age by being debt free and financially savvy.

This knowledge led her to create the Broke Millennial blog which later turned into a best selling book “Broke Millennial”.

Today, Erin travels around the country as a speaker promoting her highly successful book “Broke Millenial” and continues to help others Get their financial life together #GYFLT.

Erin shares incredible insights on how to live well and spend your money wisely.

You can listen to Erin’s story and how to go from flat-broke to financial badass.

13)  Elise Darma – Digital Nomad Entrepreneur and Founder of Canopy Content 

Elise Darma is a travelpreneur who has created a business she can run from anywhere.

Elise helps online brands grow through their social media channels. Elise gives valuable tips on how to grow your business through Instagram.

She has create an incredible brand that not only helps you grow your business but allows you to do it in your own terms and live the freedom lifestyle.

You can listen to Elise’s tips on how to use your current skills to become a traveling freelancer. 



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