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Extended: Beauty tips around the world and finding love without makeup with Lola Mendez.

Here are the incredible tips that Lola Mendez shares on beauty tips around the world and how to find love without makeup.

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In this episode:

What beauty regimen have you learned while traveling?

    • Being a sustainable traveler Lola only purchases holistic natural remedies.


    • Lola uses charcoal soap as a face wash since charcoal is a natural magnet that will cleanse your face well.


    • She also uses Neem to help stop breakout and coconut oil for her hair and skin.


    • Lola has decided to stop wearing makeup since it is not sustainable for her lifestyle and her desire to find love without makeup.


    • Essential oils is a great way to have natural perfumes.


  • Bentonite clay will help heal wounds naturally.

Accepting yourself and feeling beautiful without makeup.

    • Learning to take care of your body and skin in a healthy way.


    • Feeling beautiful and accepting yourself without the cover of makeup.


  • The difference between mens beauty routine to women.

Check out the full interview with Lola Mendez shares on how to full time travel on a budget and do responsible tourism.  

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Extended: How to set up an Amazon FBA business with Danny Newman.

Here are the incredible tips that  Danny Newman shares on how to start an online Amazon FBA business. 

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In this episode:

What is Amazon FBA?

    • It is for people who want to start a retail business online through Amazon.


    • You find the products that you want to sell and Amazon will be storing and fulfilling the orders without you having to deal with customer service.


  • It is a great business model if you want to be traveling and be hands off.

What is the first step to start an Amazon FBA business?

    • Invest in learning how to do the business.


    • There will be a lot of opportunities for mistakes, so make sure that you are learnings much as you can.


How do you find the right products that will sell well?

    • You have to do your research and look for a gap where you find a product that you can buy cheaply but sell for a profit on Amazon.


    • Look at sales rank on Amazon to see how well the products are selling.


    • If you can get those well selling products on Amazon, it is almost a guarantee that it is going to sell sooner or later.


    • But you also have to look at your competition.


    • You can also do private labeling products.


    • This process is more involved so you have to make sure that the product is going sell.


  • You have to test as much as you can.

What is the pros and cons of starting an Amazon business?

    • The massive pro is earning money, while being away from the business itself.


    • The con is that there is always risks, thats why it is important to test your products before selling.


    • Amazon FBA charges for there services so you have to make sure you have enough margin for profit.


  • Expect to loose 30% or more on your sales with Amazon FBA.

Check out the full interview with Danny Newman on how to stat freelance writing

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25 Unique travel gifts for working nomads

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life?

I have compiled 25 unique travel gifts for those working nomads who are often hard to shop for that are $100 and under!

These unique travel gifts are perfect for any occasion and will actually be used by those working nomads.

As a traveler, we often prefer to pack light. These gifts are all portable and will improve their travel experiences.

Without further ado, here are 25 unique travel gifts for working nomads.

Unique travel gifts for $100
1. Amazon Kindle

This e-reader is one of the best gifts to give to a working nomad. It is super lightweight and is waterproof. The perfect gift for any type of traveler.

I personally bring one with me to every trip, it keeps me occupied during the flight and to have during any downtime.

2. Noice canceling headphones 

Noice cancelling headphones are a travelers best friend. You’ll get better sleep and will be able to concentrate better.

3. Portable waterproof speaker

Having a portable speaker makes it easy to watch a movie and listen to music on your laptop! Its also a must to bring with you at the beach having a perk of being waterproof!

Unique travel gifts for under $50

4. Portable power bank

There’s nothing worst than your running low on power when you’re on the go. For many travelers this can be a even more crucial whether confirming your tickets, finding directions or getting transportation.

5. Wifi signal extender

For working nomads, having a wifi extender is a must. Having a wifi signal extended can become your best friend when you are having trouble getting that signal.

6. Life straw water bottle

Getting sick while your traveling is the worst. This life straw bottle will lower those chances since it cleans up 99.9% of waterborne parasites and bacteria from unsafe water sources.

7. Scratch Map

This scratch map is not only a beautiful way to decorate a home but also a great way to mark down all your bucket list trips.

8. Unisex toiletry bag 

Ever traveler needs a good toiletry bag during their adventures. This genuine buffalo leather unisex toiletry can be their perfect companion.

9. Portable camera tripod 

This portable gorilla camera tripod is the perfect gift for any solo traveler or any traveler. It can also attach to different objects so you can shoot from the side.

Unique travel gifts for under $25

10. Packing cubes

A great way to make packing easier is by using packing cubes. It is a great way to organize your luggage. They weight almost nothing and you can easily see where you’ve stored your items without having to make a mess in your luggage.

11. Passport holder

Having a passport holder keeps you more organized and it’ll keep your passport protected. It’s a perfect gift for any globe trotter.

12. USB rechargeable head lamp

Any working nomad loves a good adventure. Having a rechargeable head lamp will be useful in those spontaneous trips or any emergencies.

13. International adapter

This is a no brainer and an essential for any working nomad. In order to use any electronics in foreign countries you need an International adapter.

14. Travel towel

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a towel when you need one. Travel towels are lightweight and quick dry fabrics that are essential.

15. Pocket scarves

Having a pocket scarf serves two purpose. Keeping you warm and having an extra pocket to keep your passport safe.

16. Compression socks

Air travel can get really uncomfortable, especially on your feet. These compression socks can relive the pressure and make those long flights more bearable.

17. UV toothbrush sanitizer 

What better way to stay fresh and clean that having a UV toothbrush sanitizer. This toothbrush sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

18. Travel journal

I always bring a travel journal with me to jot down my thoughts and create doodles to keep the memories. This buffalo leather travel journal will be the perfect companion.

19. Portable luggage scale

One of the most frustrating things to experience during your travel is realizing that you packed your luggage too much and having to pay the steep fees. Having a portable luggage scale can help you avoid all that hustle.

Unique travel gift cards and subscriptions

For many travelers, it is not about the material objects but rather the experiences. Here are several amazing subscription gift cards that can be useful for those wonderers in your life.

20. VPN subscription

What is a VPN subscription you ask? A VPN can help you send and receive information data while remaining anonymous and safe.

21. Gift card to audible

I love downloading audio books and having a gift card to audible is one of the best gifts a traveler can receive. Both useful and entertaining and they can bring with them anywhere.

22. gift card

You cant go wrong with a gift card. Allow them the luxury to any hotel of their choosing!

23. Airbnb gift card

Having that local experience while your traveling is priceless. Gifting someone this Airbnb card will allow them the best experience in a new city!

24. Southwest airlines gift card

Airline gift cards are one of the best presents you can give to any traveler. Give that traveler this southwest airlines gift card and it will be a gift you’ll know they’ll love!

25. Amazon gift card

Still unsure about what to get for that hard to shop for working nomad? Well, an Amazon gift card is never a bad idea. You can find almost anything on Amazon, from gadgets to entertainment they have it all!


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Offbeat Travel: How to Plan a Truly Affordable Vacation

If you’re already planning your next affordable vacation, you should be thinking about how you can plan it in an affordable way. There’s no need to spend all your spare income on your vacation, which is what many people do. Instead, you should make the most of the best tips and tricks out there that’ll help you to save money and book a vacation that offers you real value for money.

Use Kayak to Find Cheap Flights

Kayak is a great site for finding flights that are cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. Sometimes, you can find flights cheaper here than on the websites of the airlines providing those flights. So if you want to find cheaper deals, it makes sense to take this approach. Flights can often be the most expensive part of a trip, so finding cheap deals is essential.

Try to Travel Off Season

Traveling at the right time of the season is really important. If you’re traveling in the middle of summer when everyone else is also heading abroad, you’re going to pay a premium. If your schedule is flexible enough to allow you to travel at any time of the year, it definitely makes sense to travel off season because that’s when you will always find the best deals.

Browse a Variety of Vacation Homes Online

These days, there are so many vacation homes available online, and that makes it great for people like you who want to find bargains. By comparing them all and seeing which are cheapest at which times of the year, you can seek out a deal that offers real value for your money. That’s why it always makes sense to spend time browsing and comparing online.

Volunteer for Cheap or Free Travel

If you’re willing to work for your affordable vacation, you could always do some volunteer work and get a trip for free or very cheap. This is obviously not going to appeal to everyone but if you’re into ethical travel and you like the idea of leaving a positive impact behind when you leave, it’s something that you should definitely look into and consider. It’s not all hard work either; volunteering is often a lot of fun.

Look for Good Deals at Certain Times of the Year

There are certain times of the year when travel companies will provide great deals. These are usually around annual holidays but sometimes they will decide to conduct a flash sale with lots of cheap deals for no apparent reason. Black Friday is another time of the year when most of the major travel companies will offer some very good, if not also very limited, deals.

Everyone needs a vacation because it gives you the chance to get away from your everyday life and take things easy for a while. It’s a chance to rest and recuperate or simply do something that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to do in your usual daily life, so make the most of these affordable vacation tips.

Going beyond the hustle: 5 steps to beating burnout.

5 steps to beating burnout

We’ve talked about the importance of hustle and perseverance. Now let’s talk about the burnout.

As I am still in my day job, my time is extremely limited. There is always the feeling of never doing enough and the guilt when you take time away from work.

Recently, I have been pushing myself so hard that I would wake up with drool on my face – realizing that I had fallen asleep as I was editing content for the podcast.

I breathe, eat, and sleep thinking about my work and have to constantly push myself to even stop talking about it!

I was prioritizing my work more than my personal relationships and it finally came to a head. I either had to balance and nurture the relationships I had or lose it.

It was an eye-opening experience that even though was a hard lesson to learn, gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to take 

I am still not an expert at avoiding burnout or balancing work and personal life. However, I have come to realize how important it is to really nurture ourselves and the people around us.

Here are the five ways I have learned to beat burnout.

Schedule and checklists.

Starting a business and becoming a freelancer, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with tasks that have to get done. 

Scheduling and allotting time for specific tasks has tremendously helped my productivity. 

Google calendar and Evernote have been lifesavers when it comes to scheduling and creating checklists for me to become more organized.

Another technique that has been crucial to my time management and productivity is placing only 2-3 tasks on my list. 

If I finish those tasks I add only one task at a time so it does not become overwhelming.

Seeing how I have accomplished my goals gives me the motivation and feeling of success which allows me to keep the momentum.

beating burnout

Take time off.

This may sound easy but when you live, eat and breath work, it can be really difficult to take the time off from work. 

But I have come to realize that taking a day off actually allows me to work better and smarter.

Whether it is to take a day off or go on a vacation it can be difficult to get away from that laptop to just enjoy life. 

Yes, this can be daunting but believe me, it is necessary so that you can enjoy life and the fruits of your labor.

Because what is it all for, if you are not able to enjoy your success. Am I right?!

| Get more freelancing tips – Learn how failing helped me succeed as a freelancer. 
Get a hobby.

Getting a hobby can be beneficial for your mental health.  It is doing something just for the pure pleasure and nothing else.

The pressure of performing and deadlines are taken away and you are simply enjoying what you are doing.

Recently I’ve taken it upon myself to go for a run in the early morning.  It has helped me clear my head and to start the day feeling fresh.

I’ve also started a kickboxing class and continue to do rock climbing in my spare time.

I am still forcing myself to continue with Rock Climbing because, to be honest- I hate problem-solving.

However – rock climbing has taught me how to keep going even when I am faced with failure. So, I have promised my self to stick to it and persevere!

Stop being a perfectionist.

As a creative one of the hardest things to do is to let go and to accept that not every task has to be perfect.

The more I spend time on a task to make it perfect, the less time I am able to effectively strategize and create systems for my business. 

It has also affected my ability to make the right decisions for myself and my business. It gave me the mentality of not ever being “good enough”.

By letting go of this “perfectionist” mentality I have become more efficient. Which has allowed me to work less and earn more.

Delegate the work.

You may have heard this from several of your entrepreneur friends but it can’t be said enough. Delegation is the key to growth.

You can’t do everything and unfortunately, we can’t clone ourselves (yet), so the next best thing is to hire a VA (virtual assistant).

Having an assistant frees up your time from tasks that distract you from growth. However,  it may take some time to train someone to do the work. So be patient.

Realize that you have to invest your time and energy on someone in order to get the right results. 

beating burnout
| If you want more tips on how to delegate work – click here to get my tips to hiring and training your perfect Virtual assistant.

These 5 strategies have helped me avoid beating burnout. 

It is still a struggle and continues to remind myself to take the time to relax, in order to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Have you experienced burnout? Have you learned different strategies to minimize or beating burnout? Share your findings- I’d love to learn your strategies too!



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Extended: How to get the best local experience in a new city with Lauren Beebe

Here are the incredible tips that Lauren Beebe how to get the best local experience in a new city.

Listen Below:

In this episode:

How are you able to travel like a local in a new country and city?

    • Use companies like Trip Advisor experiences.
    • You can also find out about the best local tour companies and hitting their websites directly because they may have special discounts.
    • Visit wineries and distilleries and take the tour, you can then use the tour guide to find more information.
    • It can also be a great idea to book your activities when you are in your destination.
  • You can also check out Expedia and Airbnb Experiences as well for great activities.

How do you make friends or date when you are in a new city?

    • Place yourself in group experiences.
    • You can vibe with the guide and make friends. You may even get invited to dinner parties and meet more people there.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people.

Where do you find the best places to party and do fun activities?

    • Putting yourself in group settings is helpful.
  • Go to the best bar and restaurants and speak to the bartender or server to pick their brains.

Where do you find places to stay that will allow you to feel like a local?

    • Boutique hotels are a great way to fell like a local.

Check out the full interview with Lauren Beebe on how to build your client base on and offline. 

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Offbeat Travel: Discovering Miami’s Hidden Gems

Miami is a popular tourist destination, and for good reason. You have all of the vibrancy, things to see and attractions of a big city, but it’s right on the coast giving you stunning beaches and ocean views. But while millions visit every year, there are a few locations you can go to that are a little further off the beaten path. Check out these hidden gems if you want to do something different on your trip!

El Fresco Courtyard

El Fresco Courtyard is a cool, outdoor hang out that even a lot of the locals don’t know about. It’s filled with the artwork of Daniel Fila (known as ‘Krave’) who also maintains and runs the spot. It’s filled with picnic tables, interesting plants and a mini stage which comes in useful for impromptu performances. There are  food vendors and a bar so you can eat, drink, relax and enjoy the performances. It’s located on the outskirts of Little Havana, so something to check out if you’re in the area.

The Kampong

There are a number of gorgeous botanical gardens in Miami, which are great for checking out the incredible Floridian plants and flowers. The Kampong is a little different though, it’s inspired by Spanish and South East Asian influences, and home to one of the largest saltwater mangrove forests in the area.  It’s completely detached from the rest of the city giving it a quiet feel, perfect if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And best of all, it provides you with the best views of Biscayne Bay.

hidden gems

Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Park island is one of the few relatively unknown islands along the Gulf Coast, accessible only by boat or a ferry. It’s one of the few untouched islands along the Gulf Coast, and is well worth the extra effort to get there. The journey offers you a amazing views of the the white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, something you could do if you were looking to rent a boat in Miami. Otherwise, there are lots of boat trips you could hop on to take you over to the park. There you can take a walk along the island’s pristine beaches or a kayak trip through the bayside mangrove forest.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is less crowded than other popular Miami beaches. This is mainly due to the location, to reach it you need to  drive across the Rickenbacker Causeway to the end of Key Biscayne, but again it’s worth the extra effort. You can go on a tour of the lighthouse and keeper’s quarters at Cape Florida Light. You can go fishing, and do all of the other fun beach activities that you could enjoy at the more popular beaches. Water sports, snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. You can enjoy some sports and games on the beach, or kick back on a lounger and soak up the amazing Florida sunshine!

Do you have a favorite hidden gem near Miami? Tell us about it and comment below. 

Extended: How to use your time efficiently as a freelancer with Sierra Dehmler

Here are the incredible tips that Sierra Dehmler shares on how to use your time efficiently as a freelancer.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How to structure your week to be more efficient.
  • Why having visual stimulation or music can help you be more productive.
  • The tools and programs to use to be more organized are:  Trello– is the fun, flexible, and free way to organize plans, projects and more.  Slack– it’s where the people you need, the information you share, and the tools you use come together to get things done. Google Spreadsheets – create and edit spreadsheets online. Lightroom – photo organization, Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, teuxdeux – to do list.
  • How to stay motivated when you feel overwhelmed.


Check out the full interview with Sierra Dehmler shares on how to figure out the right skills to market as a virtual assistant. 

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The best podcast equipment to use for newbies and pros

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

In the last few months, I have been getting a lot of questions about how to start a podcast and creating income.

The best advice I can give you is: get the best equipment you can afford because no matter how great your content if your audio is not good you will lose listeners and miss sponsorship opportunities.

Think about your audio quality as part of your resume. If it isn’t good, why would any company hire you to represent their brands?

The basic equipment that you will use are:



When I first started my podcast a year ago, I had no clue how to create great audio. I didn’t even have a mic.

Resulting in bad quality audio and having to redo a few episodes because of my inexperience. A huge upset if you are interviewing guests and they took time out of their busy schedule to speak with you.

Learn from my mistakes and start your podcast journey on the right foot.

Here is the equipment I have used to get the best audio that has led me to monetize my podcast.


You will need a computer to upload your mp.3 files, do your editing and so much more.

I am currently using a MacBook Air Computer:
Apple MacBook Air (13-inch Retina display, 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 128GB) – Space Gray (Latest Model)

Of course, there are other computers that you can use as well. find out what’s best for you.


Having the right mic is crucial to great audio. Do not use the built-in microphones that are on your computer.

That’s what I did when I first started and it wasn’t a great idea. Learn from my mistakes.

If you search around, you will see a lot of mics with different capabilities and prices.

Here are the mic’s that I am currently using.

For recordings  online and solo audio recording I use  Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone

For in-person interviews, these are the headset mics I use Shure SM10A-CN Cardioid Dynamic, Headworn, includes 5-Feet attached cable with XLR Connector and belt clip

When I was looking for these mic’s I knew I wanted something that was easy to travel with, had great audio even when you are outdoors and was also comfortable for my interviewees to wear.

If you are planning to have an in-home studio and do your recordings mostly from home, here is a mic that has amazing quality:  Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver

You can also get the Blue Yeti as a bundle and save on the accessories Blue Yeticaster Professional Broadcast Bundle with Yeti USB Microphone, Radius III Shockmount and Compass Boom Arm


Headphones are great to prevent mistakes and to retake the recordings. I have my headphones on while doing an interview to make sure that the audio is clear and there is enough volume.

You do not want to record something and realize later that it is completely unusable (this has happened to me before when I didn’t use my headphones).

Here is the headphone I use: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

When I am traveling I use: Gaea Headphones,Premium in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic and Noise Isolating Headset Compatible with Apple iPhone iPad iPod SE/6/6S/5/5S/5C and All 3.5mm Earbuds Devices-White (2Pack)


I usually carry extra wires in my bag for my mics.

This is the wire that I am currently using for my mic and recorder: Kopul Studio Elite 4000 Series XLR M to XLR F Microphone Cable – 6′ (1.8 m)

Handheld Recorder

There are a lot of recorders out there but the one I bought is the Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

It is the best investment I have made on my podcast, aside from the mics.

If you are thinking of doing a lot of in-person interviews this recorder is a must! It is light and the perfect equipment to travel with because it is light and small. The audio quality is also incredible!

You can also buy the bundle that has most of the accessories that you will need for the recorder Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder with Interchangeable Microphone System with Deluxe Accessory Bundle

Online recorders

When I record my interviews online. I usually use Skype calls with Ecamm recorder.

You can also use Zoom which already has a built-in recorder.

I prefer Skype call with Ecamm recorder but there are many who use Zoom, you can decide which you prefer.


I do a lot of running around because I often travel to do my podcast interviews.

It took a lot of research to find the best bag that will allow me to carry all my equipment, and it took a while to find the right bag that fit all my needs and would fit all my equipment.

Lowepro Pro Runner BP 350 AW II. Pro Photographer Carry-On Camera Backpack fits all my criteria. Not only does it fit my audio/podcast equipment, but also my laptop, and camera gear.

Whether you are just starting out or have already created your podcast, the most important thing you can do is provide the best audio quality for your audience.

I can not emphasize enough how you can lose or gain a new listener just from the first few seconds of your audio.

Make sure you give them a good experience from the start so they will stay.

If you have any other questions about the equipment, editing and how to get started you can sign up for my podcast mentorship program here.

I can give you one on one advice and help you get started and succeed with your podcast.

Happy recording everyone!



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Offbeat Travel: Planning Your Next Digital Nomad Travel Adventures The Easy Way

Digital nomads are always on the lookout for their next big adventure. However, planning these adventures and making sure they go as smoothly as possible can be rough. Below, we’ll talk about planning your next trip the easy way so you can work and travel seamlessly.

Deciding Where to Go For Work And Travel

When deciding where to go, it’s important to consider what you’d like to do on your trip. You’ll be working, so you’re going to need a variety of places nearby; libraries, internet cafes, co working spaces, and similar places can help. Then, consider what you want to do when you’re not working. Is it a specific type of activity you’re interested in? Maybe you just want pure beach relaxation, or maybe you want to be able to surf, scuba drive, and take part in lots of other water sports. Maybe you want great shopping, or food. Make sure you consider what it is you envision for your adventure.

nomad travel

Also think about whether you’re looking for serious adventure or something a little softer during your downtime? You could do extreme sports or simple hikes. Your accommodation can make a big difference to how productive you are on your trip. You’ll want wi-fi, or the ability to access the internet in some way – hostels and hotels will need to be vetted first to ensure they are suitable for work. You might even choose to stay in a condo like one from or a villa if you want more privacy, but make sure you enquire about wi-fi or consider taking a dongle.

nomad travel

Assessing Your Experience and Skills

If you want to take risks on your trip, you’re going to want to assess your experience and skill. Make sure you seriously consider what is reasonable to expect of yourself while you’re planning on working and traveling, and what you’ll still enjoy even though it might be tough. You will want to make sure you have enough time to complete your work and then enjoy the day. You might even need to get used to working at night time. Whatever you choose, you’re going to need to be committed, determined, and flexible. If this is your first adventure as a digital nomad, it’s probably best to head somewhere for a low intensity trip, and be prepared to take your time in one place.


Budgeting is crucial if you want to have the best time, even if you’ll be earning while you’re away. Consider the following:

    • How much will you likely be able to work/earn while you travel?
    • How much do you want to spend over the course of your trip?
    • What are you comfortable with spending on food/drink/activities?
    • Will you be buying souvenirs, or booking expensive/unexpected things when you’re out there?
  • What do other travelers recommended you plan to spend?

Thinking about the above will ensure you have enough cash and have the best time without worrying about it.

Visa Requirements

Read up ahead of time to find out what the visa requirements are for the place you’re planning on staying and working. It will depend on your nationality, where you’re going, what type of job you plan on doing, and other factors. Do extensive research to make sure you have everything in place before you travel.

Are you ready to plan your next (or even your first) digital nomad adventure? Leave a comment!

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