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Extended: How to continue your adventures after having children with Scot McKay

Here are the incredible tips that Scot shares on how to continue your adventures after having children.

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In this episode:

How are you able to continue having adventures after having children?

  • Kids under 2 fly free is what started their adventures.
  • It is cheaper to fly with a young child and they found that children travel and adapt well to different situations.
  • They wanted to expose their children to the world and experience life to the fullest because it will give them the best education.
  • If you have the opportunity to be able to “stay at home” with your children – it does not mean you have to “stay at home”, you can take them to different places and different adventures.
  • Children who travel complain less, need less and are more prone to trying to things and being in front of screens for entertainment.

Check out the full interview with Scot McKay on how to succeed as a remote relationship coach. 

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How to embrace the “lazy entrepreneur” mindset and still be successful.

Embracing the Lazy entrepreneur mindset. 

When I started my first business, my main goal was to work hard and make a lot of money. The working hard part came true but, instead of making money, I lost money.

The beauty of my failure was realizing that working hard did not necessarily mean making more. I learned that the harder I worked and concentrated on the little things, the less time I was able to create strategies that will help my business grow.

After failing and learning from two businesses I decided to design a different strategy that has helped me earn more while working less. I decided to embrace the lazy entrepreneur mentality which has helped me become more efficient while working fewer hours.




Here are a few ways that I have been able to become a lazy entrepreneur:

lazy entrepreneur

Work hard (in the beginning) and strategize.

Ok, I know we’re talking about being a lazy entrepreneur, but let’s face the facts. You have to invest a lot of time and energy in the beginning in order to have the luxury to become a lazy entrepreneur.

Never be afraid to start from the bottom in order to work your way up, but make sure that you are creating strategies that will allow you to decrease your hours to have a better life/work balance in the long run.

Having the right strategies means turning down opportunities that do not serve your purpose while accepting opportunities that may not have a solid return in the beginning but will help you in the long run.

It is really hard turning away projects that will pay you a lot of money, but you also have to make sure that you are staying true to your ultimate goals.

Another way to work smarter not harder is to automate as much as possible. For example, scheduling social media posts on programs like Hootsuite to post on multiple platforms automatically.

You can also develop habits that will help increase your productivity throughout the day such as scheduling when to check your emails or how much time you are spending browsing on social media.

The more you create a strategy for your business, the more efficient you will become and the more work that will get done.

lazy entrepreneur

Delegate often.

I’ve learned that by handing off the tedious tasks to others allows me to create more strategies that will help my business grow.

Don’t get me wrong. You can not always delegate work to others, especially if you are just starting out in your business. You will have to work hard in the beginning in order to get to the point where you can afford an assistant and other freelancers who can help you get to the next level of your business.

But I often find that even the most successful people are afraid to let go of tasks and concerned about making everything perfect. If you plan to be involved in every aspect of your business, understand that you will have limited growth and will experience a ton of stress that is completely avoidable.


Learn to let go and be open to new ideas from others- ideas that can help make your business better. By giving away some control, the more power you will actually gain when you are able to delegate your unwanted tasks to others and have less stress in your life.

Invest your time and energy on partners, vendors, and employees who can take the workload that takes up a lot of your energy. Outsource intelligently by reducing your workload sooner rather than later.

lazy entrepreneur

Get out of your comfort zone.

Working harder does not make you more money, but doing uncomfortable things will push you to find more opportunities.

The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more open you will be to new possibilities that may not have been possible if you did not push your boundaries.

For example, negotiating your price rates with potential clients, having uncomfortable conversations with your current clients or approaching new people for potential collaborations.

When you are ready to take on these responsibilities, you will be able to see more growth from the risks that you have decided to take.

It is easy to imagine the worst possible scenarios but believe me, it is never as bad as you expect. You will most likely feel relieved and accomplished once you have taken the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, which can lead you closer to becoming a lazy entrepreneur.

Create a repeatable system.

Learn to develop a system that will not only make your work easier but also become easily repeatable if you decide to hire someone to help you.

For example, before I hired an assistant for my business, I created video recordings of the tasks that I would do day to day. Making it easier to explain the tasks and to train someone to do the work.

You can use QuickTime player to video record or use Skype to screen share and record the tasks for your assistants.

Once you have created these effective strategies for your business you can reserve your energy on tasks that will increase your revenue in the long run. Focusing on landing new clients, creating new products or gaining more exposure for your business will help you become a smarter lazy entrepreneur.

If you’re ready to become a lazy entrepreneur, learn how to strategize and use your time more wisely. You will find that you will become more efficient and have less stress in the long run, which will help you create a more successful business.

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How to prepare for early retirement and travel the world.

Even though I decided to leave my steady 9-5 in order to become location independent, a big goal of mine is to retire early.

I can see this new found freedom as early retirement. No set schedule, and being completely independent of a “job”.

The location independence lifestyle may seem like early retirement, but not even close. Early retirement can only happen when you are financially independent.

So, I reached out to someone who achieved their early retirement goals in their mid-thirties.


Free Work Online Training

This training with Andrea will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

On episode 82 of our podcast The Offbeat Life, I spoke with Steve Adcock who was able to retire and is now living in an RV with his wife. 

Listen to my full interview with Steve Adcock for more early retirement tips below:

Here are a few amazing tips on how to think, save and retire early in order to escape from the rat race and live your best life.

Learn how to prepare for early retirement

In order to prepare for early retirement, Steve explains that you must understand where your money is going.

Often times we are oblivious on how much we actually waste on materials that we do not need.

Whether it is an ongoing payment for a gym membership that we never use or impulsively buying that cute sweater that we will only wear ones. It all adds up.

One way to stop yourself from overspending and mindlessly purchasing is to use apps like

These money hacking apps will send you reminders and notifications when you are over your budget and will tell you exactly where you’re spending your money.

Knowing where your money is going will make planning for early retirement a lot easier.

Know how much money you need to retire.

A strategy that Steve Adcock and his wife used in order to figure out how much money they needed to retire early is by using the Trinity Study. Which helps you calculate and decide on a retirement budget.

The Trinity study explains that a person has enough savings in assets if 4% of their assets are able to cover a year’s expenses.

For example, if you are planning to spend 40K a year, your portfolio must be $1 million dollars in order for you to withdraw 4% (40K) each year.

Once you understand your personal ratio, you will be able to calculate the amount of savings you need in order to retire.

Anticipate the roadblocks you will face.

Sensible living can be a sacrifice when you are trying to achieve your financial goals and it can be a hard transition in the beginning.

There are so many spending habits that you may have to eliminate in the short term that can be extremely difficult to do.

A few examples are not going out for drinks, not taking the vacation you’ve always wanted, and no impulse buying.

Every penny must be accounted for and it is really important to ask if what you are purchasing is giving you enough joy, that you are willing to take that money away from your early retirement plans.

early retirement

Set a deadline for retirement.

Setting a deadline is crucial to achieving early retirement. Saving and maintaining a sensible lifestyle will become a lot easier but actually taking the step to leave your secure 9-5 can be the most difficult decision you will make.

Having a lot of uncertainties and putting off retirement can easily happen. Self-doubt and the fear of not having enough to retire on can be self-debilitating.

In order to take the final step to leave your 9-5, you must set a deadline and stick to it. Otherwise, you will always be putting it off until “next year”.

So, if you think you’re ready to take the plunge, set that date and start living the next phase of your life. You worked hard for it, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Where he gives amazing and inspiring stories that will make you yearn to start the early retirement process.

remote resume guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.



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5 Best WordPress Podcast Themes

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

I will be the first one to tell you that I am not a technically savvy person. I cry when I have to install anything and have been known to leave my malfunctioning camera on the table, hoping it will fix itself. But alas, it doesn’t happen that way and I have to either beg someone for help or fork up the cash to get it fixed.

So, when it came down to finding the right website template for my podcast, I was completely confused and in a fetal position when I had to do the research.

There are so many information out there and I became completely overwhelmed. Thank goodness for friends who take cookies for bribes, fellow podcasters from facebook groups and I can proudly say a little bit of digging on my end to find the right website for my show.

If you’re like me, just thinking about the prep to starting your podcast makes you cringe.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the work and have gone through all the frustrating moments in order to give you the best website templates for your podcast (if you want to thank me, I take cookies).

Create your website graphics and logo

So, you’ve started your podcast, found your website template but don’t know how to create the right designs for your site.

I know the feeling. When I had to create a new logo, I went to 99designs to make the perfect design for my website. Not only were the designers easy to work with but also gave me amazing designs to choose from!

Ready to get the perfect graphics for your website? Let me give you $99 for the Contest upgrade! Step up your graphics and get 99designs to help you!

Click here to get your perfect design and $99 for the contest upgrade.

Choosing the right Website

Finding the right website for your podcast will take some time because it depends on your personal taste.

I would recommend purchasing website templates online to make it easy because unless you are a programmer and graphic designer, creating your own website is expensive and time-consuming.

With more varieties of podcast templates to choose from, I am sure you will find a theme that will be suitable for your needs.

The templates I have listed below are super easy to use and will help promote your podcast episodes. All of the themes include blogging templates that can go along with your podcast.

So if you are ready to start promoting your podcast and connect with your audience, here are the 5 best podcast website template WordPress has to offer.




wordpress podcast theme

The Podcaster should have everything you’ll need to launch and promote your podcast. It comes in four options that will help you create a stylish website. This theme provides a great

Design that will create a homepage that includes your latest episodes and posts from your blog.


wordpress podcast theme

The Dixie is a great template has a classic design that will help build your audience. It has everything you’ll need to share your latest episodes and audio online. It is extremely easy to use with multiple layouts to choose from and a drag and drop page builder that will help create beautiful pages.


wordpress podcast theme

Viseo is a versatile theme for creating videos, news and podcast websites. It is an easy theme to integrate into WordPress, without any coding required. After purchasing this theme, you’ll receive a file that has all the information you need for the drag and drop builder and the unlimited color functions.


wordpress podcast theme

Looking for a website that can easily link services like iTunes, Soundcloud, and other hosting sites? Look no further than the Audonic template. You can install this theme with a pre-defined color scheme or get the opportunity to customize your own design. This theme also has the events manager feature that will allow you to promote upcoming events.


wordpress podcast theme

The Costpod is a highly responsive and retina ready podcast WordPress theme. This theme was designed for any podcasts which can be submitted to any podcasting services like Stitcher, iTunes, and Soundcloud. This theme is simple to use and can be used by new and experienced designers.

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Extended: How to find an online business community while traveling.

Here are the incredible tips that Jacqui shares on how to find an online business community while traveling.

Listen Below:

In this episode:

Why is it important to have an online business community while traveling?

  • Having a community is important so you can get the support and direction from others.

What can you expect when you find these communities?

    • You can expect people who will be knowledgeable in a lot of subjects.
  • Being able to meet and talk to people who is in a similar niche and can give you solid advice.

How do you know that the e-courses you buy are the right ones for you?

    • Research and look at the reviews from people who have already taken the courses.
    • Check out their facebook group and look at other peoples experiences in order to find out if you can trust who you are buying and learning from.
  • Research if they are reliable and honest.

How can you find the best business communities?

  • The best place to find it is through facebook groups

Check out the full interview with Jacqui New on How to do full-time minimalist travel with a family. 

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How to avoid becoming a hermit as a remote worker

How to avoid becoming a hermit as a remote worker.

When I first left my 9-5 to become a remote worker, the one thing I was looking forward to the most was being able to work whenever and wherever I want. To get the freedom that I wasn’t able to have at my day job.

When I finally took the leap to work from home, I became so comfortable in my PJ’s that I would have to force myself to leave the house and have contact with real-life humans (aside from emails).

Being able to work from home gives you a lot of freedom, but it can also lead you to live like a hermit.

Becoming too comfortable in those PJ’s can be detrimental to your health and social life. I’ve listed a few ways you can avoid becoming a hermit as a remote worker.

Schedule a time to exercise

Creating a healthy habit is especially important when you are working solo at home because becoming too comfortable at home can take a huge toll on your body.

Sitting is the new smoking according to many researchers and not only can sitting lead to a bad back but can now have the same effects as smoking too!

The best way to combat this is to schedule a time to exercise, it could be as simple as going for a 30-minute walk every day, or joining a gym.

One of the first things I did after I started working from home is to start kickboxing. Not only did it help me become more active, but also allowed me to get my frustrations out on those heavy bags. It’s a win-win!


Make time for a friend’s night out

It is easy to be in your own little world and avoid any contact with your friends and family.

Make the effort to reach out and schedule a lunch or dinner date. Catch up on all the news you’ve missed during your moments of solitude.

This is also a great way to treat yourself to a new restaurant or to find great entertainment around town.

Find a work buddy

One of the biggest things that will be missing from transitioning to working solo is having co-workers to socialize with.

Finding a work buddy that can keep you motivated will make a huge difference in your workflow. Being able to bounce off ideas with one another and having conversations will help increase productivity.

You may even have friends that are fellow remote workers who will understand the hermit struggle. Start working with them and ask for help and support when you need it.

Working from home can be very lonely, so having a good support system with fellow remote workers can help with the struggle.

Work in a new environment: coffee shop, co-working space or travel

Take advantage that you are a remote worker- meaning you can work from wherever. Whether you choose a coffee shop, co-working space or even a new continent!

Having a new working environment will push you to explore and can help with your creativity.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to be a remote worker is to have the opportunity to travel whenever I wanted and not rely on the standard 2-week vacations that are allowed in most day jobs.

Being able to work wherever also gives you the opportunity to travel during off-peak seasons when the flights and accommodations are cheaper.

Find ways to network.

For introverts and hermits networking can be scary. It may even be the least enjoyable part of your work. Doing small talk with a bunch of strangers can be nerve-wracking. But if you change your mindset it can be extremely rewarding.

Start approaching networking as an opportunity to exchange ideas and a way to help others. I find that the more I am able to help people, the more I have received in return without even asking for anything.



In today’s world, it is so much easier to reach out to people via email, social media or an event. You can even join a conference or create your own group that will give you access to people who are in your industry.

There are so many perks to being a remote worker. You have the freedom to work in your own time and space.

However, there are also downsides such as loneliness, isolation, and lack of social interaction. That is why making time to get out of the comforts of your home will help you become more productive and have good mental health.




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