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50 Online Jobs for Students Looking to Earn Some Extra Cash

Find 50 of the most flexible online jobs from home for students. A few jobs listed are tutoring, transcribing, research, writing jobs and so much more!

Extended: How to create an effective working environment as a couple.


What you’ll find:

On this extended interview, the Mandagies share how to create an effective working environment as a married couple. They will share their tips on workspace, keeping sane while traveling and so much more!


Extended: How to unstick yourself to start making changes in your life.


What you’ll find:

On this extended episode, we speak with Blaire Palmer who is a nomadic coach who helps individuals to get out of the rat race and unstick themselves to start making changes in their lives.

Listen for incredible tips on how to make the changes you want with your business and life.

Extended: How to create viral videos on youtube.


What you’ll find:

On this episode, we speak with Alex Chacon who is a travel vlogger. Alex gives us tips on how to start vlogging and where to find inspiration for your content.

Alex also explains how to market your content and creating viral content on youtube.

Listen to the full interview with Alex where he shares how he traveled around the world on his motorcycle.

21 Best sites for Online Tefl Jobs to Make Extra Income From Home

Working Remotely can be challenging, especially if you aren’t completely sure of your interests or niche.

If you fit into this category then TEFL, or teaching English online as a foreign language, can be the perfect fit for you.

There are numerous jobs available via online platforms if you know where to look and meet a few basic requirements.

Many require certifications or a bachelor’s degree but there are also quite a few places that you can get a job teaching English to foreign adults and children without any qualifications besides being a native English speaker, having a good internet connection, and possessing other electronic equipment like headphones and a microphone.

Each platform is different, but the main draw of online teaching is the flexible schedule. Most also have relatively good pay for a part-time job and many offer bonuses.

Securing a Job to Teach English From Home

The key to securing a job is acing the interview process. Do your research thoroughly beforehand to see what is needed for the requirements of each platform and looking at sample lesson plans and ideas.

For platforms where you do your own creation, it is important to know how to put everything together. Remember to practice before the interview as pay usually starts and is offered based on how well you do.

Your resume should reflect any types of speaking experience that you have as well as certifications. If you plan on or are open to getting TEFL certificates it is wise to recognize that as well so the employing company knows you are motivated. 

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21 Sites to Find the Best Online English Teaching Jobs


One of the most popular platforms, VIPKID pays up to $22/hour to native English speakers from Canada and the U.S. that want to teach English to Chinese students.

PROS: Great pay, bonus incentives, and easy scheduling. Classes are booked a week in advance so you can plan around when you’re free.

CONS: Limited to teachers from the U.S. and Canada and a bachelor’s degree is required.

2. AmazingTalker

This platform is for those wanting to do their own thing. You create your rate, lesson plans, available spots and teaching style.

PROS: Teach and do things your way!

CONS: Extra work and planning on your end.

3. Teach Away

This site accepts native English speakers either with certification or attending university at $15-$20/hour.

PROS: Full support available.

CONS: Only 250 teachers accepted per quarter.

4. English Hunt

Instead of working on a computer, English hunt hires U.S. teachers to speak on the phone with Korean adults for conversational English.

PROS: Around $20/hour and no video chatting necessary.

CONS: Limited to those from the U.S.


A well-known platform to find online TEFL jobs, or location-based ones, around the world. You may have to search a little but there are numerous jobs available.

 PROS: Many openings to fit anyone’s requirements.

CONS: You need to search through the listings that you want to/can apply for.

6. Teachlingo

A job board for anyone with ESL or TEFL certifications.

PROS: Easily upload your resume as well as introduction videos to increase your chances.

CONS: You need certification.

7. iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup looks for teachers wanting a more full-time serious job, but they pay for it! Pay is $18-$24/hour with extra bonuses for attendance and positive feedback.

PROS:  Good pay, steady work, open to teachers from anywhere.

CONS: Minimum of 10 hours required, bachelor’s degree, and you either have to have or be willing to get TESOL certified.

8. Dave’s ESL Cafe

Like, this job board list’s opening for jobs around the world for those with ESL certification.

 PROS: Continuous list of jobs open to all applicants.

CONS: Although jobs are separated by country, the board is not able filterable by just online opportunities.

9. EF English First

An online school that uses native speakers to teach English to adults.

PROS: Latest technology and you can set your own schedule

CONS: 15-hour minimum work week and you need a degree and certification.

10. Gogokid

Another platform for U.S. and Canadian applicants to teach Chinese children grades kindergarten to 6. Pay is $14-$25/hour and they sometimes offer hiring bonuses.

You tell them when you are available and the schedule is set to the same time each week.

 PROS: Pays well with a possible hiring bonus and no minimum on teaching hours.

CONS: You do need a bachelor’s degree.

11. TESOL International Association

This association is for teachers wanting to expand their craft. They offer a job board as well where those with certification can find and apply to positions.

PROS: Helpful tools to go along with your work.

CONS: Mainly offering location-based jobs.

12. Italki

Italki is unique because it hires teachers of all languages, including English. They handle all aspects of marketing, getting the students, and you decide how and when you want to teach.

PROS: Flexible scheduling and your own methods.

CONS: Student’s contact you, so you need to make sure your profile is good and availability open.

13. DaDa

This platform pays higher than most at $15-$25/hour but is not as flexible. English speakers from all over the world can apply but pay is dependent on the interview and how well you do, so practice beforehand is key.

PROS: Open to English speakers from all over the world, higher-paying, half-pay is still received even if your time spots aren’t filled.

CONS: Bachelor’s degree required and minimum hours.

14. Cambly

An easy platform that uses native English speakers to talk with students for $.17/minute.

PROS: Flexible schedule.

 CONS: Lower end of the pay scale.

15. Language Development Systems

An online education company that teaches South Korean and Chinese students.

PROS: Open to all English speakers.

CONS: Bachelor’s degree required and a teaching degree or experience are preferred.

16. Preply

A private tutoring site where you can set your own rates and lessons or use the resources from Preply.

PROS: Resources to create lessons, set your rates and do your own thing.

CONS: High commission fees.

17. 51Talk

Limited to those in the Philippines, this company wants anyone with a bachelors degree and experience teaching young children.

PROS: $15 base pay that progresses as you learn. Bonuses.

CONS: Minimum of 30 hours per month. Limited to the Philippines.

18. ESL Jobs

A smaller site but still with a multitude of jobs listed daily for those with ESL certification.

PROS: Location-based jobs around the world. Ability to set job alerts.

CONS: Smaller platform.

19. QKids

An easy platform that does the scheduling for you. The schedule is released weekly so you know when you will be working, which can be good or bad depending on flexibility.

PROS: Pay of $16/hour plus attendance bonus. Bachelor’s degree or enrollment in college required.

CONS: Only available to U.S. and Canadian applicants and you must work 6 hours minimum.

20. ESL Jobs World

A job board that lets you upload your resume as well as search for and apply to jobs.

PROS: Job alerts available and you can add your resume to quickly apply.

CONS: You need to search and actively apply to listings.

21. Open English

If you are looking to teach someone other than Asian students, this site offers the opportunity to work with speakers from Latin America.

PROS: Flexible scheduling and teaching resources.

CONS: Must have ESL or TESOL certificates.

Becoming a TEFL teacher can seem daunting in the beginning especially as a newbie, but once you find the right job sources, it will be an easier transition when leaving your 9-5.

With the flexibility of teaching English online, you will be able to enjoy the laptop lifestyle with fewer worries and enough savings to keep you on the road full time.  

remote resume guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


Extended: How to create a sustainable lifestyle as a digital nomad and afford slow travel.

Listen Below:

What you’ll find:

How do you make the digital nomad lifestyle more sustainable?

-find work online make

-make sure your overall living cost are small.

-research locations that are not expensive to live.

Why is it so important to travel slowly?

-short vacations are not ideal.

-traveling slowly can be cheaper and you will be able to understand the culture more.

Get the full interview with Nina where she shares how to find opportunities abroad and be a badass travel blogger.

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