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50 Online Jobs for Students Looking to Earn Some Extra Cash

Find 50 of the most flexible online jobs from home for students. A few jobs listed are tutoring, transcribing, research, writing jobs and so much more!

Extended: How to create an effective working environment as a couple.


What you’ll find:

On this extended interview, the Mandagies share how to create an effective working environment as a married couple. They will share their tips on workspace, keeping sane while traveling and so much more!


Best Entry Level Online Jobs No Experience Needed

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With so many at-home jobs it can be daunting to search through all of them and it becomes even more frustrating when you are just starting out and do not have a lot of experience.  

It is hard to get started in freelancing and finding remote jobs with no experience is even more difficult.

Although there are many work from home jobs that require a lot of experience or advance degrees, there are quite a few that are entry level online jobs no experience needed.

That is why looking at your current skills to find entry level digital nomad jobs is one of the best strategies that you can do to land that easy online job.


Free Work Online Training

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Using your current skills to land your first entry-level online jobs no experience needed.

If you are worried that your lack of experience will stop you from landing that work from home job- think again!

There are plenty of entry level jobs online that will value your current skills rather than college degrees and experience.

It is likely that your existing skills are valuable and can land you your first entry level work from home job.

There are also plenty of companies that prefer to hire individuals who are trainable rather than experienced individuals who may require higher fees.

A few common skills that you may already have are writing, sales, online research, social media and so much more! So don’t despair there is something out there for you.

To give you an idea of how a newbie can become a successful freelancer, check out our podcast episode with this nomadic couple who left their 9-5 to start their entry level work from home jobs as online English teachers.

Now let’s get you start with a list of entry level jobs from home you can land with little to no experience.

Data Entry

If you are a fast typer and have attention to detail then landing remote data entry jobs may be the right choice for you.

You will be responsible for collecting and imputing data in order to provide accurate records.

The ideal candidates for this job will have an eye for detail and are familiar with spreadsheets.

Many data entry remote jobs no experience needed offer flexible hours, so you can work as much or as little as you like. Typically, the pay rate is per keystroke per hour.

A few great companies that offer work from home data entry jobs are QuickTate, Click Worker, Scribie, Working Solutions, and Axion Data.

A few great companies that offer work from home data entry jobs are QuickTate, Click Worker, and Axion Data.

Online Tutoring

If you are a complete newbie to entry level remote jobs, then online tutoring is a great career option that also pays well.

With plenty of online tutoring jobs available, you will have a lot of companies to choose from.

The basic requirements to get this gig is to have a degree and some knowledge of the subject, however many recruit newbies.

Though there are sites where it is possible to tutor college students on a variety of school subjects, the most common online tutoring is for English.

There is a wealth of websites available for teaching English online to both young children and adults from around the world.

Online tutoring for remote jobs no experience needed also offers flexibility with your schedule.

Some sites allow tutors to book their own hours working as little or as much as one wants in a day.

Other sites do require tutors to work certain blocks of time for a set number of hours each week.

So be sure to check out the scheduling requirements before applying to make sure that they fit your needs.

Qkids is a great company to work for that allows you to become an online English tutor from home.

You must be a legal citizen of the U.S. and Canada to be considered and be a fluent English speaker. They pay between $16-$20 an hour.

Course Hero is another great company to work for since it allows you to find the subjects that you have expertise in and give you the opportunity to choose when you work. Top Tutors are earning up to $500 a week!

YUP hires math tutors and the requirements are entry-level meaning a high school diploma, a minimum of 10 hours per week to work, reliable internet, and of course must be able to communicate in English.

There are also other companies like VIPKids,, Tutree and so much more!

Virtual Assistant

If you are organized, can follow directions, and a self-starter, then entry level virtual assistant jobs may be the best career for you.

It will provide you with flexible hours and you will most likely have the skills it takes to become one.

A few tasks that you can expect from this job will be online research, project management, scheduling, and other admin tasks.

There are plenty of companies as well as solo entrepreneurs who often seek out extra hands to become more efficient in their business.

If you are willing to learn and enjoy problem-solving then being a virtual assistant will be the perfect job for you.

A few companies that hire are Fancy Hands, Belay, Equivity and VaVa Virtual Assistants.


One of the best entry level jobs online is proofreading. Having a good eye for detail, and being able to make sure that the content is free of typographical, spelling, formatting, punctuation and grammatical errors are the main requirements for becoming a successful proofreader.

If you have a keen eye then this job is for you. A few companies that are offering work are Prompt,, and EditFast.

Online Moderators

Online moderators are typically those who are in charge of online communities. It may include forums, Facebook groups, Twitter or any other groups that include a community of people.

In order to succeed in these online jobs for beginners, you need to be organized, be aware of the requirement of each platform, and create a community that is positively engaged.

Your job is to ensure that people are engaging in a way that adheres to the rules of the platform and removes any comments or users who abuse the platform.

 You may have to do a little digging to find legit entry-level work from home jobs.

But the most effective way is to reach out to companies or existing communities to see if they need any help.

Online Research

Becoming an online researcher does not require a lot of previous skills however you will need a lot of patience, a thirst for knowledge and be willing to do a lot of data research online.

If you are willing to do the work, this is one of the best entry level home based jobs that you can land.

For the most part, your job description will be answering user questions and collecting data. A few companies that offer online research jobs are Wonder, Study Pool, and Article One Partners.

App that Pay

One of the best ways to earn money as an online entry level worker is by playing on apps for rewards and cash.

One app where you can earn is Lucktastic, which allows you to get prizes, gift cards, and real rewards in the comforts of your own home.

This is a great way to earn while you play. So it doesn’t even feel like work at all!

You can download the app to start playing today! For IOS users and for android Users.

But Lucktastic is not the only app out there that rewards users with money for using the app. Other game apps include Mist Play and Current Rewards.

If you’re not a big gamer, that’s ok. There are several apps out there that you can sign up for that give you money for your opinion.

The big ones that are legitimate include Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars.

Content Writer

If you love to write then look into one of the most popular entry level work at home jobs as a content writer. You can easily become a freelance writer today.

It takes determination, persistence, writing samples, and pitching to different publications to land your first writing job.

You can find these freelance writing gigs in sites like Bloggingpro, Contena, WriterAccess, Problogger, and JournalismJobs.

Social Media Manager

With so many companies needing social media presence, finding a social media manager job can be easier than you think.

Of course, understanding how each platform works is essential, so using your current skills and knowledge can be a great asset. These entry level marketing jobs are high in demand and can pay well.

Using job boards like Glassdoor, SimplyHired, LinkedIn and Careerbuilder will be a great start to your search.

Mystery Shopper

If you are looking for fun entry level stay at home jobs then being a mystery shopper is perfect for you.

It will allow you to go to a variety of businesses posing as a shopper but you are actually employed by a third-party organization or the business itself to check on how they are doing.

You are then asked to bring back information that will help the company learn how efficiently the stores are being run. You will be able to choose whether to shop online or in person.

In order to become a mystery shopper, you will need to have great communication skills, a great sense of awareness, strong verbal and writing skills and be able to follow directions. 

Although this job may seem like a dream come true, make sure to look out for scammers and only work for reputable companies.

Here are a few that are trusted and true: Perception Strategies, BestMark, Coyle, Baird Group, and Jancyn.

Product Lister

A great entry level virtual job for newbies is product listing. A product lister is someone who typically works for an e-commerce company that creates listings for items that are sold online.

Some of the tasks a product lister will do are writing descriptions for each item, taking photos of the items, and posting the products on the website.

To stand out from the competition, it helps if you have experience in using Word Press as well as have a clutter free space where you can take product photos with a clean background.

A few companies where you can find entry level work from home jobs as product lister are Fiverr, Ziprecruiter and Indeed.

Chat Agents

Live customer service chats are becoming one of the best entry level work from home jobs and we have the internet to thank for this more efficient service.

As a chat agent, you will be responsible for responding to customer inquiries and you may need to have knowledge of a specific area and be able to type a certain amount of words per minute.

Here are several companies to check out to land your first entry level remote jobs as a chat agent: AppleCare, Needle, SiteStaff, and Chat Shop.

Website Tester

If you love sharing your opinion and want entry level at home jobs, then being a website tester could be the perfect work at home job for you.

In order to the land this job, you may be asked to download software, share your opinion on the design, ease of use and your overall quality of experience while you are on the website.

A few companies that offer jobs in this field are UserTesting, Amazon Mechanical Turk,  Enroll, Analysia, TryMyUI, and TestingTime.

Most website testing lasts for 15-20 minutes and you can typically earn $10-$15 per test. Expect to have high competition due to the ease of the tasks.


Becoming a transcriber is one of the best work from home jobs for beginners since it is easier to pursue and requires minimal skills.

As a transcriber, you are required to listen to audio recordings and typing out what you hear.

Companies who hire beginners will expect them to have a computer and high-speed internet, however having a transcribing software like Temi can help get your work done much quicker.

Several companies that are hiring transcriber remote jobs with no experience are Quicktate,  Transcribe Anywhere, TranscribeMe, and TigerFish.

Each company has a different pay scale but you can typically expect to get paid between $20-$50 an audio hour.

It’s important to note that for transcribers, you are paid per audio hour completed and not for the actual time it takes to transcribe the audio file which always takes longer.

Though you may be slow at first, with practice, transcribing can be a very easy way to earn money from home.

Customer Services Representatives

Customer service careers are one of the most popular remote work jobs because of the low barriers to entry.

The requirements are usually excellent communication skills and a minimum of a high school diploma.

As a customer service rep, you will be responsible for answering any questions and resolving any issues your customers will encounter.

So, a deep knowledge of the product and services of the company that you are working for is essential.

These companies will be a great place to start your job search: Amazon, BCD Travel, The Hartford and Apple.

Test Scoring

If you are interested in education and want to find online jobs no experience needed, then try test scoring.

With a ton of standardized tests given yearly, there is a huge demand for test scorers, which means there are plenty of companies who will be hiring online graders who can do the tasks at home.

The requirements needed for this job are pretty basic. A bachelor’s degree, basic computer skills, a strong internet connection and an attention for detail. Scorers are typically paid between $10-$20 an hour for each project.

You can start your test scoring entry level work from home jobs here: Pearson, ETS, WriteScore and Literably.

Keep in mind that most of the work available is seasonal with most opportunities appearing in fall and spring.

But the nice thing is that once you are hired, it’s doubtful that you will need to apply again the following year as many companies will invite back previous test graders.


Participating in online surveys is a great way to earn extra income without having any previous remote job experience.

What do you have to do to earn money? Well, you share your opinion about a brand, play games, take polls then get payouts, and rewards.

Here are several legit online survey companies that offer money and rewards in return for your help: Swagbucks, Toluna, OnePoll, and LifePoints

Online Proctor

If you love education and don’t like it when students try to cheat on tests, you can get entry-level work at home jobs as an online proctor.

With more students taking classes online, it follows that more tests are being administered online, too. But teachers can’t watch all their students take their tests at home. And this is where online proctors come in.

As an online proctor, you check in with students as they are taking a test to ensure that they are not cheating in any way which is done by connecting with the student’s computer.

You also need to verify that the student is who they say they are and help with any technical issues that may arise.

Depending on experience, you can expect to make between $9 and $25 an hour.

Popular sites for online proctor work include PSI Online, ProctorCam, and ProctorU.

Is it difficult to land your first remote jobs with no experience?

As more services are available online, there will also be a higher demand for online work and many of them will not require extensive experiences.

Make sure to check back here every few months when we update our list of remote jobs with no experience.

If you land any of these entry level jobs you can do from home make sure to comment below so we can celebrate with you! 

remote resume guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


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21 Best sites for Online Tefl Jobs to Make Extra Income From Home

Working Remotely can be challenging, especially if you aren’t completely sure of your interests or niche.

If you fit into this category then TEFL, or teaching English online as a foreign language, can be the perfect fit for you.

There are numerous jobs available via online platforms if you know where to look and meet a few basic requirements.

Many require certifications or a bachelor’s degree but there are also quite a few places that you can get a job teaching English to foreign adults and children without any qualifications besides being a native English speaker, having a good internet connection, and possessing other electronic equipment like headphones and a microphone.

Each platform is different, but the main draw of online teaching is the flexible schedule. Most also have relatively good pay for a part-time job and many offer bonuses.

Securing a Job to Teach English From Home

The key to securing a job is acing the interview process. Do your research thoroughly beforehand to see what is needed for the requirements of each platform and looking at sample lesson plans and ideas.

For platforms where you do your own creation, it is important to know how to put everything together. Remember to practice before the interview as pay usually starts and is offered based on how well you do.

Your resume should reflect any types of speaking experience that you have as well as certifications. If you plan on or are open to getting TEFL certificates it is wise to recognize that as well so the employing company knows you are motivated. 

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Free Work Online Training

This training with Andrea will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

21 Sites to Find the Best Online English Teaching Jobs


One of the most popular platforms, VIPKID pays up to $22/hour to native English speakers from Canada and the U.S. that want to teach English to Chinese students.

PROS: Great pay, bonus incentives, and easy scheduling. Classes are booked a week in advance so you can plan around when you’re free.

CONS: Limited to teachers from the U.S. and Canada and a bachelor’s degree is required.

2. AmazingTalker

This platform is for those wanting to do their own thing. You create your rate, lesson plans, available spots and teaching style.

PROS: Teach and do things your way!

CONS: Extra work and planning on your end.

3. Teach Away

This site accepts native English speakers either with certification or attending university at $15-$20/hour.

PROS: Full support available.

CONS: Only 250 teachers accepted per quarter.

4. English Hunt

Instead of working on a computer, English hunt hires U.S. teachers to speak on the phone with Korean adults for conversational English.

PROS: Around $20/hour and no video chatting necessary.

CONS: Limited to those from the U.S.


A well-known platform to find online TEFL jobs, or location-based ones, around the world. You may have to search a little but there are numerous jobs available.

 PROS: Many openings to fit anyone’s requirements.

CONS: You need to search through the listings that you want to/can apply for.

6. Teachlingo

A job board for anyone with ESL or TEFL certifications.

PROS: Easily upload your resume as well as introduction videos to increase your chances.

CONS: You need certification.

7. iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup looks for teachers wanting a more full-time serious job, but they pay for it! Pay is $18-$24/hour with extra bonuses for attendance and positive feedback.

PROS:  Good pay, steady work, open to teachers from anywhere.

CONS: Minimum of 10 hours required, bachelor’s degree, and you either have to have or be willing to get TESOL certified.

8. Dave’s ESL Cafe

Like, this job board list’s opening for jobs around the world for those with ESL certification.

 PROS: Continuous list of jobs open to all applicants.

CONS: Although jobs are separated by country, the board is not able filterable by just online opportunities.

9. EF English First

An online school that uses native speakers to teach English to adults.

PROS: Latest technology and you can set your own schedule

CONS: 15-hour minimum work week and you need a degree and certification.

10. Gogokid

Another platform for U.S. and Canadian applicants to teach Chinese children grades kindergarten to 6. Pay is $14-$25/hour and they sometimes offer hiring bonuses.

You tell them when you are available and the schedule is set to the same time each week.

 PROS: Pays well with a possible hiring bonus and no minimum on teaching hours.

CONS: You do need a bachelor’s degree.

11. TESOL International Association

This association is for teachers wanting to expand their craft. They offer a job board as well where those with certification can find and apply to positions.

PROS: Helpful tools to go along with your work.

CONS: Mainly offering location-based jobs.

12. Italki

Italki is unique because it hires teachers of all languages, including English. They handle all aspects of marketing, getting the students, and you decide how and when you want to teach.

PROS: Flexible scheduling and your own methods.

CONS: Student’s contact you, so you need to make sure your profile is good and availability open.

13. DaDa

This platform pays higher than most at $15-$25/hour but is not as flexible. English speakers from all over the world can apply but pay is dependent on the interview and how well you do, so practice beforehand is key.

PROS: Open to English speakers from all over the world, higher-paying, half-pay is still received even if your time spots aren’t filled.

CONS: Bachelor’s degree required and minimum hours.

14. Cambly

An easy platform that uses native English speakers to talk with students for $.17/minute.

PROS: Flexible schedule.

 CONS: Lower end of the pay scale.

15. Language Development Systems

An online education company that teaches South Korean and Chinese students.

PROS: Open to all English speakers.

CONS: Bachelor’s degree required and a teaching degree or experience are preferred.

16. Preply

A private tutoring site where you can set your own rates and lessons or use the resources from Preply.

PROS: Resources to create lessons, set your rates and do your own thing.

CONS: High commission fees.

17. 51Talk

Limited to those in the Philippines, this company wants anyone with a bachelors degree and experience teaching young children.

PROS: $15 base pay that progresses as you learn. Bonuses.

CONS: Minimum of 30 hours per month. Limited to the Philippines.

18. ESL Jobs

A smaller site but still with a multitude of jobs listed daily for those with ESL certification.

PROS: Location-based jobs around the world. Ability to set job alerts.

CONS: Smaller platform.

19. QKids

An easy platform that does the scheduling for you. The schedule is released weekly so you know when you will be working, which can be good or bad depending on flexibility.

PROS: Pay of $16/hour plus attendance bonus. Bachelor’s degree or enrollment in college required.

CONS: Only available to U.S. and Canadian applicants and you must work 6 hours minimum.

20. ESL Jobs World

A job board that lets you upload your resume as well as search for and apply to jobs.

PROS: Job alerts available and you can add your resume to quickly apply.

CONS: You need to search and actively apply to listings.

21. Open English

If you are looking to teach someone other than Asian students, this site offers the opportunity to work with speakers from Latin America.

PROS: Flexible scheduling and teaching resources.

CONS: Must have ESL or TESOL certificates.

Becoming a TEFL teacher can seem daunting in the beginning especially as a newbie, but once you find the right job sources, it will be an easier transition when leaving your 9-5.

With the flexibility of teaching English online, you will be able to enjoy the laptop lifestyle with fewer worries and enough savings to keep you on the road full time.  

remote resume guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


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How do you make the digital nomad lifestyle more sustainable?

-find work online make

-make sure your overall living cost are small.

-research locations that are not expensive to live.

Why is it so important to travel slowly?

-short vacations are not ideal.

-traveling slowly can be cheaper and you will be able to understand the culture more.

Get the full interview with Nina where she shares how to find opportunities abroad and be a badass travel blogger.

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