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Extended: How to stay healthy while working from home.


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In this episode, Anquanette will show you that it’s possible to keep yourself healthy even if you’re working at home full-time.


24 Most Profitable Work from Home Side Jobs

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

With so many new jobs popping up and companies transitioning to remote work, this is one of the best times to find great work from home side jobs that will help you pay the bills, boost your savings and pay for your other needs.

Work from home side jobs is critical for any households that have lost one or more earners. There is no need to give up all your plans because your current, full-time job isn’t paying the bills.

Work from home side jobs will help tide over those unforeseen expenses and help improve your life in the process.

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The Benefits of Work from Home Side Jobs

The main benefit of work from home side jobs is the income, of course. Many people who hustle with work from home side jobs earn 20% or more from their side hustles.

Many employers may see the side hustle as a sign that the employee lacks commitment, but the reality is that work from home side jobs is a great way to get some great perspective about what can make you happier and more productive in life.

It’s a great way to explore other means of making money while boosting your monthly income.

The third main benefit of work from home side jobs is they provide ways for the learner to learn new strategies that they can apply to their day jobs.

For example, marketing your products online can give you new insights into helping other brands market theirs.

Despite the micro-scale of work from home side jobs, they can grow, and eventually, they might even provide sufficient income so you can achieve full-time income with your side-hustles.

In the beginning, there might be some difficulty in working out what might be possible when you engage inside jobs from home ideas, but that will quickly change as you start marketing your products/services.

And that’s what we’re here for today – to show you how to get work from home side jobs that will produce results.

 Work from Home Side Jobs That You’ll Love

1. Sell on Craigslist, eBay, Instagram, and Facebook Marketplace

Selling different products on different online platforms will give you a taste of fast money in your spare time.

The money may not be big (yet), but this is a great way to familiarize yourself with marketing basics and, more importantly, engaging people so they support your store.

Facebook Marketplace and Instagram may be newcomers compared to Craigslist and eBay, but they can be just as effective in selling almost anything, from old furniture to baseball cards.

·         Craigslist – A good place to post free classifieds

·         eBay – One of the oldest online marketplaces to sell just about anything

·         Instagram – With Instagram Shops, you can now sell on IG more effectively

2. Rent Your Spare Room

If you haven’t already, it’s time to make an account on Airbnb so you can start profiting from that spare room you have.

This is one of the side jobs from home that you will never regret because the rates are not too bad, and there is always a demand for places to stay in.

If you have an entire house that you don’t need because you live elsewhere now, why not rent out the whole place?

Many people earn a huge chunk of their incomes from Airbnb alone.

·         Airbnb – Arguably the most popular platform for rentals

·         Flipkey – A major vacation rental site that rivals Airbnb

·         Vrbo – Established in 1995, Vrbo is considered a pioneer in the vocational rental industry.

The main difference with Vrbo is that it only allows entire properties in the listing.

3. Become a Social Media Manager (SMM)

Social media has always been a great avenue for marketing businesses. However, business owners often do not have the time to manage their social media channels. That’s where you can come in.

Social media management is one of the best side jobs from home because you can take on several clients at once, as long as you have the hours to give. Use services like Tailwind to help schedule and manage social media accounts.

·         Guru – Guru is a platform for freelancers like Upwork, where you can post your professional profile as an SMM.

·         Hubstaff Talent – This platform boasts that it doesn’t charge any hidden fees to customers who want to hire talent.

·         Freelancer – One of the older platforms for freelance professionals who work remotely for different entrepreneurs and businesses.

4. Become an Expert at JustAnswer

JustAnswer is a platform for people who need to be connected to verified experts. The platform allows members to send questions or chat with experts from different fields.

Should you need reliable and high-level answers from medical doctors, veterinarians, and even professional mechanics, this site has it all.

If you have certification for your skillset, this platform can provide one of the best side jobs from home, and you can make use of your excellent knowledge the best possible way.

·         Fixya – A marketplace for answering technical questions, like fixing appliances and electronics. Fixya has a reward system, and you can redeem points afterward.

·         AskWonder – This platform features a research dashboard where you can answer technical questions that concern trends, technologies, and the like. You are paid when the customer is satisfied.

·         Live Person – Live Person is “the world’s first AI-powered conversational cloud” where you can set your rates and work with your schedule at your own pace.

5. Join the Gig Economy

The gig economy started booming when services like Fiverr opened. The amazing aspect of the gig economy is somewhere out there, someone needs your skills, which makes this another one for the list of the best side jobs from home.

Whether you can do small tasks like writing business emails or editing manuscripts, the gig economy always has something for you.

·         Fiverr – The site that kick-started it all before other platforms entered the gig scene.

·         Toptal – A great site for freelance software developers, managers, and project management.

·         SimplyHired – SimplyHired is a search engine that helps people find job listings that match their skills.

6. Do Strings of Jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Are you looking for side jobs from home ideas that don’t take a lot of time to complete? 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a talent pooling platform for all kinds of businesses. The platform won’t make you wealthy because of the pay rates, but if you want an income that eventually accumulates from tasks that only takes a few minutes to complete, then Mechanical Turk might be the place for you.

·         Swagbucks – Do odd tasks online and get coupons and gift cards.

·         Fancy hands – One of the better sites for getting more cash for performing microtasks.

·         Spare5 – Spare5 allows businesses to hire people to perform tasks that still require some human work/touch.

7. Skype Tutoring

Skype is one of the older instant messaging-slash-video conferencing apps on Windows and mobile, so you’re sure to get many customers who have Skype at home.

People need tutoring for just about anything: schoolwork, university requirements, learning French, office management, and so on.

But don’t let Skype limit you – you can offer tutoring over WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Messenger.

Online tutoring is one of the more accessible side gigs from home that are least demanding on equipment and time to set up.

·         Chegg – Chegg hires experts who can answer questions from students and other types of members. While it’s not straight tutoring, it can still bring you some income on your own time.

· – allows you to post classified ads about your skills as a tutor.

·         eTutor World – A large platform that matches students and tutors.

8. Apply for Part-Time Side Gigs from Home

In case you don’t like other side gigs from home that involves selling stuff, you can always apply for part-time positions.

You can be someone’s virtual assistant (VA), data entry person, or even content writer.

·         Aquent – A job site for people in North America or Canada. Find remote work jobs at Aquent.

·         Envato – A popular platform for creatives and graphic designers, founded by designers, too.

· – A leading site for people who want to work various team roles, like customer care and the like.

9. Get Passive Income with Blogging

Blogging is not one of the fastest money-making side jobs to do from home, but it holds plenty of potential for long-term passive income.

Like any other business, you have to invest some time and effort into delivering excellent value and content to readers.

Build your community around your blog, get people excited about your ideas, and eventually monetize your blog.

·          WPEngine – Build the best WordPress Websites with this platform. .

·         Blue Host – Affordable site hosting with access to the WordPress platform

·         SiteGround – Another great platform for people who want to start their blogs with dedicated hosting.

10. Create and Market Online Courses

Teachable and Udemy are prime platforms for creating and marketing courses. The best earners on these sites provide users/students with courses that have tremendous and long-lasting value.

If you have special knowledge of certain areas or subjects, why not try creating a course or several courses that people would surely sign up for? List this down as one of the more creative side jobs to do from home.

·         Teachable – The site encourages knowledgeable people to become online entrepreneurs. Requires a monthly membership, starting at $39/month.

·         Udemy – Established in 2010, Udemy is one of the biggest platforms for paid online courses anywhere in the world.

·         WordPress.Com – You can use the WordPress.Com platform to sell a membership plan to possible students, as well as receive payments for digital course materials.

11. Create a Working Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels can help anyone interested in trying digital marketing. Creating a funnel that works requires a lot of experience – Clickfunnels simplifies the process and makes the marketing funnel more accessible.

If you fear the funnel, fear it no more because there’s a platform that integrates everything you need in one place. With platforms like this one, side jobs you can do from home are done more easily.

·         Flodesk – Use Flodesk to design powerful emails that will help improve your marketing funnel’s conversion rate.

·         Clickfunnels – Excellent all-in-one solution for an integrated approach to digital marketing.

·         Kartra – An all-in-one solution that helps you build everything from the ground up, including effective landing pages.  

12. Publish an eBook

If you are confident about your writing chops, there’s nothing wrong with trying to write an eBook. You can write any book that you think would appeal to your target readers. You can market it through Amazon KDP.

You can also explore print-on-demand publishing, and there are many platforms outside Amazon that can take care of the printing and fulfillment of books. 

·         Amazon KDP – Undoubtedly the biggest platform for self-publishing in North America.

·         Gumroad – Excellent place for creatives to sell not just eBooks but also music, art, and other digital goods.

·         Apple iBooks – Publish your book with Apple’s powerful ecosystem.

13. Publish Audiobooks

Audiobooks’ demand has been consistent over the years because it’s just easier to consume audiobooks than reading books. Both forms of the book are potentially profitable, too. iTunes and Audible are great places to start.

It’s easier to market audiobooks on platforms that already have a large following. Easy access means more sales, and more sales mean more income for you, of course, which makes audiobook publishing one of the better side jobs you can do from home.

·         ACX.Com – ACX is a platform that allows audiobook authors and publishers to distribute their work.  

·         Findawayvoices – Create audiobooks, find talent and distribute your audiobooks.

·         Kobo Writing Life – Publish your audiobooks directly on KWL.  

14. Participate in Marketing Focus Activities

Many larger brands/businesses conduct marketing focus activities online to get consumer insights during the development phase of products and pre-launch.

Anyone can participate in these focus activities and earn a bit of cash for doing so. There are usually not stringent requirements to join.

·         Survey Junkie – Fill up a form, sign up, and get matched to paid surveys that are relevant to your market profile.

·         Inbox Dollars – Great way to earn money by reading emails and filling up surveys.

·         LifePoints – After signing up, you can take paid surveys and earn from home.

15. Hold a Garage Sale

If you need really fast cash, I’m sure you have old clothes and stuff hanging around in the basement or garage. It’s time for an impromptu spring cleaning!

Find stuff that can still be sold, even for a low price, and see the dollars rolling in until you’re able to sell all your stuff.

16. Publish YouTube Tutorials

YouTube has always been a most promising platform to start earning some money on the side.

While YouTube has become stricter in recent years on how people can monetize videos, it’s certain that if you are consistent with marketing your channel, you will eventually reach YouTube’s follower count and video play requirements for monetization.

17. Get Hired on Upwork

With a great profile, you can be noticed and hired on Upwork. If you have technical skills like knowledge about graphic design and content writing, Upwork is certainly the place for you.

It may take some coaxing to get customers to pick you, so make sure you take the necessary exams to get certificates, so your profile looks better to customers.

Here are other alternative sites you can check out: 

·         DesignCrowd – An alternate site for creatives and graphic designers.

·         FlexJobs – FlexJobs has a wide array of categories for freelance professionals.

·         Krop – One of the handfuls of sites dedicated to creatives who want to be members of new teams.

18. Get Clients on 99Designs

99Designs is the place to get hired if you know how to get creative with making logos, banners, and other visual assets for websites and publications.

If you have trouble getting more clients for your graphic design side gig, try signing up to see what designs sell the most to clients. You can get additional resources for your graphic design work at Creative Market.

19. Get Crafty with Etsy

Are you naturally creative with your hands? Do you like building crafts and jewelry and other artistic products? Sign up on Etsy and start selling!

While there may be some competition in the most popular categories, you can always market yourself to family, friends, and your different social networks to get more sales.

Blogging about your crafty ideas can also help with improving your Etsy store visibility.

20. Teach a Second Language

Whatever language you happen to know, there’s always someone who needs instruction on it. English tutors are always in demand, but so are French tutors and German tutors.

Find the right platform for your skills, and you will never run out of income, and your side gig might be better than your full-time work.

·         iTalki – Large platform for language teachers.

·         Verbling – Global site for language teachers who teach Chinese, Japanese, German, and other world languages.

·         Wyzant – One of the older platforms for tutorials includes language teachers.

21. Try a Home Pet Grooming Service

As long as you can apply for the right licenses, a home pet grooming service is a profitable side gig that can grow easily into a full-time business.

If you already know how to groom pets well and you are a ‘pet whisperer’ because you know animal behavior, why not try your hand with pet grooming services?

·         Google My Business – Be sure to list your pet grooming service on GMB

22. Start Writing Content

Writing content can be part of a side gig, or you can engage in writing for websites as a sole side gig.

There is always a demand for new writing/content on the internet, so you shouldn’t run out of new gigs any time soon.

Many people have made writing their sole profession, so this is a good introduction to the gig economy. Make sure you sign up for Grammarly so your written output will be close to perfection.

·         Authentic Jobs – An older, established platform for freelance professionals, including freelance writers.  

·         LocalSolo – LocalSolo allows you to find localized job listings in your location.

·         Working Nomads – A specialized directory of remote jobs for those engaged in education, sales, marketing, etc.  

23. Give Online Music Lessons

If you have intermediate to advanced music skills, especially in the pandemic, people will pay for online music lessons.

YouTube tutorials are good, but getting feedback from someone who already knows how to play the keyboard or the guitar makes it easier to learn.

·         LessonFace – Great site for music teachers. Has a large directory of individual instruments.

·         TakeLessons – Emphasizes community and top-earning music teachers.

·         LiveMusicTutor – A good place for structured teaching of music.

24. Write Resumes

If you are proficient in writing resumes, and your resumes generally deliver good results, why not market this skill to people?

Not everyone knows how to write inspiring resumes that headhunters notice. This can also be a part of your freelance writing gig.

·         Fiverr – Advertise your resume writing services on Fiverr and land gigs quickly.

·         Upwork – Add “resume writing” as one of your services as a freelance writer.

·         Craigslist – Advertise your skills in writing resumes and CVs on Craigslist.   

These online jobs will teach you how to market your skills and you may even learn something new that will allow you to have a full-time position.

Remember, begin by identifying your current skills and then find the type of gig that will be the right for you. Eventually, you will find your niche and things will fall into place. Embrace the change! 

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


Complete Guide to Landing Amazon Jobs from Home

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you are looking to find sustainable online work, then finding a job in one of the biggest online retailers may just be the right step for you.

Amazon is one of the US’s biggest employers, with nearly a million employees in its headquarters in Seattle.

Working for amazon at home is great for people who want to live their dream life of being location-independent.

Many Amazon jobs from home only require a laptop and an Internet connection. You can work from anywhere and still be flexible throughout the day.

If this sounds like the perfect remote work lifestyle for you then make sure to browse the Amazon Jobs from Home that we have listed below.

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Free Work Online Training

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How to Get Started with Working for Amazon at Home

Nearly everyone has experienced working from home due to the pandemic. Unless you are interested in on-site work, Amazon work from home jobs will be the perfect opportunity to find the right position based on your skillset.

Amazon also offers part-time jobs via Amazon Mechanical Turk, where businesses look for work from home employees to get different kinds of work done.

While it’s unlikely that opportunities like Amazon Mechanical Turk will double your income, it’s still a great way to boost your income when you find the best Amazon at home opportunities.

Finding Amazon Jobs from Home

Amazon Jobs‘ database is extremely comprehensive. A quick look at their website and you will see jobs categorized based on Job Type, Locations, and Business Category.

If you are looking for both Amazon jobs from home and on-site work, the site will have a variety of work that will be right for you.

Today, however, we are focusing on Amazon work from home jobs that are available and tagged on the site as virtual locations, or Amazon remote jobs.

With Amazon’s virtual location, you will be applying for a US team or a global team in another country.

Open roles include virtual location positions in places like Hyderabad, Shanghai, and Germany, as well as the United States.

Digital Writing and Editing Jobs From Amazon

If you have an interest and talent in writing, why not try working for Amazon at home that centers on writing and editing.

These Amazon jobs can make your professional life easier and more stable as a work-from-home individual because the need for content never ends.

Here are a few positions that you can land Amazon work from home writing jobs.

amazon jobs from home

Content Developer – The Content Developer is tasked with creating customer-facing documents.

The content has to be concise, clear, and as straightforward as possible for different audiences.

Being able to create high-quality content that is readable is a plus.

Content Editor – Content Editors lead new campaigns and segments on Amazon, such as the #FoundItOnAmazon campaign that creates an endless list of outfit suggestions for customers.

The Content Editor also leads other writers to make Amazon’s message resonate with their audience. Plus, they get to decide how the writing style should be done.

Content Manager – There are many types of Content Managers on Amazon.

If you are on the supply side, your job is to become a consultant for the stakeholders of the company as well as the different writers and editors of the company.

Amazon has “communication projects” that are linked to advertising and marketing products and services. Due to the nature of the work, expect things to be fast-paced, which means the candidate must be able to work in a high-stress environment.

These are the requirements to start working for amazon at home so you can start editing and writing content:

  • A computer with a Word processor (Office 365 is recommended)
  • Good online research skills
  •  Intermediate to advanced language skills
  • A Grammarly subscription for editing and checking for duplicate content or plagiarism.

If you are serious about working for amazon at home and being a writer or editor, I highly recommend setting up a personal website using platforms like Worpress.

By creating your own website you will be able to showcase your professional branding with a unique and catchy domain. Professional branding can put your name ahead of the pack, so you become more competitive and hireable.

We highly recommend using Bluehost as a web host, because they are a great starting off point for newbie freelancers and other work-from-home individuals.

And don’t forget to boost your site design with visual elements done professionally – try Creative Market for your graphic and typographic needs.

Amazon Data Entry Jobs

Many people who try working for Amazon at home for the first time begin with smaller roles like Amazon data entry jobs.

As an Amazon data entry worker, you will be in charge of preparing documents for data entry, entering information into softwares, testing new database systems and more.

If you already have previous experience, try finding data entry team lead jobs. This is one of the Amazon data entry jobs that may be offered remotely from time to time.

The requirements for data entry team leaders will vary from department to department since Amazon offers a mind-boggling amount of products.

For example, if the pharmacy department has an opening, you will be required to show proof that you have a pharmacy-related background.

So make sure to keep your eyes open to any Amazon data entry jobs that would be right for your personal skills sets.

Amazon Customer Service Jobs from Home

Amazon work from home customer service jobs are perfect for those with call center experience.

The average requirements are a high school diploma, at least twelve months of previous experience as an agent, and the ability to work from home.

Amazon work from home customer service jobs requires specific technical skills, including how to use chat programs, the ability to use professional email platforms, as well as access to Office 365.

Knowing how eCommerce sites like Amazon work will be helpful in order to get hired for the role.

If you have handled a similar position for another eCommerce company or business, then you are well on your way to landing an Amazon work from home customer service job.

Are you already an avid Amazon shopper?  Do you have enthusiasm for the brand and what it stands for?

Emphasize these facts during your interview. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with how Amazon presents itself to the public and its company culture.

For people who love or at least like customer service jobs, Amazon hires thousands of seasonal customer service agents every year.

The peak season begins in August, and even though the remote work that is frequently listed on Amazon jobs are not usually customer care, that doesn’t mean they don’t need people to fill those roles.

Software Development Engineer

This is one of the best online jobs from home roles available through Amazon’s virtual locations listings.

According to Amazon, you will be working in a challenging environment, handling sensitive information, with the ultimate goal of bringing the best retail experience to customers.

Software development engineers will also be working on innovative new solutions in a start-up environment.

The basic qualifications for this role are:  

  • Expertise in any of these programming languages (Java, C, C++, C#)
  • Experience in working with traditional waterfall or agile software lifecycles.
  • Three years of experience working with large scale systems
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, and other related fields
  • Two years of professional development experience (non-internship)
  • One year of experience in contributing to system design and architecture
  • Experience in programming with object-oriented designs

Amazon Recruiter

Another Amazon at home job that is perfect for people who have experience in human resources is recruitment.

Amazon careers come in all shapes and sizes, and with the recruiter role, the general expectations are:

  • You will be part of a dynamic recruiting team looking for new talents. Recruiter roles are assigned to a certain department beforehand, so you know what area of Amazon you will be working on.
  • You will be working to improve the talent acquisition process alongside your team.
  • You must be able to handle talent searches within a given amount of time. This Amazon at home job has tight deadlines and fast-paced timelines. If you love solving problems, this remote job should be a good choice.

The job requirements include having a Bachelor’s degree, three years of experience in technical recruiting, good networking skills, having an effective working relationship with fellow team members, strong communication skills, negotiation skills, organization skills, and the ability to pursue cost-conscious methods of sourcing new talent.

Remote jobs like this require people to have a knack for leading others, so the recruiter must be self-sufficient and do well even without supervision.

Executive Operations Leader

The Executive Operations Leader is one of the Amazon work from home jobs that are high paying. Right now, this role pays $200,000/year and has only three essential requirements:

  • You have one decade of experience in manufacturing operations
  • You have experience leading at least one hundred people
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree

The Executive Operations Leader is tied with Amazon’s Worldwide Operations Organization, which takes care of many US territories.

The EOL is responsible for leading, not just people, but also systems and processes that ensure that Amazon can fulfill all its promises regarding product availability and logistics.

Since this Amazon work from home job has more responsibilities, Amazon says that the right person should have the mentality of a business founder.

If you think you can manage a group of a thousand or more people in a physical space of around 1.2 million square feet, this is one of the Amazon jobs from home that might be perfect for you.

Amazon Health & Safety Manager

If you are looking to start a job working for Amazon at home in the occupational and health safety field, then becoming a Regional WHS Manager may be the right role for you.

These roles are listed in both on-site and virtual locations, so there’s a big chance that you can find Amazon jobs from home that relate to your skills or experiences in occupational safety and health.

According to Amazon, the Regional WHS Manager takes care of making working spaces more efficient, safer, and healthier.

The Regional WHS Manager will be working with the Operations Team in the specific virtual location (e.g., Maryland) to help execute policies and ensure compliance to regulations that are tried with national, state, and local laws and requirements.

The basic qualifications for this role are:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Safety, Environmental, Ergonomics, or any other related field or degree
  • At least five years’ experience in WHS and related programs in service operations, production, and manufacturing
  • Having excellent verbal and written skills, including the ability to integrate and relate with numerous site leaders easily
  • The ability to create programs suited for the tasks at hand and attainting department goals
  • High analytical skills and having the natural ability to solve problems

Amazon work-from-home jobs are excellent for a wide variety of professionals who want to build a career from the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re tired of working in your 9-5, or want to have a career change, working for Amazon at home is key to the transition.

Whether you are into customer service, software engineering, or content writing, Amazon Jobs has something to offer.


Extended: How to buy rental properties from anywhere.


What you’ll find:

In this episode, Matt will debunk the misconceptions about rental properties. Learn how to acquire rental properties even if you’re thousands of miles away.


Best Data Entry Jobs from Home – No Experience Needed

So, you want to find the best data entry jobs from home, but you are unsure of where to start or even which companies offer legitimate work?

Well, you can rest easy because we list everything you need to know to get started on how to find no experience data entry jobs from home.

To break into this field, it will take some work due to the competitive nature of the industry.

But if you are willing to work hard, you can find yourself working as a freelance data entry specialist with the flexible schedule you want.

Data entry is a great way to earn money from home. As long as you avoid the scammers, you will quickly be on your way earning money.

So, are you ready to find out all about the best data entry jobs from home?

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Free Work Online Training

This training with Andrea will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Home Based Data Entry Jobs

Since home based data entry jobs do not require a lot of experience and are in high demand, there are two things you should expect when starting to find work. First, these jobs are hard to come by.

You will need to keep checking back on the various sites to see if there are any openings. Patience and determination are needed.

Secondly, don’t expect to get paid a lot. The pay rates are not the most competitive compared to other jobs due to the large talent pool and the lack of experience needed.

What You Need for Home Based Data Entry Jobs

To make sure that you are in the best position to land one of the best data entry jobs from home, there are a few things that you should prepare before applying for the job.

Speed & Accuracy: Though performing data entry may not be the most mentally challenging work out there, you do need some skills to excel. The top skills that you must have are speed and accuracy.

Most companies want contractors who can type a minimum of 50 words per minute. And, data entry is all about accuracy, and inputting the data correctly into a system is vital to your success.

Don’t be surprised if assessment tests require an accuracy rating of 98% or higher.

Laptop/Computer:  For the best data entry jobs from home, you will need to provide your own laptop or computer.

Most data entry jobs from home are contract or freelance positions. This means that the companies will not provide you with any equipment.

High-Speed Internet: Without the internet, you cannot access the work. Without a reliable, high-speed connection, you may not be able to perform data entry work as quickly as you like or as expected by the client.

Quiet Work Space: Even though performing data entry doesn’t require a lot of thought, it does require accuracy. If you are distracted, you may make mistakes.

So, it helps if you have a quiet space that is dedicated solely for work. Without noises and interruptions, you can focus on maintaining 100% accuracy while doing data entry from home.

Proper Desk and Chair: You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting at the computer. So, to make sure that you don’t get any aches or pains from an improper work setup, have a good workstation and chair that works ergonomically for you.

Numeric Keyboard: If your laptop or keyboard only has the number keys in a row at the top, it’s well worth getting a numeric keyboard.

While doing data entry jobs from home, you’ll be inputting a lot of numbers. And a numeric keyboard makes this task so much easier and much quicker to perform.

Bookkeeping Skills: This is more for you than for doing home based data entry jobs. And this is because as an independent contractor, income tax, or any type of tax, will not be deducted from your weekly/monthly pay.

So, you will need to keep detailed records as you will be responsible for filing and paying your taxes at year’s end. 

Finding the Best Data Entry Jobs from Home

Sadly, finding legitimate typing jobs from home can be difficult due to the number of scammers out there.

If a company looks suspicious or asks for your credit card company, do not give them any contact details. Make sure you properly research any company that may reach out to you.

But to help with your search of finding the best data entry jobs from home, here is a list of legitimate companies that you can apply to for work right now.  

AccuTran Global

One of the more established places to find legitimate typing jobs from home is AccuTran Global. Since 2002, they have been hiring independent workers for transcribing and related services to their clients.

Though AccuTran does offer data entry jobs, these positions are not available all the time. So, this is a website that you will need to keep checking back with to find work.  

Amazon Mechanical Turk

A division of Amazon, the Mechanical Turk site is a crowdsourcing platform that allows companies to outsource work or projects to a remote workforce who performs the tasks virtually.

Businesses place their variety of needs on the site which includes data entry as well as surveys, data validation, and research.

To get started, all you need to do is start a worker account so you can start completing a variety of microtasks for money. It’s reliably one of the best data entry jobs from home.


Appen has been improving data collection for machine learning and artificial intelligence for worldwide customers since 1996.

The company hires independent contractors from around the world to work on a variety of projects for clients.

Besides data entry, you can work long-term projects, micro tasks, and surveys. Contractors do need to provide a monthly invoice to Appen for services rendered which is paid via PayPal within 30 days.

Axion Data Entry Services

Since 1996, Axion Data Entry Services has been a leader in providing data entry outsourcing and data verification to companies in the United States. Once hired by Axion, many data entry specialists then stay with the company for years.

So, this means that openings are rare in this company. However, to even be considered for work with Axion, you need to be registered in their database. And if you are accepted, you will need to pass a criminal background check before beginning work.

Capital Typing

Providing clients reliable and honest business solutions since 2002, Capital Typing offers services in a variety of fields including data entry.

As with a few of the other sites listed here, data entry positions are not always available. So you need to keep checking the site. In order to apply, you will need to create an account with the company.


As an independent contractor at Clickworker, you are assigned different tasks that are often a part of a larger project.

Clickworkers, as they are called, are freelancers who work on various projects for a fixed rate.

To join, you need to register, provide details on the different skills that you possess, and pass a few qualification tests.

Once accepted, you are able to view the published list of available tasks and projects with the assigned monetary amount. It is up to you as to which assignments you want to take on.

DionData Solutions

As a full data management company, DionData offers clients data entry services performed by a combination of in-house staff as well as home based contractors.

Data entry work from their clients comes from a range of different sources and documents including hand written originals, typed copy, and scanned images.

To apply, you need to send an email with your resume to the company. Unfortunately, they only respond if they are interested in proceeding further with your application.

Best Data Entry Jobs from Home


Going strong after more than 20 years in business, LionBridge has a work force of over one million at-home workers from around the world satisfying the needs of their clients.

In addition to having a wide range of opportunities to work on, including data entry, translation services, and data annotation, freelance workers have the ability to create a flexible schedule that works for them.

To apply with LionBridge for one of the best data entry jobs from home, you need to register with the company and complete a few evaluation tests. And if you pass, you can then start receiving work.


Using an at-home work force from around the globe, MicroWorkers takes projects from clients and splits them up into very small parts, called microjobs.

These jobs include data entry, data mining, data categorization, surveys, and application testing. Each microjob takes only a matter of minutes to complete.

Anyone can apply from anywhere in the world. And, if successful, you have complete flexibility over your schedule working as much or as little as you like.


This website connects grassroot campaigns relating to voter registration and/or petition signers with data entry freelancers.

Because the work is primarily related to voting season in the United States, job openings are only available at certain times of the year.

You will need to keep checking the site so you can apply. To apply, you must be a US resident.

Because of changes in the state law regarding contract employees, they cannot accept anyone who resides in California or Massachusetts.

Working Solutions

Using both staff members and thousands of home-based freelancers, Working Solutions has been offering clients solutions in a variety of industries for over 20 years.

The company was founded with the mission to create legitimate typing jobs from home. And with their diverse field of independent agents, Working Solutions is one of the best data entry jobs from home.

To apply, you need to complete a short form followed by taking several assessment tests. If you pass, you will be invited to view the various job opportunities available through their portal. And you need to check back often as the opportunities are constantly changing.  

Job Board Sites

If you’d rather have a full-time or temporary full-time home based data entry job, then you can also look for data entry jobs on online job board websites like and Flexjobs.

You can find a mixture of no experience data entry jobs from home. But many companies who post on these sites need workers quickly. So, keep checking daily for opportunities.

The benefit of securing a job through these sites is that you will be an employee of a company.

This means that you will have taxes taken out of your paycheck and you may receive benefits (though it depends on the company and if it is a temporary position or not). And the hourly rates will be more competitive than freelancing.

The downside is that the expectation is that you will work a full day at home. You do not get to set how many hours you will work nor when you will work them. So, if you don’t need a lot of flexibility, this is a great option for you.

Freelance Websites

Of course, another option is to list your data entry services on freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and

These platforms connect businesses and individuals who are looking for contractors to perform specialized tasks or projects. To start finding work, you need to create a profile and emphasize your data entry skills.

Listing on these sites does take more work to land jobs, especially when starting out. And, you may need to accept jobs that pay less than the average rate so you can build up experience and reviews.

But, the more you do, the more you can start to charge. Not only can potential clients reach out to you, but you can also make pitches for posted jobs.

As you can see, there are a lot of options currently available online for finding the best data entry jobs from home.

You will need to be diligent at first to land a data entry job, once you do, you can enjoy the benefits of earning money from the comfort of your home.

remote resume guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


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