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Write for a Digital Nomad Blog: Get Started Right Away

Do you have amazing stories to tell while you’re working on the road and want to share these experiences?

Well, did you know you can write for a digital nomad blog and inspire others to have more freedom? 

With so many new blogs popping up, there are a ton of opportunities out there.

You just have to understand how to find them and write compelling stories that will inspire others to live a freedom lifestyle.

Even though finding the sites are easy, you will still need to stand out, that is why I have created a complete guide to help you write for digital nomads. 


Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

What Is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are a group of independent and freedom-loving workers who choose to live the location independent lifestyle.

They are able to work from anywhere because of their online jobs or remote businesses. 

Some digital nomads include IT workers, virtual assistants, writers, online entrepreneurs, designers, and pretty much anything that can be done remotely and online. 

It is also estimated that there are close to 5 million who describe themselves as digital nomads and around 17 million people who aspire to become one someday.

This means there are plenty of people out there who are looking for advice from an experienced nomad like you. 

The rise of the digital nomad lifestyle has been growing tremendously and since the pandemic began, more people have realized that working remotely is achievable.

There are a ton of companies changing their systems so that more employees have the opportunity to work from anywhere and new companies are opting to start online businesses.

So there is no better time to write about digital nomad life than now! 

Printable Blog Content Planner

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How To Find the Best Digital Nomad Blog

The best way to narrow down your search is by looking for the sites that would be interested in your expertise.

It can be a topic that they are continuously writing about and you can create a unique spin on it or it could be a topic that they have not covered yet and are looking for an expert to share their knowledge. 

So you just have to go out there and start researching for the right sites.

It may take a few days to finish this task, so make sure to practice patience and create a list of the best blogs that will be a great fit for you.  

In the meantime, here are my top 5 favorite digital nomad blogs that you can look into: 

Local Adventurers. The founders Jacob and Esther are personal friends so I am a bit biased.

But aside from our friendship, they are one of the top travel bloggers in the United States and have lived in a different city every year.

Their blog attracts hundreds of thousands of visits per month and in my opinion one of the most beautiful blogs for nomads out there. 

Feel free to listen to our interview with Jacob and Esther to get to know them better. 

Nomadic Matt. This website is one of the biggest travel blogs out there and Matt is an amazing guy who only publishes the best content.

I have personally written a guest post for Matt’s blog and it has not only brought traffic to my site but also clients as well.

He does accept guest posts, but be sure to understand his requirements.

Since Matt’s website brings in at least 1 million readers a month, you will definitely gain a lot of exposure if you are accepted. 

Feel free to listen to our interview with Matt to learn more about his story. 

Hobo With a Laptop. I love Mike and Oshin’s blog because they have a ton of useful and comprehensive guides to the digital nomad life.

Not only do they have practical articles to help you live the nomadic lifestyle but they also teach you how to make it sustainable. 

Digital Nomad Girls. This website is one of the largest online communities for women who are digital nomads and location independent.

I love this site because Jen the founder shares a ton of stories from women who will inspire you to live your own freedom. 

Feel free to listen to our interview with Jen to learn more about her community: 

She Hit Refresh. This blog and community is one of my favorites because it has a unique take on the digital nomad lifestyle.

This site is for women who are 30 and over who want to break free from routine and live an unconventional lifestyle while traveling.

Cepee and Anette, the founders of the site, also have a large community on Facebook. 

Feel free to listen to our interview with Cepee who is the co-founder of She Hit Refresh. 

There are still a ton of digital nomad websites out there, so make sure to do your research and find out the perfect site that will find your expertise valuable.

But remember, before you reach out to them with your ideas, make sure that they are actively looking for new contributors. 

How To Start Pitching To Write for Digital Nomads

Once you find the right websites and are ready to write for a digital nomad blog, it is time to start pitching your ideas.

What is pitching? Well, it means reaching out to the founders of the websites and sharing your story or article ideas that would be perfect to include in their blogs. 

Research before you pitch. In order to do this properly, you will have to do a bit of research so you know exactly what they need and personalize each pitch to different digital nomad websites. 

For example, you don’t want to pitch about budget travel if the site is about luxury travel.

Another thing to look out for is if the subject has been covered in the website extensively already.

But, if this subject is part of your expertise, you can write about the topic from a different angle that they have not written about before. 

When you do your research you will be able to personalize your email pitches to their exact needs and wants.

I can not tell you how many pitches I receive a week and choose to ignore them because 90% of the emails are mostly generic. 

Believe me, we notice when you copy and paste an email.

That is why it is important to do your research and really learn what the blogger needs, otherwise they will just ignore and delete your message. 

Include the name of the founder. One of the worst things you can do is not include the name of the founder of the blog in your email pitch.

It is extremely easy to find the blogger’s name by going to their about me page.

This is the first thing I notice when I receive an email, so make sure to put in the effort.

It’s a small task but will make a huge difference to make you stand out from others who are too lazy to do a bit of digging.

Include examples of what you want to write about. Once you have done the research, make sure to include 3 examples of what you will be writing about.

Send them 3 article titles that explain the post clearly.

You do not need to go into long details, because believe me we do not have the time to read through a whole essay, but we also want to make sure that your ideas align with our site. 

For example, a title like “How to Find The Cheapest Flight in 10 Minutes” will be more eye-catching than a generic: “How to find cheap flights”.

The first title shares the benefit, allows you to save time, and ignites curiosity. 

Make it short but informative. As I mentioned before, you do not have to create an essay to share your ideas, but you want to make sure that you can provide enough information for us to understand your knowledge. 

In order to write for a digital nomad blog, you must include the basics in your pitch such as:

  • An Introduction to who you are (a paragraph should be enough)
  • Why you love their website, how you can provide an article that will be an asset to their blog
  • Inlude any website that shows other writing samples, or where you have been featured

Check for grammar and spelling mistakes. This goes without saying, but I see it often enough in pitches that it must be mentioned.

Check your work before you send out the email. If you want to write for digital nomads, then avoid making mistakes that will stop you from getting featured on reputable websites. 

To help you avoid grammar and spelling mistakes, I suggest downloading the Grammarly extension, which automatically detects when there are errors in your writing.

I personally rely on this extension to check my work before publishing it on my website.

Write for a Digital Nomad Blog

How To Write a Stand Out Article

Now that you are familiar with how to create pitches, it is time to write for a digital nomad blog. Below are some of the basic principles of how to write engaging blog posts that will attract readers. 

Make it relatable. For new bloggers, it can be difficult to start without making your post read like a college essay.

I see this a lot with newbies, so I want to make sure that you are able to avoid this mistake.

One strategy you can do is to pretend like you are having a conversation with a friend and explaining the topic to them.

Make it casual, and relatable yet informative. Make it a conversation between you and your reader instead of a lecture.

If you are still unsure of how your writing will come out, you can read your words out loud. This usually helps and after several articles, it will come more naturally. 

Show your personality. One of the best ways to engage your audience is by allowing them to feel like they are getting advice from a real person.

That’s why showing a bit of your personality can really draw them into your work. If you are funny, sarcastic, angry, or excitable then show it through your writing.

It will make you unique and stand out from your competition.

Avoid irrelevant information and repetition. Don’t you hate reading an article that runs on without any real purpose?

I do too, that is why if you want to write for digital nomads, you need to provide information that has intention.

You do not want to add words just to fulfill your word count.

Believe me, readers will notice and skip over your work to other articles that are more relevant. 

Check your work. I said this before but will say it again. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

You do not want to send in your post and have it returned back because you did not check your work.

It will make you look unprofessional and unprepared to write for a digital nomad. 

Meet the deadline. Wanna know what’s worse than not checking your work? Not meeting deadlines.

If you took the time to pitch and got accepted to write an article for a digital nomad blog, you may be asked to hand in the article at a certain time. 

Most professional bloggers have a content calendar and will schedule your article on a specific date.

When you fail to submit your work, it may also affect the blogger’s content plan, so make sure to be on time, because you never know when you’ll get another chance to be featured in that blog again. 

Remote Resume Guide

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Should You Start Your Own Blog? 

If you enjoy writing for a digital nomad blog, then you may be ready to start your own website.

I know this may sound scary and honestly, it will be a ton of work. But, there are a lot of pros for starting your own personal blog.

Here are the top reasons why you should start your own site instead of just writing for other digital nomads: 

Showcase your writing skills. If you love writing about your experiences while on the road, then why not share them with the world on your own platform?

Having your own site means you will be able to create articles that you love and have complete control over your content, plus a blog can act as a virtual portfolio if you decide to get paid to write

I personally have been featured in other blogs because they came across The Offbeat Life website and wanted me to share my expertise with their audience.

So not only has it allowed me to share my writing skills but it is also a way for similar sites to find me and showcase my work without having to do any outreach! And you can do the same with your site as well! 

Allow you to build your own audience and authority. When you write consistently, you will undoubtedly gain an audience that will result in the growth of your authority in your niche. 

Why is having authority important? Well, it will allow you to have more opportunities to create income, and build your own loyal community.

I love that my website has given me a ton of opportunities to learn new skills, build an amazing audience who followed along my journey, and create income doing what I love. 

Create income using your own platform. Did you know that you can create income with your website?

My blog has been one of my main income streams since I became a full-time online entrepreneur and a lot of the income is passive, meaning I do the initial work in the beginning, but the money keeps coming.

So yes, you can literally make money while you sleep. 

A few ways you can make money with your blog are through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, website ads, digital products, services and so much more.

With so many opportunities, it is just a matter of figuring out which income stream is right for you. 

I personally chose to create most of my income passively so I can truly live a freedom lifestyle, which has been a big goal of mine.

Now around 60% of my income stream is passive coming from both my website and podcast. And I am sure you can do the same too! 

Now that we have listed the different reasons why you should start a blog, I will also share reasons why it may not be a good idea for you. 

You hate to write. The biggest reason why you shouldn’t be starting a blog is if you hate to write. If this seems like a no-brainer, it isn’t.

I have seen a ton of wannabe bloggers who started their website because they thought they could make a quick buck after seeing how much money successful bloggers make. 

Here’s a reality check, most bloggers never make more than a few dollars, so if you are starting a blog hating to write and only want to make money, then I can almost guarantee that you will fail. 

You are impatient. Think you’ll get results right away? Think again. I personally have just started really learning how to run my blog and I have been at it for almost 4 years.

So, if you are impatient and prone to giving up after a few failed tries, then being a blogger is not for you. 

You will be faced with a lot of setbacks and you will need to be OK with being defeated. I continuously fail every day and now I just see it as part of being an entrepreneur.

I have learned to embrace failure because it has taught me a lot of lessons that helped me to succeed. 

You do not want to do the work. If you don’t want to do the work, then you either have to pay someone to do it for you or choose another path.

Blogging is not for the faint of heart, meaning you will need to put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears before you can succeed. But if you are willing to put in the time, it will reward you! 

You do not have enough time. Even if you are willing to do the work, sometimes there’s just no time to do it.

Maybe you are still in your 9-5 and also working on another side business, sometimes you’re just spread too thin, and adding another task to that list will not help you to succeed. 

If this is your case, I would suggest prioritizing what really matters to you and focus on that task first before you add another project.

I have also been a victim of the shiny object syndrome and believe me, it actually stopped my progress when I decided to add more work instead of focusing my time and energy on a specific project. 

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Resources To Help You Write for a Digital Nomad Blog

If you still want to write for digital nomads then here are several resources that could help you land guest posts: 

How to Pitch a Blog Post: A Guide for Guest Bloggers and Freelance Writers

The Guest Blogging Survival Guide: The secrets to becoming a prolific guest blogger to increase authority, fans, and traffic!

Also, make sure to check out our article on the top 13 mistakes the newbie bloggers make so you can avoid it too! 

Now that you have the tools you need to write for digital nomads, it is time to put your knowledge to the test.

Go out there, do your research and start connecting with digital nomads, because you never know where it will lead you! 


20 Best Places to Sell Art Online

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you’re an artist and need some serious money, then you may want to sell art online.

You’d be surprised how many people are looking to buy unique pieces to include in their personal collections.

Gone are the days where the only option you had was trying desperately to get into an art gallery or in small shops.

Now with the digital space at our fingertips, you can sell your work on your own without having to split a ton of your commission.

If you want to turn your artwork into a business, this is one of the best options.


Where to start Selling Digital Art and Prints Online 

If you are ready to start selling, we have created a comprehensive list of the best places to create extra income selling your artworks. 

But before you start listing your work, make sure to research each of the platforms so you have a better understanding of the payments, and requirements so there are no surprises. Below are the top platforms to share and sell your work. 


Etsy is one of the best websites where you can sell art online.

It is an increasingly popular website within the creative community where you can sell handmade items, artistic goods, and vintage items that are hard to find in traditional eCommerce stores. 

Listing on Etsy will cost you about 20 cents per listing, other charges come after you make a sale which is 3% for payment processing and 5% per transaction fee, so make sure to keep that in mind when you sell art online on Etsy. 

What we love about Etsy is that it specifically targets customers who are looking for one-of-a-kind items, which makes this one of the best places to start selling your art online. 

Creative Market

Unlike Etsy, where you can sell both physical and digital products, Creative Market is just for printable and downloadable items.

Working with Creative Market is great if you’re selling things like digital prints, themes, clip art, and any other graphics that creatives will need. 

It’s free-to-join and will allow you the freedom to set your own prices.

Of course, whatever you manage to sell has a deduction of 30% taken off, but you get to keep 70% of the profit, which makes this site a great option for anyone looking to sell art online.


Dedicated to nurturing artists all around the world, Artfinder is great for connecting with a specific audience.

This gallery does require an application and approval process before you can join, but once you’re in you’ll be able to connect with the thousands of other artists. 

They take roughly 33% of sales you make and the sooner you apply to them the better since the application process takes up to 6-weeks of processing time.

In order to get accepted to the platform, you will need to share who your artistic inspiration is and provide them with a portfolio of high-quality samples of your work.


Deviantart is one of the largest galleries of art and communities around the world. Users can share their artwork freely within this system.

This platform is great for artists that want to work with unique topics rather than mainstream and popular art.

One of the main monetization methods on this site involves selling prints, however, your prints need to pass website approval before they can be sold.

If you decide to opt for the free membership, you will not be able to choose how much you can sell your work and will only earn around 16% commission.

If you get the site’s core membership, which will run you about $50 a year, you’re given more freedom with pricing and a higher payout.


As a platform that sells just about everything, it’s not really surprising that Amazon also offers artworks. You’ll specifically need to apply to become a seller with Amazon’s Handmade service.

In order to be accepted into this program, you will need to have solid proof that you are an artisan. Although this may make the process longer, it will lessen the competition from the big brands. 

All fees from your earnings are combined into a single flat fee of 15% of your total sale. Amazon also has a variety of other offerings to streamline the overall process so you’ll be able to sell art online faster and easier. 

Fine Art America

Fine Art America has been around for over 13 years and is one of the leading places to find quality artworks.

This is one of the best places to sell art online since they welcome photographers, digital artists, illustrators, and graphic designers who are able to create printable and digital works. 

By joining them you can choose your own sales price and you’ll get to keep 100% of the sales for your original artwork.

You can even use their platform as a portfolio for your work and reach out to other artists for potential collaborations.

Fine Art America also provides you with the option to sell on other platforms like Facebook.

They offer two main membership plans to artists, which are the free memberships and the premium $30 a year plan.

In order to sign up for the premium plan, you will need to open a free account. Once you are approved, you can log in and follow instructions to pay in order to access the pro features.  


Shopify’s service is meant for those who want to sell through their own website. This is a great option for creatives who want to have complete control of their work as well as their commissions.

It is also a great idea if you have a knack for marketing since it will allow you to create more income. 

This service doesn’t charge you per sale, so you don’t have to worry about losing any potential profit. But to use Shopify you’ll need to pay a flat fee of at least $29 a month.

They offer other options if you’re planning on going bigger with your website with fees as high as $300 a month.

However, as a beginner, you are given the opportunity to get a free trial


Zazzle is a trusted platform that has been around for over 10 years with more than 30 million customers around the world.

What makes Zazzle stand out is its ability to allow its sellers to give their customers customization options. 

Zazzle is free to join and your pricing can be fully customized. You can earn anywhere between 5% of a total sale to 99%.

This makes this one of the most flexible platforms you can choose to sell your artwork online. 


Society6’s mission has always been to inspire creative expression, and they do this by supporting new and experienced artists.

Their website is free to join and includes access to their community, and the ability to sell your art in a variety of formats like phone cases, laptop skins, prints, traditional canvases, and more.

What makes Society6 even better is that they’ll help you figure out a marketing plan for your art. All you have to do once you sign up is upload your art.

You select the prices for your art, which also means that you’re in control of how much you’re paid. 


Despite being based in Australia, Redbubble has a rather large global artist community. They sell a wide selection of products, ranging from prints and book covers to masks and phone cases. 

Their pay cycle is on the 15th of every month and you can choose the price of the items you’re selling, meaning you ultimately control how much you make.

It’s free to join Redbubble and any product you sell will ship globally!

To sign up, simply visit Redbubble where you’ll be prompted to input your email and password. After that, you’ll be able to start uploading your work and selling it right away.

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ArtPal is another great service for selling prints and other forms of your artwork online.

Their service is free to join and you don’t have to worry about any commission charges like with most other websites.

They’ll take care of everything related to printing and shipping for you.

This site is also great for hosting your gallery and selling from it. It’s not at all difficult to sign up for their service.

Just visit their website here and you can get started selling right away.


The service StorEnvy offers is similar to eBay in which users can freely launch their own stores to sell their products.

Of course, sellers on this site aren’t limited to just art, but they can just as easily sell art online as well.

They offer 3 main packages, starting with a free one. But their $15 Plus and $30 Pro packages offer more resources to their sellers.

Sellers are charged a 15% commission for each sale they make with StorEnvy.


While they’re not looking for individual artists, Artsy is actively seeking out galleries and art dealers to sell artwork.

If you are an art dealer, then you should join up with Artsy. Some of their higher-end pieces sell for over $100K and with the site’s live bidding, those numbers can easily go even higher than that.

They’re even offering some newer selling options for galleries that are more streamlined and can put you directly in touch with collectors.

The commission fee per piece is 4% and it can vary depending on the subscription plan you have for their service.

Zet Gallery

Zet Gallery is a more professional environment for artists than most other websites since they sell higher-quality pieces.

They’re based in Portugal and they even offer physical gallery showcases for their artists’ work. 

Their network is more tightly-knit than other communities, but once you’re in you’re able to build your profile and may sell some pieces right away.

The artists for this website get to set the prices of their artwork, which means you can choose how much you make.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art has over 1 million visitors per month which means you’ll have a better chance of selling your artwork to more people.

The products you’ll be able to sell include traditional art, prints, sculptures, and photographs.

They charge a 35% commission fee for every sale you make from their website, which includes the shipping and handling of your products.

Accounts are free to create and you have the opportunity to get featured on their website to their over 1.1 million members.

Zet Gallery

Zet Gallery is a more professional environment for artists than most other websites since they sell higher-quality pieces.

They’re based in Portugal and they even offer physical gallery showcases for their artists’ work. 

Their network is more tightly-knit than other communities, but once you’re in you’re able to build your profile and may sell some pieces right away.

The artists for this website get to set the prices of their artwork, which means you can choose how much you make.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art has over 1 million visitors per month which means you’ll have a better chance of selling your artwork to more people.

The products you’ll be able to sell include traditional art, prints, sculptures, and photographs.

They charge a 35% commission fee for every sale you make from their website, which includes the shipping and handling of your products.

Accounts are free to create and you have the opportunity to get featured on their website to their over 1.1 million members.

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

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Artplode is still a fairly young platform for artists to sell their work, but it is great for beginners.

When you sell art online using Artplode’s services, you’ll get to keep 100% of the profit earned from a sale. However, you will need to pay a flat fee of $60 per listing. 

You can start selling paintings and sculptures on the platform and if you’re unsure about how to price your work, they even have an assistant that can provide you with a guide on art pricing.


If your work is worthy of being displayed in a high-end gallery, then UGallery is likely the perfect website for you!

Their main goal is to recreate the feeling of shopping for art at a gallery for customers. They are highly selective when adding new artists to their website.

Once you’re added you will become an artist that sells work exclusively with them, so keep that in mind.

To apply to be on UGallery you will be paying a $5 application fee and for every sale that you make for them you’ll only earn half of what you sell, but they cover all shipping costs. 


Established in 1990, ArtNet is by far one of the oldest and best platforms to sell art online. They offer auction options for their large community of over 35,000 artists.

Their price database helps artists figure out how to price and has over 30 years of experience auctioning works of art. 

It’s free to join with ArtNet and their platform mainly serves as a way to get artists connected with auction houses and other artists. They’re a great resource that no artist should pass up. 


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that eBay is one of the best platforms to sell art. They even have a dedicated category for it as well as some resources to help you with pricing your work.

Since eBay is an established website, you will be able to find plenty of potential customers to buy your work but be patient, it may take a bit of time to become a trusted seller. 

eBay is also a great platform for selling your art all around the world since they offer global shipping. They’ll take 9% from your order with a maximum of $50 commission. 


With PixApp you won’t have to worry about customer fulfillment since they’ll take care of it for you.

It’s free to sign up and you’ll get to keep 90% of each sale you make using their app. With the lack of other fees, artists have quickly been turning to this app to sell art online. 

Just remember, not all of these websites are free to join, but even the ones that aren’t free have their own benefits.

Carefully read through each website’s terms of service before joining and you should be ready to start selling your art all around the world once you’ve decided!


Ultimate Guide To Amateur Blogging – No Experience Needed

What to know how to get started with amateur blogging? Here is the ultimate guide you need to get started and succeed.

13 Common Mistakes Most Amateur Bloggers Make

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you’re here it’s because you have decided to start a blog, and we are all for it!

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to earn income from home and it can even become almost 100% passive if you have the right strategies. 

But we also know how overwhelming it can be and there are learning curves that every newbie blogger has to experience. 

We want to make sure that you are not making the same mistakes that many amateur bloggers have made (including us) when you’re starting out. 

That is why we have listed the top 13 common mistakes that most newbie bloggers have made so you can avoid them and proceed with a bit more confidence than we did. 


Pros and Cons of Starting Amateur Blogs

Before we share with you what mistakes to avoid, let’s talk about the pros and cons of starting a blog, so that you can make better decisions on whether starting this platform is right for you. 

Pros of starting a blog

First and foremost, it is one of the best ways to share your knowledge and passions with the world.

When we started The Offbeat Life blog, for example, it was because we wanted to create resources to help others start online businesses and start working remotely

After years of working consistently, it has become a huge part of our business and we are lucky enough to be able to earn an income doing what we love from our blog, and we want you to do the same too! 

Another reason for starting a blog is that it will allow you to work from home.

Since most of the work you will be doing for your site is to write compelling and high-quality content, it can be done anywhere, and having this freedom is a huge perk for any amateur blogger. 

Lastly, creating passive income from your blog is one of the biggest reasons why you should be starting your site today! 

What is passive income you ask?

Well, it means you will be doing initial work such as creating articles, and digital products for your blog, and then make money even when you are no longer actively working on it.

You can create passive income from your blog with affiliate marketing, digital products, ads, sponsorships, and more. 

Cons of starting a blog

Although there are a ton of reasons why you should be starting your own blog, there are also some cons to this lifestyle and business. 

One of the biggest is that it can take a long time to start earning money from your amateur blog.

In a study done by Life Hacker, they found that around 81% of bloggers never made more than $100 blogging, while only 8% made enough to support themselves from their site.

This goes to show you that without the right strategy and persistence it can be a tough road ahead. 

Another con to starting a blog is that it does have a lot of competition.

With as many as 600 million blogs and over 7.5 million articles being published daily, you will have a lot of rivals for readership. 

With that said, there will always be room for amateur bloggers who have tenacity, persistence, and patience to commit to this platform.

If you are willing to take the time to do great work and market your content, it will only be a matter of time before you can see results. 

Printable Blog Content Planner

This 10-page blog content planner can be printed to use all year long and will help you break down tasks into manageable chunks!

Avoid These Top Mistakes Most Amateur Bloggers Make

If you’ve come this far, we can assume that you are still very much interested in starting your own blog. Congrats! Now it is time for the real work to begin. 

Below are the top mistakes you should avoid before you get started. 

Not choosing the right niche.  

This goes without saying, but if you are thinking of starting a blog, you must choose the right niche.

Of course, you are free to talk about anything you want, but if you want to create income, you must become an authority on a specific niche, otherwise, your audience will be confused and they will most likely read a post and not come back. 

On the other hand, if you choose a specific niche and only write specific topics that are in that realm, over time you will be considered an authority and you will be able to attract the right audience for your website. 

By choosing a niche, you will also make the work a lot easier in terms of searching for the right topics to write about, since you are more focused and it is not all over the place. 

A great exercise to practice when you are starting to choose your niche is to make a list of what you are passionate about and what you are an expert in.

If you are able to combine both, then you may have the perfect niche for you. 

If you need more help trying to decide your perfect niche.

Feel free to sign up below to download our FREE Find Your Blog Niche Excercise template, to make the process a lot easier!

But keep in mind, even if you are not an expert in a particular subject but you have the passion and drive, you can become an expert in the long run.

So if expertise is the only thing holding you back, don’t worry. Give it a try and who knows what can happen! 

Not self hosting. 

Many amateur bloggers are often unsure about how to host their site, which is why they make the mistake of not self-hosting. 

What is website hosting you ask?

Website hosting will allow your content to be seen on the internet. So without it, your blog will not be published, which means no audience and no income. 

Most newbie bloggers get confused with the type of hosting that they need and will use a free platform like Wix, and 

Although you get the perk of free hosting, it also means that you will have a lot of limitations such as restrictions on storage and bandwidth which will limit your growth and can slow your website, resulting in a bad user experience. 

That is why we recommend a paid hosting platform like Bluehost which is not only affordable starting at only $2.95 a month but is also a domain that you own! 

Choosing shared hosting is a perfect choice for bloggers just starting out, and of course, you can always upgrade your hosting when you need more power and bandwidth.

Bluehost also has reliable 24/7 service, which is ideal since we are sure you will need some help to set up your site in the beginning. 

Not learning SEO.  

If you want to start a successful blog, then learning SEO is crucial.

Many amateur bloggers start without familiarizing themselves with SEO and this is a huge mistake because you are leaving a lot of traffic on the table!

What is SEO you ask? It means search engine optimization.

In order to properly optimize your site, you will need to learn how to find the right keywords to include in your blog posts, understand backlinking and so much more in order to rank on the google search engine. 

If you are confused, don’t worry, we were too.

It took us almost two years to finally start learning SEO on The Offbeat Life blog, and we wish we learned sooner because once we started implementing the right SEO strategies we were able to gain more readers.

Right now 75% of our readers are coming from organic traffic which would not have happened if we did not use SEO strategies. 

If you are looking to learn more about SEO and how to properly implement it to your site, we recommend using SEO Buddy’s – SEO checklist which is an easy to follow checklist that will show you the exact steps you need to take in order to rank on Google searches. 

What we love about this program is that it not only teaches you about SEO but it also comes in a checklist form!

This means it encourages active learning, making it so much more effective than your typical e-courses. 

It is so easy that even amateur bloggers can get on the first page of google.

So no need to waste time researching, it has everything you need in one checklist. 

Having an Ugly Website 

Even though quality content is king when you are starting a blog, making it appealing so that it attracts your ideal reader is also important.

That is why investing in a good theme is crucial to a successful blog. 

You want the look of your website to be easy to navigate but will also lure your readers to want more. We know it can be tempting to settle for a free website, and don’t get us wrong, we did the same thing too when we first started. 

But with just a bit of investment, you can find beautiful themes where you can plug all your information without having to do any of the hard work. 


We are partial to WordPress sites and our favorite platform where you can find beautiful themes is through WPEngine – Genesis Themes.

This platform is a one-stop shop where you’ll find the right look for your site and also get your web hosting there too! 

Not Link building

Many amateur bloggers think that creating content is enough to rank on google.

But this isn’t true at all, there is still more to do in terms of marketing, and link building is a big part of it. 

What’s link-building you ask?

Well, it is the process of getting links from your site to other similar niched websites so that you are able to build authority for your page. 

Why is this important?

By building authority, it shows Google that your website can be trusted and your site deserves to be placed on the first page of google. 

A few ways you can build links is through: 

Guest posting: meaning you will be writing articles for other websites that are in a similar niche as yours so that you can build the authority for your page.

You can start guest posting by simply pitching to other blogs and providing them with original work that they would want on their page. 

Creating internal links: by creating internal links you will be linking one page to another page on your website.

But keep in mind, with any links you are creating, you want to make sure that it is naturally placed in the content and makes sense to the article. 

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Getting featured in larger publications: one of the best ways to link building is by getting mentioned in large publications.

This may seem a bit intimidating, but we can assure you that it is not. One way to do this is by pitching yourself to writers and editors of the publications that you would like to be featured in.

Again, you want to make sure that your story is relevant to what the writers are interested in. 

So when you are writing your content, make sure to not just focus on your topic but also how you market your article through link building. 

No consistency 

One of the biggest mistakes we see with amateur blogs is not having consistency with their content. Meaning, they may write 3 articles one week, and only one article the next month. 

We know it can be tough to stay consistent especially if you also work a 9-5, but you have to make sure that your content schedule must be consistent along with its quality.

Otherwise, you will not gain traction and it will not grow into a successful business. 

In order to ensure that your content is consistent, make sure that you are being honest with how much you can do, and when you decide on a schedule, stick to it! 

Not collecting emails 

Another common mistake that we have seen in many amateur bloggers is not collecting emails right from the beginning.

For many, this is because they are unfamiliar with the process and unsure how to entice their readers to provide their emails. 

In order to collect emails from your readers, you have to make sure that you are giving them content that they will be interested in learning more about. 

For example, if your article is about how to sew a dress, you do not want them to sign up for an email all about fixing cars.

So, make sure that your content is relevant to your audience’s interests.


When you are ready to start collecting emails, we recommend using Flodesk, it’s the exact platform that we use for our own site.

We love it because it is user-friendly and very affordable. 

Flodesk also has beautiful templates that you can use, so if you aren’t creative, no need to worry, this platform has everything you need to design beautiful emails for your readers. 

Not planning and batching content

If you want to avoid being overwhelmed, you have to create a plan and batch your content, otherwise, you will always be playing catch up. This is a common mistake for many amateur bloggers and we also became a victim of this too. 

What does batching mean? It means that you are creating multiple articles and any other content in advance so you are ahead of the game. 

Once you get into the groove of planning and batching, you will always be caught up and the overwhelm will lessen. 

Not promoting your posts on social media 

We see this all the time, you create your amazing content and then you’re just waiting for it to take off.

Weeks and months later, you’re still wondering why your article is not ranking on google and there are barely any views on your site. Then you’re wondering what went wrong. 

Well friend, it’s because you missed a big part of the process, which is to share your content on social media.

If you are like so many others and feel cringe just thinking about creating social media content, don’t worry you can always recycle your content. 

What this means is you can take snippets from your article and create graphics from your best quotes.

This will allow you to reuse existing content without having to do too much extra work. 

Another strategy that will make your life easier is to start scheduling your social media ahead of time so you can just set it and forget it! 

One of the platforms we love that helps you schedule all of your marketing needs in one place is Planoly.

This scheduling platform allows you to do more with less time by allowing you to schedule content on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Want to learn how to create a stand out resume that will help you land an Online Job? Grab our Guide to help you perfect your pitch as a job seeker.

Not investing in your blog 

As a newbie blogger, we understand that you may be hesitant about spending money on your site.

But you also have to understand that if you plan to make this into a business, you have to make sure that you’re able to provide the highest quality content along with your services. 

Yes, there are a ton of free resources out there, but we can tell you first hand, it lacks the services that you will need to turn your amateur blog into a full-fledged successful website that will rake in viewership you need to create income. 

We suggest creating a budget for yourself so you are able to control the spending, while also investing in your business so that it can succeed at full capacity. 

And we can tell you personally that when we finally invested in our blog, it not only made enough money, but it is now paying for itself! 

Not creating high-quality content 

If you think that blogging is just writing a few paragraphs and calling it a day, then you’re sadly mistaken.

With millions of blogs that are out there, the competition is tough, which means you have to step up to the plate and provide your readers the best information and content.

That is why creating high-quality content is extremely important in order to become successful and have longevity in this business. 

Copying content 

This goes without saying – plagiarism is bad.

Not only because you are copying another creator’s content, and claiming it as your own, but Google is extremely smart and will punish you if you are dumb enough to copy someone else’s work. 

So, please DO NOT plagiarise.

You can create similar topics because let’s face it, you do not need to reinvent the wheel to start blogging, but you do have to make sure that you are putting your own personal spin on the information.  

Impatience – giving up when they don’t see results right away. 

Did you know that most blogs fail in the first year?

That is because this platform is not a place where you should expect to get rich quickly or skyrocket to fame right away. 

It takes a lot of time, energy, and learning to find success and you will need to fail a lot of times before you can get the results you want. 

So if you are blogging and do not see your desired outcome after a few months or even after a year, do not worry.

Your strategies may just need more time to take effect, or maybe it is time to take a look at your systems and see what changes you need to make. 

We are almost four years into this blog and we are still learning and failing, so believe us, you are not alone! 

Now that you know the 13 common mistakes that most amateur bloggers make, it is time to go out there and start your own blog. 

If you are dedicated, patient, and willing to fail before you can succeed, we are sure you will find long-term success. 


Ultimate Guide Becoming a Sex Blogger

Want to become a sex blogger but don’t know how to get started? Here is an ultimate guide on how to start and make money blogging about sex.

7 Best Sites to Sell Your Home Crafter Goods

If you have been creating homemade crafts that are high quality, did you know that you can start creating income from doing what you love?

Many buyers are looking for excellent craftsmanship that is not mass-produced and if you can deliver, then you are ready to get started as a paid online home crafter. 

But, we know that it can be a tough job to find the right sites to sell your unique goods. Lucky for you we have done the research and found the best sites to sell your craft online. 


Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

What is a home crafter and why should you sell online?

Before we share the best sites to sell your goods, let’s discuss what a home crafter actually is and how you can get started. 

Essentially, a home crafter is someone who creates handmade goods such as weaving, paper creations, woodwork, candle making, and anything else that you can do with your hands. 

There are a ton of crafts you can do and it is only a matter of choosing the right one for you. 

Selling crafts online is not as hard as you think, and it will allow you to create more freedom since you will be able to work from home and in your own time. 

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to becoming an online crafter. 

Advantages of selling your handmade goods online: 

  • You have the ability to work as many or as little hours as you want. 
  • Having the ability to work from home means you can post the crafts that you have already created or offer made to order items. 
  • Depending on how much inventory or how large the item you’re selling, you can work from anywhere
  • You can get paid doing what you LOVE! Imagine creating items that you have fun doing and someone is paying you to do it too. 

Disadvantages of selling handmade items: 

  • You will need to pay an upfront cost to buy the materials for the items you are creating. 
  • Storage for materials will also need to be taken into consideration since everything that you are selling online is made from home. 
  • Depending on the items you are creating, it may be time consuming and can take up a lot of energy as well. 

Now that you’re aware of the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a full-time home crafter, it’s time to look at the best sites to start selling your homemade items. 

Best websites to sell your handmade goods

Gone are the days where you had to open a brick-and-mortar store, no need to pay the high cost of rent because now you are able to open an at-home business.

It’s time to take advantage of this opportunity and get started selling your handmade goods, below are the best sites to start selling online. 

Artfire is a platform where you can sell vintage, handmade, and craft supplies. Before you can get started selling your items on Artfire, here are a few things you should know: 

  • All of your items are automatically listed on major search engines. 
  • There is no long term commitment and listing is low at $0.23 per item or you can stock 250 items at a lower price. 
  • In order to get the better feature, you will need to upgrade your account. 

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Bonanza is an eCommerce platform that will allow you to save 50% in fees compared to their competitors.

Here are a few other pieces of information you need to help you decide whether Bonanza is the right platform to list your items: 

  • You can import your product lists from other platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, which saves more time. 
  • There are no listing fees or store fees for handmade items. 
  • You will need to pay higher fees if you sell your items on Google shopping pages. 

eBay is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms to sell your hand-crafted items.

In order to find out if eBay is the right platform for you to start listing your handmade products, here are a few things to help you decide: 

  • eBay is free to list your items, and they only charge you up to 14.45% final fee and $0.30 per order and item once it sells. 
  • They offer policies to protect you and they have 24/7 customer service. 
  • Instant payment is available once the item is paid by the buyer. 
  • With over a billion listings on the platform, you will have a lot of competition and unless you are highly rated, it may take a while to build up your business, unless you are standing out or have chosen a very small niche. 

Etsy. If you are a serious home crafter, then Etsy is the perfect eCommerce platform to sell your goods.

The platform offers a low barrier to entry and with over 47 million shoppers, we’re sure you will find your ideal buyers. 

Although Etsy is a great site, will it be the right platform for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start selling: 

  • You can list your first items for $0.20 and you only pay for the transaction, offsite advertising fees and payment transactions once you make a sale. 
  • The platform is easy to use and has a lot of tools for you to properly list, so you can have a better chance to sell. 
  • Due to the popularity of the platform, there will also be a lot of competition. So make sure to market your work properly and follow the marketing tools and be a part of the Etsy community to understand how you can stand out. 

Once you are ready to start selling on Etsy, you will find a lot of opportunities to grow and start creating income from your hobby. 

Handmade at Amazon Did you know that Amazon offers a marketplace for crafters like you? This artisan community is an application-only eCommerce platform run by Amazon. 

Before applying here are a few things that you need to know: 

  • In order to get accepted, you will need to be a real artisan and the program audits the process.
  • Since Handmade at Amazon audits the process, you won’t have to compete with big brands. 
  • Signing up and listing is free, and once you make a sale, they will deduct a 15% referral fee, 

Shopify is a great site to start selling your home-crafted goods and grow your online business.

Unlike the other sites, you will be creating your own eCommerce website where you can attract your ideal buyers. 

Before creating your own eCommerce store, here are a few things you will need to know: 

  • You will have the opportunity to custom create your own online store, which includes custom cart and checkouts.
  • You can sell on multiple platforms like Facebook and eBay and manage your store in one integrated dashboard, making the process easy. 
  • Although you have more freedom with your site, it will take a lot more work to market your products.

Zibbet is an eCommerce platform specifically made for artists, and creative entrepreneurs. 

Before you sign up here are a few things to know: 

  • You can list your product once and sell your items on multiple platforms, which means more opportunities to grow and earn faster. 
  • When you sign up, you will be able to sell on Amazon Handmade, Etsy, eBay, Instagram, Facebook marketplace and a stand alone website. 
  • You will need to pay additional fees for every platform you add to your account. 
  • Since it is a fairly new platform you will have less competition.
  • You pay a monthly fee to the platform and any fees from other platforms will be charged in addition to your Zibbet subscription fee. 

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Want to learn how to create a stand out resume that will help you land an Online Job? Grab our Guide to help you perfect your pitch as a job seeker.

Resources to help you start selling hand crafted items online

Although selling handcrafted items can be done using the sites that we listed above, having additional resources will help you succeed. Below are our recommended materials:

More Sewing to Sell: Practical Advice from Industry Experts; Take Your Handmade Business to the Next Level 

Etsy-Preneurship +URL: Turn your handmade hobby into a thriving business

Grow Your Handmade Business: How to Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business

Sell Your Crafts Online: The Handmaker’s Guide to Selling from Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, Influencers, and More

Now that you have an idea of which eCommerce platforms are the best out there, it is time to choose the right one for your needs.

Once you start listing, be sure to be patient with your results and to find communities that will help you grow and succeed as an online home crafter. 


How to Start an Online Reselling Business

Want to start reselling online but don’t know how to get started? Here is an ultimate guide that will get you in the right direction.

Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money On OnlyFans

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

With so many social media platforms out there, it can be tough to keep up.

Especially if it is something you would like to use to create more income for your business. 

That’s why we want to introduce you to a platform that is focused on helping you make more income, by creating content that you love! 

Sounds too good to be true?

Not true friends, OnlyFans is a social media platform that provides content through subscriptions that site users pay to get access to your content. 

With this platform, you’ll be able to earn extra income by posting as you normally would on social media.

We’ll walk you through all the steps so you’ll learn how to make money on Onlyfans.


How to join and set a subscription price

How to start an OnlyFans account is simple, you can sign up using an existing Twitter or Google account, or you can create an account with just your email and a password. 

We found that creating a Google account to be the easiest and fastest way to sign up for OnlyFans. It’s as simple as clicking your preferred Gmail account in order to get instant access!  

Once you enter the site, you’ll need to think of a username for your account, followed by the type of content you’ll want to produce.

Each creator profile has a set list of tabs, these tabs include posts, photos, videos, likes, and fans. 

Before you can set a price for your content you’ll need to get your bank’s details approved.

You’ll be required to send in your ID and personal details for OnlyFans to approve your account. After you get that approval you’ll be able to add your bank’s information. 

You can find the option for adding a bank on the profile tab. Once you’ve confirmed your identity you’ll be able to set your ideal subscription price.

OnlyFans Content Features

Now that you know how to start an Onlyfans, we will go over the features and options for creating content that will allow you to become OnlyFans top earners.

Once you gain access to your feed you’ll be able to see several features:

  • Compose a New Post: This one’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s a way for you to update your post to your feed.
  • Voice Recordings: This allows you to record your voice and upload it directly as an audio track, it’s great if you specialize in vocal content and want to do it in one spot.
  • Go Live: All you need to do is set a date and time, and your fans will be notified when you are live. Don’t forget to save a recording of the stream for fans that might have missed out!
  • Media Attachments: With this feature, you can add select media to your posts, such as photos, videos, or prerecorded audio.
  • Add to my Story: Similar to other social media platforms, OnlyFans has a story feature that allows its users to upload content only available for a limited time.
  • Schedule Posts: This feature allows you to pick the time and date for your posts, which is great if you like to stick to a strict timed-release schedule for your content.
  • Post Expiration settings: Want a post to be available for only a set amount of time? No problem! That’s a setting you can enable with OnlyFans.
  • Poll your Fans: With this feature, you can directly engage with your audience through a poll, which is a great way to include your fans with your content creation. 
  • Direct Messages: You’ll be able to contact fans directly with this feature. Of course, this isn’t limited to just your fans as you can even reach out to other creators! There is also a sub-category of messages to consider.
  • Pay Per View (PPV) Messages: These messages can only be viewed by your fans who’ve paid to see them, great for very exclusive content or even personalized content directed at individual users.
  • Tip Jar: If you want to offer exclusive content to your fans, they’ll have the opportunity to give you a tip for that quality content you’re giving them! For many content creators, this is their bread and butter, so make sure to make it available to your fans.

How to make money on OnlyFans

Now that you are familiar with the features, it’s time to learn how to make money on OnlyFans by setting a price for your post.

In order to become OnlyFans top earners, you will need to create content that includes media such as photos, videos, and audio. 

Once you have attached a media to your content, a dollar tag symbol will appear in the post’s setting and you will have the opportunity to set a price. 

Your fans have several opportunities to be able to pay you on the platform such as pay per view (PPV), monthly subscriptions, private content such as messaging and media, as well as tipping.

Right now, creators are given 80% of their profits while OnlyFans keeps 20% of the earnings.

The percentage the app receives covers hostings, payment processing, support, and other services.

According to OnlyFans, most content creators prefer to do monthly subscriptions that range from $4.99 to 49.99 per month.

However, creators also have the option to open a free account with the opportunity to charge their fans to access exclusive content.

What should I post on my OnlyFans?

To get new fans you’re gonna have to give them something they want.

There is a ton of content you can make and we’ll list some of the most popular options below.

  • Fitness coaching- People will pay good money for quality fitness lessons that’ll teach them how to get in shape.
  • Fashion- If you’re all about keeping up with the top fashion trends, then this is the perfect type of content to create.
  • Modeling- This content would mainly be centered around photos or videos of yourself modeling various outfits.
  • Cosplaying- Love to dress up as characters from your favorite movie, show, or game? People love to see that too! You can either post direct photos, or go over the whole cosplay-making process in each of your posts.
  • Beauty- This could be as complex as makeup tutorials or as simple as reviews of beauty products. Depending on your method of delivering this content you may want to consider Grammarly to help keep your writing at its highest quality.
  • Do-it-Yourself Tutorials- Want to share helpful advice to your fans on how to create crafting projects? You can now do that and charge a subscription for the help you’re providing them!
  • Recipes and cooking- If you’re a “foodie” or just love cooking, you can share special recipes using videos and images. Who knows you may even become one of OnlyFans top earners.
  • Travel Blogging- Like to travel the world? Why not share your tips and adventures with your followers on OnlyFans!
  • Influencer Vlogs- This can work well if you’re already an existing influencer on another platform. You can offer your audience exclusive content through OnlyFans.
  • Gaming- The audience for people involved with gaming is massive, and if you believe you can tap into that, then OnlyFans is great for you! You can offer early access to your videos, exclusive live streams, and other special content to your gaming fans.
  • Adult Content- Of course, OnlyFans is also well known for the adult content that its various creators produce. But if you are worried about getting recognized, don’t worry you can learn how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face. This type of content pairs well with other content like cosplaying, camming, and modeling.

These topics are only the tip of the iceberg of what you can post on OnlyFans since there are a ton of possibilities for how to make money on OnlyFans. 

Equipment to help you create high-quality content

Before you can start creating for your fans, you have to use the right equipment that will provide the best quality content.

Below are some of our must-have tools you should use to create your posts:

Ring light with phone stand/holder: perfect tools to help you with your video shoots.

Lapel microphone: to help you create professional audio quality.

Video Conference lighting kit: the perfect lighting accessory for your laptop, great for doing live streaming.

Selfie stick with stand and remote control: perfect to use when you are creating content solo.

How to gain more views on your OnlyFans

Now that you’ve created your profile and chosen what you’re gonna post about, you need an audience so you can make money on OnlyFans. 

If you’re already an influencer, then it may be as easy as posting about OnlyFans on your other main platform.

But if you’re a beginner, then you’ll need to take a much different approach.

To make your page stand out, you’ll need quality graphics for your cover image.

If you’re lacking those skills yourself, then purchasing pre-made templates from Creative Market or Fiverr can help you design your cover image to your specifications.

People will flock to quality content, but a good-looking page adds to that experience.

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Consistency is another key to gaining more audience.

That is why utilizing OnlyFans’s post scheduling feature can help you post at a consistent rate so you can maintain your audience and reach them at the most opportune moments, even if you’re preoccupied with other tasks (like producing more quality content).

Using your bio is another way to ensure your audience will return to your page.

You can include key information like how frequently you upload new content and various other details about the content you produce.

Remember, you have to provide enticing teasers that will get them to come running back for more.

Personalize your fans’ experience by giving them custom-generated greetings when joining as a new fan! They’ll appreciate you for it and it’ll make them feel like a part of your community. 

Take feedback from your fans! Your audience knows what they want, and they’ll have great ideas on how you can improve the quality of your content. Listening to their suggestions is another way to earn their trust.

Interact with your fans directly, people are following you for what you’re giving to them, by interacting with them directly you can make their experience all that much better!

Happy fans are the ones who keep returning for more content every month which means more income for you. 

Discounts and special offers on subscriptions are something that OnlyFans allows you to offer to New Subscribers or for specific months.

These are great for getting new people to subscribe!

Collabs with other OnlyFans content creators are another great way to expand your existing audience.

It works to benefit both parties involved in the collab and you can potentially make a new friend out of it, so don’t shy away from reaching out!

Now that you know how to make money on OnlyFans, you’re ready to sign up and get started!

Remember to keep posting and don’t forget to always show gratitude towards your fans!


List of eBay Best Sellers: What to Sell Right Now

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you’ve sold any pre-loved items online, then one of the first places you may have posted your items is eBay. 

eBay is one of the top eCommerce marketplaces and is famously known for selling through listings and auctions with mostly vintage and antique products.

But did you know that you can also sell new items too? 

If you said no, no worries. We were pleasantly surprised too.  

We know how overwhelming it can be to navigate this platform and to figure out the eBay best sellers to help you earn more income from home

That is why we have created a complete list of the best selling eBay products that will help you avoid wasting time listing items that won’t sell. 


How to list your items on eBay 

Before we provide you with the top selling items on eBay, let’s walk you through how to sign up and list your items on eBay

Signing up on eBay is pretty easy, you just have to create a profile, input your information and create a login for your account. 

When you are signing up, you will be given the choice of opening a personal or business account, so make sure to choose accordingly. 

Once you have completed the signup process, you will be able to start listing your items right away! 

In order to list your items, you will need to click on the “sell” link in the upper right-hand corner of the eBay website.

ebay best sellers

You will then be taken to a new page where you will be able to list your items for free.

One of the greatest perks of listing on eBay is that you will only pay a fee once your items have sold. 

So, you are free to list as many items as you would like since you do not need to worry about paying anything upfront or if your item doesn’t sell right away. 

ebay best sellers

Once you have decided to start listing your items, you will be taken to a new page where you can type your item brand, model, and any other details. 

eBay allows you to find similar products or match an identical item so that you have a better chance to list your product with the appropriate pricing and details. 

ebay best sellers

Once you have entered your product details, you will be shown possible matches that eBay has found.

You can either choose an item or you can continue with your listing without a match. 

If you choose a similar or exact listing you will be shown item details that you can include in your descriptions, or you can opt to create your own. 

ebay best sellers

If you choose to create your own details, eBay has a very comprehensive listing page for each of your items that will allow you to include a title, item specifications, condition of the products (whether it is old, new, refurbished, or parts only), images for the items, and so much more. 

Remember, the more details you provide for the items, the more likely you will gain the trust of your potential customer.

So, make sure to give them concise details and clear images that show your items true to life. 

ebay best sellers

Once you have provided the detailed information for your product it is time to publish and share! 

If you are new to the platform, just be aware that depending on how in-demand your product is, it could take a while to find a buyer since you do not have any reviews. 

Make sure to start listing as many products as possible so you will get more chances to sell and get reviews that will help build trust with your buyers. 

That is why finding eBay best sellers are so crucial to your success on the platform.

Now that you have an idea of how to list your items it is time to do your research on what sells best on eBay.  

How to find the best things to sell on eBay 

If you didn’t know this already, we’ll tell you. Just because it is easy to list your items on eBay, does not mean it will sell right away. 

Yeap, you read that right!

There are a ton of sellers on this eCommerce platform, but not everyone will be successful. 

One of the biggest reasons they are failing to attract their ideal buyers is because they did not do their research to figure out what is in demand. 

We don’t want you to fall into the same pattern, that is why we will be sharing how you can find the best things to sell on eBay. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to find out whether your item is in demand is by finding out if the items have been sold. 

Why is this important you ask?

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Well, if it has been previously purchased multiple times on the platform, you will know that the item is popular and it is a great product to list. 

On the other hand, If they are not selling or are hard to sell, it is a good indicator for you to stay away from these products and instead look for items that are sought-after. 

Another great reason why you should be looking to see if the item is sold is to be able to figure out how much you should price your products. 

If the item has been sold several times at a similar price then you know you must stay in that pricing bracket in order to avoid pricing too low or too high, which can result in missed sales.

So, how do you find out if the items have been sold? 

Lucky for you, eBay has an easy way for you to figure this out!

When you log into your account you can click on the advanced link on the right-hand corner of the eBay homepage shown below. 

ebay best sellers

Once you click on the link you will be taken to another page where you will input your item information and be given the option to click on the “sold listings”.

Once you are taken to the sold listing page, you can check out what sells best on eBay and make sure that the item is in demand. 

ebay best sellers

Using the “sold listings” is also great for people who want to figure out how to price their products.  

eBay best sellers you should be listing 

Now that you have an idea of how to find sold products, it is time to provide you with the eBay best sellers that you should look out for to help you make your research process easier. 

Below are the top-selling items you can sell with confidence, but remember, the higher in demand, the more competition you will have, so make sure that you are making yourself stand out from your competition. 

Keep in mind the average pricing we share below could change at any time, so make sure to check your listing price before selling the items. 

Health and Beauty

It’s not a surprise that health and beauty products are one of the most popular items being sold. Some of the best products are health supplements, skincare products, hair products such as straighteners and dryers. 

Some popular health brands selling supplements are GNC, Optimum nutrition, Great Healthworks, and more with the average price at $35. 

Mobile Phones and Accessories 

Other categories that are eBay best sellers are mobile phones and accessories.

Almost everyone you know will own a mobile phone and there are often upgrades every year to these products, which means there are always new accessories to sell and people will always demand the items. 

Items such as phone covers, cases, and screen protectors are often some of the best things to sell on eBay.

A few brands that are the top selling on eBay are Otterbox, Mybat, and of course Apple. 

Baby Products

The next category in our eBay best sellers is baby products ranging from developmental toys, feeding products, bathing, and grooming, as well as diapering products like wipes and ointments. 

Some of the most popular brands that are selling are Fisher-Price and Babybjorn. The developmental toys are pretty popular and you have plenty to sell between traditional toys and technology-based toys. 

Home and Garden 

Did you know that some of the top selling items on eBay are in the home and garden? Another bonus is that you can get started by selling items from your home that you are no longer using. 

From lamps, plant pots, cushions, wall prints, and furniture, there are endless possibilities to sell and make extra income from home. 

And if you are more into gardening items, garden furniture, and barbeques are some of the best things to sell on eBay, with the average sales price at $55. 

Video Games 

It’s not surprising that some eBay best sellers are video games and video consoles. 

Whether you want to sell the latest video games or you are more interested in selling retro and classic consoles, you will surely find an eager buyer. 

Some of the best selling eBay products with video games are Super Ninja Boy, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Final Fantasy, with the average sales price at $25.  

Crafting Products

If you are more interested in crafting, then you’re in luck! Because one of eBay best selling products is in the crafting category.

Some popular items are paper crafts, scrapbooking, jewelry-making beads, and stone beads. 

The top crafting brands are AD Beads, Crystal Beads, and Your Perfect Beads. The price for each item is between $.075 – $69. 


Another eBay best sellers are in fashion, and some of the most searched on the platform. With fashion changing every season, there will always be a demand for the latest trends. 

Whether you are looking to clean out your closet or become a full-fledged reseller, you will find plenty of buyers on eBay.

Resources that will help you sell on eBay

If you’re ready to resell on eBay but still need more help and information on how to get started, here are some of the guides we recommend:

Beginners Gide to Selling on eBay: The Ultimate Reselling Guide for How To Source, List & Ship Items for Profit Online

101 Items To Sell On eBay: How to Make Money Selling Garage Sale & Thrift Store Finds

eBay Shipping Simplified: How to Store, Package, and Ship the Items You Sell on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy

Knowing what sells best on eBay

In order to become a successful seller, you have to figure out the top selling items on eBay.

If you work hard and do your research, you can earn a lot by auctioning your items or by creating a fixed price for your products. 

You’ll also be happy to learn that eBay has launched its own fulfillment services, which will allow its sellers to be less hands-on, which means more opportunities to earn passive income with your products. 

Which is great news for those of you who are looking to earn money without having to spend a ton of time worrying about logistics. 

With all of the opportunities you have with eBay, it will be easy to figure out eBay best sellers to help you create income from anywhere. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up as a seller on eBay and start earning extra income today! 


Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Ever thought about letting your money work for you, instead of you working for it?

Many of us have been taught that the only way to make a living is through active income. 

Meaning you have to constantly use your time and energy to get paid. 

If you’re here, you know that there are ways to make your money work for you, and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to create passive income. 

If you have a website, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate revenue, but with so many programs out there, narrowing down the right choice can be tough.


Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Getting Started as an Affiliate Marketer

To become an affiliate, most of these programs require that you have a website of your own and some writing skills, so extensions like Grammarly will help to make sure that your writing is up to par with your audience’s needs.

Another option is to become a content creator on larger platforms like Youtube or Instagram.

The popular choice is to start a website and to use Bluehost for your site host. Many bloggers are opting to use Bluehost due to its reliability and user-friendly interface. 

However, it can be tough to design and create your own website, that’s why we recommend purchasing templates to make the process a lot easier for you. 

A platform that offers great website templates is WPEngine which makes designing your site a lot easier and faster.

WPEngine even offers to host your website, which makes it a one-stop-shop. 

Once you have created your website, you can write blog posts that pertain to the topics related to the affiliate programs that you have chosen.

The best way to include your affiliate links is by adding them naturally and choosing the programs that you have used or to include a trusted company. 

It is important for you to only provide your audience with companies that are reliable because you want to be able to keep their trust. 

If you would rather include your affiliates in videos, you can do this by mentioning the company and links to your content.

Many video creators do product reviews or casually mention the products that are relevant to the topic they are discussing. 

If you’re ready to start narrowing down the best affiliate program, below are the best affiliate networks and programs for different niches.  

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Affiliate Networks

One of the easiest ways to get started with affiliate marketing for beginners is to join one of the Affiliate networks.

They’ll often serve as a helpful middleman for payments and some of these programs even offer awards and other incentives for those who are their best sellers.

Here are some of the best affiliate networks you can join:

  • AWIN– AWIN has over 200,000 publishers working for them currently, and for good reason. Their platform offers a variety of helpful tools and partnerships.
  • Clickbank– Clickbank is a free network that advertises itself as a platform that works to help push for growth with its wide selection of affiliate partnerships.
  • Rakuten– Rakuten is another free network you can join that works as a good middle-man for getting your payments after they reach a certain threshold and it’s free to join.
  • ShareASale– This platform has some great tools for tracking your performance and helping you find the perfect partnership for your website.

What a lot of these programs will do for you is help to narrow down the massive selection of programs and networks to choose from.

These are some of the most reliable and best affiliate programs you could join. 

Shopping and Product Affiliates 

If your platform is mainly focused on shopping or directly selling products then one of these affiliate programs might be right up your alley.

  • eBay’s Partner Network– eBay is by far one of the most diverse marketplaces anyone can shop at, since you can find almost anything there. Their partner network provides tracking tools, leverageable deals, and rewards to affiliates that innovate. One of the best perks of this partnership is that you’ll get up to 70% of any auction fees for the auctions you promote.
  • Etsy– You can help small business creators on Etsy by promoting their products while earning a commission! Joining Etsy’s affiliate program also nets you some great benefits like access to exclusive reports, content, and competitions. Commission for Etsy affiliates is up to 8%.
  • Overstock– Overstock affiliates receive a 6% commission from the products they help sell and you’ll get a bunch of other things like paid media opportunities and access to Overstock’s dedicated affiliate team for assistance.
  • Target– Target’s affiliates earn an 8% commission from the products they help to sell. The best part is that they’ll provide you a weekly catalog of the best deals to talk about on your website.

A lot of these online stores are great since there are a ton of products you can promote, which means more opportunities to earn. 

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Sports and Sporting Goods Affiliates 

If your content provides guides and information on sports then you’ll want to be involved in an affiliate program relating to sports or sporting goods in general.

Here are some of the best affiliate programs that would fit your content:

  • Al’s Sporting Goods– Al’s is one of Utah’s oldest sporting goods companies. They have a selection of products for camping, skiing, hiking, and climbing that you can talk about with your adventurous audience. The commission for this program is 7.2%
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods– this affiliate program grants you access to their product Data Feed, which allows you to feature their products on your website front and center. They’ll even give you access to specialized website banners as well. Affiliates make 5% from the sales of this program.
  • Fitbit– Fitbit’s affiliate membership program is free to join and is as easy as adding their banners to your website to promote their products. The average Commission for this program is 7.2%
  • GoPro– The GoPro affiliate program is great if your blog promotes adventure and travel. The standard commission rate for this affiliate program is 5% and you get other features like deep linking and access to continuous product launches.
  • Leftlane Sports– Leftlane Affiliates earn a 10% commission for every sale they make. They give you 60 days to earn a commission from sales and their biggest requirement is that you’re a leading member of the sports e-commerce community. 
  • UnderArmour– Under Armour’s affiliate program will pay you 5% of the sales you make for them. It’s free to join and their award-winning program is easy to keep track of thanks to their tools. 

Financial Affiliate Programs

If your focus is on finances and you like to create content that is money-related, then these are some of the best affiliate programs you can join.

  • Barclays Bank– Barclays offers a flat rate of $2 per sale. They more than makeup for this rate with how high their conversion rates are. 
  • Bankrate Credit Cards– Bankrate’s program is free to start and gives a commission rate starting at around 45% of shared revenue. They’re great to work with if you focus a lot on the topic of credit cards.
  •– Being a part of’s programs nets you some financial resources that would otherwise be impossible to attain. Their commission rate is variable and while they don’t take new members often, you can check back to see when they are accepting new applicantsl.
  • Lending Tree– For each lead you get, you earn a $70 commission. Lending Tree is known primarily for being a price comparison website for various loans.
  • Transunion– The Transunion Affiliate Program is free to join and offers all sorts of tips, guides, and tools for its members. The commission rate for this program is varies with payments happening at a monthly rate.

A lot of these financial affiliate programs have strict guidelines that need to be followed, so as long as you read up on the rules and follow them closely, you should be fine.

Travel Affiliate Programs 

If you offer travel content to your audience then these affiliate programs might be more up your alley.

We’ve compiled some of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers to include in their content. 

  •–’s program is one of the best affiliate programs out there for travel bloggers, allowing many customization options for how the bookings are done, these can include travel locations and they even have a way to effectively manage your earnings. The commission for this program can go as high as 40%.
  • Expedia– The commission rate for Expedia goes as high as 6% for their affiliates. Benefits include access to all of Expedia’s connections for travel, hotels, and activities as well as a centralized and customizable set of tools at your disposal.
  • Kayak– Kayak’s affiliates get paid 60% of the booking fees in commission. They offer seamless integration of their services and the use of their travel search engine.
  • World Nomads– World Nomads specializes in insurance options for people that like to frequently travel. The commission rate you can expect from an affiliate partnership with them is 10%.
  • Lonely Planet– Lonely Planet’s affiliate program is different in that their providers are hosted separately. Awin hosts the American and UK programs while Commission Junction hosts the Asian Pacific programs. You’ll earn 12% commission from travel guides and 15% on bookings. 
  • Marriott– With Marriott hotels around the world, this one almost seems like a no-brainer for anyone wanting to become a travel blog affiliate marketer. The commission that working with Marriott gets you is 6%.

VPN Affiliate Programs

The topic of VPNs likely will come up more if your blog is centered around Cybersecurity and similar topics, but it can be worked into just about any subject.

Here are some of the best VPN affiliate programs you could work with:

  • CyberGhost– CyberGhost’s affiliate program is one of the highest paying ones out there, with the potential to earn upwards of 100% commission from each referral. They offer the fastest payouts and even special offers if you’re high-performing.
  • Express VPN– One of the oldest VPNs out there, it has certainly built up a big reputation for itself. The commission rate for Express VPN is $36 for every successful referral you’re able to generate.
  • NordVPN– Nord offers a recurring commission of 30% a month, with the ability to make 40-100% of the generated commission in total. The fact that their brand is a long-standing and trusted one means conversion rates are typically higher.
  • Private Internet Access– PIA provides access to users in over 30 countries and is relatively easy to sign up for. You can earn up to 33% commission.
  • Surfshark– Surfshark is similar to most VPNs however it also offers a multi-hop feature, which allows you to access servers in multiple locations at once. Their affiliates can earn upwards of 40% per referral.

VPNs are some of the best affiliate programs out there due to their versatility when it comes to incorporating them into your content and the fact that they can provide users with a better sense of privacy anywhere in the world.

Cryptocurrency Affiliates 

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic for investment blogs and we have found the best affiliate programs that could provide you with the best potential earnings.

Certain cryptos and crypto trading sites offer affiliate programs that we have listed below:

  • Coinbase– is one of the biggest platforms for both sellers and buyers. The commission earned is 50% of trade fees for the first 3 months.
  • Binance– is a trading platform that most crypto traders will use, so why not earn while you refer? Every time one of your referrals makes a trade you’ll earn a lifetime commission from them. You can earn up to 50% commission from referrals to Binance.
  • KuCoin– is a newer exchange, but it’s also one of the fastest-growing ones with its growing number of supported coins. The commission rates go as high as 50%.
  • CoinMama– CoinMama’s main mission is to help simplify Cryptocurrency for more people to trade with it. They help by taking out the risk of P2P trade, obviously incurring other fees. Their commission rate is 15% per referral.
  • Changelly– is another recent crypto exchange that has emerged. They have a fairly easy onboarding process and their affiliates earn 50% of their generated revenue.

All of these listed programs are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners to start earning passive income.

Unless the policy says otherwise, you’re usually not limited to just one affiliate partnership, just make sure you can keep up with them so that you can earn enough to fully support your ideal remote lifestyle!


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