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Earning 6 Figures as a Remote Worker

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For many people earning 6 figures is the ultimate indication of wealth that shows they have actually “made it” in the world. 

That is why so many people aspire to be at this level. 

Today, we will be sharing how you can find and land a 6-figure remote position.

But we do have to remind you that just because you are earning more, does not mean you will be happy or automatically have more freedom. 

There will be more time spent earning the extra dollars which means less time with the people you love. 

That is why balancing work and home life is also a huge part of this 6-figure lifestyle. 


How much is 6 figures? 

Before we dive in, some of you may want to know what it actually means. 

Well, it means that an individual is making at least $100,000 or more a year.  

One hundred thousand dollars has six figures or numbers and can be used to describe earnings of $100,000 to $999,999. 

Some people will use lower 6- figures to describe someone who earns approximately $100,000-$400,000. 

While someone describing high 6 figures is most likely describing someone making $700,000 – $999,999. 

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Ways To Boost Your Chances of Landing 6-Figure Jobs

Now that you have a beter understanding of what it means to earn 6-figures, it is time to learn how you can improve your odds of landing your dream job.

Do your research. If you want to land a 6-figure online job then you will have to do your homework before you apply. 

Because the higher you are paid, the more competition there will be for the job you want. 

That is why it is extremely important to come prepared when creating your resume, and cover letter. 

Here are a few ways you can research:

  • Explore the company by looking at their website and go through their “about me” page. This is important so you can familiarize yourself with their true purpose for their products or services. 

This can also be a great way for you to understand if you align with their mission. 

  • Connect with the company through LinkedIn. You can use this platform to not only learn more about the company but also find employees. 

This is important so you can get a better idea of who they are looking to hire. 

And most importantly, you will also have the opportunity to connect and ask questions to make you stand out. 

  • Following their social media can be a great way to see how they interact and engage with their potential clients. 

Remember, companies will immediately see if you are prepared for the position, so do the work! 

Build a Strong Online Profile 

If you are applying for a job, one of the most important things you have to do is to prepare your online presence because your potential employer will do their own research.

Clean up your profiles on social media and LinkedIn, because your profiles are an extension of your resume. 

Here are a few things you can do to prep your profiles: 

  • Showcase your skills on your LinkedIn account and show that you are knowledgeable about your trade. 

Creating content, and sharing information about your expertise will put you above the rest. 

  • Show recommendations from past employers or clients on your LinkedIn account. 
  • Delete any information that is not relevant or if they are inappropriate to be seen by potential employers. 

Share your Remote Work Experience 

In order to stand out, you have to be able to show that you are able to work well remotely. 

That is why sharing your past remote work experience is crucial to landing a high-paying remote job. 

However, if you do not have experience working remotely you can always include any online classes you have taken, working via email, work from home experience, if you have worked in different time zones, and anything else you can include to show your remote experience. 

If you are looking to find more information on how to prep your resume, make sure to grab our Remote Work Resume Guide

Top 10 Online Jobs That Makes 6 Figures 

If you’re ready to start your research, here are the top 10 remote jobs that will pay you top dollar. But remember, unless you have extensive experience you will have a hard time landing them.

So be aware that you may need more training or more years of experience before you can start earning 6 figures.

Art Director

Salary Scale: $66K-$101K 

If you have a creative eye and are great at visual styling then being an Art Director could be for you. 

As an art director, you will be responsible for styling images in movies, magazines, websites, television, prints as well as product packaging. 

Art directors are able to work with advertising agencies as well as public relations companies, magazine publishers, design firms, video agencies, and movie sets. 

In order to land this job, you may need a degree in design and extensive experience in the industry. 

Business Development Manager

Salary scale: $44K-$122K

Business developers are one of the key individuals to make a business grow, that is why they are being paid top dollar. 

One of their main responsibilities is to identify new business opportunities. This will include finding new markets, partnerships, as well as products and services. 

Having extensive sales and client relations experience will help you land the position. 

Cyber Analyst

Salary scale: $51K-$117K 

One of the most in-demand jobs is Cyber Analysts. Their main responsibility is to find cyber attacks and malware. 

They are there to prevent and anticipate any cyber attacks on the internet. Large corporations also rely on their expertise to protect sensitive information. 

In order to land this job, you will need a degree in cybersecurity or something related. 

Front End Developer

Salary scale: $47k-$108K 

Front-end developers produce HTML, CSS, and Javascript, for apps and websites. They make sure that the front end-user experience is easy and relevant. 

In order to land this 6 figure job, you will need to gain experience and education in the formats needed for front-end development. 

Marketing Director: 

Salary scale: $47K-$149K 

Depending on the company, your job role could vary from being in charge of branding, product forecasting to monitoring budgets. 

To land 6 figures with this online job, you will need to have at least 5-10 years of experience and may require an MBA. 

Medical Writer: 

Salary scale: $53K-$103K

As a medical writer, you will be responsible for helping doctors write medical reviews, research articles, and monographs. 

Medical companies also hire writers to create educational materials to help nurses and doctors prepare for their license exams or renewals. 

Companies are looking for writers who are knowledgeable about the topics that are why a PHD and/or a Master’s Degree may be required for these high-end positions. 

Mobile Developer

Salary scale: $150K-$113K

Mobile developers create and design mobile applications for Android or iOS. 

They typically work with UX designers to make sure that the design is user-friendly.

In order to become a successful mobile developer, you will need to have a good understanding of mobile applications, have great communication skills, be able to work with a team, be great at problem-solving, and more. 

Product Manager

Salary scale: $54K-$121K 

A product manager is responsible for learning what customers need and then find ways to fulfill them while aligning with the brand’s goals. 

They are also in charge of sharing what they find with the team so that they can provide their customers with the right services and products. 

In order to land 6 figures for this job, you will need to be able to have technical expertise, analytical skills, marketing skills, delegation skills, and more. 

PR Director

Salary scale: $49K-$140K 

As a PR director, you will be in charge of your client’s brand and public image. 

PR directors also work with advertising agencies, and marketing firms to make sure that ad campaigns and content are in line with the brand image. 

In order to land this high-paid position, you will need at least 5 years of experience and a degree in a related field. 

Senior Account Manager

Salary scale: $49K-$110K

Senior account managers are in charge of creating strong relationships with clients, preparing sales reports, and connecting with business executives. 

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Beware of Job Scammers

Before you get too excited about the jobs that you find online, make sure that they are legit before you send in any personal information. 

When a company posts a salary that is in the 6 figures, you can bet that there will be a lot of people who will be looking to get hired. 

Job scammers see this as well, that is why there has been a huge growth in the work scamming industry. 

You do not want to become one of the victims, here are a few tips to help you avoid work scams:

  • Be more diligent with your job search and do research to make sure that the company is legit. 
  • Never give your personal information until you know that a company is real. 
  • Be wary if the company is asking you to pay before they hire you. 
  • They have no online presence
  • If they offer you the position without an interview
  • They interview you via text messaging and offer you the position right away

To find more tips on how to avoid and spot fake jobs, read our article here

Making 6 Figures Does Not Mean Happiness

Although it is amazing to start earning more money, it does not necessarily mean you will be happy. 

Your pockets may be fuller but unless you are able to create a work/life balance you will find yourself more stressed out, overwhelmed, and have less time to spend with the people you love. 

Provide yourself the outlet to destress, find work that you enjoy, and appreciate the process so you are not only doing what you love but also earning big. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the best online jobs where you can earn 6 figures, it is time to go out there and apply! 

But before you do here is a recap of what you can do to land that high paying remote work:

  1. Competition is fierce, so make sure to make yourself stand out by preparing your resume and online presence with the intention of attracting your ideal company. 
  1. Once you have been invited to do a virtual interview, be sure to prepare not only the information you will be providing, but also your appearance when you are on the call. Be professional, even if you are at home. 
  1. Lastly, be aware of job scammers who are looking to lure hungry applicants with high paying jobs. Do not give any personal information until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the company. 

So if you are ready to land your ideal 6 figure job, go out there and get it! 


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