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Best Tips for Selling on Poshmark

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Let’s face it, we all have too much stuff in our closet, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes.

We are always buying new items, but we never seem to toss out the old at the same time. This leads to overstuffed dressers and closets.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

But what to do with the clothes that you have decided to get rid of?

Donating is the easiest but you don’t get anything in return. Garage sales are a lot of work for not a lot of profit.

Thankfully, there is now Poshmark.

It’s the perfect place for selling lightly used clothes, shoes, and accessories.

And with the right tips for selling on Poshmark, your old clothes become extra income.

Whether you are looking for a side hustle or a way to set up your own at-home business, Poshmark can work for you.


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What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a fun and simple way to sell and buy fashion.

This app is the perfect place to sell clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and makeup.

And with 50 million users and 5 million sellers, it’s the perfect ratio for buyers to make money.

And, it’s super easy to use as you do everything on the app on your phone. No need for uploading images to a desktop.

Poshmark is designed so that you can easily snap photos of your item, write a brief description, and list it for sale all on your phone in just a few minutes.

Founded in 2011, Poshmark is a completely legitimate virtual marketplace.


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How Does Poshmark Work?

After downloading the app and creating your account, you are ready to list your first item.

The steps are simple for how to sell items on Poshmark:

  • Choose an item from your closet
  • Take several photos
  • Create an item title
  • Write a description of the item
  • Choose the size and color of the item
  • Set the price
  • And click ‘List Item’

And that is it! It’s that simple.

And when you make a sale, Poshmark even provides you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label that you just need to print out and place on the shipping carton.

Then you can just drop your items off at the post office or arrange for a pick-up. Again, very easy.

As a seller, you will not receive payment for a sale until 3 days after an item has been received by the buyer.

Tips for selling on poshmark

And that is because the buyer has those 3 days to report any discrepancy in the shipment and request a refund.

Thankfully, buyers cannot request a refund just because an item does not fit.

And as soon as your shipment is accepted, payment is immediately made.

Then you can request your funds via check or direct deposit.

No minimum dollar amount is required to receive funds.

And like any app that is a virtual marketplace, Poshmark does take a fee from buyers for every purchase made.

Their standard commission is a $2.95 fee on all sales under $15. For sales over $15, it takes a 20% commission.

To get started selling on Poshmark, start small with what you already have in your wardrobe that you are looking to get rid of.

This way you get a feel for the app and how it works before you start investing more time and money into your online closet.

Top Tips for Selling on Poshmark

But can you actually make money selling on Poshmark? Absolutely.

There are plenty of sellers that earn at least $10,000 a year from selling things on Poshmark. And, you can too.

All you need to do is follow these simple tips for selling on Poshmark and you will start to see extra income coming in each month.

Make Sure Items Are Properly Labeled

If you want people to find your product, you will need to make sure the item is properly labeled.

Yes, it’s one of the more obvious tips for selling on Poshmark, but some people get lazy when it comes to an item label.

Buyers on Poshmark love their brands.

And they know exactly what they are looking for.

So, if you are looking at how to be successful on Poshmark, you will need to include the designer’s name, style name and number, and size.

With these stated in your product label, buyers will easily find your items. And that means quicker sales.

Feature Awesome Cover Shots

An eye-catching photo will always make one stop and take a look.

So, if you have great cover shots of your items, it will make selling things on Poshmark that much easier.

But what makes an awesome cover shot? Lighting is key.

You want shots with lots of light, making the image very bright and easy to see.

And a non-cluttered, neutral background helps draw focus to your item.

Whenever possible, consider having a photo of someone wearing the item.

This can be your own shot or one that you find on the internet.

But, if you are going to use another person’s image, make sure that you provide proper credit.

Share Lots of Photographs

Buyers on Poshmark love to see the item they are purchasing.

So, the more photos you have per item, the better.

And don’t just include overall photos of the items, highlight the details of the piece.

What makes the piece special? Show it in your photos.

It’s one of the easiest tips for selling on Poshmark that you can do.

And, to avoid getting questions from potential buyers, it especially helps to include photos of the area of a garment that gets worn the fastest.

For pants/jeans, this is the crotch and knee areas.

For shirts, under the arms, elbows, and cuffs.

You want to give the buyers proof that your item has little worn and well worth them buying.

It’s also worth including photos of the garment tags (both size and care tags).

For shoes, take photos from all angles. If you have ever been on a shoe website, you have seen the angles.

Include the shoe from the front, back, side, above as well as the sole.

Again, make sure you are showing everything to buyers.

It will be easier and quicker to make a sale this way.

And, you make it harder for buyers to return an item stating it wasn’t as described.

Be Overly Descriptive

Sure, a photo is worth 1,000 words.

But, if you are looking on how to make sales on Poshmark, being overly descriptive goes a long way towards making sales.

Not only are you describing the item from color to any defects and stains, but you also need to include the size, fabric type, and measurements.

For measurements, you should include bust, waist, hips, and length.

All you need is a simple tape measure.

Don’t List Everything All at Once

You may want your closet cleared out.

But, one of the best tips for selling on Poshmark is to not list everything you have to sell all at once.

Space it out and list items daily.

By posting items daily or weekly, your closet feed will appear at the top of searches making it easier for buyers to find you and your items leading to more sales.

Pick a Style

One of the best tips for selling on Poshmark is for each buyer to pick a style and stick to it.

Having an identifiable style will attract the right buyers to your closet as well as make sure that they come back to check out what new offerings you have.

So, what makes a style?

Well, it can be a variety of things from utilizing a certain color scheme to selling only a few brand names.

But it can also be photographing your items in a particular and consistent way.

You just want to avoid being all over the place.

This makes it confusing for buyers to know you and your style.

And if they don’t know you, they are probably not going to return to your closet.

They want buyers who match their style and that they can count on.

Keep Current with Trends

Another way on how to sell fast on Poshmark is to sell what buyers are currently looking for and purchasing.

And, Poshmark makes it easy to see what is hot right now.

By checking the top-selling categories on Poshmark, you can see immediately what buyers are wanting.

And, seeing how many likes are next to an item also indicates just how popular that item is.

So, if you are serious about earning extra cash with Poshmark, you should consider not just using the app to clear out your closet from time to time.

But you can turn your Poshmark closet into a small boutique.

It takes work, but you can earn even more money by keeping in-demand current items in stock.


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Stay in the Price Range

It is never a good strategy to just make up prices off the top of your head.

Another of the best tips for selling on Poshmark is to price your items that are comparable to what is already on offer.

Of course, you need to consider the condition of what is already on Poshmark versus the condition of your item, but you are not going to sell anything if your price is unrealistic.

Take a few minutes to research your item will ensure that you are in the mix adding to how to be successful on Poshmark.

Cushion the Price

But…another way for how to be successful on Poshmark is to cushion your asking price.

This is because many sales are not just straightforward click and buy purchases.

In fact, bargaining for items is the norm on Poshmark.

So, by cushioning your prices by a few dollars, you are giving yourself wiggle room to negotiate on price.

This way, you still make what you wanted on the item, and your buyer feels like they got a bargain. It’s a win-win.

Offer Bulk Discounts

People love to save money. So, a way to entice buyers to purchase multiple items from your Poshmark closet at one time is to offer a discount.

And this is also where having a style makes a big difference.

With having a style, more of your pieces will make sense together and appeal to the same buyer.

Offering bulk discounts is a top way on how to sell on Poshmark fast.

Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

A sure-fire way to lose customers is to not respond or take too long in responding to inquiries.

When it comes to the app, no one wants to wait around hoping for a response.

A great way for how to increase sales on Poshmark is to be the best customer service representative you can be.

And this means being highly responsive to customers in a very professional and courteous manner.

Be Social

Poshmark differs from eBay as it is an app where the more you engage on it, the more likely you are to appear in searches and buyer’s feed.

If you are looking for a place where you can sell your items by just listing them and then waiting for a buyer, Poshmark is not for you.

But how can you be social on a selling app?

The easiest way is to share other seller’s closets.

You share theirs, and hopefully, they will share yours introducing your closet to new buyers.

And you will want to share other items or closets that fit with your taste and style.

Again, you are trying to connect to people who have that same taste as you.

It’s not much use for selling things on Poshmark if you are being seen by buyers who are not interested in what you have to offer.

Also, as a social app, you can have followers on Poshmark.

And you can share your new listings with them so they know exactly when you have new merchandise.

But be sure that you follow people, too.

So, engaging with others on the app is one of the great tips for selling on Poshmark.

Tips for selling on poshmark

Throw a Posh Party

Rather than gather at someone’s house, a Posh Party is a virtual party where multiple sellers can get together and offer items of a specific brand or category to tens of thousands of users who log in at the same time to shop and share listings.

It is a quick and easy way to gain followers. And one of the best ways on how to sell on Poshmark fast.

Avoid Fakes

We have all seen street vendors selling “brand name” merchandise on the corners for ridiculously cheap prices.

And that’s because we all know that its fake. It’s not real merchandise from an actual brand.

That may be ok for a city street corner, but it is illegal to sell fake merchandise on Poshmark.

To avoid this, stick to brands that you know, and don’t buy merchandise unless you are 100% that it is real.

You can use these tips for selling on Poshmark to earn extra income each month or to set up an online boutique that becomes your main source of income.

It’s up to you on how much work you want to put into finding clothes.

But as you can see that there is nothing difficult about how to sell items on Poshmark.

It is very straightforward.

It is just learning how to maximize your listings and closet that helps how to make sales on Poshmark.

What to sell on Poshmark

You need to keep in mind that not everything will sell and sometimes you may even have to cut your losses and get rid of the item for a lesser price than what you purchased it for.

That’s why it’s important to know what to sell on Poshmark.

Below are a few examples of what you can start selling that will get you the biggest bang for your buck.


It’s no surprise that clothing is one of the best items to sell on Poshmark.

They’re known for being a fashion resale app, so you will find a lot of buyers that are looking to buy clothing.

Plus everyone needs clothing and it’s not only a need; but also a want.

So, you will get a lot of buyers if you know what to sell on Poshmark.

A few examples of clothing that you can sell: blouses, midi dresses, leggings, and hoodies.

And a few brand names that always sell well are: Nike, Lululemon Athletica, Coach, Free People and Michael Kors.

Shoes and handbags

Shoes and handbags are some of the best items to sell on the Poshmark app.

Just make sure to list your items at a fair price and be honest.

If you’re not sure how much to sell your items, search for it and see what other people are pricing their items.

This way, you’ll get an idea of what sells and what doesn’t.

So by doing some research on other listings in your size and brand preference, you can sell these items for the most profits.

Home Decor

Home decor are a great items to sell on Poshmark.

People are always looking for new home decor ideas or vintage pieces that can be used to spruce up their house.

Furniture, rugs, dishes, decorations and anything else that can be displayed in your home are highly sought after by Poshmark shoppers.

Just like with clothing items, make sure to list things at a fair price.

Do some research on how much similar items are selling for and adjust your prices accordingly.

Make sure to take professional photographs of your items, as well.

What to sell on Poshmark can be very important to your success.

You want to make sure that you’re pricing the items at a fair price and in turn, get higher profits when it sells.

So keep in mind what things sell the best on Poshmark and do some research before listing anything!


Now that you have a better understanding what to sell on Poshmark and how to get started, you can make a lot more money on the resale app.

Remember to only sell the best items and always be honest about your listings.

This way, you can build a good relationship with people and be successful on Poshmark!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go out there and make some serious cash by selling on the top fashion resale app, Poshmark!


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