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75 Affirmations on Money to Attract Abundance

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Do you want to improve your financial situation?

But find yourself living paycheck-to-paycheck without extra money for savings both long and short-term.

Not to mention that dream vacation or even a comfortable retirement?

If so, then try out these 75 affirmations on money to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

What are financial affirmations?

A financial affirmation is where you tell yourself how you want your finances to be.

It’s like receiving advice from the universe on wealth and abundance by telling yourself what you need to hear.

This type of affirmation work is not only used for money but for any other areas of life that your heart desires.

So go ahead, take some time out to use these affirmations on money.

Remember, the more you tell yourself positive financial affirmations, the faster it can be actualized in your life.

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Why are affirmations on money so effective?

The mind is very powerful and it actually works like an affirmation machine.

Every time you say something positive or negative about yourself, your mind hears it and acts upon that message.

So the more you tell yourself affirmations on money, the more powerful their impact will be on your subconscious mind.

That’s why they are so effective when used each day.

What else can I do to bring in wealth and abundance?

There are many opportunities to bring in wealth and abundance into your life.

Using affirmations on money is not the only way to do so, but it will help you to improve your financial situation by taking advantage of these other opportunities.

One opportunity is learning how money works.

You need to learn more about your personal finances and how money comes to you.

For example, learn more about the Law of Attraction and you can begin attracting wealth and abundance through your thoughts.

Another opportunity is learning to break out of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Take some time to create a budget that will help you pay off debt or save for future financial investments.

Also, start increasing your income through a side business or more hours at work.

There are many opportunities to bring in greater abundance and you need to break out of the same pattern where you only focus on doing what you already know how to do.

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How can I use these affirmations on money?

If you are having trouble financially, then take some time to learn these positive affirmations on money.

You can place the list on your bathroom mirror or another place that is prominent where you will see it many times throughout the day.

This will allow you to think about wealth and abundance each time you look at it.

Also, take a moment before going to sleep and speak each affirmation out loud in front of a mirror.

This will bring more thoughts on wealth and abundance into your subconscious mind.

75 Affirmations on money to attract wealth and abundance into your life

There are many opportunities to bring in greater abundance and you need to break out of the same pattern where you only focus on doing what you already know how to do.

So here are some positive money affirmations that you can use:

1. I deserve a safe, healthy, abundant life full of wealth and happiness.

2.My thinking around money is filled with positivity and I always attract more money into my life.

3. Money comes easily and effortlessly into my life.

4. I am a magnet and attract money on a regular basis.

5. Money is always attracted to me like a magnet and it comes often and at unexpected times!

6. I am becoming wealthier each and every day with the power of my thoughts, words, actions, and beliefs.

7. Money flows to me with great ease.

8. I am a money magnet and attract all kinds of financial opportunities into my life on a daily basis.

9. I easily pick up new skills that lead to more money for me.

10. I easily make more money in my current business and new opportunities arise on a daily basis.

11. I am open to all kinds of financial opportunities wherever I go.

12. Abundance is all around me and it comes from all directions.

13. Financial abundance flows into my life with ease and great speed!

14. Money flows to me from various sources and I easily attract it into my life.

15. Abundance comes to me in many different forms, such as money, new clients, or opportunities that improve my lifestyle.

16. I easily go beyond what I thought was possible with regards to financial abundance.

17. All of my financial desires manifest into my life easily and effortlessly.

18. Financial abundance is an absolute fact of my life.

19. My bank account is continually filled with money, both small amounts and large ones!

20. I am open to all kinds of money-making opportunities.

21. I have an amazing relationship with money.

22. I am grateful for receiving all the financial abundance that is coming my way.

23. I am so grateful for all of the money in my life and I receive it joyously.

24. Money comes easily and naturally into my life.

25. Abundance is a state of mind and I love having more than enough money.

26. I am open to receiving all kinds of financial gifts and opportunities.

27. Money comes to me even when I don’t have anything scheduled or any plans to make more money.

28. Exciting new avenues are opening up for me because I am open to receiving much more money in my life!

29. New friendships and relationships that bring great financial opportunities come easily to me.

30. I am grateful for all of my clients and the money they give so freely and generously.

31. The more I love myself, the more I am able to attract money into my life.

32. My thoughts on abundance are so powerful, they actually create new abundance in my life.

33. I am always open to learning new skills that will bring more money into my life.

34. I live a luxurious and abundant lifestyle and it feels great!

35. I love the feeling of wealth and abundance and this feeling is with me always.

36. My income is increasing every day, in multiple ways!

37. Whatever I set out to do with regards to earning more money ends up working for me like magic!

38. When I receive a raise at work or find extra money laying around, it’s my sign that I am on the right track and doing what I am meant to be doing.

39. Everything in my life is working out perfectly and I now move forward attracting even greater financial abundance into my life!

40. My income is constantly growing and increasing, making it easier to live a more abundant lifestyle.

41. I now release the need to focus on lack or limitation with regards to my income.

42. Any time I want something, the universe conspires to give it to me.

43. I am grateful for all the opportunities that are coming my way to receive more money.

44. My needs are always met effortlessly without me worrying about them at all.

45. The universe is constantly showering me with gifts of financial abundance in surprising ways that are easy for me to receive.

46. Life is easy, abundant and enjoyable! Life truly is a pleasure!

47. I am willing to learn whatever skills are necessary to receive even greater financial abundance in my life.

48. Life loves me and showers me with gifts of financial abundance with little or no effort on my part.

49. The more money I make, the more I can help others and contribute to society.

50. The more I am of service to others, the more abundance shows up in my life.

51. As I attract more abundance into my life, I am able to give even greater joy to those around me!

52. I let go of my worries and trust that everything is working out for my highest good.

53. I allow myself to grow and change so I can have even greater abundance in my life!

54. I let go of the past, knowing it is only keeping me from receiving new sources of abundance in my life.

55. The universe loves giving me all kinds of wonderful new experiences.

56. I am open to receiving as much abundance as I can handle and more!

57. Every day is filled with amazing opportunities for me to receive greater financial abundance in my life, I a ready and willing to receive them!

58. The universe delights in showering me with opportunities to receive more financial abundance!

59. I love receiving money and I let it flow into my life in many different ways.

60. My work is fulfilling and fun, and always leads me to greater sources of income in my life.

61. I deserve all the success, joy and abundance that the universe has to offer me.

62. I get so much pleasure from receiving money and I allow myself to enjoy it!

63. People pay me for helping them achieve their goals and dreams, and this always makes me happy!

64. I have all the skills, talents and abilities necessary to achieve great financial success!

65. I know that I am destined for greatness and I let this knowledge show me the way to even greater abundance in my life!

66. My life is full of ease as new opportunities come into my life on a daily basis that support me and my financial success.

67. I am constantly attracting into my life all kinds of wonderful ways to increase my income.

68. The opportunities I am looking for always come into my life right on schedule, bringing me exactly what I need to move forward!

69. Every day in every way, my financial situation is getting better and better!

70. I am open to receiving the gifts the universe has for me, which include ample money making opportunities.

71. The more I make, the easier it is for me to keep earning even more money in my life!

72. My job is exciting, fulfilling and pays really well!

73. I receive all the compliments and recognition I deserve for my hard work.

74. I experience joy, happiness and prosperity on a daily basis, knowing that these feelings are pointing me towards greater financial abundance in my life.

75. Having money makes it so much easier for me to accomplish my goals and give to the world, and I love that!

These are just a few financial affirmations that you can think about to attract more money into your life.

Try them for at least 30 days – but preferably longer – and see how it works for you!

Best tools for attracting money and abundance

It can be hard to keep your thoughts positive when you are struggling financially.

That’s why it is best to surround yourself with tools that will help you attract more money into your life.

Here are a few financial affirmations tools you can use:

Budget Planner

Use a budget planner to keep track of your money and see exactly where it is going.

Budget Planner – Undated – Expense Tracker Notebook

A great way to use this tool is to add in all the extra things that come up each week, like the cost of gasoline, then work out how much money you have left at the end.

You can use this number to track your spending and see if there are any areas where you could cut back!

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards

Get the Money and Law of Attraction cards and read one out each day.

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards

This is a great way to remind yourself of all the positive affirmations you have about money and abundance!

31 Badass Money Mindset Affirmations Book

This is a fun and easy guide that will help you transform your financial situation on all levels.

This is a great book for gaining some valuable insights on how you view money and how it fits into your life.

31 Badass Money Mindset Affirmations

All of these tools are excellent ways to keep yourself feeling positive about money every day.


Now that you know a little more about how to use these affirmations on money, you can start implementing in your life.

Remember, you can use as many or as few of these financial affirmations as you need to help change your mindset.

Some people have a negative view of money and abundance because they may have been surrounded by it all their lives.

That’s why it is good to start thinking positively about money.

So if you are struggling with any type of financial situation, it may be time to start working on your mindset.

That way you can attract more money into your life and finally get out of that financial rut!

I hope this list has been helpful for you.

If so, leave a comment below right now and let me know what affirmations worked for you.

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