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How To Become an Amazon Affiliate

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If you’re getting tired of your office job, then it’s time for a change! Being an Amazon affiliate marketer is one of the best ways you can escape from your 9-5 while creating income from anywhere

What an Affiliate Marketer essentially does is sell products for a company and earn a commission from what they sell. 

On the internet, this is typically done through specialized links that affiliates get through their partnerships.

We know how much folks like to shop on Amazon, which is why becoming an affiliate marketer for Amazon is a great way to start!

Of course, there’s more to it than just posting links on a website you’ve made, that’s why today we will guide you through what it means to be an Amazon affiliate and how to get the ball rolling!


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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

What is an Amazon Affiliate program and how do you sign up?

The Amazon Affiliate Program allows bloggers and content creators to advertise products that are available on Amazon’s store with personalized links. 

Affiliates get paid a commission for every product sold. This typically ranges from 1% to 10% of the price for the item sold. Depending on your strategy, you can make nothing or over 10K a month.  

In order to get started, you will need to sign up for an Amazon affiliate program using the official Amazon Associates website. Afterward, you’ll simply need to input your account details, which will include your website and preferred store ID name.

amazon affiliate

Other questions you’ll need to answer are how do you drive traffic to your website, and what your preferred method of payment is. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be able to create your first affiliate link for your website.

Requirements for becoming an Amazon Affiliate

The most important requirement for becoming a member of Amazon’s affiliate program is having a website, or platform that can reach a wide audience. When creating your website you’ll want to make sure that it is responsive and attractive.

Using a reputable platform like WordPress to find the right template for your site will allow you to create a beautiful and user-friendly website that will help attract your buyers. Once you have found the perfect template, you should use a platform like Bluehost to host your website. 

Other platforms that you can use to promote your affiliate links are Youtube, Social Media (Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook etc.), and Podcasting

Although these platforms may seem different, you will have the same goal, which is to create content that will entice people to buy the product.

One way you can attract buyers is by creating content where you can naturally include an Amazon product. Using SEO keywords is a sure way to gain traffic to these articles, which means more opportunities for people to use your Amazon affiliate link. 

But if you want to go all-in after joining the affiliate program with Amazon, the content you create will have to revolve around the products you’re hoping to get sold. These can be reviews or “best of” lists using products that you want to encourage your audience to purchase. 

You are not limited to any specific items to promote, as long as they’re on Amazon, you will be able to include them in your content and have the opportunity to make money. 

How to make Affiliate links

Without using the right Amazon affiliate link, you will not be able to create income, that is why not only is the right product important but also being able to provide the links. 

Below are the exact steps you will need to take in order to find your Amazon affiliate links: 

  1. Once you’ve logged into your affiliate account you’ll want to look for the product linking option on the top banner and click on it.
  1. You’ll then be prompted to look for the product by ASIN(Amazon Standard Identification Number) or by name. Simply search for the product you’re wanting to promote.
  1. Then just select the “Get Link” option on the right side of your search results to receive the link.
amazon affiliate

There’s another way to do this which involves going directly to the product page on the Amazon website and using the Amazon Associates SiteStripe to get the affiliate link.

Before you start using those links, remember to follow the Amazon Affiliate Program’s guidelines regarding them. They will only permit you to use your affiliate links in certain places, such as blog posts and links in the descriptions of Youtube videos.

The places you can’t use your affiliate links include offline, inside of eBooks, PDFs, and emails, so be very specific about where you place them.

You’ll also have 180 days to make a single sale with your affiliate links, otherwise, your account will be closed. That’s why before you apply for the Amazon Affiliate Program, make sure that you will be able to make a sale within the time frame that’s allotted. 

When a user clicks on your affiliate link, as long as they buy something during that visit, you’re still guaranteed a cut of the profit, even if it’s not the direct product you’re selling. However, your earnings will not show up until the products you’ve sold have been shipped.

Then you’ll receive direct deposits from the Amazon affiliate program into your account when you successfully make a shipped sale.

The Benefits of being an Amazon Affiliate

Although it may take a while to gain enough income when you join the Amazon Affiliate Program, it does have a lot of perks and is one of the best programs for beginners. 

Below are some of the benefits you will experience as an Amazon Affiliate: 

Location Independence: The freedom to start working remotely is one of the biggest benefits this job nets you. Amazon isn’t strict about the hours you work, which means you can live and work from anywhere without worrying about the time difference.

It’s free to join: The Amazon Associates program is free to join, and even if you don’t get accepted the first time, they will give you plenty of chances to try again, so don’t get discouraged if things start out slower than you’re expecting!

You don’t need any experience to become an associate: Amazon is not picky about who it picks for this program, as long as you have a website you’re welcome to join the Amazon affiliate program.

Freedom of topic: The variety of products available on Amazon will give you a lot of options, and endless topics to choose from. If you can find a relevant product to the topic you’re discussing, then you can earn money!

Easy results tracking: You also won’t have to worry about tracking how well a link and product is doing since Amazon’s tracking system is one of the best around. 

How to draw buyers to your Amazon Affiliate Links

Driving users to click on your affiliate links is your ultimate goal, and the quality of your content plays the biggest role in this. Practicing your writing skills matters, and tools like Grammarly are designed to help you improve how you write your content.  

Below are several tips on how to get higher click rates on your Amazon affiliate program links:

Avoid being salesy: You may want to avoid language that makes you sound like an infomercial. Users typically respond better to affiliate links if it relates to the topic being discussed and if it is placed organically in your content. 

Utilize Social Media: Another great place you can share your affiliate links is on social media posts, but you will have to make sure to inform users that you are sharing affiliate links. 

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Use emails to steer users towards your website: While you’re not allowed to put the links directly into your emails, you can use them with your email strategy by leading users to a blog post that has the affiliate link. 

Choose buyer’s language to create your content: When creating your content, make sure to use keywords that your buyers will be using so having a title that starts with “Best ___for” or review posts are always a great way to attract the buyers. 

Pick a Niche: Having a niche you’re passionate about helps narrow down the types of products you’ll be discussing. If it’s something that interests you, and you feel comfortable writing about, you’re more likely to create better content. However, make sure that you are also choosing a niche that will have enough products to promote and sell. 

Attract them with deals: Talking about deals is another great way to get more people to click on your links since it will cause a sense of urgency. Although you are promoting deals, make sure that your content is also evergreen, which means they are available indefinitely. 

Use images to entice your buyers: Make sure to add images to your content since it is a great way to attract your buyers. You can insert your affiliate links into clickable images, or in graphics that will drive more clicks to the affiliate products. 

Build a loyal audience list: A consistent audience is another key thing that will likely drive more sales from your affiliate links. You can do this with a simple opt-in form so that interested users will get notified when your next post is released.

Another interesting thing to note is that physical goods make less money than digital products due to the shipping fees of the items, so if you’re wanting to earn more you’ll probably want to push for more digital downloads like books or other forms of media.

While it takes high-quality content to drive sales for the Amazon Affiliate Program, it’s also highly rewarding once you succeed. Once you get your first sale, it’s up to you to keep them going! 


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