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Extended: How to set up an Amazon FBA business with Danny Newman.

Here are the incredible tips that  Danny Newman shares on how to start an online Amazon FBA business. 

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What is Amazon FBA?

    • It is for people who want to start a retail business online through Amazon.


    • You find the products that you want to sell and Amazon will be storing and fulfilling the orders without you having to deal with customer service.


  • It is a great business model if you want to be traveling and be hands off.

What is the first step to start an Amazon FBA business?

    • Invest in learning how to do the business.


    • There will be a lot of opportunities for mistakes, so make sure that you are learnings much as you can.


How do you find the right products that will sell well?

    • You have to do your research and look for a gap where you find a product that you can buy cheaply but sell for a profit on Amazon.


    • Look at sales rank on Amazon to see how well the products are selling.


    • If you can get those well selling products on Amazon, it is almost a guarantee that it is going to sell sooner or later.


    • But you also have to look at your competition.


    • You can also do private labeling products.


    • This process is more involved so you have to make sure that the product is going sell.


  • You have to test as much as you can.

What is the pros and cons of starting an Amazon business?

    • The massive pro is earning money, while being away from the business itself.


    • The con is that there is always risks, thats why it is important to test your products before selling.


    • Amazon FBA charges for there services so you have to make sure you have enough margin for profit.


  • Expect to loose 30% or more on your sales with Amazon FBA.

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