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Going beyond the hustle: 5 steps to beating burnout.

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5 steps to beating burnout

We’ve talked about the importance of hustle and perseverance. Now let’s talk about the burnout.

As I am still in my day job, my time is extremely limited. There is always the feeling of never doing enough and the guilt when you take time away from work.

Recently, I have been pushing myself so hard that I would wake up with drool on my face – realizing that I had fallen asleep as I was editing content for the podcast.

I breathe, eat, and sleep thinking about my work and have to constantly push myself to even stop talking about it!

I was prioritizing my work more than my personal relationships and it finally came to a head. I either had to balance and nurture the relationships I had or lose it.

It was an eye-opening experience that even though was a hard lesson to learn, gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to take 

I am still not an expert at avoiding burnout or balancing work and personal life. However, I have come to realize how important it is to really nurture ourselves and the people around us.

Here are the five ways I have learned to beat burnout.

Schedule and checklists.

Starting a business and becoming a freelancer, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with tasks that have to get done. 

Scheduling and allotting time for specific tasks has tremendously helped my productivity. 

Google calendar and Evernote have been lifesavers when it comes to scheduling and creating checklists for me to become more organized.

Another technique that has been crucial to my time management and productivity is placing only 2-3 tasks on my list. 

If I finish those tasks I add only one task at a time so it does not become overwhelming.

Seeing how I have accomplished my goals gives me the motivation and feeling of success which allows me to keep the momentum.

beating burnout

Take time off.

This may sound easy but when you live, eat and breath work, it can be really difficult to take the time off from work. 

But I have come to realize that taking a day off actually allows me to work better and smarter.

Whether it is to take a day off or go on a vacation it can be difficult to get away from that laptop to just enjoy life. 

Yes, this can be daunting but believe me, it is necessary so that you can enjoy life and the fruits of your labor.

Because what is it all for, if you are not able to enjoy your success. Am I right?!

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Get a hobby.

Getting a hobby can be beneficial for your mental health.  It is doing something just for the pure pleasure and nothing else.

The pressure of performing and deadlines are taken away and you are simply enjoying what you are doing.

Recently I’ve taken it upon myself to go for a run in the early morning.  It has helped me clear my head and to start the day feeling fresh.

I’ve also started a kickboxing class and continue to do rock climbing in my spare time.

I am still forcing myself to continue with Rock Climbing because, to be honest- I hate problem-solving.

However – rock climbing has taught me how to keep going even when I am faced with failure. So, I have promised my self to stick to it and persevere!

Stop being a perfectionist.

As a creative one of the hardest things to do is to let go and to accept that not every task has to be perfect.

The more I spend time on a task to make it perfect, the less time I am able to effectively strategize and create systems for my business. 

It has also affected my ability to make the right decisions for myself and my business. It gave me the mentality of not ever being “good enough”.

By letting go of this “perfectionist” mentality I have become more efficient. Which has allowed me to work less and earn more.

Delegate the work.

You may have heard this from several of your entrepreneur friends but it can’t be said enough. Delegation is the key to growth.

You can’t do everything and unfortunately, we can’t clone ourselves (yet), so the next best thing is to hire a VA (virtual assistant).

Having an assistant frees up your time from tasks that distract you from growth. However,  it may take some time to train someone to do the work. So be patient.

Realize that you have to invest your time and energy on someone in order to get the right results. 

beating burnout
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These 5 strategies have helped me avoid beating burnout. 

It is still a struggle and continues to remind myself to take the time to relax, in order to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Have you experienced burnout? Have you learned different strategies to minimize or beating burnout? Share your findings- I’d love to learn your strategies too!



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