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Best Online Jobs where you Earn Income while Helping Others

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With social distancing the new norm, and uncertainty creeping into our daily lives, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

With many businesses closing their doors for the indefinite future, it may be hard to see that silver lining right now. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Though some businesses are going on hiatus or closing their doors, others are seeing a huge spike in demand.

And because of this, there are several companies out there that have a large amount of newly formed jobs available.

Yes, many of these jobs are based in a specific region. But if you rather limit your exposure to others or find yourself unable to work in a location due to children being home, there are companies in need of remote workers. Right now.

These companies are helping others get through surreal times from helping to provide education to children to ensuring we all remain connected to each other while practicing social distancing. And to be able to work online at home and get paid while having a positive impact on others.

And these are some of the best online jobs right now that can help these businesses meet demand and lessen the stress that all of us are feeling right now.


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Applying for the Best Online Jobs

With competition fierce right now for jobs, especially online jobs earning you money, you need to be sure that your resume is up-to-date and as polished as possible.

You can never have too many eyes reviewing your resume. And to help stand out, customize each cover letter to the requirements in the job posting that you send out.

best online jobs

And when you get a call for an interview, you need to be fully prepared. If it is a Zoom or Skype meeting, pick a spot in your house with a clean background.

It needs to be a place where you will have zero distractions with little to zero household noise.

You should also dress as you would if you were going to a regular face-to-face interview. Creating and maintaining a professional appearance is imperative.

Essential Equipment When Working from Home

When working from home on the best online jobs, you need to create a space in your house just for work.

Not only does it need to be a quiet spot away from distractions and noise, but your workspace should be comfortable allowing for a full working day.

So here are a few things you should have that will help you have a complete office space in your home for excelling at the best online jobs.

Webcam – If your home computer doesn’t have a webcam, you will need one in order to work remotely as many companies will require online meetings.

Mobile Laptop Desk Cart – If you don’t have a lot of space at home, you can still create your own small office space by using a mobile desk cart that you can place anywhere in the house. It also adjusts to your perfect height.

Laptop Stand – To help work ergonomically, you may want a laptop stand for your laptop. These help to reduce neck and back strain. And it allows for perfect cooling for your laptop to prevent overheating.

Headphones – If you need to be on a lot of calls or video conferencing, you get better sound with headphones. Not to mention, they are very comfortable and ergonomic.

Stand Up Desk Converter – If you don’t want to be sitting all day, a stand-up desk converter fits perfectly on your desk and raises your laptop/computer so you can also work while standing.

Best Online Jobs Right Now

It’s a competitive job market right now, especially for jobs that allow you to work remotely from anywhere.

But there are several companies that are currently hiring people due to an increase in demand. And they need these jobs filled now. So here are some of the best online jobs available right now.


With so many schools closed around the United States, parents are at a loss for finding ways of keeping their children amused all day.

But many parents still want their children to be getting an education even if they are out of school. And many are turning to Outschool.

Outschool specializes in online classes for children ages 3 to 18. And with over 10,000 topics available, there is something to interest every student.

And now Outschool cannot keep up with the demand and are looking to hire at least 5,000 teachers to create and teach online classes.

These classes range from meeting only several times to going a full semester. And what do you teach? Whatever you are passionate about and what you are an expert in.

And a teacher’s certificate is not required. But you do need to create your own class and curriculum for this best online job. And you must be a resident of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Payment is per every class taught, though the platform does take a 30% service fee from enrollments. And the payment is via PayPal.

CVS Health

Nowadays, people are heading to pharmacies in droves, much more than before. And this massive increase in demand has led to many pharmaceutical companies creating a plethora of new positions, both location and paid at home jobs.

For over 50 years, CVS Health has been a leader in providing health products and services to their customers from retail pharmacy to off-the-shelf medicines and from clinical services to specialty pharmacy needs, CVS Health offers it all.

And now they have thousands of jobs that need to be filled to keep up with the growing demand of health care products across the U.S.

Their long list of their best online jobs include District Leader Field Management, Project Managers, IT Customer Service Support, and Enrollment Associate.

All these jobs come with a set of requirements, including previous experience and a college degree, and are not entry-level. If hired, CVS Health does offer a comprehensive benefits package.


With everyone practicing social distancing and working from home, people are turning to online video conferencing platforms to stay connected. And one company experiencing a massive spike in usage is Zoom.

Individuals are using it to call friends and relatives, and companies are using it to conduct remote business meetings from home.

With all this increase in demand, Zoom is looking to grow their sales force to support this growth. 

They are offering a range of online jobs earning money in the U.S. to service-specific regions. Positions range from Professional Service Sales for Zoom Phone to Account Executives for education clients.

With so many people now using the free trial, Zoom is looking to turn those free accounts to paid subscribers.

best online jobs

These roles are not entry-level, and experience is needed such as at least 5 years of sales experience in the technology field. All applicants also need a bachelor’s degree.


Another online platform that produces a variety of tools, including Channels, to allow remote teams to work together online is Slack. With an increase in demand, Slack has created more best online jobs to keep up with the usage.

Though jobs are remote, they do serve specific regions so you do need to be based in a certain geographical zone.

And, as these are professional jobs, experience is required, specifically in sales and/or managing accounts. A bachelor’s degree is required for all applicants.


It seems everyone uses Amazon these days, and with more people staying at home, Amazon is a booming business.

Besides the urgent need for people to work in their warehouses, the online delivery giant has recently posted a large amount of remote jobs for the United States.

These are full-time positions that range from database consultants to marketing managers. But a majority of these paid at home jobs are technical based for systems support.

Amazon Ring

A segment of Amazon, Ring aims to reduce crime in neighborhoods from offering video doorbells to home alarm systems.

Currently, they are hiring for Call Center Safety Security Supervisors. The role entails leading a remote team whose goal is to reduce crime in neighborhoods.

You must have at least two years of supervisory experience in order to apply.

Barton Associates

For licensed medical professionals, Barton Associates is a leader in telemedicine.

If you are a physician, PA, NP, CRNA or dentist, Barton Associates can connect you to hospitals and medical clinics/practices around the United States.

And from your home, you can meet with patients. So, you can work remotely from anywhere.

All you need is a laptop/computer, webcam, internet, and a medical license for the state you are working remotely at.

If there is a need for you in another state, Barton Associates can even assist you with getting a new state license.

If you are interested in any of these best online jobs, you need to act now! Not only is the job market ultra-competitive right now, but these companies also need to fill these positions ASAP. So, don’t delay.

Right now, as we all stay at home, you could be working online at home and getting paid to do so. So, go and get your silver lining before it disappears.

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