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Best Places to Work Remotely in the United States

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If you are still wondering if online work is here to stay, experts estimate that around 31% of the workforce had shifted to remote work when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and will most likely continue to rise through the years. 

That is why finding affordable places to work remotely can make your digital nomad life more exciting since rent can be cheaper, the environment better, and the community more nurturing for your newfound lifestyle. 

Locating places to work remotely can be a rewarding financial move, too. You want to look for digital nomad destinations that are less expensive than your original location, so it will be a more sustainable environment.

The majority of housing units near firms and companies are often more expensive because people want to save time commuting. The best places to work remotely can be anywhere in the country because you are now able to work from home. 

The following locations we have found, have been evaluated as some of the best places to work remotely in the United States. The list is based on important factors like walkability, quality of life, average weather, proximity to green space, and housing costs.

There is no single index or measurement to judge which locations are the best cities for a remote worker, but the following locations should help figure out where to move, should you be on the lookout for the best places to work remotely in the US.

Remote work is a game-changer, and who knows what heights digital nomads will reach in the next few years?

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Madison, Wisconsin

Topping our list of best places to work remotely is Madison in Wisconsin, the City of Four Lakes. Despite having higher housing expenses than the average city in the US, the city more than makes up for it by providing a nice meld of city life and rural living.

Organic farm-to-restaurant meals are booming in the city, and if a more rustic life appeals to you as a digital nomad, then this city of 260,000 is the right place for you.

Rogers, Arkansas

Despite having a small population (just 67,000 as of the last census), Rogers, Arkansas, must be promoted for best places to work from anywhere. Rogers has a high quality of life rating, and the weather is superb most of the year.

Rogers has a strong rural feel, so you may feel more relaxed here if you’re a city dweller. The walkability of Rogers, Arkansas, is comparable to Seattle and Minneapolis, too. Remote work USA just got a great upgrade!

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa, has been touted as one of the best US cities, and one of the best places to work remotely. The housing prices in Des Moines are consistently lower compared to more populous cities in the state by about 20%.

Housing prices are always a factor, as digital nomads fare better with cheaper housing and rent rates lower than what Airbnb can offer. If you want a two-bedroom house, you can sometimes snag one for as low as $1000/month.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Are you into the cultural scene? Do you thrive where artists and other creatives groove? If so, consider Grand Rapids, Michigan, as one of the best destinations to work from home. Think of the cultural scene of places like San Diego minus the expenses.

That’s what Grand Rapids offers digital nomads. Grand Rapids has a thriving cultural scene and craft beer. They don’t call this place Beer City USA for nothing.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Right next to Grand Rapids in terms of beer culture in Eau Claire in Wisconsin. Eau Claire is known for its deep freezes, but all of Eau Claire’s 68,000 residents know how to handle the harsher weather. The commune at home and enjoy lovely comfort food until the spring thaw peeks around the corner.

Market rent here is cheap, and you get at least 62 days of great weather annually. A couple can comfortably live at Eau Claire with about $4,118/month, making this a definite pick for the best places to work from home.

best places to work remotely

Omaha, Nebraska

Not many people think of Omaha, Nebraska, when they want to live in a bustling metropolis. Surprisingly, this city has all of the charms of metropolitan living and is one of the densest cities with around half a million residents.

Omaha is known for being the home base of some Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups.

Omaha has a great tech market, so should you be interested in remote work that has to be near the headquarters of the company, Omaha is one of the best places to work remotely.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster is perhaps best known for being the home of the Amish communities.

However, people often miss that when you choose to live in Lancaster, you’re going to be sitting right beside beautiful rolling hills and great perks like big parks, confirming that Lancaster is one of the most awesome and best places to work remotely.

Housing in Lancaster is also attractive, with consistently lower rates that make a living here much cheaper.

Lancaster is one of the most walkable cities around, and if you live near the city center, the essentials are almost always within walking distance.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Living in the Twin Cities opens you to slightly balmy summers and snow sports conditions. Minnesota is generally affordable for digital nomads and is also known for its great food and cultural diversity.

Do you like fishing? There are fishing holes that you will find interesting as you spend a few months in the Twin Cities—living in Minneapolis-St. Paul is just five percent more expensive than other populated cities, but utility costs here are nine percent lower, too.

Expenses like bus fares are also lower compared to other states, making Minneapolis-St. Paul a solid pick for the best places for remote work.

Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine, is suitable for digital nomads like chilly weather, fishing, and being near the sea. There are less than five thousand residents at Camden, so it’s also ideal for people who don’t like bustling metropolis-type cities.

Stay at Camden for the best seafood restaurants and classy sailing opportunities, too. As for the Twin Cities, the cost of living here is a little higher by a few points than in other cities, but housing costs can be as little as $900/month. The lower cost of housing can help compensate for pricier expenses throughout the year.

St. Augustine, Florida

Do you need vacation weather to function? St. Augustine, Florida, offers ninety days of warm and sunny weather. About 70% of all St. Augustine residents live near a park. The cost of living and rent at St. Augustine is not higher than the average US city.

Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City provides excellent weather for at least three months yearly, has excellent connectivity, and provides numerous parks and outdoor activities to make your days more exciting and relaxing.

There’s something to do year-round if you feel like leaving your digital workspace, and if you’re raring for some good food, there’s always a waterfront restaurant at your service. The rent of a two-bedroom unit in Traverse City is lower than the cost of a much smaller studio in other cities in the state.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas isn’t just interesting for the strip – it’s one of the best places for remote workers who thoroughly enjoy the adventure. It’s a beautiful base if you like hiking and trekking, and there are also plenty of national parks to enjoy nearby.

The average rent in Las Vegas is surprisingly lower than in other cities. A two-bedroom house will only cost you $980-$1,115/month. The city also boasts of high diversity, and you will have access to great weather and an unending stream of activities year-round.

Memphis, Tennessee

The modern catchphrase “move to Memphis” couldn’t be any more accurate this year. Memphis is a shining beacon for remote workers.

Memphis has a high livability index, and there is a local culture that emphasizes enjoyment and culture, more so in other cities. On average, the cost of living in Memphis is 17% lower than comparable cities in the US.

Additionally, there has always been a great housing market, and you can expect a more comfortable stay anywhere in the city because of the Memphians’ legendary Southern hospitality.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is well worth checking out if you are a remote worker who wishes to live in Missouri. You can rent a single-bedroom house for just $813/month, and the cost of living is 21% lower than the national average, too.

Kansas City is also known for the efficient production of consumer products and food, so the costs of transporting these state-wide are lower.

Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is largely underappreciated (just like many other US cities) because it is beautiful and highly walkable. Cities like Greenville are amazing for digital nomads because they make everything easier and more accessible on the whole.

If you like walking, the city is a treat because you can access most locations on foot. You can buy a car, but it’s not that drastically needed at all in the towns like Greenville.

best places to work remotely

Berlin, Maryland

The city of Berlin in Maryland has strong Chesapeake vibes that make it a classy choice for people who want a more robust cultural component in their digital nomad lifestyles.

There’s a big reason why cities with small groups focused on arts and music tend to be more attractive to digital nomads: they’re very fulfilling, and the digital nomad can work in peace while enjoying peace at home.

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville is also called the Rocket City because it is home to the Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA) and the Aviation and Missile Command of the US Army. Right now, the city is attracting even more attention because more start-ups are choosing Huntsville as their new home.

Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington is home to several big banks in the country, so there’s plenty of money in the local economy, which enriches the community. Delaware has excellent weather, and you will also not run out of places to visit or outdoor activities to sign up for.

Clinton, New Jersey

Clinton has less than three thousand residents as of the last count and might be the best choice is to take the local and quieter locale for your remote work/digital nomad lifestyle.

Clinton has done its best to preserve its history and heritage by conserving covered footbridges, one-room schoolhouses, and more. Some carriage sheds were held to keep the recent history fresh enough to be appreciated further.

Whatever your decision about where to stay as you embark on your digital nomad lifestyle, you should always pick with both the mind and heart. Selecting a city requires knowledge of the new place and how it can nurture your remote work.

Choosing with your heart means the city should stir something in you as a professional who wants to be more accessible and happier.

Those who eventually find their way selecting the proper cities will realize that some unusual locations can be a great place to stay if you are a digital nomad. If this is your first time being a digital nomad, it never hurts to connect with other digital nomads and locals of the areas you are thinking of living in.  


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