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10 Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

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You want to start selling on Facebook marketplace, but you’re not sure what to do.  

It can be hard to figure out where to begin, especially if you’re new to the game. There are so many different products and niches that will allow you to start reselling but it’s tough to know how to get started.

Take a look at this list of the 10 best selling items on Facebook marketplace.

These items include a range of different products-from furniture to clothing to toys. So if you’re looking for some new and interesting things to sell, keep reading!

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Furniture is always a popular choice on Facebook marketplace. People are always searching for new and used items, so it’s a great niche to get into.

If you have some old furniture that you would like to flip for a profit, or if you know someone who is moving and needs to sell their furniture, consider listing it on Facebook marketplace.

Best Selling Furniture on Facebook Marketplace

1. Sofas

2. Coffee tables

3. Dining tables

4. Chairs

5. Dressers

Tips for Selling Furniture Online

1. Make sure to take good quality photos of the furniture you’re selling. People want to see what they’re buying, so clear and well-lit pictures are essential.

2. Write detailed descriptions of the furniture, including any pertinent information such as dimensions, color, etc.

3. If you’re selling used furniture, be honest about any wear and tear. People appreciate honesty, and it will help you to garner repeat customers.

4. Price your furniture reasonably. Shoppers are looking for bargains on Facebook marketplace, so overpricing your furniture is likely to deter potential buyers.


People are always searching for new and used clothes, so it’s a great niche to get into. Unique, vintage, and designer clothes are especially popular. So if you have any of these items, consider listing your clothes online.

Best Selling Clothing on Facebook Marketplace

1. T-shirts

2. Jeans

3. Dresses

4. Skirts

5. Jackets

Tips for Selling Clothes Online

1. Take good quality photos of the clothing you’re selling. Using a model is a great way to show off the items, but make sure the photos are well-lit and clear.

2. Write detailed descriptions of the clothing, include information such as size, color, and fabric.

3. If you’re selling used clothes, make sure you inform potential buyers of holes , stains, or any other damage. Again, honesty is the best policy here.

4. Offer discounts for bulk purchases. This is a great way to move inventory and to attract repeat customers.


If you have some old toys that your kids have outgrown, or if you love thrifting and come across some great finds, consider listing them on Facebook marketplace.

Toys are always popular, and people will pay good money for items that are in good condition.

Best Selling Toys on Facebook Marketplace

1. Lego

2. Barbie

3. Hot Wheels

4. Board games

5. Stuffed animals

Tips for Selling Toys Online

1. Only sell items that are in good condition. Broken or damaged toys will not be popular with buyers.

2. A detailed description especially if the toy is a collectors item, can be the difference between sold or receiving a high price. So include relevant information such as size, color, year made and if there are any missing pieces.

3. A quick internet search can show you what the item is selling for new or used, which can help you determine a fair price.

4. Take plenty of pictures from different angles so the buyer can see every detail of what they are potentially purchasing.

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One of the great things about books is that they are relatively inexpensive to buy, so you can make a decent profit by selling them on Facebook marketplace.

So, if you have some old books that you’re looking to get rid of, or if you come across some good deals at garage sales or thrift stores, there are plenty of reselling platforms where you can sell your books and make a profit.

Best Selling Books on Facebook Marketplace

1. Harry Potter

2. The Hunger Games

3. Twilight

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

5. The Catcher in the Rye

Tips for Selling Books Online

1. Be sure to write a detailed description of the book, including any important information such as condition, author, and edition.

2. Search online to see what similar books are selling for, and price your book accordingly.

3. If you’re selling used books, be honest about any wear and tear. Again, people appreciate honesty and it will help you to build a good reputation as a seller.

4. Offer discounts for bulk purchases, or for buying multiple books from you.

Sports and Fitness Gear

Fitness has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it’s no surprise that sports and fitness gear is one of the best selling items on Facebook marketplace.

That said, there is a lot of competition in this niche, so you need to make sure you’re offering competitive prices and good quality products.

Best Selling Sports and Fitness Gear on Facebook Marketplace

1. Bicycles

2. Dumbbells

3. Treadmills

4. Ellipticals

5. Sports balls

Tips for Selling Sports and Fitness Gear Online

1. Include clear and well-lit photos of the gear with care to minimize glare. Some metallic items are tricky to photograph so be patient and get good photos.

2. Gear with less wear and tear will obviously sell for more, but be honest in your descriptions.

3. If selling oversized or heavy equipment, be sure to include information on how the buyer can pick it up or have it delivered with a cost estimate. List the dimension and weight so that the customer can plan accordingly.

Trading Cards

Low shipping costs and high demand make this a great niche to get into. They can also be collectable items so do your research before pricing.

Best Selling Trading Cards on Facebook Marketplace

1. Pokemon

2. Magic the Gathering

3. Yu-Gi-Oh

4. Baseball cards

5. Football cards

Tips for Selling Trading Cards Online

1. As with any collectible, condition is key when selling trading cards. Be sure to accurately describe the condition of each card in your listing.

2. If you have multiple cards from the same set, you can offer a discount for buying the set.

3. Take clear photos of each card, front and back. Many collectors like to see the card without any glare or reflections.

4. If you’re selling rare or valuable cards, it’s a good idea to get them authenticated by a professional service before listing them.


Video game consoles, phones, laptops – you name it, people are always searching for new and used electronics. If you have some old electronics or know where you can thrift some old gadgets to flip, this can be a great money maker.

Best Selling Electronics on Facebook Marketplace

1. Video game consoles

2. Laptops

3. Smartphones

4. Tablets

5. Cameras

Tips for Selling Electronics Online

1. Accurately describe the condition of the item in your listing. Serial numbers and model numbers can help to purchase the correct items, so be sure to include them in your description.

2. Take a video of how to operate the item and to show that it works. This is especially important for electronics that may be difficult to use or have a lot of features.

3. When shipping electronics, be sure to use a sturdy box and plenty of padding to avoid damage during transit.

4. If you’re selling something valuable, it’s a good idea to get insurance for the shipment.

Tools and Gardening Supplies

Tools and gardening supplies are always in demand, especially in the spring and summer. There are a wide variety of things you can sell in this niche, from hand tools to power tools to fertilizers and more.

Best Selling Tools and Gardening Supplies on Facebook Marketplace

1. Power tools

2. Hand tools

3. Lawn mowers

4. Snow blowers

5. Garden hoses

Tips for Selling Tools and Gardening Supplies Online

1. Be sure to explain in your listing the operating condition of each item. If something is broken or not working properly, mention it in the description. The customer may still want it for parts.

2. It’s a good idea to take close-up photos of each item so the customer can see the condition and any relevant details.

3. When shipping larger items, be sure to include information on how the buyer can pick it up or have it delivered. Sharp items may need extra padding or packaging to prevent injury.

4. Clean the tools before shipping to the customer. No one wants to receive a dirty product.

Baby Products

There are always new parents searching for baby products, whether it’s clothes, furniture, toys, or gear. If you have some gently used baby items to sell, this can be a great niche for you.

Best Selling Baby Products on Facebook Marketplace

1. Cribs

2. Car seats

3. Strollers

4. High chairs

5. Baby clothes

Tips for Selling Baby Products

1. Cleanliness is important when selling baby products. Be sure to wash and sanitize all items before shipping them to your customer.

2. Take clear photos of each item, front and back. Parents like to see if there are any defects, so make sure the pictures are good quality.

3. Discounts for smaller items may help sell more items. The cost to ship goods that don’t weigh much or take take up much space can help keep shipping costs down.


Whether it’s costume jewelry or fine jewelry, this is a popular category on Facebook Marketplace. People are constantly searching for deals on beautiful jewelry.

Best Selling Jewelry on Facebook Marketplace

1. Wedding rings

2. Engagement rings

3. Earrings

4. Necklaces

5. Bracelets

Tips for Selling Jewelry Online

1. If the piece is vintage or antique, mention it in the listing. These items may be more valuable to some buyers.

2. Good photos are important when selling jewelry because people want to see the craftsmanship and shine. Remember people buy jewelry to create a certain look so make sure they can imagine how they will look with good pictures and maybe using a model.

3. It is important to give the buyer an idea of the size of the piece. Use a ruler or something in the photo for comparison.

We hope this list helps you find your niche so that you can start selling on Facebook Marketplace! Best of luck and happy selling!


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