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This week on The Offbeat Life podcast, the beautiful Kat Gaskin dropped a ton of knowledge on how to become a kick ass remote girl boss and overcoming missed opportunities.  Listen Below!

Here are the 5 tips Kat Gaskin recommends to become a kickass remote girl boss:

1. Have clear daily goals.


2.  Take a break before you burnout.
3. Create multiple streams of income.

4. Trademark your original work
5. Focus on yourself, not others.

Enjoy the show and make sure to show us some love!

On this episode, Kat talks about how one missed opportunity gave her a lesson on how to be a better girl boss.

Kat has now created a budding brand Salty Pineapple and launched the only physical planner for your blog and social media content, The Content Planner.
She works remotely, free to frolic on the beach, lay on the sand and eat those salty pineapples!



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