20 Best Chat Operator Jobs You Can do from Home

If you love talking to people and helping them solve different issues, then why not make it your career by becoming a chat operator.

Don’t know what a chat operator does? 

Well, they are responsible for handling live conversations with users who likely have questions about a specific service or product.  

Of course, your job does not always require you to have a voice conversation, and in fact, it’s more commonly a text chat that you’ll be working with for the majority of these positions.

So if this sounds like a great remote job for you, read on as we take you through some of the best live chat operator jobs you can find out there!

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Requirements for Chat Operator Jobs

If being a chat operator seems like the perfect at-home job for you, then you will need to learn a few skills in order to land the job.

A few skills that you can learn are fast typing speeds, understanding, and knowledge of the company policies, products, and services.

You will also be expected to be patient with customers, love problems solving and speaking with clients.

Top 20 Live Chat Operator Jobs from Homeyou will need

Now that you have a better understanding of what it takes to be an online chat operator, here are the top companies that are offering the best positions:


If you’ve ever had any of your Apple products serviced, or have needed help with the product, then you’ve likely interacted with an Apple chat operator.

This position is regarded as one of the best live chat operator jobs from home you can take due to all the benefits it nets you.

For starters, the average salary an Apple text chat operator makes is $16 per hour and they’re even offered great benefits like savings plans and health insurance. 

Another great bonus for this job is having discounts on their products.

If you perform exceptionally well with this job, they also promise room for further growth with the company!

Salary: $16 an hour

Bonuses: Product discounts, and room for growth in the company


As one of the leading ride-share services, Uber’s customer support team is steadily growing. 

They expect their chat operators to be already skilled with communications, but they do offer a 3-day training to ensure readiness.

You’re fully expected to work 40 hours a week on this job for $10 per hour, which would put your average weekly salary at $400. 

Benefits for this job include paid time off and discounts on Uber’s services.

Work Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary: $10 an hour

Experience: Some Experience but offer training

The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop provides all kinds of support to businesses, and this includes chat operator jobs. 

Similar to other chat operator positions, you’re expected to have some level of skill in customer support or sales.

They also require you to work up to 40 hours a week for $10 an hour. They do provide training to new hires if they’re inexperienced and need more guidance. 

Work Hours: 40 hours a week 

Salary: $10 an hour

Experience: Training is provided 

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

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It is normally during the holiday season when you can expect to find more work as an Amazon chat operator. 

People will come to you, likely with an issue about a package they have ordered. 

This job is primarily a seasonal position, but the pay is better than most at $12 per hour. 

There’s also the possibility that Amazon might keep you on long-term if you perform well, so going the extra mile helps! 

Once you are a permanent team member, you’re given some neat bonuses like providing you with work equipment, making this one of the best live chat operator jobs from home. 

Work Hours: Mostly Seasonal 

Salary: $12 an hour 

Bonuses: Work Equipment 


You can expect to answer calls and perform web chats for different businesses as a Smith. AI employee. 

They require their workers to be available 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.  

You can still work up to 40 hours a week on this chat operator job, but the minimum is 20.

The average salary of a Smith.AI chat operator is $10 an hour. 

Previous experience working as a phone operator is a must, as this job isn’t only limited to text chats with people.

Work Hours: Minimum 20 hours a week

Salary: $10 an hour

Experience: Must have experience as a phone operator


Arise is a great platform for people looking to find chat operator jobs. 

You can even start your own support agency by registering yourself as a business and taking things from there.

Their chat operators can expect to make $10 per hour. 

Arise pays primarily on how many hours you put into this job with no set limit, which is great if you really want to make more money. 

A great bonus is that Arise will train you properly before you start working.

Work Hours: No set time limit to how many hours you work. 

Salary: $10 an hour

Bonus: Will provide training to new employees. 


One of the many gigs you can find on Fiverr is as a text chat operator. 

The average pay that someone working as a live chat operator job from home on Fiverr is $10 per hour. 

Once you’ve set up your gig, you’ll have the opportunity to either wait for clients to come to you or become more proactive and apply for jobs that are available. 

The best part about this position is that you’re essentially working for yourself, which means you will have more freedom to set up your hours and salary. 

Work Hours: Depends on the work and client

Salary: $10 an hour 

Mod Squad

Mod Squad has been active in servicing clients with digital engagement requests since 2007, making them very experienced in the operation of live chats. 

Working for them will put you into one of their many projects ranging from direct chats with customers to forum moderation. 

The average pay for someone working with Mod Squad is up to $15 an hour. 

Some benefits you’ll get will include an unlimited vacation policy, medical benefits, a 401(K), and more.

Salary: $15 an hour

Bonuses: Unlimited vacations, health benefits, 401K, and more


The chat operator jobs at Concentrix are great for people with technical knowledge of computers and technology, but they aren’t a hard requirement to get the job. 

What matters more for this position is great customer support skills.

You can expect to earn $10 per hour and they will provide you with the necessary working equipment for the job. 

You’re also expected to work 40 hour weeks and be paid twice a month. 

Work Hours: 40 hours a week

Salary: $10 an hour, paid twice a month. 

Bonuses: Provided work equipment


The minimum requirement you need for a position with Outplex is a high school diploma and customer support experience. 

Fast typing speeds and sales experience are a definite plus in order to get this position.

What you earn from this position is commission-based, but these chat operator jobs normally make around $11 per hour with the potential for higher pay in the future. 

You’re expected to provide your own work equipment and have a steady and secure internet connection when working for Outplex.

Requirements: High school diploma and customer support experience

Salary: $11 an hour, commission-based. 


To work for Zapier, you’ll need to have a stable internet connection as most of their communication is done through Slack. 

As with most of these jobs, they expect you to have solid interpersonal skills. 

Zapier provides great benefits like home equipment and a flexible work schedule. 

The average pay you can expect is $15 an hour for your work as a chat operator.

Requirements: Stable internet connection

Salary: $15 an hour

Bonuses: Work equipment and flexible work hours 


SiteStaff is specifically looking for experienced text chat operators, so if you fit that description you’ll find room for growth with this job!

The average pay for a SiteStaff chat operator is $10 an hour, but there are weekly bonuses you can earn as well as commissions on successful sales. 

Another benefit of this job is the free training they offer.

Some of the qualifications for this job are a consistent typing speed of between 65-75 WPM, the ability to multitask, and the ability to work with a team. 

You can view the full list of qualifications for the job here.

Requirements: Experience as a chat operator, type speed between 65-75 words per minute

Salary: $10 an hour

Bonuses: Weekly bonuses and commissions 


The chat operator jobs at Dyson aren’t limited to just company-owned chatrooms. 

They’ll also expect you to communicate with customers using emails or via phone. 

All of your necessary equipment, including a computer and phone, will be provided to you, but you will need your own high-speed internet to do this job.

They expect all of their chat operators to have some level of communication experience, but if you can land this job you’ll get an excellent hourly pay of $16. 

You’ll also get health benefits, Paid time off, and a 401K with this job.

Requirements: Communication experience 

Salary: $16 an hour

Bonuses: Provided work equipment, 401K, and paid time off

Gear Launch

Working with Gear Launch as an operator will allow you to connect with users on Shopify to help them shop. 

The only requirements for this job are communication skills and a stable internet connection.

You can expect to earn $14 an hour and they will allow you to choose your working schedule, which will grant you some flexibility in your day. 

Positions close and open frequently, so you’ll have to check back if nothing’s currently available.

Requirements: Great communication skills and stable internet  

Salary: $14 an hour

Bonuses: Flexible working schedule

Live World

As with most chat operator jobs, working for Live World will require you to connect with various clients looking for answers and feedback. 

Their main focus is social media services, so you’ll want to have a deeper understanding of the various social media platforms in order to land this job. 

They’re also looking for people fluent in English, but other languages are a helpful bonus. 

Pay for a chat operator starts at just $7 an hour, but you’re also given benefits like insurance and vacation hours along with the possibility of a pay raise.

Requirements: Communication experience 

Salary: Starts at $7 an hour

Bonuses: Insurance and paid vacation 


Asurion hires people for remote chat work and they have millions of customers in need of support. 

Base pay for this job is $13.50 an hour with the possibility of a raise if you perform well. 

Growth when working with Asurion is relatively fast, with people moving up the ladder as soon as 6 months. 

They can also provide you with equipment in the form of a phone and headset if needed.

Salary: $13.50 an hour

Bonuses: Provides work equipment

Capital Typing

While their main job listings are involved with data entry and research jobs primarily, they do on occasion hire text chat operators and offer them rather generous pay. 

Chat operators for Capital typing earn $16 an hour.

One warning we have for this job is to be prepared for a test to pass in the form of a Skype interview. 

But once you have passed the interview, you’ll be earning some of the best pay a text chat operator can get! 

You may need to check back for this job if it isn’t available on the site right now.

Requirements: Pass a virtual interview 

Salary: $16 an hour


The requirements of a job with Teletech aren’t strict at all, mainly being that you need to be 18 years of age and have your high school diploma. 

Once you are hired, you’ll be earning upwards of $13 an hour with a chance for more pay.

Teletech operates in over 19 countries, meaning you’re not limited to just searching for U.S jobs.

You will have the opportunity to work for multiple companies as a contractor. 

This means, there’s always the chance that one of those businesses can take you on permanently, so be prepared for potential opportunities.

Requirements: High school diploma and must be at least 18 years old

Salary: $13 an hour


This company is mainly known globally as an insurance company and operates in over 60 countries around the world.

While the pay is on the lower end at $10 an hour, they will provide you with all the equipment you need to work as a chat operator. 

This equipment includes a bonus of $75 every month to pay for quality internet service.

You’ll also get other benefits like insurance when working for them full-time.

Salary: $10 an hour

Bonuses: Provided work equipment, a bonus of $75 a month for internet, as well as health benefits as a full-time worker. 


If you want a job with room for growth, then Alorica might fit the bill. 

They specialize primarily in outsourcing customer support services for other companies, which could potentially land you a permanent position with one of these businesses. 

Base pay for an Alorica chat operator is $9 per hour, and they will give you bonuses for referring other potential employees. 

Other bonuses for this job include a flexible work schedule and Paid off time. 

Requirements: Communication experience 

Salary: $9 an hour

Bonuses: Paid time off, flexible work hours, and bonus for referring other chat operators

Free Work Online Training

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Chat operator jobs are a great way to begin your at-home career, especially if you find yourself a very conversational person and love to help people solve problems. 

We’ve gone over a variety of jobs, all offering different levels of pay and benefits to those that they hire.

As you’ve seen with many of these positions, this job serves as a great springboard for future growth in a career with some of these companies. 

Keep pushing for that growth and you’re bound to find yourself earning a lot more, and all from the comfort of your home!


Ultimate Guide to Earning 6 figures as a Remote Worker

For many people earning 6 figures is the ultimate indication of wealth that shows they have actually “made it” in the world. 

That is why so many people aspire to be at this level. 

Today, we will be sharing how you can find and land a 6-figure remote position.

But we do have to remind you that just because you are earning more, does not mean you will be happy or automatically have more freedom. 

There will be more time spent earning the extra dollars which means less time with the people you love. 

That is why balancing work and home life is also a huge part of this 6-figure lifestyle. 


How much is 6 figures? 

Before we dive in, some of you may want to know what it actually means. 

Well, it means that an individual is making at least $100,000 or more a year.  

One hundred thousand dollars has six figures or numbers and can be used to describe earnings of $100,000 to $999,999. 

Some people will use lower 6- figures to describe someone who earns approximately $100,000-$400,000. 

While someone describing high 6 figures is most likely describing someone making $700,000 – $999,999. 

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

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3 ways you can boost your chances of landing top paying jobs

Now that you have a beter understanding of what it means to earn 6-figures, it is time to learn how you can improve your odds of landing your dream job.

Do your research. If you want to land a 6-figure online job then you will have to do your homework before you apply. 

Because the higher you are paid, the more competition there will be for the job you want. 

That is why it is extremely important to come prepared when creating your resume, and cover letter. 

Here are a few ways you can research:

  • Explore the company by looking at their website and go through their “about me” page. This is important so you can familiarize yourself with their true purpose for their products or services. 

This can also be a great way for you to understand if you align with their mission. 

  • Connect with the company through LinkedIn. You can use this platform to not only learn more about the company but also find employees. 

This is important so you can get a better idea of who they are looking to hire. 

And most importantly, you will also have the opportunity to connect and ask questions to make you stand out. 

  • Following their social media can be a great way to see how they interact and engage with their potential clients. 

Remember, companies will immediately see if you are prepared for the position, so do the work! 

Build a Strong Online Profile 

If you are applying for a job, one of the most important things you have to do is to prepare your online presence because your potential employer will do their own research.

Clean up your profiles on social media and LinkedIn, because your profiles are an extension of your resume. 

Here are a few things you can do to prep your profiles: 

  • Showcase your skills on your LinkedIn account and show that you are knowledgeable about your trade. 

Creating content, and sharing information about your expertise will put you above the rest. 

  • Show recommendations from past employers or clients on your LinkedIn account. 
  • Delete any information that is not relevant or if they are inappropriate to be seen by potential employers. 

Share your Remote Work Experience 

In order to stand out, you have to be able to show that you are able to work well remotely. 

That is why sharing your past remote work experience is crucial to landing a high-paying remote job. 

However, if you do not have experience working remotely you can always include any online classes you have taken, working via email, work from home experience, if you have worked in different time zones, and anything else you can include to show your remote experience. 

If you are looking to find more information on how to prep your resume, make sure to grab our Remote Work Resume Guide

Top 10 online jobs that makes 6 figures 

If you’re ready to start your research, here are the top 10 remote jobs that will pay you top dollar. But remember, unless you have extensive experience you will have a hard time landing them.

So be aware that you may need more training or more years of experience before you can start earning 6 figures.

Art Director

Salary Scale: $66K-$101K 

If you have a creative eye and are great at visual styling then being an Art Director could be for you. 

As an art director, you will be responsible for styling images in movies, magazines, websites, television, prints as well as product packaging. 

Art directors are able to work with advertising agencies as well as public relations companies, magazine publishers, design firms, video agencies, and movie sets. 

In order to land this job, you may need a degree in design and extensive experience in the industry. 

Business Development Manager

Salary scale: $44K-$122K

Business developers are one of the key individuals to make a business grow, that is why they are being paid top dollar. 

One of their main responsibilities is to identify new business opportunities. This will include finding new markets, partnerships, as well as products and services. 

Having extensive sales and client relations experience will help you land the position. 

Cyber Analyst

Salary scale: $51K-$117K 

One of the most in-demand jobs is Cyber Analysts. Their main responsibility is to find cyber attacks and malware. 

They are there to prevent and anticipate any cyber attacks on the internet. Large corporations also rely on their expertise to protect sensitive information. 

In order to land this job, you will need a degree in cybersecurity or something related. 

Front End Developer

Salary scale: $47k-$108K 

Front-end developers produce HTML, CSS, and Javascript, for apps and websites. They make sure that the front end-user experience is easy and relevant. 

In order to land this 6 figure job, you will need to gain experience and education in the formats needed for front-end development. 

Marketing Director: 

Salary scale: $47K-$149K 

Depending on the company, your job role could vary from being in charge of branding, product forecasting to monitoring budgets. 

To land 6 figures with this online job, you will need to have at least 5-10 years of experience and may require an MBA. 

Medical Writer: 

Salary scale: $53K-$103K

As a medical writer, you will be responsible for helping doctors write medical reviews, research articles, and monographs. 

Medical companies also hire writers to create educational materials to help nurses and doctors prepare for their license exams or renewals. 

Companies are looking for writers who are knowledgeable about the topics that are why a PHD and/or a Master’s Degree may be required for these high-end positions. 

Mobile Developer

Salary scale: $150K-$113K

Mobile developers create and design mobile applications for Android or iOS. 

They typically work with UX designers to make sure that the design is user-friendly.

In order to become a successful mobile developer, you will need to have a good understanding of mobile applications, have great communication skills, be able to work with a team, be great at problem-solving, and more. 

Product Manager

Salary scale: $54K-$121K 

A product manager is responsible for learning what customers need and then find ways to fulfill them while aligning with the brand’s goals. 

They are also in charge of sharing what they find with the team so that they can provide their customers with the right services and products. 

In order to land 6 figures for this job, you will need to be able to have technical expertise, analytical skills, marketing skills, delegation skills, and more. 

PR Director

Salary scale: $49K-$140K 

As a PR director, you will be in charge of your client’s brand and public image. 

PR directors also work with advertising agencies, and marketing firms to make sure that ad campaigns and content are in line with the brand image. 

In order to land this high-paid position, you will need at least 5 years of experience and a degree in a related field. 

Senior Account Manager

Salary scale: $49K-$110K

Senior account managers are in charge of creating strong relationships with clients, preparing sales reports, and connecting with business executives. 

Free Work Online Training

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Beware of Job Scammers

Before you get too excited about the jobs that you find online, make sure that they are legit before you send in any personal information. 

When a company posts a salary that is in the 6 figures, you can bet that there will be a lot of people who will be looking to get hired. 

Job scammers see this as well, that is why there has been a huge growth in the work scamming industry. 

You do not want to become one of the victims, here are a few tips to help you avoid work scams:

  • Be more diligent with your job search and do research to make sure that the company is legit. 
  • Never give your personal information until you know that a company is real. 
  • Be wary if the company is asking you to pay before they hire you. 
  • They have no online presence
  • If they offer you the position without an interview
  • They interview you via text messaging and offer you the position right away

To find more tips on how to avoid and spot fake jobs, read our article here

Making 6 figures does not mean happiness

Although it is amazing to start earning more money, it does not necessarily mean you will be happy. 

Your pockets may be fuller but unless you are able to create a work/life balance you will find yourself more stressed out, overwhelmed, and have less time to spend with the people you love. 

Provide yourself the outlet to destress, find work that you enjoy, and appreciate the process so you are not only doing what you love but also earning big. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the best online jobs where you can earn 6 figures, it is time to go out there and apply! 

But before you do here is a recap of what you can do to land that high paying remote work:

  1. Competition is fierce, so make sure to make yourself stand out by preparing your resume and online presence with the intention of attracting your ideal company. 
  1. Once you have been invited to do a virtual interview, be sure to prepare not only the information you will be providing, but also your appearance when you are on the call. Be professional, even if you are at home. 
  1. Lastly, be aware of job scammers who are looking to lure hungry applicants with high paying jobs. Do not give any personal information until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the company. 

So if you are ready to land your ideal 6 figure job, go out there and get it! 


Ultimate Guide to Amateur Blogging: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

For many people, starting a blog seems like the ultimate dream.

You see it all the time, bloggers making 5-6 figures a month, traveling the world, and having the opportunity to do what they love.

And it is also one of the best online money-making careers you can do that will allow you to have more freedom.

However, this freedom comes with a lot of work that can seem overwhelming if you are just starting amateur blogging. 

But no worries, because I will share with you the step-by-step process on how to start your own blog in a few steps.

Also, make sure to check out our article on the top 13 mistakes new bloggers make that you should avoid

What is Blogging? 

First, let’s talk about what blogging actually is.

It means you will be writing about a specific topic that provides information, shares events, and/or situations that others would like to learn about. 

Unlike educational or news articles, blogging is written by an individual or individuals who share information in a conversational style.

Which makes the writing so much more relatable and approachable. 

Personally, that’s one of the things I love about blogging.

I can write a post that makes me feel like we are having a conversation rather than creating content that feels like a college essay. 

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Should you Start Amateur Blogging? 

Before we get started, let’s talk about whether blogging is right for you. We know it can seem really exciting in the beginning, and believe me, I think it is too! 

But, I want to make sure that you are starting amateur blogging for the right reasons and not because of the lifestyle that others are selling online. 

You know blogging is right for you if:

  • You truly want to share information and help other people
  • You want to have more freedom with your life
  • You can be consistent and persistent with your content
  • You do not expect a get rich quick process and can stay focused with your goals even if you do not see results right away 
  • You are willing to fail 
  • You are willing to continuously learn and implement
  • You enjoy writing or can learn to enjoy writing

Blogging is NOT right for you if:

  • You want to get rich fast
  • You are not willing to do the work 
  • You hate marketing and using social media 
  • You are not willing to invest in your blog 
  • You hate learning and only want to do things that are easy
  • You hate writing and not willing to invest in a writer
  • You do not have time to do the work. 
  • You are not willing to learn the tech stuff 

I know how overwhelming this can be, and believe me, I know what it’s like to start out feeling like a chicken with your head cut off.

That is why I want you to have realistic expectations before you get started. 

If you are willing to do the work and put in your time with amateur blogging, rest assured there will be a reward at the end of the tunnel and it can potentially change your life! 

Printable Blog Content Planner

This 10-page blog content planner can be printed to use all year long and will help you break down tasks into manageable chunks!

Identify your Amateur Blogs Niche

If you are still willing to dive into blogging, then the first step is deciding what it is that you will be writing about.

If you have no idea how to get started, this can be an overwhelming first stage. 

So here is a simple exercise that you can practice in order to find out what is the best niche you should be choosing. 

On a piece of paper, make a list on one side of what you are passionate about, and on the other, what you are an expert in, or what you feel like you are good at. 

Then see what overlaps between your passions and your expertise (or what you are willing to work hard to become an expert in) and that may be the best niche you should go into. 

Don’t know how to create this list? No worries, you can download a FREE Find Your Niche Guide below and do the exercise ASAP! 

Once you have your top picks for your ideal niche you can then do your marketing research in order to find out if there is enough interest and if it can be profitable.

You can start your market research by going to Google Trends to find out how many people are searching the topic that you are thinking of choosing for your amateur blogging.

This is a very important step because you want to make sure that the search results are either stable or growing.

Remember you don’t want to choose a niche that has a downward trend and won’t be profitable for you in the long run. 

As you can see with the sample search I did using “van life”, a growing trend has been happening and could be a good niche to dive into since there is enough interest in the topic. 

When you find your top 3-5 picks for your niche, the next step is to see what your competition will be like once you start amateur blogging.

The more competition you have, the harder it will be to succeed in this niche. 

That is why it is important to not only find a niche you love but also something that you can succeed in.

In order to find your niche competition, you will need to do a simple google search. 

Using “van life” in our google search, we can start looking to see if the competition is enough to drive interest but not too much that it will be difficult to tap into the market.

As you can see “van life” has a lot of searches, which makes this niche too broad. 

Since this topic has a lot of competition, you may want a smaller niche to tap into.

To find more topics and inspiration, you can look at the “People also ask” topics which are the most popular searches that are in the niche.

Bonus tip, these questions could also be great topics to write about for your blog articles. 

Another place to find more inspiration is by scrolling down and looking at the related keyword terms from your google search. 

Once you find the extended keywords and topics from your initial niche, you can go to a free search tool like Wordstream that will show you the search volume.

Which means it will share how many people search this keyword per month and if your competition is high or low. 

Keep in mind that they provide you with two data, one is for Google and the other is Bing search network.

Always look at Google analytics because that is where most of your audience will be coming from. 

Another company that you can use, which is the one I prefer and use for our blog is a paid platform called Keysearch.co.

Although Wordstream and other free platforms give you basic information, companies like Keysearch will provide you with more details so that you have more knowledge of your competition, and better SEO for not only finding your niche but also help you with your keyword searches for your blog posts. 

The difference between a paid and free keyword search platform is miles apart.

For example for Keysearch not only do share with you the volume of the searches but they will also share the score or difficulty of the keyword.

The higher the score, the higher the competition. 

We will talk more about Keysearch later when we discuss SEO and how it can help you rank higher on Google so you can attract more readers. 

Finding a Domain Name

Once you have finalized your niche, it is time to figure out catchy blog names for your website.

This can be a difficult decision for most people because it is part of your brand, it’s what you will be known for and what your readers will associate you with. 

One of the best ways to brainstorm and find your blog name is by using the thesaurus.

I love going to thesaurus.com and looking up different variations of words to make it more unique. 

But remember, it’s better to be clear than clever, so you want to make sure that the name you choose is still recognizable to your audience, and they will be able to quickly understand what your blog will be about even if they haven’t visited your site yet. 

Make a list of your top name choices and don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s opinions. Oftentimes a name may seem clever and will make sense to us, but when we share it to others, it doesn’t resonate. 

When you have finalized your catchy blog names, it is time to find out if the domain name is available. What does this mean?

Well, you may have the best name in the world, but if it is taken by another creator, then you will need to go back to square one. 

A great way to find out if your name is still available is by going to the Bluehost homepage and search if your domain name is available. 

For example, when we searched for the domain name “vanlife.com” it was already taken.

This means we can not purchase that domain for our site.

But no worries, Bluehost will give you suggestions of the domains that are still usable or you can always create new variations of the name like “Nomad in a van”, “the van life diaries”, and anything else that you can brainstorm.

Once you find your name, I suggest purchasing it through Bluehost since you can get the domain name for FREE for 12 months, as long as you purchase a year-long hosting plan. 

Remember, it may take several tries before you finally find the perfect blogging name that is also available, but don’t give up, you will find the right one for you! 

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are also registering your final name on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, and Twitter.

Even if you do not think you will be using those platforms right away, always register them so that you own the names before anyone has a chance to grab them, because you may regret it later. 

Choosing your Blog Host 

If you’re ready to find your hosting plan for your site, then congrats! You are officially ready to start amateur blogging and creating content to share with the world. 

There are a ton of choices out there and I know how overwhelming it can be.

I suggest starting with a reliable hosting platform like Bluehost.

I personally used them when I began and loved how affordable and helpful their customer service was because believe me, you will definitely need a lot of help when you are just starting your amateur blogging career. 

To get started setting up your Bluehost blog, you will need to choose your hosting. I recommend their basic plan that starts at only $2.95 a month.

This plan allows you to host 1 website, 50 GB SSD Storage, has custom themes, and 24/7 customer service. 

When you are purchasing your Bluehost plan, make sure to choose at least 12 months with your hosting plan so you are able to get your domain name for free, and if you want a better deal, you can purchase the 36-month plan which is a lower cost in the long run. 

You will also be getting a better deal than if you buy a month-to-month plan. So when you are providing your account information, be sure to select the 36-month plan for the best price

There are other options such as the pro plan, but you can skip that for now since it is more expensive and you can always upgrade to it when you are ready to have more bandwidth for your blog. 

Another item that you may want to purchase is the Domain Privacy Protection, which is only $0.99 a month, and is absolutely worth it so you can have privacy with your personal information. 

So just a recap of the Bluehost hosting plan rates, if you choose the 12-month plan then the overall cost will only be $59.40 a year, and if you choose the 36-month plan it will only cost around $​​106.20 for 3 years, which is an even better deal! 

When you’re ready to purchase your hosting plan, here are the exact steps you need to take: 

  1. Go to the Bluehost homepage and click on the Get Started Button.
  2. Then click on the hosting plan you prefer (remember to select at least 12-36 months of hosting so you get a FREE domain name for a year).  
  3. Add a domain name that you have registered or create a new one. 
  4. Then add your personal information and choose the right plan you prefer. 
  5. Lastly, you will be asked to add in your password, and that’s it, you’re done! 

If you have any issues, do not hesitate to use their 24/7 customer service. For the most convenient service, I recommend their live chat.

You can access this through their chat icon on the bottom right corner. 

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Creating Content for Your Amateur Blogs

Now that you have purchased your domain name and hosting plan, it is time to figure out the best topics to write about! 

If you think that creating content for your blog is as easy as choosing a topic you like and writing about it, think again.

If you haven’t learned this already, it takes a bit of work to not only write about what you love but also create something that your readers will want to learn about.

So here are a few ways you can find the best content that will rank high on google:

Research your competitors. Guest what? You do not need to reinvent the wheel, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. What does this mean?

Well, it means that if your competitors are doing well with a specific topic, then it may be a good idea to tap into that subject and create your own unique take that includes topics they may not have covered in their article. 

So, it is always a good idea to make a list of your top competitors and see what their top posts are.

You can find your competitors by using the Keysearch.co and clicking on the “Explorer” page then adding your website name and scrolling down to see who your top competitors are. 

If you are just starting out and do not have enough content to have competitors yet, you can make a list of the blogs in your niche.

You can easily find them by doing your market research through google. 

Keyword Researching. Once you find your competitors, it is time to find the top posts and keywords that they are ranking on google. 

What is a keyword you ask?

Well, these are the words that your ideal readers are searching for on the search engines, and in order to be found, you must be able to target the right keywords so that you are able to be ranked and seen on google searches. 

In order to do this, you will enter Keysearch.co  and do the following:

1. Click on “competitive analysis”

2. Click on “Organic Keywords” 

3. Add your competitor’s website link then click search. 

Once you click search, it will show you the keywords that your competitors’ websites are ranking for on google.

This is a great way for you to see which keywords you should target in your own article. 

Another great tool you can use is adding a specific blog post link and choosing the “Specific Page” option to find the keywords that they are ranking for that specific blog post.

This trick will make it easier for you to find the right keywords to choose for specific posts. 

This is why investing in Keysearch.co is so important because without this tool, or something like it, you will just be playing the guessing game and it will take longer to rank on the search engines or not at all.

Using a keyword search tool is a game-changer and will allow you to up your amateur blogging game! 

I love this simple video on how to write a blog post, the tips are super helpful and will be super useful for your writing process.

Promoting your Blog Posts 

Your blogging journey is not complete without learning how to promote your content.

If you are not familiar or a bit intimidated just thinking about the marketing aspect, don’t worry, all of us have been there. 

Although there are plenty of platforms to promote your blog, it is best to find only one or two to focus your energy on, so that you are not overwhelmed and you can get really good at promoting on that platform. 

Below are the best and most popular ways bloggers promote their articles:

Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool for people to use in order to find inspiration for DIY projects and other sources of information.

Many bloggers have been able to create consistent traffic by using this platform. 

Since it is a visual search tool, you need to create Pinterest pins that will be attractive to your ideal audience.

Like google search, you will also need to add keywords in order for your pins to be searchable. 

I recommend taking Moly Ho’s Pinterest for Creatives Course which is designed to teach you how to market your blog so you are able to gain more traffic and readers. 

I love this course because Molly makes it super simple and easy to follow and it will also allow you to learn about lead generation and making sales right from the beginning.

Because let’s face it, your blog will always be a hobby unless you create consistent income. 

Remote Resume Guide

Want to learn how to create a stand out resume that will help you land an Online Job? Grab our Guide to help you perfect your pitch as a job seeker.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I personally believe that the best way to gain traffic to your site is through SEO.

SEO is a way for you to improve your visibility so that your ideal audience will be able to find you in search engines.

Investing in a keyword search tool like Keysearch.co is a must in order to fully understand the analytics so that you will be able to rank your site on the first page of Google.

If you want to know how to fully utilize SEO with your blog, I recommend the SEO Buddy Checklist

What I love about this program is that unlike your typical courses it not only teaches you how to implement SEO so you can gain more traffic but it provides you with a comprehensive checklist that will allow you to take action while you’re learning. 

Believe me, it wasn’t until I started implementing SEO in The Offbeat Life, that we started to see tens of thousands of visits to our site per month.

So it is a crucial part of your blogging success that you can’t overlook. 

Making Money with Your Blog 

It is never too early to think about creating income with your blog and there are several ways you can do it so that you can create multiple streams of income.

Here are a few ways you can create income with your blog: 

Affiliate marketing. I love promoting affiliate marketing to my readers and listeners because it is passive income.

Meaning, you do the initial work in the beginning and earn money even when the work is done. 

In order to create income from affiliate marketing, you will need to find the right brands and companies to work with who accept affiliate partnerships.

You will then promote their products on your site through an affiliate link and whenever someone purchases the product or service, you will get a percentage of the payment. 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to create passive income, however, you will need to gain enough traffic and audience in order to fully utilize this strategy.

That is why growing your site is important. 

To learn more about affiliate marketing, check out my blog on the top affiliate programs you can join to make money from home.

Take a look at the list and start joining the companies that apply to your niche. And remember, only promote the products that you know are reputable and you can trust. 

Sponsored posts. Once you have gained enough audience on your website,  another great way to create income is through sponsored posts. 

Creating income through sponsored posts means that you will be promoting a product, but unlike affiliate marketing, you are getting paid for your work upfront, instead of when you are able to sell the product. 

If you plan to make money with sponsored posts, I would suggest learning how to negotiate your rates with brands.

That way you are able to price your work and content accordingly without being underpaid.

This takes a bit of time and practice, but my biggest advice is to not be afraid to negotiate, which means you do not have to always take the first offer unless you are completely happy with the rates. 

However, if you are just starting out, it may be better to take a lower commission so you are able to build your portfolio and ask for higher rates once you have shown your value. 

There are also bloggers who do collaborations where they receive products for free in exchange for a mention of the company on their blog. 

This is a good idea if you are an amateur at blogging and need the experience.

However once you have done several campaigns and your audience is growing, it is best to begin asking for payment as well as the product. 

In order to create these partnerships, you can either pitch, which means you contact and connect with brands and let them know you want to collaborate, or the brands reach out to you and you negotiate the terms. 

Do not be afraid to pitch even if you are just starting your blog because what you are trying to gain is experience.

Remember, the no’s will lessen, but the experience will help you grow. 

Website Ads. Another way to create passive income with your blog is through website ads.

In order to have ads on your site, you can join blogger ad networks like Ezoic who doesn’t have a limited threshold on how many page views you get a month on your blog, which means you can join as a beginner.

However, they do require you to take a few lessons before you are admitted to the network.  

Another option is to wait until your blog has grown to join networks like Mediavine who requires you to have at least 50K sessions in the previous 30 days. 

Depending on your blogging goals there are pros and cons to joining early or waiting to get into the more selective networks. 

The pro to joining early is that you are able to create revenue for your site right away and you do not need to wait until you have 50K sessions a month, which can take a long time. 

The con is that even though you have ads on your site since you do not have a lot of traffic, the amount of money you will earn will not be a lot, and in some cases, the ads may become a distraction to your readers which may lower the visit duration on your website. 

Whether you decide to use the ad networks right away or wait until you have gained traffic, site ads are a great way to create passive income, as long as you are able to continue to provide a good user experience. 

Digital Products. The last income stream that I will be discussing is creating digital products for your website.

It is one of my favorite ways to monetize my blog and is another passive income stream that has allowed me to make money even after the work is done.

A digital product is anything that is downloadable and not a physical item. A few examples are e-books, courses, audiobooks, video tutorials, and pdf templates. 

In order to create a successful digital product, you must be able to provide your audience with something that they need so that they will be willing to pay for the product, otherwise, it will not sell.

For example, if you are talking about van life in your blog post, you should not be selling a digital product that shows your audience how to lose weight in 30 days. 

If you want to learn how to consistently get paid with digital products, I suggest joining Molly’s Keep Getting Paid Membership.

You have to make sure that your products pertain to your niche and your audience’s needs. 

I love this membership because not only is it taught by Molly, who has sold thousands of digital products, but her membership also provides the most comprehensive lessons and accountability that you need in order to succeed. 

And unlike other courses where you are given the content and then left to fend for yourself, the membership will allow you to get access to other members and the founder herself! 

This means more opportunities to learn from a pro while connecting with others who can give you valuable advice that you need in order to succeed as a digital product creator. 

Now that you have read my ultimate guide to amateur blogging, it is time for you to get started. I know it can seem intimidating, but the best way to start is to take the first step and learn as you go. 

Nothing is going to be perfect on the first try, so continue even when you fail, and be consistent even when the growth is slow because it will only be a matter of time before you will find success.

So go ahead, go out there, and get started with your blog today! 

Then make sure to let me know once you publish your site so I can check it out!


13 Common Mistakes Most Amateur Bloggers Make

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you’re here it’s because you have decided to start a blog, and we are all for it!

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to earn income from home and it can even become almost 100% passive if you have the right strategies. 

But we also know how overwhelming it can be and there are learning curves that every newbie blogger has to experience. 

We want to make sure that you are not making the same mistakes that many amateur bloggers have made (including us) when you’re starting out. 

That is why we have listed the top 13 common mistakes that most newbie bloggers have made so you can avoid them and proceed with a bit more confidence than we did. 


Pros and Cons of Starting Amateur Blogs

Before we share with you what mistakes to avoid, let’s talk about the pros and cons of starting a blog, so that you can make better decisions on whether starting this platform is right for you. 

Pros of starting a blog

First and foremost, it is one of the best ways to share your knowledge and passions with the world.

When we started The Offbeat Life blog, for example, it was because we wanted to create resources to help others start online businesses and start working remotely

After years of working consistently, it has become a huge part of our business and we are lucky enough to be able to earn an income doing what we love from our blog, and we want you to do the same too! 

Another reason for starting a blog is that it will allow you to work from home.

Since most of the work you will be doing for your site is to write compelling and high-quality content, it can be done anywhere, and having this freedom is a huge perk for any amateur blogger. 

Lastly, creating passive income from your blog is one of the biggest reasons why you should be starting your site today! 

What is passive income you ask?

Well, it means you will be doing initial work such as creating articles, and digital products for your blog, and then make money even when you are no longer actively working on it.

You can create passive income from your blog with affiliate marketing, digital products, ads, sponsorships, and more. 

Cons of starting a blog

Although there are a ton of reasons why you should be starting your own blog, there are also some cons to this lifestyle and business. 

One of the biggest is that it can take a long time to start earning money from your amateur blog.

In a study done by Life Hacker, they found that around 81% of bloggers never made more than $100 blogging, while only 8% made enough to support themselves from their site.

This goes to show you that without the right strategy and persistence it can be a tough road ahead. 

Another con to starting a blog is that it does have a lot of competition.

With as many as 600 million blogs and over 7.5 million articles being published daily, you will have a lot of rivals for readership. 

With that said, there will always be room for amateur bloggers who have tenacity, persistence, and patience to commit to this platform.

If you are willing to take the time to do great work and market your content, it will only be a matter of time before you can see results. 

Printable Blog Content Planner

This 10-page blog content planner can be printed to use all year long and will help you break down tasks into manageable chunks!

Avoid these Top Mistakes Most Amateur Bloggers Make

If you’ve come this far, we can assume that you are still very much interested in starting your own blog. Congrats! Now it is time for the real work to begin. 

Below are the top mistakes you should avoid before you get started. 

Not choosing the right niche.  

This goes without saying, but if you are thinking of starting a blog, you must choose the right niche.

Of course, you are free to talk about anything you want, but if you want to create income, you must become an authority on a specific niche, otherwise, your audience will be confused and they will most likely read a post and not come back. 

On the other hand, if you choose a specific niche and only write specific topics that are in that realm, over time you will be considered an authority and you will be able to attract the right audience for your website. 

By choosing a niche, you will also make the work a lot easier in terms of searching for the right topics to write about, since you are more focused and it is not all over the place. 

A great exercise to practice when you are starting to choose your niche is to make a list of what you are passionate about and what you are an expert in.

If you are able to combine both, then you may have the perfect niche for you. 

If you need more help trying to decide your perfect niche.

Feel free to sign up below to download our FREE Find Your Blog Niche Excercise template, to make the process a lot easier!

But keep in mind, even if you are not an expert in a particular subject but you have the passion and drive, you can become an expert in the long run.

So if expertise is the only thing holding you back, don’t worry. Give it a try and who knows what can happen! 

Not self hosting. 

Many amateur bloggers are often unsure about how to host their site, which is why they make the mistake of not self-hosting. 

What is website hosting you ask?

Website hosting will allow your content to be seen on the internet. So without it, your blog will not be published, which means no audience and no income. 

Most newbie bloggers get confused with the type of hosting that they need and will use a free platform like Wix, and WordPress.com. 

Although you get the perk of free hosting, it also means that you will have a lot of limitations such as restrictions on storage and bandwidth which will limit your growth and can slow your website, resulting in a bad user experience. 

That is why we recommend a paid hosting platform like Bluehost which is not only affordable starting at only $2.95 a month but is also a domain that you own! 

Choosing shared hosting is a perfect choice for bloggers just starting out, and of course, you can always upgrade your hosting when you need more power and bandwidth.

Bluehost also has reliable 24/7 service, which is ideal since we are sure you will need some help to set up your site in the beginning. 

Not learning SEO.  

If you want to start a successful blog, then learning SEO is crucial.

Many amateur bloggers start without familiarizing themselves with SEO and this is a huge mistake because you are leaving a lot of traffic on the table!

What is SEO you ask? It means search engine optimization.

In order to properly optimize your site, you will need to learn how to find the right keywords to include in your blog posts, understand backlinking and so much more in order to rank on the google search engine. 

If you are confused, don’t worry, we were too.

It took us almost two years to finally start learning SEO on The Offbeat Life blog, and we wish we learned sooner because once we started implementing the right SEO strategies we were able to gain more readers.

Right now 75% of our readers are coming from organic traffic which would not have happened if we did not use SEO strategies. 

If you are looking to learn more about SEO and how to properly implement it to your site, we recommend using SEO Buddy’s – SEO checklist which is an easy to follow checklist that will show you the exact steps you need to take in order to rank on Google searches. 

What we love about this program is that it not only teaches you about SEO but it also comes in a checklist form!

This means it encourages active learning, making it so much more effective than your typical e-courses. 

It is so easy that even amateur bloggers can get on the first page of google.

So no need to waste time researching, it has everything you need in one checklist. 

Having an Ugly Website 

Even though quality content is king when you are starting a blog, making it appealing so that it attracts your ideal reader is also important.

That is why investing in a good theme is crucial to a successful blog. 

You want the look of your website to be easy to navigate but will also lure your readers to want more. We know it can be tempting to settle for a free website, and don’t get us wrong, we did the same thing too when we first started. 

But with just a bit of investment, you can find beautiful themes where you can plug all your information without having to do any of the hard work. 


We are partial to WordPress sites and our favorite platform where you can find beautiful themes is through WPEngine – Genesis Themes.

This platform is a one-stop shop where you’ll find the right look for your site and also get your web hosting there too! 

Not Link building

Many amateur bloggers think that creating content is enough to rank on google.

But this isn’t true at all, there is still more to do in terms of marketing, and link building is a big part of it. 

What’s link-building you ask?

Well, it is the process of getting links from your site to other similar niched websites so that you are able to build authority for your page. 

Why is this important?

By building authority, it shows Google that your website can be trusted and your site deserves to be placed on the first page of google. 

A few ways you can build links is through: 

Guest posting: meaning you will be writing articles for other websites that are in a similar niche as yours so that you can build the authority for your page.

You can start guest posting by simply pitching to other blogs and providing them with original work that they would want on their page. 

Creating internal links: by creating internal links you will be linking one page to another page on your website.

But keep in mind, with any links you are creating, you want to make sure that it is naturally placed in the content and makes sense to the article. 

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Getting featured in larger publications: one of the best ways to link building is by getting mentioned in large publications.

This may seem a bit intimidating, but we can assure you that it is not. One way to do this is by pitching yourself to writers and editors of the publications that you would like to be featured in.

Again, you want to make sure that your story is relevant to what the writers are interested in. 

So when you are writing your content, make sure to not just focus on your topic but also how you market your article through link building. 

No consistency 

One of the biggest mistakes we see with amateur blogs is not having consistency with their content. Meaning, they may write 3 articles one week, and only one article the next month. 

We know it can be tough to stay consistent especially if you also work a 9-5, but you have to make sure that your content schedule must be consistent along with its quality.

Otherwise, you will not gain traction and it will not grow into a successful business. 

In order to ensure that your content is consistent, make sure that you are being honest with how much you can do, and when you decide on a schedule, stick to it! 

Not collecting emails 

Another common mistake that we have seen in many amateur bloggers is not collecting emails right from the beginning.

For many, this is because they are unfamiliar with the process and unsure how to entice their readers to provide their emails. 

In order to collect emails from your readers, you have to make sure that you are giving them content that they will be interested in learning more about. 

For example, if your article is about how to sew a dress, you do not want them to sign up for an email all about fixing cars.

So, make sure that your content is relevant to your audience’s interests.


When you are ready to start collecting emails, we recommend using Flodesk, it’s the exact platform that we use for our own site.

We love it because it is user-friendly and very affordable. 

Flodesk also has beautiful templates that you can use, so if you aren’t creative, no need to worry, this platform has everything you need to design beautiful emails for your readers. 

Not planning and batching content

If you want to avoid being overwhelmed, you have to create a plan and batch your content, otherwise, you will always be playing catch up. This is a common mistake for many amateur bloggers and we also became a victim of this too. 

What does batching mean? It means that you are creating multiple articles and any other content in advance so you are ahead of the game. 

Once you get into the groove of planning and batching, you will always be caught up and the overwhelm will lessen. 

Not promoting your posts on social media 

We see this all the time, you create your amazing content and then you’re just waiting for it to take off.

Weeks and months later, you’re still wondering why your article is not ranking on google and there are barely any views on your site. Then you’re wondering what went wrong. 

Well friend, it’s because you missed a big part of the process, which is to share your content on social media.

If you are like so many others and feel cringe just thinking about creating social media content, don’t worry you can always recycle your content. 

What this means is you can take snippets from your article and create graphics from your best quotes.

This will allow you to reuse existing content without having to do too much extra work. 

Another strategy that will make your life easier is to start scheduling your social media ahead of time so you can just set it and forget it! 

One of the platforms we love that helps you schedule all of your marketing needs in one place is Planoly.

This scheduling platform allows you to do more with less time by allowing you to schedule content on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Want to learn how to create a stand out resume that will help you land an Online Job? Grab our Guide to help you perfect your pitch as a job seeker.

Not investing in your blog 

As a newbie blogger, we understand that you may be hesitant about spending money on your site.

But you also have to understand that if you plan to make this into a business, you have to make sure that you’re able to provide the highest quality content along with your services. 

Yes, there are a ton of free resources out there, but we can tell you first hand, it lacks the services that you will need to turn your amateur blog into a full-fledged successful website that will rake in viewership you need to create income. 

We suggest creating a budget for yourself so you are able to control the spending, while also investing in your business so that it can succeed at full capacity. 

And we can tell you personally that when we finally invested in our blog, it not only made enough money, but it is now paying for itself! 

Not creating high-quality content 

If you think that blogging is just writing a few paragraphs and calling it a day, then you’re sadly mistaken.

With millions of blogs that are out there, the competition is tough, which means you have to step up to the plate and provide your readers the best information and content.

That is why creating high-quality content is extremely important in order to become successful and have longevity in this business. 

Copying content 

This goes without saying – plagiarism is bad.

Not only because you are copying another creator’s content, and claiming it as your own, but Google is extremely smart and will punish you if you are dumb enough to copy someone else’s work. 

So, please DO NOT plagiarise.

You can create similar topics because let’s face it, you do not need to reinvent the wheel to start blogging, but you do have to make sure that you are putting your own personal spin on the information.  

Impatience – giving up when they don’t see results right away. 

Did you know that most blogs fail in the first year?

That is because this platform is not a place where you should expect to get rich quickly or skyrocket to fame right away. 

It takes a lot of time, energy, and learning to find success and you will need to fail a lot of times before you can get the results you want. 

So if you are blogging and do not see your desired outcome after a few months or even after a year, do not worry.

Your strategies may just need more time to take effect, or maybe it is time to take a look at your systems and see what changes you need to make. 

We are almost four years into this blog and we are still learning and failing, so believe us, you are not alone! 

Now that you know the 13 common mistakes that most amateur bloggers make, it is time to go out there and start your own blog. 

If you are dedicated, patient, and willing to fail before you can succeed, we are sure you will find long-term success. 


What Work Remotely Means and How You Can Get Started in 2021.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you may have heard of the rise of the remote work era. And since you’re here, we can assume that you’re already aware and want to know what work remotely means. 

We understand how confusing it can be since there are a ton of terms used to describe remote work like; online jobs, virtual work, telecommuting, and work-from-home. 

Although there are a lot of names for this movement, the ultimate goal is the same. 

Which is to be able to work from your computer and have the freedom to stay at home or travel while you work! 

Work remotely means that you will not have the typical 9-5, sitting in a cubicle environment. With an online job, you can have more freedom and work almost anywhere. 

However, remotely working is still a broad term that can be used to describe:

  • People who work from co-working spaces or cafes
  • People who work from home
  • People who choose to travel while they work
  • People who are hybrids, which means they work from home and come to the office a few times a week or month. 

The biggest difference in the remote work movement is the location where the person chooses to work. That is why understanding your options is a crucial part in determining the right remote work path for you. 


What is the difference between Remote Employee vs. Remote Freelancer? 

Even though working remotely means being able to work from a location of your choosing, there are still different options of how you can get started. 

Remote jobs can be similar to a 9-5 in that you can find employee-based jobs. Which will allow you to have a steady schedule and work virtually as a member of the company. 

work remotely means

If you find a full-time online job, you may also be given health insurance, 401k, and other advantages that will rival any 9-5 worker benefits. 

A freelancer, on the other hand, is an independent contractor. Although you do not have a steady paycheck as a remote freelancer, you will have a more flexible schedule and have the ability to choose who you want to work with. 

For individuals who are more free-spirited, this could be the best option since you are contracted for a specific period of time by a company, and either party can decide to continue to work together or part ways as soon as the job is finished. 

Working remotely means having the freedom to choose the right working environment that fits your ideal lifestyle, whether that is to become a remote employee or a remote freelancer. 

Remotely Working: Pros and Cons

Now that you have a better idea of what work remotely means, it is time to fully understand the pros and cons before jumping in. 

Pro: Saving Time without the Commute

For most recovering 9-5er’s saving time by eliminating the commute to work is one of the biggest pros. 

No more wasting time sitting around in traffic, no more aggravation and dealing with aggressive drivers. Now you can sit at home or at a cafe, without the added stress. 

Not only will you be saving time from commuting, but money as well. An average person spends nearly $3,000 USD a year on gas. Think about what you can do with that money instead, like paying off debt, going on vacation, and anything else you can think of! 

Pro: More Freedom to Stay at Home with Your Family or Travel the World

We have been conditioned to go on vacation 2-3 weeks out of the year and for the most part, you are not able to spend enough time with your family. 

That is why having the freedom to work and live anywhere is a dream that many wannabe remote workers want to experience. 

Working remotely means that you will have the ability to stay at home with your family and see your children grow, or be able to travel the world as a digital nomad. 

This new found freedom is one of the most enticing benefits of being a remote worker, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity! 

Cons: Feeling of Isolation 

Working remotely has its many advantages, but we can’t ignore that this lifestyle can be a lonely road to take. 

Although we may love the idea of working from home, it can make you feel isolated. You do not have the same interaction with co-workers like you do in an office. 

There are no longer coffee breaks where you can chat and gossip, and the comradery is gone, which makes communication and the feeling of being on a team a lot harder. 

This is especially hard when you are first starting out. However, the feeling of isolation can start to lessen once you get used to your new environment. 

However, if you are still feeling lonely and need interaction, a great alternative would be to work in a cafe or even a co-working space.

This will allow you to feel a similar buzz as the office without being in a cubicle. 

Cons: Solely Responsible for Your Productivity 

Let’s face it, having your boss and co-workers around can be a killer for your productivity. It’s easy to get distracted and oftentimes you are doing more talking and catching up than working when you are in the office. 

Being at home can seem like a great alternative since you no longer have office distractions. 

However, this can become a double edge sword since there are new distractions that you will be facing when you are at home. 

For example, depending on your workspace and how disciplined you are, you can end up binge-watching shows on Netflix all day or get distracted by social media. 

Or you may be at home with your family and become distracted by the tasks and errands that have to be done when you’re at home. 

That is why before you even begin working remotely, you must set boundaries for your family and friends. 

Let them know that even though you are working at home, you are still not available during office hours. 

Setting boundaries for yourself and your family is crucial in order to make remote work sustainable. 

Is Working Online Right For You?

Now that you are familiar with the pros and cons of working remotely, it is time to figure out if this lifestyle is right for you. 

Although it may seem like an ideal arrangement, it is not for everyone. That is why it is best to understand your working style, and what type of working environment you enjoy. 

Are you someone who can be self-motivated, or do you need to be a part of a team to feel productive? 

If you need to find more ways to help you prepare for the remote work lifestyle, try this article. It has a ton of tips on how to adapt to your new working environment. 

Are you ready to Start Working Remotely? 

Work remotely means being able to adapt your skills to fit the online jobs that you would like to land. You may be surprised that you already have enough experience to start working online right away. It is just a matter of creating your remote work resume and applying. 

If you are unfamiliar with how to create a resume designed for remote work and want to save time, use PurpleCV’s services. They create a CV that is personalized to your skills. This means they write a resume designed to help you land your ideal job, with no templates and a quick turnaround. 

However, if you do not feel comfortable that you have enough skills to start applying for remote work, then it is best to learn from experts who help individuals like you land their ideal online work. 

We recommend taking a FREE online training with remote work expert Andrea Valeria, who has helped hundreds of people transition from their 9-5 to work online. 

In the training you will learn which current skills you already have that will allow you to land a remote job sooner than you think. You may be surprised how many of these skills you already possess! 

The Free Training will also help you decide if remote work is right for you and how you can land a remote job even without previous experience! 

Last but not least, Andrea will show you how to create an action plan that will make the job hunting process a lot easier. 

We know how overwhelming this process can be, that is why having an expert guide you through the process is crucial to your success. 

What Types of Jobs Can be Done Remotely? 

With the surge of online work, there are more jobs for you to choose from. Depending on your current skills and your passions, you will have plenty of work as long as you know where to look! 

Here are the the Best Online Jobs for Beginners: 

Online tutoring: many new remote freelancers start out as English teachers online since there are often basic requirements in order to get accepted for the job. Companies like Qkids, VIPKids and Tutor.com are some great companies to get started. 

Virtual Assistant: even without any experience, you can get a job as a virtual assistant as long as you are organized and a team player. A few companies that are hiring for virtual assistant jobs are Fancy Hands and VaVa Virtual Assistants. If you need a comprehensive guide on how to become a VA, check out this article

Social Media Manager: think that all your time spent on social media is a waste of time? Not necessarily, you can use the new skills that you have learned to become a paid social media manager. You can showcase your skills on Fiverr or find jobs on LinkedIn. 

Website Tester: If you love looking through websites and exploring the settings, then being a website tester may be the right online job for you. A few companies that may be hiring are UserTesting and TestingTime. For more info on how to get started as a website tester, visit this post

How to Find Legit Online Jobs

Now that you are familiar with the best online jobs for beginners, let’s talk about how to find legit remote work. 

With the surge of remote work, comes the rise of online job scammers. So before you apply and send any personal information, make sure you do your due diligence.

A few things to look out for to make sure that the job is real is through their email and contact. Are the emails they are sending from the company website and is the person you are talking to an employee or did they just use their name and face as a decoy? 

To get our comprehensive guide on how to spot job scams online, check out this article where we share the top ways you can figure out if the online job is legit or fake.  

Work remotely means more freedom with your time, and energy, so make sure to take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

It is an incredible lifestyle as long as it is the right one for you and if you are willing to do the work, it can be extremely fulfilling. 

Now go out there and start landing your ideal remote work! 


Top Sites to Find Work From Home Tech Support Jobs

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The world of technology has opened up many job opportunities for everyone, and not just those with IT or computer science degrees. 

Now, anyone with interest and know how can educate themselves and land remote tech jobs.

So, if you have a passion for technology and would like to try a work from home tech support job, what’s stopping you? 

Today, we will explore the best sites to find in-home tech support jobs that you can apply to if you are interested in working in the industry.

So make sure to check out our list of the top sites where you can find the best tech careers for you.


Free Work Online Training

This training with Andrea will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

1. Apple at Home Advisor

The Apple at Home Advisor program is among the top online work from home tech support jobs that will allow you to become the human connection to Apple support.

According to Apple, when people first connect with the brand, they are often welcomed by an Apple at Home Advisor. 

You will be tasked with sharing your knowledge with customers who need assistance with their Apple products. 

If you are passionate about all things Apple, then try it out! 

It is not for everyone, but this position is ideal for you if you want to be able to work from home. 

You will be paid as you learn exciting and new Apple technologies and their methods of approaching conversations with customers, too.

Apple requires work from home tech support applicants to have hardwired and high-speed internet, a distraction-free home space for the work, and to complete the online training.  

You will be reimbursed for the internet service, and you will also receive a headset and iMac package that you can use specifically for work. 

Folks hired for full-time and part-time online tech support jobs will be given paid time off, product discounts, and benefit packages.

2. AdviseTech

AdviseTech is engaged in strategic consulting services and IT outsourcing for its clients, including work from home tech support jobs. 

They are currently looking for individuals to fill various positions, including IT technicians, sales executives, and part-time telemarketers. 

So make sure to send your resume to them ASAP!

3. Asurion

Asurion focuses on keeping their client’s lives as efficient and worry-free as possible when it comes to all things tech-related. 

Asurion is dedicated to tech repair, connection, and protection, including work-at-home tech support. 

Asurion’s job board includes at-home tech support jobs, and other positions that might interest you, such as remote lead technicians and sales representatives. 

When it comes to job boards like Asurion, it’s best to understand your skills and apply for the positions that are a good fit.

4. Dice

Dice helps their clients create apps and find talents that are difficult to find in the industry – tech professionals. 

If you are a tech professional that needs at-home tech support jobs, Dice may be one of the best platforms to accelerate your career. 

Dice puts you in front of the right employers for the right roles, so make sure to use Dice’s platform to progress in every stage of your career. 

The following features separate Dice from other job boards/sites:

–         You can search for tech support jobs based on your skill level

–         You can fully control the visibility of your profile

–         You can opt for personalized job alerts

5. JustAnswer

If you consider yourself a work from home tech support expert, you can get paid up to $7000 a month by answering tech-related questions online. 

JustAnswer doesn’t provide conventional jobs, but it does provide a working platform for tech support professionals and other experts. 

JustAnswer matches customer questions with experts, and if you are a fit, you can begin interacting with customers right away. 

When you sign up for JustAnswer, you can work whenever you want, work remotely, and you don’t have to commit to a tight in-home tech support schedule at all. 

And most importantly, you will be able to use your expertise to help other people out.

You need to present your social security number, certifications, and degrees. 

JustAnswer will verify your professional credentials, and once they complete this, you can start earning income as a work from home tech support.

6. FlexJobs

FlexJobs prides itself as being the “#1 job site” to find work-from-home opportunities and in-home tech support jobs. 

They even have a dedicated Technical Support job page where you can find a massive list of flexible, freelance, part-time and remote tech support jobs. 

Right now, there are available positions including information management system analyst, technical support analyst, customer service representative, client success associate, and for senior technical support managers. 

FlexJobs beats the other sites in terms of job diversity, and if you have a particular set of skills and experience, you might find the right job here.

The top benefits of signing up for FlexJobs include:

–         There is legitimacy vetting for the posted jobs.

–         FlexJobs updates its job boards daily.

–         You will be allowed to apply to as many jobs as you want.

–         FlexJobs’ interface is super easy to navigate and won’t be a problem for beginners who are just shifting to the remote job workforce.

7. NoDesk

NoDesk connects talented individuals with remote companies that offer opportunities like work from home chat support. 

Regardless of the company size, remote companies will always need to hire tech professionals in different departments.

The company built the platform to connect a tremendous global workforce to the companies that need them the most. 

NoDesk allows small companies to grow their remote teams quickly and painlessly. 

They have been around since 2015 and continue to share resources with people looking for in-home tech support jobs. 

We also love the fact that NoDesk has a super easy-to-use dashboard. 

Think of the most relevant search terms in your job search and allow NoDesk’s system to take care of the rest. 

If you don’t see a job that’s a great fit, check back another day to find roles like work from home chat support.

8. OneSupport Tech Solutions

OneSupport provides in-house and work from home IT support and customer care assistance. 

They offer jobs that have paid time off, plus benefits and want applicants to have better work offers compared to other companies or sites. 

They provide both part-time and full-time positions plus jobs with flexible scheduling. 

Currently, their work from home program is open to applicants from selected US states.

Right now, you can apply for a position like work from home IT support if you are from any of these states: Wisconsin, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Missouri, Mississippi, Kansas, Illinois, Idaho, Florida, Arkansas, and Alabama. 

The initial hiring process is done entirely through their website and they do not collect any information through social media.

9. SimplyHired

SimplyHired offers an easily searchable job board, and additional resources to potential job candidates. 

It has a separate resume builder to increase your chances of getting hired.

There’s also an option to view local jobs and a helpful salary estimator. 

You can also access resources on cover letters and job descriptions to increase your chances of finding the right jobs and getting hired as soon as possible. 

The split-view job board is user friendly – you can check out the full job descriptions and requirements without ever leaving the main search page, making it easier to browse the job listings in a series.


SYKES is recognized around the world for consistently providing great remote work positions to clients. 

If you have never held a remote job before, SYKES is one of the best places to start looking for work. 

SYKES’ website has always been easy to navigate, and there are always new work available. 

Virtual roles vary from company to company, and it’s always possible to find specific jobs for particular skill sets, like remote tech support jobs. 

Folks who work at SYKES will have the opportunity to help people globally with tech solutions and build their current tech skills. 

You will also be able to connect with the SYKES Home team daily if you need extra support.

11. Support.com

Compared to the previous sites we have mentioned, Support.com is a tech support company. 

Support.com hires virtual agents to take care of their client’s needs, and the positions are varied and exciting.

Whether you are looking for support-based positions like remote tech support jobs or managerial positions, there are always new jobs popping up every day. 

You never know when your ideal position will appear, so you must be diligent with your job search. 

Remote tech support jobs are always popular, and they do fill up quickly, so it pays to log in daily to see if there’s a new position that’s right for you. 

12. Teleperformance

Teleperformance is another trusted in the tech support and customer care company, and you can be sure that they are always looking for people to fill various positions. 

Teleperformance focuses on providing high-quality interactions to customers by making highly-trained tech support agents available.

They provide both in-house roles and minor roles. 

Virtual positions are almost always available and they have wellness programs and full benefits, as well as monthly bonuses. 

Wages are primarily competitive, and they provide paid training as well.

Working at Teleperformance puts you on track for full-time employment rather than being a freelance tech support agent. 

If you are from the freelance world and would like to try working in a more corporate structure, Teleperformance will be right for you. 

13. Transcom

Transcom directly hires tech support agents, so the setup is going to be similar to Teleperformance. 

If you want to start growing your career by sharing expert knowledge with customers to enhance their overall experience with tech solutions, Transcom is the place for you! 

Transcom wants its employees to enjoy a work-life balance while earning well. 

If you work for Transcom, you will be responsible for helping customers with their problems with computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

You will also answer questions about services and products and provide real solutions to tech issues. 

In return, you will be able to work from home, get a computer set-up, health benefits and paid vacations.

Finding remote tech support positions is a perfect option for individuals who are interested in the tech industry and enjoy customer service. 

If you have been working from home for years and want to try something new, you can expand your experience and skill set by finding the best tech support job you can do from anywhere. 

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


How to Make a CV That Will Help You Land a Remote Job

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

As working from home becomes the norm, more people need to know how to create a cv that will impress employers who are looking for standout job candidates.

Gone are the days where you can land a job using a mediocre resume. Since more remote jobs are popping up, so is the competition.

With so many applicants, the competition is fierce, which means you will need to make a cv that will grab their attention.

Below are some tips for writing a resume for online work that will help you get started.

If you are looking for more tips, we also offer a REMOTE WORK RESUME GUIDE that will help you land an online job. 

Related Articles: 

Free Work Online Training

This training with Andrea will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Read the Job Description

Think you can just copy and paste your old resume and send? Think again.

Employers have become more strict with their process and ability to be able to figure out if your resume is the right fit for the job.

That is why reading the job description before you make a cv is always the first step.

Fully understanding the job requirements will save you from wasting your time, since you will most likely avoid applying to a job that you are not qualified for.

For example, if the employer needs someone with 10 years experience and you only have one year of training, it may be a good idea to find another company to make a cv for.

Your remote work resume will likely be ignored. But instead of feeling down, use the opportunity to find work that aligns with your experience.

Another reason to read the job description fully is that HR managers and business owners often add small requests to the job description.

These requests are often simple, like inserting a word somewhere in your online resume or writing a specific subject line in your email.

When you are able to fulfill those requests, you will be able to create a cv that will stand out and they know that you have attention to detail.

Include the Value You Will Bring to the Business

If you want to stand out, create a CV that includes the value you will bring to the company that you are applying for.

This is called the PVP or the personal value proposition. Essentially, we want you to make a cv that shares what you can give the Business if you are hired.

The PVP is the knockout punch in your remote work resume, one that will hopefully impress the hiring manager or business owner. It is more effective than putting a general objective on your resume.

The PVP distinguishes you from 100’s of other candidates looking to land the same job.

Additionally, it highlights your best qualities as a professional and also shows that you can provide tangible and believable results for the company.

Ask yourself – what can you bring to the remote workplace that other candidates may struggle with?

If you want to master how to make a CV that stands out, you also have to understand the business’ needs and wants.

You can decipher these things by learning everything you can about the company before applying. It’s not enough to just read the job description.

You must know more about the actual company before you apply for the remote job.

make a cv

Make a CV that is Optimized with Keywords

It can be easier to master how to create a CV, even without any experience if you know how to find the right keywords from each job application.

Companies now use specialized applicant tracking systems (ATS) that help hiring managers identify likely candidates by scanning each resume.

The ATS finds candidates through a simple keyword scan. That is why relevant keywords must appear on your resume.

The skills you write in your resume must also go along with the common keywords or terms that are included in the job description.

If none of the essential keywords appear on your resume, then it will be automatically rejected.

Resume experts believe that to create the best group of essential keywords, job candidates must begin with a master list of skills related to the applicant’s professional experience and the job itself.

Begin the process by writing down all your most useful skills, even those that are not normally associated with the profession you are applying for.

You might be surprised how frequently companies look for people with specific skills that aren’t exactly taught or developed in school.

After creating the master list of keywords, it’s time to connect them with the job.

Match your current skills with the requirements indicated in the job description. The skills to write in the resume are your experiences that align with the company’s wants and needs.

Prioritize the information found on your target company’s career page, and visit the company’s LinkedIn profile to familiarize yourself with their language.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry because this is precisely why you are doing research first before you make a cv.

Present Yourself as an Ideal Remote Worker

While companies won’t restrict themselves to hiring purely from job candidates with online work skills, experience in remote work is certainly a bonus.

Hiring managers want candidates who can demonstrate how they can tangibly contribute to the company in a remote work environment.

Would you be able to deliver great results that will equal or even exceed an onsite or office worker?

Below are two critical questions that will help you decided which remote skills to include in your resume:

What kind of positive impact did you make in your previous company?

What were your specific accomplishments while you were a remote worker?

Businesses typically look for remote workers that are:

·        Self-motivated

·        Great with time management

·        Self-disciplined

·        Excellent Communicators

·        Technology Literate

Having high emotional intelligence is also a plus in most cases because it can be a challenge to work with other people in a remote team.

If a new worker does not know how to work with a team, then it will create conflict and you will not be able to last in your new online job.

Choosing the Right Format When You Create a CV

The most popular is the reverse chronological format that presents your most recent work history and proceeding backward.

The reversed chronological format is best for job candidates who already have a steady career and know exactly what they want to accomplish professionally and where they want to work.

If you have been in a remote work field for many years, use the reverse chronological format so employers can track how you have progressed over the years.

Don’t forget to include your education, work history, unique work experiences, and the most important part of your resume, the value proposition statement.

Another format you can choose is the functional resume, which focuses more on matching the job requirements to your cv.

The purpose of this format is to highlight the special skills you have that perfectly match the current job offer. We recommend the functional resume format to applicants who have gaps in their work history.

This is also the ideal format for those making a transition, so that past work history that isn’t directly connected to the job you are applying to doesn’t have to be included when you make a CV.

Also, individuals entering the workforce for the first time can use this format to highlight their professional skills rather than their work history.

The value proposition statement goes on top in a functional resume format, followed by the accomplishments, then your qualifications and education history last.

The education history is highlighted last because we want the hiring managers to be firmly focused on your value proposition statement and skills.

The hybrid format is ideal for applicants who are making a career change or are already experts in their fields. Combine the best of the two previous formats, and you have a hybrid format resume.

make a cv

Below are some additional formatting tips:

·        Use a spelling and grammar-checking software to make a CV that is professional. Understandably, not everyone can write at an expert level, but that’s why we have an effective software like Grammarly. Grammarly can help make your resume-writing more concise and professional in a matter of minutes.

·        Having a well-designed personal website also helps hiring managers to find more information about the candidate that will help them decide whether the person is right for the job. The first step is creating a professional site with excellent web hosting like Bluehost.

·        Don’t make your resume too short, but avoid being too wordy. If it’s too long, it will go off-track, and any hiring manager will immediately see that you’re just trying to lengthen the resume unnecessarily.

Remember, each resume is only given an initial six to fifteen seconds of reading time on average. If your resume doesn’t impress the hiring manager within these few seconds, there’s a huge chance that it will simply land in the reject pile.

·        Don’t use fancy fonts on your resume. Use only universally viewable fonts. Calibri and Arial are good choices because they’re easily scannable and they’re always easy on the eyes. Other fonts appropriate for resumes are Trebuchet MS, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Garamond, and Didot.

As for the font size, stick to 10.5-12 points. Any value smaller than 10.5 will be hard to read. While the software will be in charge of inspecting the content, remember that a human will still read the resumes that pass the first sweep.

Be Yourself – Add Personality to Your Resume

A good resume will be incomplete without adding a bit of personality. We don’t want to add irrelevant items to your resume however, allowing your future employer to know about your professional passions will be a huge hit.

You already know that you have to showcase your education, past experiences, and technical skills. But what will allow you to stand out is also sharing your professional passions.

This means offering a deeper meaning to why you have chosen this career path. What motivates you to wake up and do your work every day? Is it learning new things from startup companies? Is it being a part of a community? Is it helping people learn and grow?

Share what moves you and include it into the bullet points for each role that you have managed, along with key roles that allowed you to find these passions.

When you create a CV that not only shares your accomplishments but also highlights your passion for the role, it will give you an edge in any competitive job market.

Resources that will help you make a CV that stands out

We know how overwhelming it can get to not only write a great resume but also make sure to land your ideal remote job.

If you need more help here are a few ways that we can guide you through the process:

  • If you would prefer a professional writer to create a CV for you. Try using PurpleCV, a company that will create a personalized resume for you. No templates, you get to work with an experienced resume writer, and they have a quick 2-day turnaround! With thousands of 4.9-star reviews, you’ll be in great hands and will be closer to landing that remote job sooner than you think.
  • Grab our remote resume guide that will help you make a CV that will allow you to stand out from your competition.
  • Watch a FREE online Training with Andrea (a remote work expert), where she shares tips and tricks on how to find and land your ideal remote jobs! Andrea has helped hundreds of people transition from their 9-5 to remote work, so make sure to take advantage of her incredible training!

Now that you have an idea how to make a CV that will stand out, it is time to go out there and start finding the right remote work from you!

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


25 Digital Nomad Jobs for Beginners You Can Do from Anywhere

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The digital nomad lifestyle is not new by any measure. However, it has gained spotlight in recent years due to the growing need for location independence and freedom.

The idea of working from anywhere is so enticing, that becoming a remote worker and digital nomad has become the new norm.

From virtual assistant positions to freelance writing, remote work possibilities are growing as well as being offered in both United States and abroad.

Are you ready to take on digital nomad jobs for beginners and explore exciting new careers in different cities? Great, Let’s get you started!

What Makes a Person a Digital Nomad?

You are considered a digital nomad if you run a location-independent business or a full-time remote worker, performing your work duties while traveling.

A digital nomad can stay in a specific location from a few months to a year. They are constantly on the move.

The great thing about being a digital nomad is that you have the freedom to work from anywhere as long as you have access to reliable internet.

This lifestyle grants you a ton of freedom that you never had before while you were in your stationary 9-5.

Another great thing about this lifestyle is that, you don’t have to leave the country to land digital nomad jobs for beginners.

If you live in the US, you can explore the country by traveling to different states and cities.

Rediscover your country and spot the best cities that offer the highest quality of life, low cost of living, and a lifestyle that is truly right for you, abroad or locally.

Where Can You Find Entry-Level Digital Nomad Jobs?

Digital nomad careers await you in platforms like Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, and Indeed.com.

It is also an excellent idea to periodically search LinkedIn. Use keywords like “remote jobs,” “remote positions,” or “remote work” to make your search for nomad jobs easier.

All the jobs listed here are searchable on the platforms above.


Free Work Online Training

This training with Andrea will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Types of Digital Nomad Jobs for Beginners

1. Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the best nomad careers around because it caters to all skill levels. It belongs to both advanced and entry-level digital nomad jobs, depending on the person’s writing skills. This job entails writing for advertising and marketing.

Freelance copywriters work with organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses to create digital or print text.

A good copywriter needs to have strong communication skills and an even stronger imagination to apply to different niches and marketing campaigns.

Since the expected output is written text, a freelance copywriter can essentially work anywhere as long as there is a working internet connection.

Additionally, freelance copywriters can improve their written output with professional grammar software like Grammarly.

Copywriters who also double as email marketing professionals can use specialized platforms like Flodesk to provide their clients the best email services. 

For more detailed information on how to become a copywriter, you can check out:

2. Virtual Assistant

A VA (Virtual Assistant) is a type of remote worker who renders services outside the client’s place of business.

They have a variety of skills that allows them to assist their employers from email marketing, social media marketing, copywriting to organization and more. 

Virtual assistance is an example of online jobs that can be performed anywhere, as long as the virtual assistant has a reliable internet connection.

If you are a beginner, being a virtual assistant may not pay as much as other digital nomad careers.

Still, they can substantially boost your weekly income if you have excellent time management skills and it can become a more lucrative career as you become more skilled. 

If you become a virtual assistant, expect to perform tasks similar to those done by a personal assistant or secretary. Get VA jobs from Upwork, Fiverr, and Flexjobs.

For more detailed information on how to become a virtual assistant, you can check out:

3. Completing Online Surveys

While not exactly a career, you can start filling up online surveys today to earn a few bucks in your free time.

Top sites for completing online surveys include SurveyJunkie.com and SwagBucks.com.

While completing online surveys won’t pay all your bills, there are almost no requirements when registering for a profile, and you can work on the online surveys only when you want to.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media managers offer diverse skills to businesses as they often wear many hats. A social media manager can be mainly a copywriter, but they can also be an analyst, photographer and graphic designer.

A social media manager must have strong marketing skills, a thorough understanding of digital marketing and how social media marketing works.

If you land the right position, social media management can be one of the most rewarding nomad careers.

If being a social media manager interests you, start by familiarizing yourself with relevant services like Tailwind for Pinterest and social media platforms like Instagam, TikTok, Facebook and more. 

For more detailed information on social media marketing, you can check out:

digital nomad jobs for beginners

5. Ecommerce Retailer

If you don’t see any of the nomad careers here as the right choice, perhaps you are more of the entrepreneurial type?

If working remotely for a company is not your thing, you may want to venture into retailing. You can sell anything on the internet, from specialty donuts to fashion items to DIY jewelry.

If you don’t have a WordPress site yet, start by buying a domain name. After securing a powerful domain name, proceed to select a hosting service for your site.

We recommend Bluehost or SiteGround. Also, check out how to become an Amazon Seller.

6. Video Editor

Video editors have always been in demand, whether for remote positions or office work.

Suppose you are passionate about video production and video editing, and have a knack for creating compelling marketing videos, YouTube ads, and the like.

In that case, this may be an awesome opportunity for you. Land video editing remote jobs worldwide on Stage32, ProductionHUB, and Behance.

7. Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer promotes other people’s products and services for a percentage of the sale.

While this is not a full-time job, affiliate marketing can help boost your monthly income as a remote worker.

If you can be passionate about marketing different products or services that matter to you, you can try out as an affiliate marketer.

Check out Amazon Associates, Clickbank, and CJ.com to get started.

8. Language Teacher

Suppose you speak native English, Mandarin, French, German, or any other language and are proficient in teaching other people how to speak, read and write in your native language.

In that case, you can certainly try applying as a language teacher.

Some companies act as agents for language teachers. You also have the option of being a freelance language teacher online.

Get language teacher jobs from platforms like Indeed, Preply, Verbling, Verbalplanet, and Connections Academy.

9. Translator

Translators are in demand in the publishing industry, and you can also work for government offices, schools, and even marketing companies.

Translating is a highly valued skill that can pay well. Many translation jobs are also remote work positions. You can check out Onehourtranslation.com and Gengo.com for possible jobs.

For more detailed information on becoming a translator, you can check out:

10. Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, and Illustrator

Graphic artists who know a thing or two about creating amazing layouts and beautiful websites should consider going full-time with small graphic design and layout work.

Not only will your stress level and hours decrease, but you can also make more money in the process.

If you have a knack for creating fonts, graphics, and other visual assets for the digital market realm, consider selling your products on Graphic River and Creative Market.

For more detailed information on becoming a Graphic Designer, you can check out:

11. Programmer

Remote programming is one of the most sought-after remote jobs worldwide. There are countless opportunities for remote workers every day in this niche, and there are even platforms dedicated to programmers.

Check out Toptal.com, stack overflow, Turing, and Gun.io for digital nomad jobs for beginners and experts with no office locations.

12. Voice Talent

The world wouldn’t be the same without the gift of voice.

Consider being a voice talent for video productions, voice ads, and voice-overs an example of digital nomad jobs for beginners.

Being a voice talent can take you across various markets and industries because companies always need good voices for videos and other marketing assets.

Find opportunities for voice talents on Fiverr, Voicebooking, and Voices.com.

For more detailed information on becoming a Voice Over Actor, you can check out:

13. Website Builder

Not all programmers excel in building and designing websites, and not all website builders are proficient with Python or C++.

The point here is if you already have an innate talent for crafting stunning WordPress sites, you probably can get a job as a remote website builder for different clients. Post your resume on Upwork or Fiverr to get leads.

14. Data Entry Professional

Data entry is usually the first of many digital nomad jobs for beginners to encounter in any market.

The pay is rarely stellar, and it can be a little boring to some people, but if you want to try out the remote work life, there’s nothing wrong with trying data entry jobs.

Companies hire data entry professionals when processes cannot (or cannot easily) be automated.

Your employer will ask you to enter data into websites, apps, or spreadsheets. You can find data entry jobs on most freelancer platforms.

For more detailed information on becoming a Data Entry Professional, you can check out:

Digital nomad jobs for beginners

15. Blogger

Blogging is one of the best online businesses you can start, but it does take time to grow.

When you figure out the right systems it can be a great way to create passive income with ads and affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have a blog yet, we recommend Bluehost for beginners, as they have easy-to-deploy WP hosting packages that are budget-friendly.

In order to gain traffic to your site, understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to your success.

That is why finding the right keywords is important to learn. We recommend using Keysearch to find the right keywords for your blog so that you will be able to rank on google search.

If you want to learn more about how to start a blog, make sure to read our Ultimate Guide to Starting a blog.

16. Transcriber

This is another great example of digital nomad jobs for beginners. Transcription involves typing what you hear on an audio file.

Transcription is often required in the legal and healthcare sectors, though transcription jobs can be used in many industries. Find jobs at REV.com and Transcribeme.com.

17. Customer Care Agent

Customer care agents are one of the first remote workers globally, and it’s not true that you can’t get good money from this field.

Remember – you can eventually be promoted and hold more important posts even if you are a remote worker. Platforms like Indeed.com provide lots of leads on customer care positions.

18. Website Tester

Thoroughly testing a website is crucial because it’s easier and more cost-effective to fix bugs than deal with bad reviews and angry customers. That’s where website testers come into the picture.

Website testers help businesses identify bugs and code problems before sites go live. It’s a nice option for beginners’ digital nomad jobs if you have a passion for user experience on the web.

Find website tester jobs on Userlytics, UserFeel, TryMyUI and UserTesting.

For more detailed information on becoming a Website Tester, you can check out:

25 Sites That Will Pay You to Test Websites for Money

19. Ghostwriter

Freelance copywriters sometimes work as ghostwriters, but not always. Ghostwriters also work on materials other than digital marketing assets.

A ghostwriter writes for someone else (usually with an NDA), and the written material is published under someone else’s name. If you already have experience in ghostwriting, be sure to post your profile on platforms like Toptal, Fiverr, and Upwork.

For more detailed information on becoming a Ghostwriter, you can check out:

20. SEO Specialist

The need for SEO will never disappear. If you have existing knowledge of how to optimize sites to get organic traffic, this remote job may be for you.

SEO work may not be one of the digital nomad jobs for beginners, it can be a game-changing turn in your career as SEO specialists can earn a nice monthly figure by doing something they’ve already mastered for years.

If you want to learn more about SEO and find keywords you can optimize we recommend using Keysearch.

Platforms like FreshGigs can help you find remote local SEO work.

For more detailed information on becoming an SEO Specialist, you can check out:

21. Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist is often an all-around expert who knows how to manage Google Ads, social media marketing, organic content marketing, and more.

Use platforms like Indeed to locate remote positions associated with digital marketing.

There will be similarities with the responsibilities of SEO specialists, copywriters, and digital marketing specialists.

For more detailed information on becoming a Digital Marketing Specialist, you can check out:

22. YouTube Content Creator

Do you have a passion or creative pursuit that you would like to share with the world? Do you like creating video content? If you answered yes there might be hope for you as a YouTube content creator.

This massive video sharing and streaming platform has taken over the internet, and ordinary people with extraordinary passions have been known to make big bucks by simply sharing their content with the rest of the world.

Discover more tips and hacks on YouTube’s Creator’s page.

23. Life Coach

Life coaches come from all walks of life. If you are interested in making people more successful by sharing your wisdom and experiences, life coaching is an excellent opportunity for you.

Best of all, building your following can take a matter of months, and you can charge the same way other independent contractors do.

The goal is to generate profit from online coaching so you can become location-independent.

We recommend creating a business profile on social media, including LinkedIn, to get started on your path of becoming a great coach/consultant.

24. Online Educator

Platforms like Thinkific and LearnWorlds can help if you are interested in educating others while making money.

If you already have a knack for creating engaging and relevant courses in your specialty field, why not create online courses for a profit?

25.  Animator

Do you have prior experience with animation? Platforms like Upwork have a ton of listings for freelance jobs.

Stack enough projects, and you will see your monthly income double or even triple. It’s all about finding the right opportunities and capitalizing on your existing skills.

The digital nomad lifestyle is enticing because it provides freedom that office work can never provide. If you dare to step away from the fixed corporate life to pursue a freedom lifestyle, then you are ready to join the digital nomad revolution! 

remote resume guide

Remote Work Resume

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


Complete Guide to Landing Amazon Jobs from Home

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you are looking to find sustainable online work, then finding a job in one of the biggest online retailers may just be the right step for you.

Amazon is one of the US’s biggest employers, with nearly a million employees in its headquarters in Seattle.

Working for amazon at home is great for people who want to live their dream life of being location-independent.

Many Amazon jobs from home only require a laptop and an Internet connection. You can work from anywhere and still be flexible throughout the day.

If this sounds like the perfect remote work lifestyle for you then make sure to browse the Amazon Jobs from Home that we have listed below.

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How to Get Started with Working for Amazon at Home

Nearly everyone has experienced working from home due to the pandemic. Unless you are interested in on-site work, Amazon work from home jobs will be the perfect opportunity to find the right position based on your skillset.

Amazon also offers part-time jobs via Amazon Mechanical Turk, where businesses look for work from home employees to get different kinds of work done.

While it’s unlikely that opportunities like Amazon Mechanical Turk will double your income, it’s still a great way to boost your income when you find the best Amazon at home opportunities.

Finding Amazon Jobs from Home

Amazon Jobs‘ database is extremely comprehensive. A quick look at their website and you will see jobs categorized based on Job Type, Locations, and Business Category.

If you are looking for both Amazon jobs from home and on-site work, the site will have a variety of work that will be right for you.

Today, however, we are focusing on Amazon work from home jobs that are available and tagged on the site as virtual locations, or Amazon remote jobs.

With Amazon’s virtual location, you will be applying for a US team or a global team in another country.

Open roles include virtual location positions in places like Hyderabad, Shanghai, and Germany, as well as the United States.

Digital Writing and Editing Jobs From Amazon

If you have an interest and talent in writing, why not try working for Amazon at home that centers on writing and editing.

These Amazon jobs can make your professional life easier and more stable as a work-from-home individual because the need for content never ends.

Here are a few positions that you can land Amazon work from home writing jobs.

amazon jobs from home

Content Developer – The Content Developer is tasked with creating customer-facing documents.

The content has to be concise, clear, and as straightforward as possible for different audiences.

Being able to create high-quality content that is readable is a plus.

Content Editor – Content Editors lead new campaigns and segments on Amazon, such as the #FoundItOnAmazon campaign that creates an endless list of outfit suggestions for customers.

The Content Editor also leads other writers to make Amazon’s message resonate with their audience. Plus, they get to decide how the writing style should be done.

Content Manager – There are many types of Content Managers on Amazon.

If you are on the supply side, your job is to become a consultant for the stakeholders of the company as well as the different writers and editors of the company.

Amazon has “communication projects” that are linked to advertising and marketing products and services. Due to the nature of the work, expect things to be fast-paced, which means the candidate must be able to work in a high-stress environment.

These are the requirements to start working for amazon at home so you can start editing and writing content:

  • A computer with a Word processor (Office 365 is recommended)
  • Good online research skills
  •  Intermediate to advanced language skills
  • A Grammarly subscription for editing and checking for duplicate content or plagiarism.

If you are serious about working for amazon at home and being a writer or editor, I highly recommend setting up a personal website using platforms like Worpress.

By creating your own website you will be able to showcase your professional branding with a unique and catchy domain. Professional branding can put your name ahead of the pack, so you become more competitive and hireable.

We highly recommend using Bluehost as a web host, because they are a great starting off point for newbie freelancers and other work-from-home individuals.

And don’t forget to boost your site design with visual elements done professionally – try Creative Market for your graphic and typographic needs.

Amazon Data Entry Jobs

Many people who try working for Amazon at home for the first time begin with smaller roles like Amazon data entry jobs.

As an Amazon data entry worker, you will be in charge of preparing documents for data entry, entering information into softwares, testing new database systems and more.

If you already have previous experience, try finding data entry team lead jobs. This is one of the Amazon data entry jobs that may be offered remotely from time to time.

The requirements for data entry team leaders will vary from department to department since Amazon offers a mind-boggling amount of products.

For example, if the pharmacy department has an opening, you will be required to show proof that you have a pharmacy-related background.

So make sure to keep your eyes open to any Amazon data entry jobs that would be right for your personal skills sets.

Amazon Customer Service Jobs from Home

Amazon work from home customer service jobs are perfect for those with call center experience.

The average requirements are a high school diploma, at least twelve months of previous experience as an agent, and the ability to work from home.

Amazon work from home customer service jobs requires specific technical skills, including how to use chat programs, the ability to use professional email platforms, as well as access to Office 365.

Knowing how eCommerce sites like Amazon work will be helpful in order to get hired for the role.

If you have handled a similar position for another eCommerce company or business, then you are well on your way to landing an Amazon work from home customer service job.

Are you already an avid Amazon shopper?  Do you have enthusiasm for the brand and what it stands for?

Emphasize these facts during your interview. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with how Amazon presents itself to the public and its company culture.

For people who love or at least like customer service jobs, Amazon hires thousands of seasonal customer service agents every year.

The peak season begins in August, and even though the remote work that is frequently listed on Amazon jobs are not usually customer care, that doesn’t mean they don’t need people to fill those roles.

Software Development Engineer

This is one of the best online jobs from home roles available through Amazon’s virtual locations listings.

According to Amazon, you will be working in a challenging environment, handling sensitive information, with the ultimate goal of bringing the best retail experience to customers.

Software development engineers will also be working on innovative new solutions in a start-up environment.

The basic qualifications for this role are:  

  • Expertise in any of these programming languages (Java, C, C++, C#)
  • Experience in working with traditional waterfall or agile software lifecycles.
  • Three years of experience working with large scale systems
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, and other related fields
  • Two years of professional development experience (non-internship)
  • One year of experience in contributing to system design and architecture
  • Experience in programming with object-oriented designs

Amazon Recruiter

Another Amazon at home job that is perfect for people who have experience in human resources is recruitment.

Amazon careers come in all shapes and sizes, and with the recruiter role, the general expectations are:

  • You will be part of a dynamic recruiting team looking for new talents. Recruiter roles are assigned to a certain department beforehand, so you know what area of Amazon you will be working on.
  • You will be working to improve the talent acquisition process alongside your team.
  • You must be able to handle talent searches within a given amount of time. This Amazon at home job has tight deadlines and fast-paced timelines. If you love solving problems, this remote job should be a good choice.

The job requirements include having a Bachelor’s degree, three years of experience in technical recruiting, good networking skills, having an effective working relationship with fellow team members, strong communication skills, negotiation skills, organization skills, and the ability to pursue cost-conscious methods of sourcing new talent.

Remote jobs like this require people to have a knack for leading others, so the recruiter must be self-sufficient and do well even without supervision.

Executive Operations Leader

The Executive Operations Leader is one of the Amazon work from home jobs that are high paying. Right now, this role pays $200,000/year and has only three essential requirements:

  • You have one decade of experience in manufacturing operations
  • You have experience leading at least one hundred people
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree

The Executive Operations Leader is tied with Amazon’s Worldwide Operations Organization, which takes care of many US territories.

The EOL is responsible for leading, not just people, but also systems and processes that ensure that Amazon can fulfill all its promises regarding product availability and logistics.

Since this Amazon work from home job has more responsibilities, Amazon says that the right person should have the mentality of a business founder.

If you think you can manage a group of a thousand or more people in a physical space of around 1.2 million square feet, this is one of the Amazon jobs from home that might be perfect for you.

Amazon Health & Safety Manager

If you are looking to start a job working for Amazon at home in the occupational and health safety field, then becoming a Regional WHS Manager may be the right role for you.

These roles are listed in both on-site and virtual locations, so there’s a big chance that you can find Amazon jobs from home that relate to your skills or experiences in occupational safety and health.

According to Amazon, the Regional WHS Manager takes care of making working spaces more efficient, safer, and healthier.

The Regional WHS Manager will be working with the Operations Team in the specific virtual location (e.g., Maryland) to help execute policies and ensure compliance to regulations that are tried with national, state, and local laws and requirements.

The basic qualifications for this role are:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Safety, Environmental, Ergonomics, or any other related field or degree
  • At least five years’ experience in WHS and related programs in service operations, production, and manufacturing
  • Having excellent verbal and written skills, including the ability to integrate and relate with numerous site leaders easily
  • The ability to create programs suited for the tasks at hand and attainting department goals
  • High analytical skills and having the natural ability to solve problems

Amazon work-from-home jobs are excellent for a wide variety of professionals who want to build a career from the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re tired of working in your 9-5, or want to have a career change, working for Amazon at home is key to the transition.

Whether you are into customer service, software engineering, or content writing, Amazon Jobs has something to offer.


7 Airline jobs from home you can do remotely with major travel benefits!

Do you dream of landing a job where you can work from home that also comes with the perks of free travel? Well, it no longer needs to be a dream.

Nowadays, airline jobs from home are becoming a common practice. Airlines have realized that employees in customer service can do the job just as well when working from home.

And as a full-time employee, not only will you receive a full employee package including healthcare and paid time off, but you get some amazing travel perks!

Even working remote airline jobs, you get access to free travel on that airline’s flights. And typically, you receive discounts on flights on other airlines. And travel not just for yourself, but for family members, too. Not too shabby, right?

Well, if you thought it was near impossible to land such a job, think again. Though you need to live close to an airline’s call center, it’s not as difficult as you may think to getting at home airline jobs.

Requirements for Airline Jobs from Home

Great news! Experience is not necessary for most of the airline jobs from home. Though it does help, it is not mandatory. And, knowing a second language can be beneficial. But again, not necessary.

What you do need in order to apply to any of these airline remote jobs is that you are at least 18 years of age, legally able to work in the U.S., and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

A majority of the airline home-based jobs are Reservation and Customer Service Agents. As your workdays are spent interacting with customers, a strong set of communication skills, both written and spoken, are also preferred.

These airline jobs from home also involve performing problem-solving to resolve customer’s issues.

And for remote airline jobs, you will need a quiet place to work at home. If at all possible, create a home office space that is just for working.

This way you are away from home distractions. And, this way you can present a professional tone and environment to customers.

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Fine Print to Airline Remote Jobs

As amazing as working from home with major travel benefits sounds, there are a few things you need to be mindful of when working airline jobs from home.

First, though you are working these airline jobs from home, your home needs to be within a certain distance from either an airline’s hub or travel center. So, though the jobs are remote, there are geographical requirements.

This is because you are required to do onsite training after being hired. And during your employment, you will need to go into the office for training periodically or even work a few days a month at the location. Luckily, different airlines are located in various cities throughout the U.S.

And, you must remember that these airline jobs from home are primarily entry-level positions. So, you are looking at making somewhere between $10 and $16 an hour.

Plus, you must be available to work per the airline’s schedule. So, though these are remote airline jobs, they are not flexible jobs.

As all airline customer service representatives must be available for travelers 24/7, 365 days a year, you should expect to work some weekends and even holidays.

Generally, when you are starting out at a remote airline job, you may be given the less desirable shifts as the better shifts go to those with seniority.

Lastly, these airline home-based jobs don’t always have open positions. So, if this something you really want, you need to keep checking the job boards for each airline in order to apply. Another great place to check for remote airline jobs is on Flexjobs.

Home Based Airline Jobs

Here are the seven major U.S. based airlines that offer airline work from home jobs. Just as each airline is unique in its fleet, routes and destinations served, each has different location requirements for employees as well as different benefits offered. We break it all down for you for each airline.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has been operating for over 85 years and is now the fifth largest airline in the U.S. It serves over 44 million travelers a year.

Alaska Airlines flies to over 115 locations in four countries (U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica).

The biggest benefit of having an Alaska Airlines work at home job comes in the form of travel perks. As an employee, you get free unlimited travel not just for yourself but family members, too, on any Alaskan Airlines flight via stand by.

But you also receive discounts for full price fares. And there are also opportunities for fee-based stand by tickets on other airlines.

And Alaska Airlines work from home jobs still gets you a great benefits package. In addition to the amazing travel perks, there is holiday pay, paid time-off, health insurance, and 401K plans.

Alaska Airlines offers all its employees who work in its call centers the opportunity to work from home.

The call center and reservation agents handle a wide variety of issues and travel planning with Alaska Airline customers including changes in travel plans, reward programs, and booking flights.

Though there is the freedom to work from home, you must be able to come in to one of their call centers for training and work one day a month.

Not to mention that hiring events are in person, too. Their call centers are currently located in Kent, WA; Boise, ID; and Phoenix, AZ.

When hired, you must attend three weeks of training at the call center nearest your location. And you are responsible for all travel to and from the training.

If you live in the state but the drive is too far for each day, you are also responsible for arranging your accommodation.

Alaska Airlines will not make arrangements nor reimburse expenses. But once training is over, you are free to work from home. But each month, you must work for one day at the call center.

Even when working from home, you must be available to work 8-hour shifts five days week, holidays, weekends, and evenings included.

But Alaska Airlines does allow you the opportunity to trade shifts with other call center agents.

American Airlines

The world’s largest airline, American Airlines was founded in 1930. It now serves over 200 million customers a year, traveling to 350 destinations in 50 countries. Their headquarters are located in Forth Worth, TX.

As the largest airline in the world, there are more American Airlines work from home jobs regularly posted over other airlines.

Prospective employees need to be near their centers in Dallas/Forth Worth, TX; Miami, FL; or Cary, North Carolina. This is due to the fact that the hiring process includes face-to-face interviews. And, if hired, there is a 10-week onsite training program for on-boarding.

And if you think that the largest airline in the world would have great benefits, you would be right.

The major travel benefit is that qualified employees and their families can fly for free on American Airlines. You also receive discounts for hotels and rental cars, making vacations much more affordable.

In addition to the travel perks, American Airlines employees can also partake in the American Airlines Employee Discount Program.

This is an online marketplace where employees can save money on a number of services and products ranging from cell phone plans to entertainment.

Also, their benefits package includes health insurance, 401k plans, life insurance, and a wellness program.


Started in 1925, Delta Airlines now serves over 200 million travelers yearly traveling to 300 destinations in 50 countries.

It’s also a part of the SkyTeam Alliance partnering with global airlines including AeroMexico, Air France, and KLM. Its main headquarters are in Atlanta, GA.

Delta Airlines work from home jobs are slowly being introduced. So, when you go to their jobs page, do not be surprised by not seeing anything available.

You just need to keep checking before you find a reservations agent job that allows the freedom for working from home.

However, even for Delta Airlines work from home jobs, you are required to be on-site for 6-months of training. It’s only after the completion of training that you can start working from home.

Currently, their U.S. based locations for call centers are in Dallas, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Hibbing, MN; and Atlanta, GA.

At Delta Airlines, employee travel perks include worldwide pass travel privileges for any destination that Delta flies to, discounts on vacation packages, and reduced airfares on competing airlines.

In addition to the travel, Delta offers healthcare, paid time off and 401K plans.

Jet Blue

One of the newer players in air travel, Jet Blue is a low-cost airline now serving 42 million travelers a year.

Headquartered in Long Island City, NY, Jet Blue serves 100 destinations across the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America.

Jet Blue work from home jobs are for their Reservations Crew mostly at their centers in Salt Lake City, UT and Orlando, FL. It is worth noting that Jet Blue does prefer at least two years of customer service experience.

Even getting hired for one of the Jet Blue jobs from home, you are required to attend the Jet Blue University for training at their Orlando campus.

It doesn’t matter where you are based in the U.S., there’s no skipping the training at the Orlando campus.

When you work for Jet Blue, you and your dependents can fly for free on the airline, but only on flights with empty seats.

After six months of working with Jet Blue, additional travel perks become available. But it’s not just the travel perks you get.

Employee benefits include paid time off, health insurance, 401K plans, and an employee stock purchase plan.


Launching in 1971, Southwest has grown to become the world’s largest low-cost airline. It now serves over 134 million customers yearly, traveling to 102 destinations in 11 countries including Mexico, Cuba, Belize, and Costa Rica.

In 2019, Southwest Airlines was named as a Best Employer by Forbes. Their headquarters are in Dallas, TX.

The travel perks with Southwest are pretty incredible. As a Southwest employee, you receive free unlimited travel privileges for yourself and eligible dependents.

Southwest Airlines also has pass agreements with other airlines that you can take full advantage of as well as discounts with rental car agencies and hotels.

But that’s not all. Southwest Airlines also has a Southwest Airlines Gratitude (SWAG) points program where fellow employees and customers can send you recognition for a job well done. These points can then be transferred into Southwest guest passes or Rapid Rewards points.

In addition to the amazing travel perks, Southwest Airlines provides its employees with generous benefits packages that include health insurance, life insurance, 401K plans, paid time off, and an employee stock purchase plan.

Another big plus to Southwest Airlines is that they offer a larger variety of positions that are fully or partly remote beyond the normal Customer Service Agent in a number of their offices around the U.S.

However, qualifications for those jobs are different than a Customer Service Agent and more stringent.

It’s easier to find these airline jobs from home jobs on Flexjobs rather than Southwest Airlines job page.

United Airlines

The third-largest airline in the world, United Airlines is headquartered in Chicago, IL. United Airlines serves over 158 million travelers a year with 358 global destinations in 48 countries. United Airlines’ major hub locations are Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Washington DC; Newark, NJ; Denver, CO; San Francisco, CA; Salt Lake City, UT and Houston, TX.

United Airlines hires Reservation Agents as both full-time and part-time work from home positions. And though the positions are remote, all training is held at their hubs or call centers. 

Travel benefits at United Airlines include unlimited standby tickets as well as discounted fares on all United routes. And you also receive paid time off and sick leave as well as health insurance.

Virgin Atlantic

Conceived by Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic took its first flight in 1984. Currently, the airline is seeking to expand its routes to 103 destinations around the world.

Though based in the UK, Virgin Atlantic does have locations throughout the U.S. And they do occasionally post jobs for remote agents.

The travel perks that you can expect to reap at Virgin Atlantic include travel opportunities with Virgin Holidays and other travel partners.

You also participate in the Virgin Group discount scheme giving you reduced prices to Virgin products as well as other travel companies.

And besides the travel perks, both full-time and part-time positions receive benefit packages that include health insurance, paid time off, and 401K plans.

So, as you can see, there are opportunities for getting airline jobs from home with major travel benefits. It’s the best of both worlds.

Working from home and being able to travel for free. Yes, you do need to be in the right location geographically. But if you are, why not go for it? The world is waiting for you in your own home.

And with the trend of available airline jobs from home increasing, it’s only a matter of time before other U.S. based airlines join in. And that means even more opportunities for work from home airline jobs.

So, go on. Get your cake and eat it, too. Snag one of those airline jobs from home, and let your travel adventures begin.

remote resume guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


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