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20 Best Gift for Remote Employees They’ll Actually Love!

Are you looking for the best gifts for friends who work at home, but don’t know where to look?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

There are some really cool gadgets made specifically for remote workers.

These gadgets can help them stay organized and motivated by tracking their time and tasks, staying social with coworkers, and so much more!

If you’re ready to give the best gifts for online employees in your life, here are our top picks to get you started!

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Best Gifts for Employees that Work from Home: Shopping Tips

If you’re looking for the best work from home gifts, think about their day-to-day.

What do they need to stay motivated and organized?

What gadgets would make their lives easier?

Maybe you know them well enough that these questions don’t apply, but we bet there are some great gifts out there that you’ve never even thought about.

First, think about the types of work they’ll be doing.

For example, if they handle customer calls or manage an online store, a headset might make their day-to-day tasks easier.

If they often collaborate with coworkers over video conference calls, a wireless microphone or webcam might make those conversations more enjoyable.

If they work from home occasionally and travel often, a portable charger or luggage scale could be extremely useful!

But you also want to make sure that you are not getting something that they already have, so you might need to ask around first.

Most remote employees are always looking for ways to improve their day-to-day, so they’ll be excited to see any of these gifts that we’ve found for you!

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Want to learn how to create a stand out resume that will help you land an Online Job? Grab our Guide to help you perfect your pitch as a job seeker.

20 Best Gift for Remote Employees: What’s on Our Lists?

Here are some ideas that we know would make great gifts for people that work from home…

Webcam Cover Slide

Every remote worker has been on video conferences and have had issues with what to do to cover their cameras after their call.

From using tape to stickers, or even a small piece of paper, they all look messy and aren’t exactly the most secure.

This webcam cover slide is the perfect gift for remote employees!

A remote desktop Webcam Cover allows you to easily slide a polarized lens over the webcam on your laptop, and it’s just as easy to remove for when you need it!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Remote employees work in many different places, whether they are at home or traveling around the world.

They need to have headphones that can block out any noise so they can focus on their work.

A great pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a great addition to anyone’s desk to help them concentrate!

Extendable Selfie Stand

There are a lot of ways to use a selfie stand than just the obvious.

Whether to use it to film a how to video or to take pictures of your work, the possibilities are endless with this extendable selfie stand.

It is the perfect gift for remote employees, especially if they are social media savvy and have a more creative job.

Portable Wireless Charger

Remote employees are always on the go, which means they need a portable wireless charger to stay charged no matter where they are.

This gadget is flat and easy to fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack for travel!

It can also give you a ton of extra battery life, so it’ll be worth the purchase!

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

A great gift for those who work from home is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Since their home office is most likely not as big as the one they had when they were in an office, a wireless keyboard and mouse can help them feel more relaxed and inspired in their workspace.

You don’t want them falling behind because of a bad workstation, so why not give them this gift that they will actually use!


A houseplant is perfect for remote employees who work from home, because they need a companion that doesn’t mind their erratic schedule.

This Monstera is a great gift to give because it is one of the top air purifying plant to get rid of harmful air in any home.

Plus it’s so pretty that we’re sure it will be a huge hit with any remote worker!

Temperature Controlled Mug

Remote employees have a lot of things to worry about, but their coffee shouldn’t be one of them.

This Temperature Controlled Mug will keep any drink the perfect temperature for a longer period of time!

It is the ultimate gift for those who work from home and need that cup o’ joe to stay hot.

Back Massage Pillow

Many online workers spend many hours at their desk, and may end up having some back issues because of it.

A great gift that keeps on giving is this heated massage pillow which will help to relieve any tension they may be feeling.

It’s also compact enough to travel anywhere, making this gift perfect for those who work from home!

Phone Holder and Speaker

Having entertainment while you work is a must to make sure you stay motivated and focused.

This elephant phone holder and speaker is great because it lets the remote employee focus on their work while still being entertained!

It can be easily set up on any desk, which makes it the perfect gift for remote employees to make their workspace more enjoyable!

External Hard Drive

Online workers have a lot of important information at their fingertips, so it’d be super convenient if they had an external hard drive to store all of their work!

This gadget ensures that everything is backed up and safe wherever they go so they don’t have to worry about losing anything.

It will make their lives 10x easier, making it the perfect gift for remote employees.

Portable Sewing Kit

Many digital workers are always on the move, which means that items may get lost or damaged.

This sewing kit is great because it’s compact and perfect for travel.

If something ever gets torn or needs to be sewn back together, this could definitely come in handy!

That way they don’t have to worry about it falling apart on them while they’re out doing things they enjoy!

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Staying active is important for remote employees, especially if they work from home.

A Fitbit is a great gift for them because it can track steps taken and calories burned to ensure that the user stays fit while working!

Online workers need all of the motivation they can get to stay healthy and not be glued to their desk chair the entire day, so this is the perfect gift for remote employees.


Many people love the tradition of getting a new planner every year, and this gift is perfect for online workers!

Planners come in a variety of different designs and sizes, which means there’s one out there for everyone!

Remote employees who work from home need something to keep track of all their appointments, deadlines, and meetings – planners are a must-have for those who work from home!

Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Online workers might not always have time to clean their workspaces, which is why they could definitely use a mini desk vacuum cleaner!

This device instantly makes any dirty surface spotless and can be used with one hand.

If they always want to keep the workspace looking nice and clean, this gadget will help them do just that.

International Snack Mix

This international snack mix is awesome because it has different flavors from different parts of the world!

Remote employees will love experiencing new flavors while getting to work, and this gift is a unique way to show them that you appreciate their hard work!

Amazon Alexa Speaker

The Amazon Alexa speaker is the perfect gift for remote employees because it’s easy to use and always on hand!

Workers can ask this device questions about anything, get information about products they’re interested in, and get directions whenever they get lost.

This device also has a lot of entertainment that will keep them entertained while they work!

Tablet Holder

Many remote workers always have their tablets on hand to take notes, look at documents, and more.

This tablet holder is awesome because it lets people prop up their tablet so they can watch videos or read articles while still being able to type on the computer!

This gadget makes it 10x easier for them to do both, so they’ll never have to choose what to work on first.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon is basically a life-saver for remote employees, so it would be great if they could get an Amazon Prime membership!

This membership allows the user to get free two-day shipping and other benefits, which is perfect for people who frequently order items online.

Online workers can also use this membership to watch movies and TV shows whenever they don’t feel like working!

Smart Light Bulbs

If there is any struggle with staying focused, they could use a pair of smart light bulbs to help them!

These lights have adjustable brightness and color, which means the user can dim the lights or change them from white to yellow so their eyes will feel more comfortable.

Remote employees who work from home sometimes spend hours staring at a screen, so this gadget would be a great gift.

Standing Desk

Anyone who works from home will appreciate a standing desk!

Even though they don’t have to leave the house for work, many workers still stand at their desks when they get tired of sitting all day long.

This is why a standing desk would make a great gift for remote employees because it will keep them from getting tired while they work.

Food Dehydrator

If remoters don’t have time to cook during the week, they can still eat healthy with a dehydrator!

This gadget makes fresh fruits and vegetables last longer by removing water from them so all they have to do is take out their ingredients and snack!

There are also plenty of different recipes that anyone could use!

Are you ready to send gifts to your work from home friends?

Online workers need all the help they can get to stay efficient and on task with their work.

Fortunately, there are tons of gadgets available that can help them stay organized, motivated, and enjoy their work while working from home!

If you know someone who works remotely, this list is a great place to start when buying them a gift.

They’ll love all of these devices that will help make their lives easier while working outside of an office!

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and choose the perfect gift for remote employees you know they’ll love!


Beginner’s Guide to Swap Housing

House swapping has been around for a long time, but many people are still unaware that it can allow you to travel the world without spending too much cash!

With almost no overhead costs it will give you a lot more freedom on your trip.

But many people do not want to swap housing because they might be afraid of what will happen.

So, to help make your first house swap as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a few tips to keep you safe and comfortable during your stay.

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Swap Housing Meaning

House swapping is when two or more people sign up on a home exchange website and agree to stay in each other’s homes for a certain period of time.

Typically, you will be able to list the dates and length of your stay and the owner of the home will be able to do the same.

When you find someone you want to swap homes with, all it takes is a quick email and maybe a video call to confirm the arrangement.

Swap Housing Tips

If you are ready to start finding people to swap homes with, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

Find a reputable swap housing website.

There are many websites for swapping homes, but not all of them are legit.

That is why before agreeing to anything, make sure to check out the policies to see if there are any ridiculous or unfair terms for either party.

Make sure that both parties have complete trust in each other.

If you’re afraid that your prospective house swapper will not stay true to their word, then you should look for a different host or guest.

When it comes down to it, trust is the key to a successful house swap!

Be prepared with extra supplies.  

As with any guests coming into your home for an extended period of time, be prepared to have extra food, toiletries, and anything else that your swappers might need while staying with you.

Be prepared for the worst.    

You never know what might happen while your swappers are staying in your home.

It is always good to have some contingency plans in the event that something goes wrong.

Providing them with emergency phone numbers to call and having a first aid kit nearby are just a few things that you may want to have on hand during their stay.

Be flexible.  

While house swapping, your guests will be spending several days or weeks in your home.

Because of this, it is important to be understanding if they are ever running behind on their end or if something unexpected comes up that stops them from meeting the initial expectations.

However, do not make them feel like they can get away with anything and everything under the sun either!

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Want to learn how to create a stand out resume that will help you land an Online Job? Grab our Guide to help you perfect your pitch as a job seeker.

What guests will expect during the house swap

Once you have decided to swap homes, it is important to know what the expectations are for both of you so that everyone is on the same page.

Here are a few things that people normally expect when staying at your home:

A clean house.  

It’s important to have a clean house when you are expecting guests.

This means that all areas of your home should all be tidy and neat, which includes bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Comfortable beds, with clean sheets.  

We all like to sleep in comfort, so make sure to have clean sheets on all of your beds.

Remember, you want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable!

Reliable Wi-Fi connection.  

People expect a strong internet connection when they travel these days, so make sure your Wi-Fi is reliable before you expect people to use it.

Also, be sure to share the wifi password with your guests, to avoid any inconvenience.

An overall friendly atmosphere.  

In order for house swapping to run smoothly, people need to be able to feel at home in your place.

Even if you are not a naturally hospitable person, try and let your swappers feel welcome when they arrive by providing them thoughtful welcome gifts.

A safe environment.  

When people are traveling, they will want to feel safe and secure in your home.

Talk to your swappers about staying safe and making themselves at home during their stay.

This way, you can make sure everyone is respected and feels good in the space they are staying in.

Reliable transportation.  

Even though it will not be part of your responsibility to make sure that your guests can get around town, knowing routes and having a general idea of how long it might take to get to different places can be very helpful.

So make sure to share tips on the best transportation to nearby places and main attractions.

How do I leave my home while I am away?

Leaving your home while you are away can be a little scary, especially because you will need to trust that your potential swappers are going to respect your home and leave it the way they found it.

Here are some ideas on how you can ensure that everything will be alright while you’re away:

Have them sign a contract.

When you’ve found your ideal house swapper, make sure that they agree to the terms that you have set for them to follow while they are in your home.

Ideally, the website that you use to house swap should have a contract so that the swappers have to agree to a set of rules.

By doing this, you will know exactly what they are responsible for while they are in your home and vice versa.

Leave a spare key in a very hidden spot.

If your swapper does somehow find themselves locked out of your house then leaving a spare key somewhere in the home will at least give them access to it so that they can let themselves in.

If you do not think having any extra keys lying around is safe, another option could be leaving an extra key with a trusted neighbor or friend that lives near your house.

What to look for when choosing a house swapper

There are many different things that you want to take into consideration when selecting the ideal house swapper.

Here are some ideas on what to keep in mind:

Are they responsible?

One of the most important things to think about when you are looking for a house swapper is their level of responsibility.

Before accepting a house swap, make sure that the person you’re dealing with is going to be able to respect your home, clean up after themselves, and leave it in the same condition they found it.

Ask them questions about their experience house swapping or living in a different country.

That way you have a better understanding of their experience and how they handle situations.

Do they have children?

If your potential swappers are traveling with their kids, then your situation will be a bit more different than if you were house swapping without any children involved.

It is important to remember that if there are children in the home you will need to determine whether your home is child friendly.

Make sure that any sharp corners or items you don’t want to be knocked over are out of reach and cannot be played with.

Will they respect my privacy?

Though it may be exciting to live in someone else’s home for a little while, make sure that your potential house swapper also respects your privacy and space while they are there.

If you are open to swapping with them, then they should be okay with having the place to themselves for a little while.

It is important that everyone involved knows what is expected of them so that their stay is pleasant and they don’t feel uncomfortable or unwelcome at your house.

10 Best Sites to Start House Swapping

Now that you know how to find a trustworthy house swapper and what you need to do once they arrive at your place, here is a list of the best websites that you can use if you want to start swapping homes:


HomeExchange is the original website created for people who are interested in swapping homes with other travelers around the world.

To get started, members have to set up a profile, and then they can start exchanging their homes almost immediately.

Their annual membership fee is $150 which includes unlimited home exchanges for 12 months, property protection, member support and so much more.

HomeLink International

A membership-based site where you will have access to thousands of listings in different locations around the world.

HomeLink is a great resource for those who are looking for an extended stay in another country, like a long-term home exchange.

They also have American homes available if you want to find someone you can swap with close to the United States.

If you don’t mind paying an annual fee of $105, then it is definitely worth checking out their website and profiles today.


Is a website that was created specifically for homeowners who want to lease out their property to travelers looking to swap housing or short-term rental.

HouseTrip includes homes all over the world, even in locations that are usually very hard to find on other sites.

If you are looking for homes in Europe, then this site is definitely worth checking out.

Be sure to look at their website if you are interested in swapping your home or temporarily renting it out to someone else who will be traveling near the area where you live.

You can sign up for free and pay just 3% per booking.

Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap allows you to swap housing with someone else in their network for as long as you like.

You will have access to thousands of listings across 100 different countries if you decide to join their website today.

Their standard membership fee is $13 monthly billed annually.

swap housing

Home for Swap

Home for Swap is a great place to begin your house swapping adventures.

You will have access to over 10,000 members from 120 different countries if you choose to use their site as a resource every day.

The best part about this website is that they offer a 24-hour support service if you need it during a swap or booking.

Their annual fee is 70 €, which allows you to list your property and connect with other users who you can swap housing with.

Holiday Swap

Holiday Swap allows you to swap housing with other people in over 100 countries so that you can stay in a new and exciting destination without having to spend too much money.

This website allows you to try the site for free for 30 days and gives you the option to sign up for the premium membership for only $10 a month.

The premium membership includes email support, property boost, a 14-day property damage guarantee, and much more.

Switch Homes

Switch Homes allows you to find homes all over the world so you can travel easily without having to spend too much money.

Currently, their site has rental listings in locations like Australia, France, United Kingdom, and more.

Their site is easy to use because they have individual property profiles for each listed homes.

All you have to do is sign up for their free membership (with no yearly fees) and then search through the available homes.

With all of these home exchange websites online, you will have access to thousands of homes all over the world.

No matter what country you want to travel to or how long you plan to stay there, it is easy to use if you don’t mind paying a small monthly fee for their services.

Remember that memberships on these websites are affordable for the most part, but always read their policies before accepting any offers or making any bookings with them.

House exchange Pros and Cons

Staying in a new home while you are traveling is oftentimes more exciting than finding a hotel room.

However, we will now take a look at some of the pros and cons with home exchanges so that you can make the best decision for yourself.


•  Picking up new skills along the way, like cooking dishes that are native to the region you are visiting.

•  If you are interested in interior design, then swapping homes will allow you to see how other people decorate their homes.

•  Some homeowners who sign up for this type of housing exchange will give you free access to their amenities such as pools and hot tubs.

•  Saving money on accommodation all over the world is easier than ever when you use one of these websites to swap homes with someone.

•  You can connect with other like-minded people who are also looking for places to stay while they are traveling.


•  Not all property owners will be good at communicating, which could lead to some awkward situations if you end up swapping homes with a person who doesn’t respond in a timely manner.

•  You might not feel comfortable staying in someone else’s home when you aren’t familiar with the area they live in.

•  Property owners may make demands that you are not okay with when it comes to their house rules while you are living there for a certain period of time.

•  Some homeowners might have additional plans for you during your stay, which you will need to discuss before making any agreements with them.

At the end of the day, it is up to each individual to decide if house swapping is right for them or not.

Remember that communication is key when using these types of housing exchange websites, so always make sure you confirm all of your plans with your potential host before making any agreements with them.

swap housing

How to swap houses safely

One of the biggest concerns people have when they swap housing is how safe it will be for them to live in someone else’s home.

We’ll take a look at some ways you can stay as safe while you are swapping homes with someone you don’t know.

Read each homeowner’s reviews and ratings before making any agreements with them.

If there are other people who are currently using this person’s services, then they should have testimonials or reviews that you can read through before finalizing an agreement.

Watch each homeowner’s interactions with other people

If they are rude to their customers in public, then they will probably be just as rude when they are hosting you in their home.

Make sure you have a backup plan in case anything happens with your host

If they are not willing to work with you, then you can always find another homeowner who is interested in house swapping.

Don’t be afraid to step up and speak up for yourself

If you feel as though the homeowner is treating you unfairly, then let them know that you will not stand for it.

Get references from your potential host before agreeing to anything

This is a great way to check up on them and see what other people have experienced when they have used this person’s hosting services in the past.

Do not be afraid to report dangerous situations

If you feel that you are in danger at any time when you are staying with someone, then contact the authorities.

House swapping can be a great way to travel the world, but it is important that you stay safe throughout the entire process.

As long as you use common sense when you swap housing, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find an exchange that fits your lifestyle and budget.

remote work guide

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Home Swapping: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still hesitant about participating in house swapping, then it may be helpful for you to read the most frequently asked questions below.

1. How does it work?

•  Find a reputable website to swap housing and sign up to become a member

•  Then find a homeowner who is living in your desired destination.

•  Find out how often they would like their home swapped and if you are okay with the length of time between swaps.

•  Agree on terms for swapping homes, which can include money, cheques, home swapping, or any other type of payment.

•  Once you have swapped homes with them, enjoy your trip!

2.  Are house swapping websites free?

Some housing exchange websites do allow you to swap homes for free or give you the option to pay in order to access more features on their site.

Make sure to read the terms of service for each website that you sign up with to find out if any of them include free swaps, or want you to pay money for their services.

3.  What is the best website for swapping homes?

The best website to use will depend on a few factors, including your personal preferences and what kind of exchange you are looking for.

Make sure to read each website’s reviews, terms of service, and frequently asked questions before making any agreements with them.

4.  What are the types of housing exchanges?

There are three different types of housing exchanges – direct swaps, homestays, and house sitting.

Each one is slightly different than the others, so make sure that you know how each one works before committing to any agreements with homeowners.

5.  Do I need to have a certain type of home in order to swap housing?

No, you do not need a certain type of home in order to swap with someone. Many homeowners prefer to have a larger house, but others will exchange homes with smaller properties as well.

Now that you have made it through our beginner’s guide for house swapping, we hope that you feel confident in your ability to complete this process.

If you follow the advice listed above, then it should be smooth sailing through your first experience with house swapping.

So what are you waiting for?

Start searching through the list of housing exchange websites right now so you can make your dreams of traveling the world come true.


7 Airline jobs from home you can do remotely with major travel benefits!

Do you dream of landing a job where you can work from home that also comes with the perks of free travel? Well, it no longer needs to be a dream.

Nowadays, airline jobs from home are becoming a common practice. Airlines have realized that employees in customer service can do the job just as well when working from home.

And as a full-time employee, not only will you receive a full employee package including healthcare and paid time off, but you get some amazing travel perks!

Even working remote airline jobs, you get access to free travel on that airline’s flights. And typically, you receive discounts on flights on other airlines. And travel not just for yourself, but for family members, too. Not too shabby, right?

Well, if you thought it was near impossible to land such a job, think again. Though you need to live close to an airline’s call center, it’s not as difficult as you may think to getting at home airline jobs.

Requirements for Airline Jobs from Home

Great news! Experience is not necessary for most of the airline jobs from home. Though it does help, it is not mandatory. And, knowing a second language can be beneficial. But again, not necessary.

What you do need in order to apply to any of these airline remote jobs is that you are at least 18 years of age, legally able to work in the U.S., and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

A majority of the airline home-based jobs are Reservation and Customer Service Agents. As your workdays are spent interacting with customers, a strong set of communication skills, both written and spoken, are also preferred.

These airline jobs from home also involve performing problem-solving to resolve customer’s issues.

And for remote airline jobs, you will need a quiet place to work at home. If at all possible, create a home office space that is just for working.

This way you are away from home distractions. And, this way you can present a professional tone and environment to customers.

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Fine Print to Airline Remote Jobs

As amazing as working from home with major travel benefits sounds, there are a few things you need to be mindful of when working airline jobs from home.

First, though you are working these airline jobs from home, your home needs to be within a certain distance from either an airline’s hub or travel center. So, though the jobs are remote, there are geographical requirements.

This is because you are required to do onsite training after being hired. And during your employment, you will need to go into the office for training periodically or even work a few days a month at the location. Luckily, different airlines are located in various cities throughout the U.S.

And, you must remember that these airline jobs from home are primarily entry-level positions. So, you are looking at making somewhere between $10 and $16 an hour.

Plus, you must be available to work per the airline’s schedule. So, though these are remote airline jobs, they are not flexible jobs.

As all airline customer service representatives must be available for travelers 24/7, 365 days a year, you should expect to work some weekends and even holidays.

Generally, when you are starting out at a remote airline job, you may be given the less desirable shifts as the better shifts go to those with seniority.

Lastly, these airline home-based jobs don’t always have open positions. So, if this something you really want, you need to keep checking the job boards for each airline in order to apply. Another great place to check for remote airline jobs is on Flexjobs.

Home Based Airline Jobs

Here are the seven major U.S. based airlines that offer airline work from home jobs. Just as each airline is unique in its fleet, routes and destinations served, each has different location requirements for employees as well as different benefits offered. We break it all down for you for each airline.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has been operating for over 85 years and is now the fifth largest airline in the U.S. It serves over 44 million travelers a year.

Alaska Airlines flies to over 115 locations in four countries (U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica).

The biggest benefit of having an Alaska Airlines work at home job comes in the form of travel perks. As an employee, you get free unlimited travel not just for yourself but family members, too, on any Alaskan Airlines flight via stand by.

But you also receive discounts for full price fares. And there are also opportunities for fee-based stand by tickets on other airlines.

And Alaska Airlines work from home jobs still gets you a great benefits package. In addition to the amazing travel perks, there is holiday pay, paid time-off, health insurance, and 401K plans.

Alaska Airlines offers all its employees who work in its call centers the opportunity to work from home.

The call center and reservation agents handle a wide variety of issues and travel planning with Alaska Airline customers including changes in travel plans, reward programs, and booking flights.

Though there is the freedom to work from home, you must be able to come in to one of their call centers for training and work one day a month.

Not to mention that hiring events are in person, too. Their call centers are currently located in Kent, WA; Boise, ID; and Phoenix, AZ.

When hired, you must attend three weeks of training at the call center nearest your location. And you are responsible for all travel to and from the training.

If you live in the state but the drive is too far for each day, you are also responsible for arranging your accommodation.

Alaska Airlines will not make arrangements nor reimburse expenses. But once training is over, you are free to work from home. But each month, you must work for one day at the call center.

Even when working from home, you must be available to work 8-hour shifts five days week, holidays, weekends, and evenings included.

But Alaska Airlines does allow you the opportunity to trade shifts with other call center agents.

American Airlines

The world’s largest airline, American Airlines was founded in 1930. It now serves over 200 million customers a year, traveling to 350 destinations in 50 countries. Their headquarters are located in Forth Worth, TX.

As the largest airline in the world, there are more American Airlines work from home jobs regularly posted over other airlines.

Prospective employees need to be near their centers in Dallas/Forth Worth, TX; Miami, FL; or Cary, North Carolina. This is due to the fact that the hiring process includes face-to-face interviews. And, if hired, there is a 10-week onsite training program for on-boarding.

And if you think that the largest airline in the world would have great benefits, you would be right.

The major travel benefit is that qualified employees and their families can fly for free on American Airlines. You also receive discounts for hotels and rental cars, making vacations much more affordable.

In addition to the travel perks, American Airlines employees can also partake in the American Airlines Employee Discount Program.

This is an online marketplace where employees can save money on a number of services and products ranging from cell phone plans to entertainment.

Also, their benefits package includes health insurance, 401k plans, life insurance, and a wellness program.


Started in 1925, Delta Airlines now serves over 200 million travelers yearly traveling to 300 destinations in 50 countries.

It’s also a part of the SkyTeam Alliance partnering with global airlines including AeroMexico, Air France, and KLM. Its main headquarters are in Atlanta, GA.

Delta Airlines work from home jobs are slowly being introduced. So, when you go to their jobs page, do not be surprised by not seeing anything available.

You just need to keep checking before you find a reservations agent job that allows the freedom for working from home.

However, even for Delta Airlines work from home jobs, you are required to be on-site for 6-months of training. It’s only after the completion of training that you can start working from home.

Currently, their U.S. based locations for call centers are in Dallas, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Hibbing, MN; and Atlanta, GA.

At Delta Airlines, employee travel perks include worldwide pass travel privileges for any destination that Delta flies to, discounts on vacation packages, and reduced airfares on competing airlines.

In addition to the travel, Delta offers healthcare, paid time off and 401K plans.

Jet Blue

One of the newer players in air travel, Jet Blue is a low-cost airline now serving 42 million travelers a year.

Headquartered in Long Island City, NY, Jet Blue serves 100 destinations across the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America.

Jet Blue work from home jobs are for their Reservations Crew mostly at their centers in Salt Lake City, UT and Orlando, FL. It is worth noting that Jet Blue does prefer at least two years of customer service experience.

Even getting hired for one of the Jet Blue jobs from home, you are required to attend the Jet Blue University for training at their Orlando campus.

It doesn’t matter where you are based in the U.S., there’s no skipping the training at the Orlando campus.

When you work for Jet Blue, you and your dependents can fly for free on the airline, but only on flights with empty seats.

After six months of working with Jet Blue, additional travel perks become available. But it’s not just the travel perks you get.

Employee benefits include paid time off, health insurance, 401K plans, and an employee stock purchase plan.


Launching in 1971, Southwest has grown to become the world’s largest low-cost airline. It now serves over 134 million customers yearly, traveling to 102 destinations in 11 countries including Mexico, Cuba, Belize, and Costa Rica.

In 2019, Southwest Airlines was named as a Best Employer by Forbes. Their headquarters are in Dallas, TX.

The travel perks with Southwest are pretty incredible. As a Southwest employee, you receive free unlimited travel privileges for yourself and eligible dependents.

Southwest Airlines also has pass agreements with other airlines that you can take full advantage of as well as discounts with rental car agencies and hotels.

But that’s not all. Southwest Airlines also has a Southwest Airlines Gratitude (SWAG) points program where fellow employees and customers can send you recognition for a job well done. These points can then be transferred into Southwest guest passes or Rapid Rewards points.

In addition to the amazing travel perks, Southwest Airlines provides its employees with generous benefits packages that include health insurance, life insurance, 401K plans, paid time off, and an employee stock purchase plan.

Another big plus to Southwest Airlines is that they offer a larger variety of positions that are fully or partly remote beyond the normal Customer Service Agent in a number of their offices around the U.S.

However, qualifications for those jobs are different than a Customer Service Agent and more stringent.

It’s easier to find these airline jobs from home jobs on Flexjobs rather than Southwest Airlines job page.

United Airlines

The third-largest airline in the world, United Airlines is headquartered in Chicago, IL. United Airlines serves over 158 million travelers a year with 358 global destinations in 48 countries. United Airlines’ major hub locations are Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Washington DC; Newark, NJ; Denver, CO; San Francisco, CA; Salt Lake City, UT and Houston, TX.

United Airlines hires Reservation Agents as both full-time and part-time work from home positions. And though the positions are remote, all training is held at their hubs or call centers. 

Travel benefits at United Airlines include unlimited standby tickets as well as discounted fares on all United routes. And you also receive paid time off and sick leave as well as health insurance.

Virgin Atlantic

Conceived by Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic took its first flight in 1984. Currently, the airline is seeking to expand its routes to 103 destinations around the world.

Though based in the UK, Virgin Atlantic does have locations throughout the U.S. And they do occasionally post jobs for remote agents.

The travel perks that you can expect to reap at Virgin Atlantic include travel opportunities with Virgin Holidays and other travel partners.

You also participate in the Virgin Group discount scheme giving you reduced prices to Virgin products as well as other travel companies.

And besides the travel perks, both full-time and part-time positions receive benefit packages that include health insurance, paid time off, and 401K plans.

So, as you can see, there are opportunities for getting airline jobs from home with major travel benefits. It’s the best of both worlds.

Working from home and being able to travel for free. Yes, you do need to be in the right location geographically. But if you are, why not go for it? The world is waiting for you in your own home.

And with the trend of available airline jobs from home increasing, it’s only a matter of time before other U.S. based airlines join in. And that means even more opportunities for work from home airline jobs.

So, go on. Get your cake and eat it, too. Snag one of those airline jobs from home, and let your travel adventures begin.

remote resume guide

Before applying to your ideal online job, make sure to create a remote job resume that will stand out above the rest. If you are unsure how to get started, no worries, we have created a resume guide that will point you in the right direction.


How to Become Debt-Free as a Digital Nomad

The #1 Reason You’re Not Earning What You Want

Hey there! I am so excited to have an incredible guest post today by Christy Renee Stehle who is an author, speaker and mindset coach.

From sick and overweight to traveling 20 countries in 2016 and over 30 total, she’s lived many chapters in her 31 years. Christy now travels the world full-time teaching overachieving nomads how to find their brains’ off switch, love who they see in the mirror, and attract powerful freedom.

You can Download Christy’s free course on How to Be a Money Magnet 7-day series here: https://www.christyrenee.co/7-day-money-magnet 

You can listen to her podcast episode where she shares how to go from sick and overweight to becoming a nomadic abundance coach.

Have you ever done something so asinine that if a friend suggested it you would laugh in their face?

I have.

In a wild burst of courage that still surprises me at times, in July 2018 I let go of every safety net I had in my life. I said goodbye to the boyfriend I’d had since childhood, I donated everything I had accumulated in my two years abroad —save for one small carry-on suitcase — I quit the lifeless job I couldn’t stand and embarked on the craziest journey I had yet to date. With a one-way ticket in my shaky hands, I set out to travel the world with no money.

At the time I had this one suitcase, no job, $10k of student debt, $1000 bucks in the bank, and two halfway maxed out credit cards to my name. It was a crazy idea, I hardly had a plan for making money on the road at all. All I knew was that I didn’t want just another dull job while traveling; I craved something more, something purposeful.

Two years ago my life looked “perfect.” I had a location-independent job while traveling, making money on the road with a good income, a “perfect relationship,” and had visited 30 countries before my 30th birthday….yet still I wasn’t happy.

I thought that there was something so wrong with me that I had so much of what I once dreamt of in life, and still I awoke anxious each and every morning. It was easier for me to avoid any of the harsh realities of the life I was living, and so instead of examining the source of my crippling anxiety, I did what I was trained to do: I swept that shit under the rug and practiced ‘positive thinking.’ 

I invested my efforts into fixing a life that no longer fit and focused on making the best of my situation.

The truth was, I worked most nights until midnight and started again at four a.m. I was performing a job I couldn’t stand for clients that drained every bit of my energy. I was the sole breadwinner — and had been for two years — and my partner criticized me anytime I expressed any emotion other than happiness.

I spent money on things I didn’t need in order to feel better, and I was numbing myself with wine and cannabis every…single…day. As a formerly-identified overachieving perfectionist, admitting that life, that city, that relationship wasn’t right for me was my worst nightmare. And so for a long time I avoided it.

My own inner fears of failing, looking weak, and letting go had me fighting a war inside my own mind: I was constantly battling between the anxiety screaming in my head and my conditioning to just ‘be positive.’ Finally, finally, I got to a breaking point.

I knew something had to change. I had recently been introduced to the personal development company Mindvalley, and for weeks afterward their programs routinely appeared on my social media feeds.

Their university program looked amazing; a rotating campus every year, a like-minded community of people who craved travel, wealth, and purpose out of life, it sounded like a dream come true, yet I did what I was trained to do once again….I told myself I couldn’t afford it.

Instead, I jumped feet first into the company’s free content and there I discovered one trick so simple, it changed my entire world.


The Secret Recipe to Becoming Debt-Free: I Am Enough

Deep down do you really think it’s possible for you to live abundantly, traveling the world debt-free as a digital nomad? Do you actually feel worthy of the life you dream of? I invite you to pause now and get really honest with yourself and journal your thoughts before continuing to read. Do you believe it’s possible for you? Do. You. Feel. Worthy?

Our minds are masters at deception. If you’re like I was, perhaps you’re allowing yourself to believe you think you are worthy….After I really starting examining my behaviors, I realized that if I felt truly worthy there would be no way I would be living as I was.

Three little words: I am enough.

These simple words changed my life. Taken from Britain’s top physiologist to the stars, Marissa Peer, this phrase written in red dry-erase on my bathroom mirror started my journey to financial freedom.

I began valuing myself more, and it became clear that the day-to-day decisions I was making weren’t in alignment with the person I said I wanted to become. Slowly at first, I began enacting changes and soon found myself on the road to travel the world with no money.

The Limit Does Not Exists: How Going into Debt Got Me Out of Debt

After I was acing as if I believed I was worthy (a cornerstone of financial freedom), magic started to happen. The month-long university program would have set my partner and I back around three thousand dollars, yet as if by divine serendipity, tickets were suddenly offered to us by an expecting couple for a whopping $850.

Even still, we “couldn’t afford it.” We owed thousands in debt and with the intensity of the program, I didn’t think I could keep up with my job while traveling.

Have you ever had one of those out of body experiences where electricity shoots up and down your spine and your fingers and toes get all tingly? This experience of combined energy in my body and the serendipity of the tickets was too strong a force to ignore, and even though I didn’t have a plan to be making money on the road, I finally had the confidence to believe in myself, and so I booked the tickets straightaway on my credit card. 

At Mindvalley University I studied from some of the best and most brilliant minds across a wide range of topics. I absorbed knowledge nine hours a day, five days a week. Shockingly, I was so empowered by all this new information that I didn’t stress about my job while traveling.

Instead, I ate it up. There, I learned paradigm-shifting practices to remove limiting beliefs. I felt my mind expand in new ways upon learning the most surprising limit of all: the ‘truth’ that ‘it’s bad to go into debt’ was in fact just a myth. A false limiting belief that I, like many before me, held onto from society. Money in the bank, I learned, was merely potential energy. Only once we invest it does it become kinetic.

And when we invest it consciously — that is spending it on things we value — it flows and circulates, and most importantly — it returns. Old belief after old belief of mine continued to shatter from these exercises, and soon I found myself fully understanding the inner workings of money.

How Energy Management Sets Digital Nomads Free

Back before my life as a nomad, I suffered from gut disease so debilitating, I once thought it impossible to live life on the road. Forget the challenge of how to travel the world with no money…Traveling with gut disease this bad? To an aspiring digital nomad, it felt like a death sentence.

It was in this dark time that I was gifted the most important lesson of my life to this day. As an American without health insurance, I developed a newfound self-responsibility so profound that I became clear on how to manage my energy.

I learned surprising things that drained me daily and discovered exercises I could practice to amplify my energy inside. While the journey took years, once I discovered the right combination, everything clicked. Within three months my partner and I were selling everything we owned and planning an open-ended trip around the world.

After learning at MVU that money was just another form of energy, a way to exchange energetic value, I felt that crazy spark ignite in me once more. Would I be able to apply the same techniques that healed my body back then to heal my finances now?

When healing my gut issues, I noticed a difference made based on the energy I showed up in. If I was excited to eat a food versus feeling guilty or lacking…my body actually responded differently. I tested this theory out with my finances, and began to notice when I got excited about money parting from my hands…more money returned to me in weird ways.

The more I prioritized alkaline foods in my diet over those that were acidic, the more power I noticed my thoughts began to have, and the more power my thoughts began to have, the more abundance I was able to attract. Habits like overthinking, spending mornings glued to my phone, and avoiding self-honesty drained my energy, and as crazy as it seemed at first, I noticed once I changed my patterns, abundance flowed to me in increasingly new and unexpected ways. 

Replacing the Study of Poverty with the Study of Wealth

Most of us, I feel, are familiar with the old adage, energy flows where attention goes. I’ve long wondered why so many of us who wish to increase our bank accounts, in that case, focus solely on budgeting. If money is an energy, doesn’t it stand to reason that if we focus our attention on the money that leaves our accounts that it would only create more of the same? 

I decided to put the theory to the test, and was ecstatic when I discovered that both physics and biology backed this theory of abundance tracking. 

The Reticular Activator System is the bundle of nerves at our brainstems that filters unnecessary information from that which we deem “important.” It separates what we focus on into our conscious mind and separates everything that isn’t “important” into our subconscious mind. How does it know what’s important? We tell it. Have you ever noticed if you start paying attention to white cars, suddenly, you’ll see white cars everywhere?

There aren’t miraculously more of them, they’ve always been there, yet now you’ve deemed white cars a worthy stimulus to your brain’s software system. This principle holds true with both opportunities and abundance. As humans, if we are always focused on situations that make us feel negative, our brains will believe negative situations to be important to us, and therefore will filter out more and more negative situations. If we place our focus on what leaves our account, our brain will think money leaving is important to us. 

How do we solve this problem? We just focus on the ways money is already working for us. I advise my clients to paint a picture of where their money goes, cancel any unnecessary subscriptions services, tidy up limiting habits, and then stop tracking what goes out — instead of tracking only what comes in.

I have a note app on my phone in which I track the ways money is working in my favor daily. If I eat lunch with a friend who charges $300/hour for their expertise and we spend thirty minutes discussing business…That’s $150 I just tracked. If I am dining out in an inexpensive country like Bali and can eat breakfast for $6 versus the $20 it would cost in California…That’s $14 I just tracked. 

Questions to Prompt Abundance Mindest: 

  • Have you received any discounts today?
  • Have you purchased things today that are much cheaper in your country than they would be on vacation or in a more expensive country? Can you track the difference in what you’ve saved?
  • Have you received any income?
  • Have you paid a credit card and removed debt?
  • Have you found cash stashed anywhere?
  • Have you received valuable information during a time with a friend who usually charges for his/her services?
  • Have you received any gifts, free courses, or influencer invites?
  • If this is your first time tracking, can you think of all the ways abundance has been working for you over the last few days, weeks, or month and track the noteworthy abundance there?
  • Did you drop your laptop and it didn’t break? Did you leave your phone in a taxi and it was returned? What are things that could’ve cost you money for replacements and didn’t?
  • Have you cancelled subscriptions you’ll be saving on?
  • Do you have any subscriptions that save you money?
  • Are you staying somewhere for free?
  • How much do you have in checking? Savings? Count that!
  • Did you decide not to purchase something and so saved money?
  • Get creative with it!

How we speak aloud and in our heads has a direct impact on the realities we live and our ability to live life debt-free as a digital nomad. Because this in-depth topic is so vital to our financial well-being, I no longer only teach it in my coaching program, I’ve created a free video series because everyone needs this information.

Begin by taking note today, how often you find yourself using the words, “I can’t, I want,” and “I need.” Make a note in particular around how frequently you say, “I can’t afford that/it.” Statements such as this are so very rarely even true. You likely can afford it, you are just choosing to prioritize your expenditures differently.

Daily coffee and little luxuries like eating and drinking out will cost you somewhere around $12k a year, depending on where you live. If you can afford that kind of cash for things will little or no return on investment, you can likely afford whatever it is you’re saying you can’t. You are just choosing to prioritize differently. Something to think on.

Replacing these words with empowering statements of self-responsibility, like “I create” and “I choose,” creates a new status for us in life. We let go of the victimhood mentality — where life happens to us — and we begin to see how capable we are of designing our realities.

The Best Investment Money Can Buy: Investing in Your Self to Get Out of Debt

I don’t really know why it came as such a shock to me — the most successful people in life have always said the best investment we can make is in self. It was a hard concept to grasp until I saw the effects myself. Each and every penny — even those that were charged in debt — that I put towards being a better me, offered a valuable return.

Part of the human condition is that we are masterminds at repeating the same patterns, even those that limit our potential. Our brains are computing engines programmed to choose the path of least resistance in pursuit of one primary goal: survive. Our software is designed to keep us safe and warm, playing small, and has little regard for our big lofty dreams of traveling the world debt-free as a digital nomad. When decide we want to thrive, we meet all kinds of resistance.

This is why the coaching industry is so successful. Professional athletes take their years of experience and condense their in-depth knowledge down to train young athletes to perform at their very best. To help them in learning what they don’t know and pushing past the resistance. I used to view hiring a mindset coach as an “unnecessary” indulgence, and now I’m not sure there will come a point in my life when I’m without one.

Having the support from the people who could see what I see is what fueled me to have the courage to let go of that relationship, that job, and those possessions. Once I was living in alignment with who I wanted to become, I was able to turn $15k in debt and $1000 to my name into a debt-free abundant life as a digital nomad in a series of just a few weeks.

The beautiful thing about this unconventional method to clearing debt is that the results are far from specific to just me. My clients all experience incredible results, and most recently one received an unprecedented $10k raise as a teacher. 

To Recap:

  1. Write “I AM ENOUGH” on your bathroom mirror. Think it. Believe it. Feel it.
  2. Invest time and money into both free and paid personal development. Money is an energy and the more energy you invest in mindset growth, the more rewards that follow
  3. Remove energy drainers like toxic relationships (romantic and non) and mindless activities like scrolling social media and watching TV. Clean up your relationship with food and fuel your body with a 60-70% alkaline diet. Implement morning rituals that uplift you.
  4. Change the study of poverty for the study of wealth
  5. Replace limiting language with empowering language 
  6. Invest in a support system who sees your self-imposed limits you’re blind to.



How to Transform your Company into a Remote Business to Travel More

Hey there! I am so excited to have an incredible guest post today by Jomie Casas. Jomie helps mission-driven entrepreneurs create automated businesses they love. She is an expert at building teams and systems to create more passive income streams. Jomie is a nomad entrepreneur, travelling one country a month, while scaling the change she wishes to see in the world, one CEO at a time.

To learn how you can transform your mission-driven brand into passive income with Jomie, apply for a Free Strategy Session: http://jomiecasas.com.

You can listen to her podcast episode where she shares how to created an automated business. 

You started your business for freedom and fulfillment but the more money you make, the less time you have. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a company, the bigger you grow, the more you find yourself stuck to your desk, plugging in 14 hour work days. You can’t even remember the last time you actually did something you enjoyed in your business.

With the limited free time you have, you find yourself daydreaming about:

* having adventures every weekend because you travel full time

* working a day or two a week, from anywhere in the world, while your business explodes and improves the lives of more people

Lori Greiner from Shark Tank says entrepreneurs are the only people in the world who would willingly work 80 hours a week just to avoid working 40 hours a week.

I laughed so hard when I heard that one, my belly hurt! It’s absolutely true, especially when getting a business off the ground.

But I know many freelancers, agency owners, and ecommerce CEOs who have several successful years in their business and are still working the same ungodly hours.

At a certain point, you have to ask yourself – when does this change? When does it get easy? When does “freedom” actually happen? DOES it actually even happen at all?

I struggled with the same questions myself, when I built my $6-figure company. Before I was working a day a week (true story), I was working 7 days a week and had no vacations in over 10 years. Before I had a dream team who helped me grow and run my business, I was a toxic micromanager. I was definitely the queen of workaholics before I transformed my company into a remote business.

And I 100% know for a fact that every single business owner struggled with the same problems.

remote business

The question now is… How do you make that leap into small business automation?

Before I outline simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW, this is the first thing you have to do:

DECIDE that business can be easy, and that is how you are going to continue building your business, from this day forward. It doesn’t matter how you’ve done it in the past and how that resulted in what your business looks like right now. What matters is that moving forward, you decide that it CAN be easy.

Debbie says it brilliantly herself with the concept she calls “Lazy Entrepreneurship” where you work hard with the end goal of eventually working a lot less.


Once you make that decision that it CAN be easy for you, then you’re ready for the first steps I took to Small Business Automation:

Set Boundaries.

Derek Sivers says life should either be a “HELL YES” or a “NO”.  Meaning, if I don’t absolutely love it, don’t take on opportunities just because they’re available to you.

Learn to set boundaries with your time and energy, so you can LASER FOCUS on the activities that bring you the most results. The 80/20 rule applies here as well.

Be honest about what makes you the most money, and focus your efforts there. I’m a fan of scaling the one or two things that you do REALLY well. List down 100 ways to make money out of this one thing, and focus your energy there.

Everything else on your plate can be done later or by someone else. Which brings me to the next step:

Get the Right Support Team Around You.

I can write an entire article just around this topic. Once you’ve set boundaries for yourself, it’s time to hire other people to do the things you don’t want to do, or can’t do.

For a remote business, there are 2 ways to go about this, and most people like myself, do a mix of both: 1. Start with a VA or Assistant.This will involve a bit more time on your part, to train and onboard a person onto your team. That’s absolutely ok, and that’s where I started as well.

After a couple years, I’ve since become a fan of 2. Hiring specialists and experts who can do their thing with their eyes closed. Doing this has cut my team’s training period to two weeks, and it’s how I’ve set up high-performing teams for my clients too.

remote business

And know that Option 2 doesn’t have to be expensive! You don’t have to hire full-time experts. I am an advocate of entrepreneurship, so I have always preferred to hire solopreneurs to be part of my team whenever possible, on a part-time basis, or project basis.

Whichever method you choose (VA vs experts), effective delegation starts with hiring the right people. And you can only hire the right people if you have a full understanding of your values, and what you and your business believes in.

Which brings me to Step 3:

Start building a Brand Aligned with your Vision.

To be honest, most entrepreneurs who start a business are mostly in the experimentation phase, trying to see what fits and what works. Over time, you become clearer about your personal beliefs that formulate your vision of an “ideal” world, and then you start building a brand and business that resonates with who you REALLY are.

And this is where the magic happens.

For example, if you’re aiming to build a remote business to live the freedom lifestyle, it’s safe to assume that FREEDOM is a key belief of yours. This means that being a micromanager and hovering over your employees goes against the principles of your business. I can guarantee you 100% that this will only lead to more headaches for you.

If you believe in freedom, then give your team the ability to grow, make mistakes, and correct their mistakes. At a certain point, once you’ve decided to place your bets on this person, you have to let this person do her thing. You can only achieve massive growth through effective delegation i.e. harnessing the strengths of the people around you.

This is just one example of how your values can dictate not just what your brand is about, but also how you build your business moving forward.

Know that building your brand is a process, and you don’t get it “perfect” the first time around. It is never finished. It always evolves with who you are, and keeping your brand and business aligned with your values and vision/mission allows you to grow through the years, and have your tribe grow with you.

With the right team behind you, backed by an awesome brand built on your values, you can then:

remote business

Build Systems aligned with your Brand.

Start with what you know is aligned for your brand. Every SOP you build must be aligned with your own personal and business values, OR IT WILL NOT WORK. There are 1 million strategies out there on how to build systems and automate your business, but not everything will fit your scenario. Choose the most aligned systems and support for you.

Get your processes documented in an easy-to-understand sheet, and be as visual as you possibly can. For more complicated processes, supplement with video demonstrations or explanations, because some people learn faster through either visual, auditory, or verbal cues.

Systems come AFTER you have the right support, because I am also a firm believer of having your team refine your systems for you.

You can build it, but give your team ownership of the processes they execute. You then create an environment that encourages ideas and experimentation; and this is where small business automation starts to happen.

Automation happens when your team comes up with ideas that only YOU could come up with in the past. It’s when they start thinking ahead, start taking ownership of your growth, and rally together towards a common goal that benefits you all. And that’s where the magic is! You’ll see your business moving forward with a life of its own, with minimal input from you, and that’s when your company truly becomes a remote business in every sense of the word.

Small business automation does not have to be hard, but it IS a process, and it starts with making the first few steps in the right direction.

Build the right foundations for your business, and see it evolve from just being a remote business to becoming a business that runs on autopilot, generating passive income streams for you.

After all, isn’t that the end goal?

Building an automated business you love, to have more adventures in life, all while your brand brings your vision of the perfect world to life.

Sounds awesome? Yup. It’s totally possible.






How to embrace the “lazy entrepreneur” mindset and still be successful.

Embracing the Lazy entrepreneur mindset. 

When I started my first business, my main goal was to work hard and make a lot of money. The working hard part came true but, instead of making money, I lost money.

The beauty of my failure was realizing that working hard did not necessarily mean making more. I learned that the harder I worked and concentrated on the little things, the less time I was able to create strategies that will help my business grow.

After failing and learning from two businesses I decided to design a different strategy that has helped me earn more while working less. I decided to embrace the lazy entrepreneur mentality which has helped me become more efficient while working fewer hours.




Here are a few ways that I have been able to become a lazy entrepreneur:

lazy entrepreneur

Work hard (in the beginning) and strategize.

Ok, I know we’re talking about being a lazy entrepreneur, but let’s face the facts. You have to invest a lot of time and energy in the beginning in order to have the luxury to become a lazy entrepreneur.

Never be afraid to start from the bottom in order to work your way up, but make sure that you are creating strategies that will allow you to decrease your hours to have a better life/work balance in the long run.

Having the right strategies means turning down opportunities that do not serve your purpose while accepting opportunities that may not have a solid return in the beginning but will help you in the long run.

It is really hard turning away projects that will pay you a lot of money, but you also have to make sure that you are staying true to your ultimate goals.

Another way to work smarter not harder is to automate as much as possible. For example, scheduling social media posts on programs like Hootsuite to post on multiple platforms automatically.

You can also develop habits that will help increase your productivity throughout the day such as scheduling when to check your emails or how much time you are spending browsing on social media.

The more you create a strategy for your business, the more efficient you will become and the more work that will get done.

lazy entrepreneur

Delegate often.

I’ve learned that by handing off the tedious tasks to others allows me to create more strategies that will help my business grow.

Don’t get me wrong. You can not always delegate work to others, especially if you are just starting out in your business. You will have to work hard in the beginning in order to get to the point where you can afford an assistant and other freelancers who can help you get to the next level of your business.

But I often find that even the most successful people are afraid to let go of tasks and concerned about making everything perfect. If you plan to be involved in every aspect of your business, understand that you will have limited growth and will experience a ton of stress that is completely avoidable.


Learn to let go and be open to new ideas from others- ideas that can help make your business better. By giving away some control, the more power you will actually gain when you are able to delegate your unwanted tasks to others and have less stress in your life.

Invest your time and energy on partners, vendors, and employees who can take the workload that takes up a lot of your energy. Outsource intelligently by reducing your workload sooner rather than later.

lazy entrepreneur

Get out of your comfort zone.

Working harder does not make you more money, but doing uncomfortable things will push you to find more opportunities.

The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more open you will be to new possibilities that may not have been possible if you did not push your boundaries.

For example, negotiating your price rates with potential clients, having uncomfortable conversations with your current clients or approaching new people for potential collaborations.

When you are ready to take on these responsibilities, you will be able to see more growth from the risks that you have decided to take.

It is easy to imagine the worst possible scenarios but believe me, it is never as bad as you expect. You will most likely feel relieved and accomplished once you have taken the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, which can lead you closer to becoming a lazy entrepreneur.

Create a repeatable system.

Learn to develop a system that will not only make your work easier but also become easily repeatable if you decide to hire someone to help you.

For example, before I hired an assistant for my business, I created video recordings of the tasks that I would do day to day. Making it easier to explain the tasks and to train someone to do the work.

You can use QuickTime player to video record or use Skype to screen share and record the tasks for your assistants.

Once you have created these effective strategies for your business you can reserve your energy on tasks that will increase your revenue in the long run. Focusing on landing new clients, creating new products or gaining more exposure for your business will help you become a smarter lazy entrepreneur.

If you’re ready to become a lazy entrepreneur, learn how to strategize and use your time more wisely. You will find that you will become more efficient and have less stress in the long run, which will help you create a more successful business.

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How to avoid becoming a hermit as a remote worker

How to avoid becoming a hermit as a remote worker.

When I first left my 9-5 to become a remote worker, the one thing I was looking forward to the most was being able to work whenever and wherever I want. To get the freedom that I wasn’t able to have at my day job.

When I finally took the leap to work from home, I became so comfortable in my PJ’s that I would have to force myself to leave the house and have contact with real-life humans (aside from emails).

Being able to work from home gives you a lot of freedom, but it can also lead you to live like a hermit.

Becoming too comfortable in those PJ’s can be detrimental to your health and social life. I’ve listed a few ways you can avoid becoming a hermit as a remote worker.

Schedule a time to exercise

Creating a healthy habit is especially important when you are working solo at home because becoming too comfortable at home can take a huge toll on your body.

Sitting is the new smoking according to many researchers and not only can sitting lead to a bad back but can now have the same effects as smoking too!

The best way to combat this is to schedule a time to exercise, it could be as simple as going for a 30-minute walk every day, or joining a gym.

One of the first things I did after I started working from home is to start kickboxing. Not only did it help me become more active, but also allowed me to get my frustrations out on those heavy bags. It’s a win-win!


Make time for a friend’s night out

It is easy to be in your own little world and avoid any contact with your friends and family.

Make the effort to reach out and schedule a lunch or dinner date. Catch up on all the news you’ve missed during your moments of solitude.

This is also a great way to treat yourself to a new restaurant or to find great entertainment around town.

Find a work buddy

One of the biggest things that will be missing from transitioning to working solo is having co-workers to socialize with.

Finding a work buddy that can keep you motivated will make a huge difference in your workflow. Being able to bounce off ideas with one another and having conversations will help increase productivity.

You may even have friends that are fellow remote workers who will understand the hermit struggle. Start working with them and ask for help and support when you need it.

Working from home can be very lonely, so having a good support system with fellow remote workers can help with the struggle.

Work in a new environment: coffee shop, co-working space or travel

Take advantage that you are a remote worker- meaning you can work from wherever. Whether you choose a coffee shop, co-working space or even a new continent!

Having a new working environment will push you to explore and can help with your creativity.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to be a remote worker is to have the opportunity to travel whenever I wanted and not rely on the standard 2-week vacations that are allowed in most day jobs.

Being able to work wherever also gives you the opportunity to travel during off-peak seasons when the flights and accommodations are cheaper.

Find ways to network.

For introverts and hermits networking can be scary. It may even be the least enjoyable part of your work. Doing small talk with a bunch of strangers can be nerve-wracking. But if you change your mindset it can be extremely rewarding.

Start approaching networking as an opportunity to exchange ideas and a way to help others. I find that the more I am able to help people, the more I have received in return without even asking for anything.



In today’s world, it is so much easier to reach out to people via email, social media or an event. You can even join a conference or create your own group that will give you access to people who are in your industry.

There are so many perks to being a remote worker. You have the freedom to work in your own time and space.

However, there are also downsides such as loneliness, isolation, and lack of social interaction. That is why making time to get out of the comforts of your home will help you become more productive and have good mental health.




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Why traveling to escape will not lead you to self-discovery.

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Do you travel to explore or to escape life?

It’s amazing how your life can change within a few years or even a few months.

For several years, I had panic attacks every January because I was not living a life I truly wanted and it was literally suffocating me.

I wanted to constantly escape New York City and used travel as an excuse to escape a life I did not want to live.

I would have panic attacks every 4 months and thought that it was because I needed to travel.

But I came to realize that it was not really traveling that I needed but to change the lifestyle that I was living.


To finally take the steps to have the freedom lifestyle I craved and to leave a job I no longer wanted.

As I began to work towards my goals, the need to constantly escape and the panic attacks began to disappear.

I started to understand that although travel was and is a huge part of my life, it is not what is going to fulfill or necessarily make me happy.

Reaching my goals and to have freedom is what I really craved and being in a 9-5 was what I wanted to escape.

Today, as I sit here writing these words to you – earning less than my 9-5, struggling to create income and navigating my new life as a location independent entrepreneur. I am happier than I ever was at my stable day job. 


Traveling to escape is not the answer.

If you are in the same predicament, make sure you are not looking at travel as a way to solve the issues that are in your life.

Instead, take a good look at your self and learn what you want to achieve and work on them daily.

If one of those goals is to travel to see and experience the world then, by all means, do it! But do not think that it will solve your problems.

Remember, it will still be there when you return.

So, instead of travel escape – do a bit of soul-searching and understand what will make you fulfilled and achieve your purpose.

Travel may be a part of this soul-searching but it should not be the escape from your reality.

travel to escape

Traveling to escape will not not solve your problem. 

Change your mindset

A few ways that I was able to change my mindset was to have a clear goal, which was to start and create income from my podcast.I was extremely passionate about the location independent movement and craved to finally have the freedom to take responsibility for my own happiness.

Once I made this decision, I began to work on my goal every single day which made me have a sense of purpose.

Instead of having panic attacks, I devoted my energy to creating and learning about podcasts.

I also met with amazing individuals who inspired me to pursue the goals that I wanted.

Want to learn how I earned over 11K in a month with brand sponsorships? I’ve done it with the help of Jacob Fu and Esther Julee’s e-course “No bullshit guide to working with brands”, Jacob and Esther make over 25K a month through sponsorships alone. Through their e-course I learned negotiating techniques that allowed me to triple my rates as a content creator. This e-course has been instrumental in my success in making revenue from my podcast and website. My income did not take off until I learned the negotiation techniques that Jacob shares in this e-course.

The turning point

I began to realize that it was not really traveling that made me happy when traveling no longer felt the same.

The feeling of relief when I was in a different destination lessened and instead I began to crave working on my long term goals.

I began to turn down traveling opportunities because they started to get in the way of my life purpose.

It is amazing how my life has changed within a few months. Now that I am a full-time location independent entrepreneur I have decided to travel less, even when I have every opportunity to travel full time.

Now I think of travel as a way to discover the world and have different experiences. It is no longer an escape, but an added bonus to the life I have chosen to create for myself.

What about you? Have you been using travel as an escape?


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