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25 Unique travel gifts for working nomads

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life?

I have compiled 25 unique travel gifts for those working nomads who are often hard to shop for that are $100 and under!

These unique travel gifts are perfect for any occasion and will actually be used by those working nomads.

As a traveler, we often prefer to pack light. These gifts are all portable and will improve their travel experiences.

Without further ado, here are 25 unique travel gifts for working nomads.

Unique travel gifts for $100
1. Amazon Kindle

This e-reader is one of the best gifts to give to a working nomad. It is super lightweight and is waterproof. The perfect gift for any type of traveler.

I personally bring one with me to every trip, it keeps me occupied during the flight and to have during any downtime.

2. Noice canceling headphones 

Noice cancelling headphones are a travelers best friend. You’ll get better sleep and will be able to concentrate better.

3. Portable waterproof speaker

Having a portable speaker makes it easy to watch a movie and listen to music on your laptop! Its also a must to bring with you at the beach having a perk of being waterproof!

Unique travel gifts for under $50

4. Portable power bank

There’s nothing worst than your running low on power when you’re on the go. For many travelers this can be a even more crucial whether confirming your tickets, finding directions or getting transportation.

5. Wifi signal extender

For working nomads, having a wifi extender is a must. Having a wifi signal extended can become your best friend when you are having trouble getting that signal.

6. Life straw water bottle

Getting sick while your traveling is the worst. This life straw bottle will lower those chances since it cleans up 99.9% of waterborne parasites and bacteria from unsafe water sources.

7. Scratch Map

This scratch map is not only a beautiful way to decorate a home but also a great way to mark down all your bucket list trips.

8. Unisex toiletry bag 

Ever traveler needs a good toiletry bag during their adventures. This genuine buffalo leather unisex toiletry can be their perfect companion.

9. Portable camera tripod 

This portable gorilla camera tripod is the perfect gift for any solo traveler or any traveler. It can also attach to different objects so you can shoot from the side.

Unique travel gifts for under $25

10. Packing cubes

A great way to make packing easier is by using packing cubes. It is a great way to organize your luggage. They weight almost nothing and you can easily see where you’ve stored your items without having to make a mess in your luggage.

11. Passport holder

Having a passport holder keeps you more organized and it’ll keep your passport protected. It’s a perfect gift for any globe trotter.

12. USB rechargeable head lamp

Any working nomad loves a good adventure. Having a rechargeable head lamp will be useful in those spontaneous trips or any emergencies.

13. International adapter

This is a no brainer and an essential for any working nomad. In order to use any electronics in foreign countries you need an International adapter.

14. Travel towel

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a towel when you need one. Travel towels are lightweight and quick dry fabrics that are essential.

15. Pocket scarves

Having a pocket scarf serves two purpose. Keeping you warm and having an extra pocket to keep your passport safe.

16. Compression socks

Air travel can get really uncomfortable, especially on your feet. These compression socks can relive the pressure and make those long flights more bearable.

17. UV toothbrush sanitizer 

What better way to stay fresh and clean that having a UV toothbrush sanitizer. This toothbrush sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

18. Travel journal

I always bring a travel journal with me to jot down my thoughts and create doodles to keep the memories. This buffalo leather travel journal will be the perfect companion.

19. Portable luggage scale

One of the most frustrating things to experience during your travel is realizing that you packed your luggage too much and having to pay the steep fees. Having a portable luggage scale can help you avoid all that hustle.

Unique travel gift cards and subscriptions

For many travelers, it is not about the material objects but rather the experiences. Here are several amazing subscription gift cards that can be useful for those wonderers in your life.

20. VPN subscription

What is a VPN subscription you ask? A VPN can help you send and receive information data while remaining anonymous and safe.

21. Gift card to audible

I love downloading audio books and having a gift card to audible is one of the best gifts a traveler can receive. Both useful and entertaining and they can bring with them anywhere.

22. hotels.com gift card

You cant go wrong with a hotels.com gift card. Allow them the luxury to any hotel of their choosing!

23. Airbnb gift card

Having that local experience while your traveling is priceless. Gifting someone this Airbnb card will allow them the best experience in a new city!

24. Southwest airlines gift card

Airline gift cards are one of the best presents you can give to any traveler. Give that traveler this southwest airlines gift card and it will be a gift you’ll know they’ll love!

25. Amazon gift card

Still unsure about what to get for that hard to shop for working nomad? Well, an Amazon gift card is never a bad idea. You can find almost anything on Amazon, from gadgets to entertainment they have it all!


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Going beyond the hustle: 5 steps to beating burnout.

5 steps to beating burnout

We’ve talked about the importance of hustle and perseverance. Now let’s talk about the burnout.

As I am still in my day job, my time is extremely limited. There is always the feeling of never doing enough and the guilt when you take time away from work.

Recently, I have been pushing myself so hard that I would wake up with drool on my face – realizing that I had fallen asleep as I was editing content for the podcast.

I breathe, eat, and sleep thinking about my work and have to constantly push myself to even stop talking about it!

I was prioritizing my work more than my personal relationships and it finally came to a head. I either had to balance and nurture the relationships I had or lose it.

It was an eye-opening experience that even though was a hard lesson to learn, gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to take 

I am still not an expert at avoiding burnout or balancing work and personal life. However, I have come to realize how important it is to really nurture ourselves and the people around us.

Here are the five ways I have learned to beat burnout.

Schedule and checklists.

Starting a business and becoming a freelancer, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with tasks that have to get done. 

Scheduling and allotting time for specific tasks has tremendously helped my productivity. 

Google calendar and Evernote have been lifesavers when it comes to scheduling and creating checklists for me to become more organized.

Another technique that has been crucial to my time management and productivity is placing only 2-3 tasks on my list. 

If I finish those tasks I add only one task at a time so it does not become overwhelming.

Seeing how I have accomplished my goals gives me the motivation and feeling of success which allows me to keep the momentum.

beating burnout

Take time off.

This may sound easy but when you live, eat and breath work, it can be really difficult to take the time off from work. 

But I have come to realize that taking a day off actually allows me to work better and smarter.

Whether it is to take a day off or go on a vacation it can be difficult to get away from that laptop to just enjoy life. 

Yes, this can be daunting but believe me, it is necessary so that you can enjoy life and the fruits of your labor.

Because what is it all for, if you are not able to enjoy your success. Am I right?!

| Get more freelancing tips – Learn how failing helped me succeed as a freelancer. 
Get a hobby.

Getting a hobby can be beneficial for your mental health.  It is doing something just for the pure pleasure and nothing else.

The pressure of performing and deadlines are taken away and you are simply enjoying what you are doing.

Recently I’ve taken it upon myself to go for a run in the early morning.  It has helped me clear my head and to start the day feeling fresh.

I’ve also started a kickboxing class and continue to do rock climbing in my spare time.

I am still forcing myself to continue with Rock Climbing because, to be honest- I hate problem-solving.

However – rock climbing has taught me how to keep going even when I am faced with failure. So, I have promised my self to stick to it and persevere!

Stop being a perfectionist.

As a creative one of the hardest things to do is to let go and to accept that not every task has to be perfect.

The more I spend time on a task to make it perfect, the less time I am able to effectively strategize and create systems for my business. 

It has also affected my ability to make the right decisions for myself and my business. It gave me the mentality of not ever being “good enough”.

By letting go of this “perfectionist” mentality I have become more efficient. Which has allowed me to work less and earn more.

Delegate the work.

You may have heard this from several of your entrepreneur friends but it can’t be said enough. Delegation is the key to growth.

You can’t do everything and unfortunately, we can’t clone ourselves (yet), so the next best thing is to hire a VA (virtual assistant).

Having an assistant frees up your time from tasks that distract you from growth. However,  it may take some time to train someone to do the work. So be patient.

Realize that you have to invest your time and energy on someone in order to get the right results. 

beating burnout
| If you want more tips on how to delegate work – click here to get my tips to hiring and training your perfect Virtual assistant.

These 5 strategies have helped me avoid beating burnout. 

It is still a struggle and continues to remind myself to take the time to relax, in order to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Have you experienced burnout? Have you learned different strategies to minimize or beating burnout? Share your findings- I’d love to learn your strategies too!



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How I’ve made 11K in one month as a podcaster.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Before I even began my journey as a podcaster, I was completely lost, confused and on the verge of a breakdown.

I wanted to do something meaningful and didn’t know where I can make an impact.

I knew I wanted to have a creative outlet to share the incredible stories I was hearing during my travels in order to inspire others. So, instead of blogging, I decided to do a podcast.

I had no idea what to do. I am not technically savvy so choosing this medium was so foreign to me.

But my passion and determination always trump my cluelessness.

My first few episodes were, for the lack of a better word – crap. The audio was horrible, but the joy I got from speaking to amazing and inspiring people kept me going.

As I was getting more involved in the podcasting community, I kept seeing the same theme on creating income from so many podcasters.

A few that kept popping up were:

“It is hard and almost impossible to create income as a podcaster. You either need to have a huge audience from the start, have a ton of downloads or would need to create a coaching business or courses to make money.”

“Don’t even think about sponsorships when you’re first starting out. That is the hardest way to create income!”

“It takes years to make money”.

Hearing all of this, I was not expecting to actually create income my first year as a podcaster – let alone make 11K in a month from sponsorships- but I have!

Here are the 3 reasons why I’ve made 11K in a month as a podcaster:

I’ve listened to the people who make money – not the ones who can’t.

Have you ever heard of the quote by Jim Rohn — ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’

Well, if you keep hanging out with people who tell you-you cant create income, then guess what. You won’t.

When I was listening to those naysayers, I knew that there had to be another way to approach this industry.

So, I used my platform to start talking to the right people. I was interviewing so many freelancers and entrepreneurs who gave me solid advice on how to approach sponsors, how to reach out to clients and how to negotiate -that even with the little downloads I had, I was getting noticed.

Start approaching people who are able to thrive in their industry. They do not have to be in a similar niche as you, they just need to be successful at creating income.

Once you find them, ask how they approach clients and the tricks that have worked for them.

Write down all their answers and start experimenting to see which techniques will work for you and your business.


I’ve learned how to negotiate and sell my brand.

When you are first starting out, it can be extremely intimidating to approach and sell your brand to potential sponsors.

With every pitch I make, I don’t think about the “no’s” and believe me I have received so many.

I think of it as a job interview. The more I practice, the better I will be and when I find the right brands I’ll know how to answer their questions, and sell my product.

In the last 3 months I have emailed over 200 companies, and only received a handful of replies – many were rejections.

From that handful of replies, I was able to get several calls and have made thousands of dollars because I took the initiative and practiced my approach.

Remember, you do not need to land all 200 companies- you need less than a handful to make thousands of dollars if you know how to negotiate.

I know many of you are still in your 9-5, so you have the luxury of not having the pressure of creating income solely from your podcast, blog, vlog or whatever medium you are pursuing.

Take advantage of this opportunity and practice, practice, practice.

Like with any job interviews, you will be getting similar questions from sponsors and clients, so learn, practice and perfect your pitch.


How did I learn how to pitch and negotiate you ask?

Well, I was fortunate enough to meet Jacob Fu and Esther Julee who are the founders of localadventurer.com – they have one of the top travel blogs in the world and have made a career from their blog.

I started asking questions and Jacob luckily has an e-course that explained everything I needed to know.

I can not talk enough great things about their e-course because it has completely changed my mindset and allowed me to become confident to ask for what I want.

By using Jacob’s techniques I was able to negotiate deals and tripled a budget that my client had, which allowed me to create more income!

Some of the incredible techniques that he has shown me were how to always close the deal on the phone, not via email. 

When you get on the call, you build a better relationship with the individuals. So I can not say this enough…

Get them on the phone to land the deal.

Another valuable lesson that I learned was the importance of pricing myself by testing rather than following the industry standard. 

This is how I was able to create sustainable income right from the beginning as a podcaster. 

If you want to check out Jacob and Esther’s e-course visit localadventurer.com/offbeat and enter the code OFFBEAT100 to get $100 off your purchase.

But with anything else, Jacob will teach you the techniques but you still have to do the leg work.

It is not easy, but if you are persistent, you will achieve it!

I don’t chase the sexy.

If you are in the travel, beauty, and lifestyle industry- there is A LOT of competition.

You will find that sexy brands will never run out of people who will give them content for free.

Right now you’re asking “What is sexy and why shouldn’t I be chasing them?”.

Think about all the companies that the people in your niche are all vying for – luxury hotels, lux fashion, airlines, and tourism boards to name a few.

Now think, how many of those influencers or content creators are actually getting paid versus the ones who are just getting them for free?

For the most part, unless you have amassed a huge following – you will be getting these perks for free but are never paid.

Resulting in you never actually creating income so you can never leave your 9-5.

So, start thinking out of the box.

Instead of going after what you want, start getting to know your audience and start asking them what they need and want.

Learn their pain points. What will make their life easier? What type of products do they already invest in?

Once you find this out, it will be easier for you to compile a list of companies that you can pitch your services to- resulting in the much-needed income you need to thrive as a freelancer and business owner.

If you want to get more info on how to create a sponsor list, where and how I find my contacts click here to get it.

Becoming a pro podcaster is not easy folks, it is not for everyone. But if you are willing to do the work and are persistent, you can become very successful.

I love hearing all your stories, so make sure to reach out to me, and of course, if you have any questions I am always here to help.

If you are a business that needs help to generate leads from their podcasts or to automate your production, schedule a call here and we can talk more about your needs and how I can help. 


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11 Networking tips for beginners: making a great first impression

One of my greatest strengths is that I am a people-person, I love talking to new people and learning new things.

This is definitely at the core of my business and why The Travel Women is a successful online resource and social community as I host meetups and networking events to meet members of my community in person in NYC and whenever I can around the world!

In addition to hosting events, I also have attended more networking events than I can count that have given me some of my favorite clients and long-term friends!

However, not every networking event is created equally, and some can be a total waste of time, so manage your expectations and time wisely with the following networking tips!



Set networking goals: Before I go to a conference or event I set personal goals for myself, so I make sure I avoid distractions and come out of a new event with new connections.

It can be anything like find three potential guest bloggers or tell three new potential clients about your business or hand out 50 business cards at a conference.

Research: Know what the event is about and who might be there ahead of time! Networking event titles can be misleading, so make sure you know as much as you can about the company running it, potential sponsors, who are on the guest list and the goals of the event.

Only then can you make sure it aligns with your networking goals and who you might want to talk to. Reach out to people on the guest list ahead of time if possible that you specifically want to connect with.

Go early: The best and smartest networkers always arrive early. Especially if you are looking to meet the event hosts or sponsors who are required to be there early you will likely have their full attention before they are tired and busy later during the event.

Perfect your elevator speech: It might sound obvious, but you are there to say what you do quickly in a few sentences repeatedly, so make sure those few lines are short and sweet!

Make your pitch or elevator speech easy to understand and sound intriguing so that people ask questions and want to take your business card to learn more!

Give them things to look forward to like an upcoming newsletter or list or event you’re hosting that might interest them so they are more inclined to follow up.

Do not talk to people you know: Avoid leaning into comfortable conversations by talking only to people you already know. If you can talk to them outside of this event, then spend this time meeting new connections you might not otherwise have a chance to meet!

Ask who you should talk to: It might sound silly, but not enough people ask this easy question. When you arrive and check in, ask who the sponsor representation is. The person checking people in will know who is who and can tell you the best people to talk to early in the night.

Even in round discussions, feel free to ask a group, “What brings you here” and tell them what you are looking for too like: “I am looking to connect with other people who do _____, do you know anyone I should talk to?”

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Repeat what you hear: It is so helpful to repeat names and what others say back to them not only so you can remember it but also so you can show you are listening!

Prepare questions: If you are networking in a new type of group, prepare potential thought-provoking questions that will get people to fill awkward silences and continue the conversation.

It is not what you say as much as how you say it: People might not remember the exact words you say, but they’ll remember the feeling of speaking with you, so don’t forget to let your passion shine! Your enthusiasm for your business is your best sales tool.

If you can make them feel your excitement, it is bound to rub off and they will remember how you said what you said!

networking tips for beginners

How can you help someone you meet: Networking just for networking sake or just to collect business cards is not enough. The real goal is to make long term connections with people and the best way to do this is to think outside of your goals and needs.

Ask yourself as you hear another person’s elevator pitch and what they’re up to, how you can help them? Then offer them help, “I know someone who does something similar, I would love to help connect you, would you like that?” Reaching out and trying to help others is the best way to network successfully and stand out from the crowd.

Follow up afterward: Follow up as soon as possible with an email or phone call or social media connection. Feel free to write a template of how you might want to follow up after a specific conference or event including a link(s) to recent articles maybe you mentioned, but personalize each with something you discussed, so that they remember you!

What are your favorite networking tips? Comment Below!




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9 lessons I learned failing spectacularly as a freelancer and how it is helping me succeed today.

Many of you may not know this but I’ve tried to become a freelancer and failed three times already. 

There was a lot of pain and feeling like a huge failure. I’ve shed a lot of tears, and have questioned my purpose.

I didn’t realize that all of those failures would lead to the best lessons I would ever learn. More valuable than my college education ever taught me.

Here are the 9 lessons I’ve learned failing spectacularly as a freelancer and how it is helping me succeed today: 

1. I don’t want to travel for work. I want to have work that will allow me to travel. 

My first dive into freelance work was being a photojournalist. I was able to travel the world and go to remote areas where I photographed indigenous tribes.

My biggest goal was to work with the United Nations. And when I was given the opportunity by the UN to travel to China with 21 other artists to showcase my work, I realized that I accomplished what I set out to do and decided to leave at the “peak” of my career.

I realized that I needed to do something more to help the people I was photographing and constantly traveling for work was not sustainable.  I was burnt out. I left and didn’t touch my camera for 2 years.


2. Don’t get caught up in creating the perfect content. 

My second attempt to becoming a freelancer was to create a children’s website Lollie Tot. I produced how-to activity videos for parents with toddlers and provided in-person art classes.

I hustled hard, made the cutest videos, had the help of the most talented and supportive people. 

As a content creator, most of us are perfectionists’ and it can be really hard to publish your work when you feel like it is not “perfect”.

But, I realized that the more elaborate and complicated I made my work, the fewer people were interested. And the more simple they were, the more my audience was able to relate to the content.

One very simple video that I made in my kitchen-had almost 1 million views, while videos I made in a studio barely had a few thousand views.

Curious? See the video. 

3. Do the 80/20 rule when marketing. 

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a creator was the 80/20 rule in marketing (and pretty much everything).

Spend 20 percent on creating content and 80 percent in marketing your product. Make the 20 percent the best it can be and market the hell out of it.

I learned that no matter how good your content is if you have no audience – it will only ever be a hobby.

I failed with Lollie Tot because I was creating quality content, but did not market my work properly and had no clue how to make money. It was not sustainable. I was spending too much and not earning enough.

failing as a freelancer

4. Having supportive people around you is crucial to your success.

You will know true friendships when you become an entrepreneur and freelancer.

A few years ago, someone ones told me that in order to succeed I may have to let go of certain people and to always surround myself with individuals who truly support me because it can be a very lonely road.

I never truly understood those words until recently. I realized how crucial it is to let go of negative people and to embrace the ones who truly support you.

5. You have to be passionate about what you do. 

Aaron and I also tried selling promotional products. It was a complete departure from my interests and there was no passion behind this new business except to make money and learn sales.

Freelance work really showed me why passion for your work is so important. I became bored. I hated the tasks I was doing and I was questioning my life choices every day.

I was not happy. I gave up.

failing as a freelancer

6. Networking the right way. 

During our time as promotional marketers, we attended so many networking events and we were constantly exhausted. After 6 months of doing 3-4 networking events every week we learned a valuable lesson:

Most people will waste your time. Learn how to be more efficient and research the person you want to connect with.

Instead of going to an event, contact them and ask them out for coffee, this way you will have their full attention and you can create a real relationship.

7. Delegating is the key to growth.

There were so many tasks that needed to be done, that Aaron and I decided to hire an assistant.

We learned that we could not do everything ourselves, and if we could – we really didn’t want to. We were getting some sales from the business and we decided to invest some of our profits to hiring an assistant to delegate some of the tedious tasks.

Although our business did not work, we learned that delegation is key to growth and to always hire someone who will make your business more efficient.

8. Be careful who you collaborate with but be open to new ideas. 

If you have ever met me and Aaron, you will quickly realize that we are very trusting people. We believe that everyone is essentially good.

We learned the hard way that not everyone can be trusted and ended up partnering with an individual who cost us thousands of dollars.

To this day, we still believe the best in people, but now we are more cautious in who we trust.

9. Learn from your mistakes and never give up.  If it is truly what you want. 

Although the last freelance work I did was a departure from my interests, it has taught me the most.

I have learned from so many of these mistakes and I am bringing them with me in my current business, that now it seems “easy” and a lot of things are “no-brainers”. But then I realized how many failures I’ve had in order to learn these lessons.


“It doesn’t get easier, you just get better”

Don’t get me wrong. I am still learning every day. But now I have a better picture of what’s ahead and more prepared to fall while I am continuously climbing up.

There will be opportunities that will be presented to you, many may not be your dream job, but they may be the jobs that will teach you the most about yourselves and what you really want in your life.

I “failed” at all of these freelance jobs and had to go back to my day job.

Feeling defeated and being lost is not new or foreign to me. I know that it isn’t too many of you either. Some of you may have gone through it already, while many more of you may feel defeated every day. 

failing as a freelancer

As I look back and as I am transitioning to yet another freelance lifestyle I realized that things are different this time around and the reason is… I’ve learned from all of these “mistakes”. 

I know that diving into a freelance career is hard work, but so is having a day job. Nothing is guaranteed and a lot of the people I have interviewed for the podcast became a freelancer because they lost a day-job.


So whatever your decision is, whether to have a side hustle while you’re working your 9-5 or going into the unknown to become a full-time freelancer. Make sure it is the right decision for you at this moment.

Nothing is ever set in stone, and even if you have to go back to your day job, you can always try and try again. I am the living proof of that.

Embrace your failures. This is how life is educating you and it is worth more than any lessons you will receive in school. 

And always remember:


“You are not failing, you are learning.”





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Going beyond free hotel stays: Meet 13 Inspiring Influencers who give value to their audience.

How to go beyond free hotel stays as an influencer.

In recent years there has been a rise in the amount of people who call themselves influencers. But what does it really mean?

I read an article recently from The Atlantic titled “Instagram’s Wanna-Stars are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy” .

The article states that “Hotels are being forced to figure out how to work with a new class of brand-peddling marketers”.

Like many of you, when I first started using Instagram, I had stars in my eyes. I saw so many incredible feed’s with beautiful women and couples who travel the world and stay in amazing places.

I thought ” Wow, if I gain enough followers I can also work with those brands and get to stay in the most incredible hotels for free.”

Then I realized how much content I needed to create to get those “free” stays. And since starting The Offbeat Life podcast I have met incredible content creators who opened my eyes to what being an influencer really means.

I began to realize that to be an influencer, I needed to make a real difference. A difference that will not only help myself but also other people.

An influencer must have a real purpose that is valuable to their audience and skills that are  assets to brands.

The hard work and dedication that comes from being an influencer deserves more than just a “free” hotel stay.

So if you are a budding influencer, do not look at the amount of followers you have but the amount of lives you are impacting. If you can make a difference in one persons life then you are an influencer.

So, let’s move pass the freebies and create a difference that will provide a purpose for our work and allow us to make a real difference in the world.

Here are the top 13 inspiring  influencers who give value to their audience.

1) Jacob Fu and Esther Julee : Travel Bloggers – Local Adventurer

Jacob and Esther’s travel blogging career is what many wanna-be bloggers aspire to have one day.

They are one of the top 15 travel bloggers in the World and have worked with countless of brands such as Patagonia, REI, South Africa tourism board and so much more.

The Local Adventurer blog was started because  when they left Atlanta to move out west they  regretted not exploring the home town they have lived in for most of their lives.

Their purpose has been to “be grateful for whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, to see our hometown, state or country with fresh eyes, and to be open to new experiences and take baby steps outside our comfort zones”.

Today, Jacob and Esther live in a different city every year and have been able to create a successful fulltime travel blogging career that allows people to see their own city in a new light.

They are also coming out with a new e-course soon that will help you Become a 6 Figure Blogger. Stay tuned for more info on the Launch!

You can listen to their story on an episode with Jacob where he shares How to Create a Profitable Travel Blog.

2) Andrea Valeria:  Vlogger (Video Blogger) – It’s a Travel O.D. 

Andrea Valeria who is a Vlogger (video vlogger) gives her audience fun and realistic behind the scenes on what it is really like to live as a digital nomad.

Her videos will not only make you want to visit the places she has lived in, but also become inspired by her words that motivate other creators to keep the hustle going, even when the going gets tough.

Thinking of starting your own Vlog? Check out Andrea’s book “So you want to Vlog”, where she gives the most amazing tips and tricks to be a successful vlogger.

Not only is Andrea an expert Vlogger she is also passionate about highlighting creators who give true value to their audience and their clients – she started the #redefininginfluencers movement. Check it out and support Andrea’s cause!

You can listen to Andrea’s episode where she shares how leaving your 9-5 will not guarantee success unless you work hard to achieve it. 

3) Jennifer O’Brien – Content Creator and Founder of The Travel Women

Jennifer created The Travel Women community where she empowers women to travel outside their comfort zone.

Jen is also an expert Photographer, videographer, dronographer  and 360-  which makes her extremely valuable to brands who want quality and beautiful work.

Not only is Jennifer incredibly talented but she genuinely cares and has helped so many people connect with one another through travel.

You can listen to Jennifer’s story to find out how to create a travel community for women. 

4) Kat Gaskin:  Creative and Entrepreneur – Salty Pineapple


A post shared by Salty Pineapple 🍍 (@katgaskin) on

If you have come across the quote” Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.” Then you have seen  a glimpse of what Kat is capable of.

Kat Gaskin is the perfect blend of Creator and Entrepreneur. She has shown versatility in content creation, marketing and has a shop The Salty Pineapple.

Check out the shop to get a piece of the sweet pineapple and tropical vibe she has been spreading around.

You can listen to Kat Gaskin’s episode where she shares how to overcome missed opportunities and so much more!

5) Meagan Morrison – Travel and Fashion Illustrator – Travel Write Draw


A post shared by Meagan Morrison (@travelwritedraw) on

When I think of a woman who has truly blended her passions together to create a successful career, I immediately think of Meagan Morrison.

Meagan is a travel and fashion illustrator who created a new niche in order to do what she truly loves.

Meagan not only provides a unique take on travel through her illustrations, but also gives her Travel Write Draw community inspiring words and motivation to also pursue their passions.

You can listen to Meagan’s full journey where she shares how to be a trail blazer and deal with the pressure to succeed. 

6) Gret Glyer – Public Speaker and Founder of Donor See


A post shared by Gret Glyer (@gretglyer) on

Gret is the founder of DonorSee a company that is redefining the meaning of charity by allowing the donor to quickly and easily help the worlds poorest while seeing the results in raw video footage.

Gret shows us that changing the world can come from small acts of kindness which can create a ripple that changes the world.

Gret is the epitome of what real meaningful influence should be: changing the world and peoples circumstances for the better.

You can listen to Gret’s incredible journey and how he was able to create the Uber of charity.

7) Celinne Da Costa – Brand Story Coach – CelinneDacosta.com


A post shared by Celinne Da Costa (@celinnedacosta) on

Celinne Da Costa is not your average Influencer. Yes, she has amazing travel photos on Instagram, but she’s not there to get the free hotel stays.

Celinne is a brand story coach. What does that mean you say? Well, she helps brands and individuals create compelling stories that will resonate with their audience.

She’s worked with fortune 500 companies and individuals who want to grow their brand and scale their business. Celinne is also a big advocate for traveling the world and making real and genuine connections with every individual she meets.

Listen to Celinne’s amazing story and learn how to reverse engineer your fears.

8) Raha Moharrak – Public Speaker and the first Saudi woman to  summit the 7 highest peaks in  the world – RahaMoharrak.com


A post shared by Living Curiously (@rahamoharrak) on

Raha Moharrak is the first and youngest Saudi woman to ever summit the highest peaks in the world.

Raha is a public speaker who inspires women all over the world to live their life to the fullest and to push their boundaries.

Since her successful climb to the 7 summits, Raha has made it her mission to inspire other women to tap into their own potential despite the obstacles they will face.

You can listen to Raha’s full interview on how to deal with criticism and turn responsibility into an opportunity and much more.  

9) Meagan Cignoli – Founder and Creative Director of Visual Country


A post shared by Meagan Cignoli (@meagancignoli) on

When Meagan Cignoli uploaded her first stop motion video on Vine, she could not have predicted that a hobby and creative outlet would turn in to a multi-million dollar business a few years later.

Meagan founded the company Visual country and has worked with hundreds of brands such as Lowes, Tiffany and Co., Netflix, Google and so much more!

Meagan’s passion and talent shows on every content she creates and she continues to inspire so many budding artists today.

Listen to Meagan’s story on how to turn a hobby into a multi million dollar company.

10) Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – Personal Finance Expert and creator of Making Sense of Cents

Michelle created an incredible blog Making Sense of Cents that allows her to help people become wiser with their finances and encourage others to earn more, save more, and live more.

Michelle and her husband lived in their RV for several years, traveling across the country. They have recently made a change and traded their RV for a sailboat!

Michelle’s journey is so unique and she earns over 100k a month helping people become financially savvy.

You can listen to Michelle’s story on How to create a million dollar blog. 

11) Sara Melotti – Photographer and the founder of Quest for Beauty 


A post shared by Sara Melotti (@saramelotti_) on

Sara started out as a dancer and then became a fashion photographer. After working for 3 years as a fashion photographer she realized that she was promoting unrealistic standards of beauty.

This led Sara to travel the world and create Quest for Beauty- showcasing the beauty of every woman.

She has also gained recognition with her article How Instagram created a monster – which exposes the tricks that Instagrammers are using to gain more likes and following.

Today, Sara is an advocate for womens rights and being an euthentic content creator.

You can listen to Sara’s story where she shares how to stay authentic as a content creator. 


12) Erin Lowry – Public speaker and author of “Broke Millennial”


A post shared by Erin Lowry (@brokemillennialblog) on

Growing up Erin was given so many valuable lessons by her parent’s that she was able to take with her into adulthood. Lessons that allowed her to conquer finances at a young age by being debt free and financially savvy.

This knowledge led her to create the Broke Millennial blog which later turned into a best selling book “Broke Millennial”.

Today, Erin travels around the country as a speaker promoting her highly successful book “Broke Millenial” and continues to help others Get their financial life together #GYFLT.

Erin shares incredible insights on how to live well and spend your money wisely.

You can listen to Erin’s story and how to go from flat-broke to financial badass.

13)  Elise Darma – Digital Nomad Entrepreneur and Founder of Canopy Content 

Elise Darma is a travelpreneur who has created a business she can run from anywhere.

Elise helps online brands grow through their social media channels. Elise gives valuable tips on how to grow your business through Instagram.

She has create an incredible brand that not only helps you grow your business but allows you to do it in your own terms and live the freedom lifestyle.

You can listen to Elise’s tips on how to use your current skills to become a traveling freelancer. 



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