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25 Best Online Business Ideas for Women

Online businesses for women offer many more opportunities than traditional jobs do, as well as flexible schedules and higher-income potentials!

Many people who want to work at home have started an online business because it gives them freedom over how much they want to work and when!

You don’t need any special skills or training either; you only need determination and motivation.

This article will show you some great options for starting your own successful home-based business today!

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

What do you need before starting your online business

If you have never started a business before it can be difficult to know where you should start.

The most important thing with starting any business is having a plan and knowing what you will need along the way.

It’s always better to be prepared than not!

We have prepared the top 5 things you need before starting your own online business.

How to Find Your Niche

Before you can even get started, you need need to know the best business ideas for women and your niche.

Your niche is the type of industry that you will work in and the visitors that see your products or services.  

Knowing this beforehand will help you quickly decide which of the 25 ideas we cover here will be best for you and your needs.

You can spend some time doing research and gaining valuable insight into your chosen niche.

For example, if you want to sell children’s toys then this would be your niche and you should look for ways to promote toys and collect customer information.

How to Identify Your Ideal Client

In order to get your business up and running, it would be a good idea for you to start with your ideal customer.  

A few ways you can attract your ideal clients is by conducting some research into how they think, what type of language they use, and their demographics.

This will help you tailor your message to them and have a way to measure their online presence.

Although knowing more about your ideal customer is important, don’t forget that it is also necessary for you to know about yourself and what your strengths are.

remote resume guide

Remote Resume Guide

Want to learn how to create a stand out resume that will help you land an Online Job? Grab our Guide to help you perfect your pitch as a job seeker.

How Will You Market Your Products

There are many different ways that you can market your products online.  

Some of the best marketing methods include email marketing, social media, blogging, forums, and content creation.

All of these methods can be used to help you find your ideal customer and promote products for sale.  

Without a good marketing plan, even the best online business ideas for women will flounder.

How Much Money Do You Need to Invest

Whatever online business you start, you will need some type of initial investment in order to get going.

Your budget may be low or high depending on what it is that you want to do.  

You will also have a choice between starting a home-based business and having a physical storefront in addition to an online presence, too.

Starting your own online business can be an excellent way to make money, but it does take some initial investment first.

It can be as little as a few hundred dollars or up to a few thousand, but you will need it if you want your business to get off the ground.

How Much Time You Can Dedicate

Whatever online business idea for women that you choose, you should be aware of how much time it will take up on average each day/week/month.

Don’t be surprised if you end up working more hours in your business than in your day job.

Even if you are working for yourself, it is always better to have a schedule so that you can dedicate some time during the day to working on your business.

This will help you keep things organized and keep your business moving forward.

Choosing the Best Business Ideas for Women

There are many different online businesses to choose from.

Your career choice will depend on what you enjoy doing, how much money you want to make, where you live, and what your time constraints are.   

You can choose to work part-time on your business or full-time if you prefer, but it depends on what is right for you and your family.

Your online business ideas for women should be what you enjoy and not just a way to make money.

If it is something that you don’t really enjoy then you won’t be motivated to continue and it will quickly fade away.

The 25 Best Online Women Business Ideas

To make things easier on you, we have compiled a list of the top 25 online business ideas for women that can be run by almost anyone who is willing to put in the work.

Some of these businesses do require additional training and certifications, while others are perfect for stay-at-home moms and dads who need a way to bring in some additional income.

Online Business For Creative Women

If you are creative and would like to start an online business, here are a few ideas that you may want to consider.

DIY graphic design

There is a huge demand for people who can create logos, graphics for social media, and other various types of designs.

In addition to being able to create great graphics, you will need to be able to market yourself properly so that you can promote your business and get new clients.

Here is an article to help you learn how to start your own graphic design business.


Blogging is the perfect online business for women who are creative and enjoy writing about their favorite topics.

You can write about anything that you want to, including fashion, food, or home decor.

You can even choose to blog about your family and the experiences that you have as a mother or wife.

The possibilities are endless.  

If you enjoy writing and want to make money from home, consider starting a blog of your own.

Check out this article to help you learn how to start a successful blog.

Sell Art Online

Selling art online is not difficult to do.

All you have to do is find an online store that allows you to sell your artwork based on the type of product it is.

Some shops will let you create free accounts while others will require a monthly or yearly fee to use their website.  

It all depends on where you want to sell your art.

If you need help getting started, here is an article that will show you tons of different websites where you can sell your artwork.

Teach Art Online

If you are good at painting, drawing, or creating other types of artwork, consider teaching online.

It is becoming more and more popular for online art courses to open up all over the world.

All you need is a webcam so that students can see your work in real-time, and a computer with a good internet connection.

You can choose to charge per hour, or you can sell monthly subscriptions which allow students to log in to your courses for a certain period of time.

A few sites where you can offer your services are Udemy and Skillshare.

You can also check out the video below for tips on how to teach art online.

Youtube Creator

If you have a knack for writing, filming videos, or editing footage, consider starting your own Youtube channel.

YouTube has become the number one site for online video hosting, and it is a great place to promote your business.

You can choose to talk about specific topics that you are interested in, or you can make a series of videos that teach individuals how to do something.

YouTube stars have become extremely popular over the years, and there are advertising opportunities available to those who decide to start their own channels.

Business Ideas for Women – Online Market Places

If you are interested in starting an online store, there are a number of ways that you can go about doing it.

Here are just a few options for virtual businesses that women may want to consider.

Sell Vintage Items on eBay

Do you have a vintage collection and want to make some money off of it?

You can sell your items on eBay and earn some extra cash for yourself.

 You can also find more goods in thrift stores and resell them to earn even more money.

Check out this article for some tips on how to get started selling items on eBay.

Selling On Amazon FBA

Have you ever heard of Amazon FBA?

It is a program where individuals purchase products and resell them on the online marketplace.

If you are interested in starting an online store, this is a great option for those who do not have the time to set up their own webshop.

The best part is that all of the hard work of shipping and product promotion is handled by Amazon.

You just need to advertise your items, package up the products that you purchase, and send them over to Amazon.

After they receive your items, Amazon will ship out your orders for you!

This allows you to focus on other parts of your business while still making money by selling online.

Read this guide on how to start an Amazon FBA business of your own.

Sell Clothes on Poshmark

Do you have a closet full of clothes that you no longer wear?

You can sell them on Poshmark and earn money for yourself.

This marketplace allows individuals to buy, sell, and even consign clothing items.  

Individuals can choose from name brands including Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, J.Crew, and more.

If you would like to learn how to sell clothes on Poshmark, check out this article for some useful tips and tricks.

Sell on Shopify

Another popular marketplace that you can sell items on is Shopify.

It has a wide range of different types of products and brands, and it even allows individuals to market their own products if they choose to do so.

Check out the video below for some ideas on how you could make money from home by selling items online.

Print on Demand

If you have a specific design or pattern that you are interested in creating, consider starting your own print-on-demand business.

There are several sites where you can create your own online stores to sell t-shirts, hats, zippered bags, and more!

For example, if you would like to create t-shirt designs, you could use sites like Teespring and Printful.

Online Business Ideas for Women In Tech

If you are more interested in working with computers and technology, there are a number of ways that you can make money from home.

Here are just a few of the many options available to you.

Become a Website Tester

If you would like to work from home and get paid for it, consider becoming a website tester.

There are several different sites where you can join their panel of testers and receive compensation for your feedback on the websites that you visit.

For example, UserTesting is an online market research company where individuals can join their panel of testers and receive compensation for answering questions about websites that they visit.

Learn more about how to become a website tester here.

Become Professional Photographer

If you have a passion for photography, consider starting your own freelance photography business.

There are a number of ways that you can get clients and earn money from taking pictures.

For example, if you would like to take wedding photos, you can advertise your services on Facebook and other social media sites.

You can also sell photos online on sites like Shutterstock, and iStockPhoto.

Start Web Design Services

Like developing websites?

Consider starting your own web design business.

There are several different avenues that you can take to become a freelance or full-time website designer.

This career path is fairly technical, but it can be very rewarding if you enjoy designing websites.  

A few sites where you can offer your services are Upwork, and Fiverr.

Become an App Developer

Do you have a great idea for an app?

Consider learning how to develop apps and market them on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

There are several ways that you can get started developing your own apps, including taking courses online or attending a developer boot camp.  

A few places where you can offer your services are CodeNow, and Code Academy.

Become a Computer Programmer

If you have a solid background in coding and are interested in being a computer programmer, there are several online resources where you can find work-from-home opportunities.

For example, a few sites where you can offer your services are and

business ideas for women

Business Ideas for Women – Health and Wellness

Love helping others become healthier and more fit?

There are a number of different ways that you can become a freelance health and wellness specialist from home.

Medical Writer

If you have a background as a writer or editor, consider becoming a medical writer.

They typically write articles for medical journals and news outlets about different topics in the health care field.

There are several different types of jobs available to medical writers, including writing patient education materials, editing medical documents, and more.

You can find medical writing opportunities on sites like BioSpace.

Remote Dietician

If you have a health or nutrition background, consider becoming a part-time or full-time dietician from home.

You can typically connect with clients through word-of-mouth, networking, or freelance job sites.

Virtual Fitness Coach

Do you have the expertise to help others get in shape and be healthier?

If so, consider teaching classes online as a virtual fitness instructor.

You can teach classes via video chat and other messaging tools, such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

You can even create fitness videos and download them on Youtube, which can help you create income using ads and attract your ideal clients.

Health Coach

If helping others reach their health and fitness goals is your passion in life, consider becoming a health coach.

Health coaches typically work with individuals to help them create a plan that is tailored to what they are trying to accomplish.

A few ways you can find clients are by offering classes online, working with local businesses to provide workshops and/or seminars, or even offering your services on sites like Groupon.


Do you enjoy helping others work through their problems and issues?

Consider becoming a therapist from home.

The hours can be flexible and oftentimes, you can work during normal business hours.

In addition, therapy can be conducted via telephone or online video chat services.

You can create your own private practice and attract clients by word-of-mouth, network meetings, or in local newspapers and similar publications.

Business Ideas for Women in Education

Do you enjoy teaching students?

There are several different education-based businesses that are relatively easy to start from home.

Teach Classes on Udemy

Udemy is a global online learning platform where you can create and upload your own courses to share with others.

You can use the Udemy website to promote your courses and attract students.

For every new student that enrolls in your course, you typically receive 50% of the course fee.

You can also use Udemy to market your products and services in order to attract even more students.

Teaching English Online

Love teaching and helping others learn a new language?

Consider teaching English online.

There are several different ways to do this, including teaching online classes, tutoring individuals, and teaching one-on-one.

A few ways you can attract your ideal students are by word-of-mouth, online listings, or even writing a book about your experiences.

Writing Ebooks

Writing an ebook is a great way to help others learn new skills, understand how to do something better, or be entertained.

There are several different topics you can write about, including anything from fashion to health and wellness.

Oftentimes, your ebook should be targeted toward a specific audience, such as parents, business professionals, or millennials.

A few platforms where you can start selling your books are Amazon and Gumroad.

Sell Your Own Digital Products

Do you have expertise in a certain area?

If so, consider creating your own digital products to sell either through your own website or on platforms like Etsy.

Some examples of digital products are:

  • eBooks
  • Worksheets/Printables
  • Audio files

If you want to learn how to sell digital products on Etsy, check out this article for more information.

Teach Music Online

If you’re good at playing instruments and also know how to teach others, teaching music online may be a great way to make money.

Your clients can include both individuals and companies who want their employees to learn new skills.

A great site where you can find clients is Teach Music Online and feel free to listen to this episode on our podcast about teaching music online.

Are there other options?

Of course, there are many other ways you can earn money from home without having to start your own business.

For example, you might consider becoming a social media manager or virtual assistant, two jobs that can be done remotely and typically pay very well.

In addition, you might have some great business ideas for women on how to make money from home yourself!

The possibilities are endless.

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

What’s Next?

Now that you have an idea of what’s possible, it’s time to figure out which online business ideas are right for you.

You can do this by first listing some of your hobbies and interests, as well as things you’re good at.

Next, jot down a few ideas for businesses that you could start from home.

Finally, pick out the ideas that stand out to you the most and research how to get started.

Keep in mind that these businesses often take time to build and grow.

However, if you work hard and stay consistent, you can eventually earn a substantial income from them.

Did we miss any online business ideas for women?

Leave us a comment below with your thoughts on these businesses or what’s worked for you.


How To Making Passive Income With Affiliate Programs

Want to make money online with affiliate programs but don’t know how to get started? Check out our comprehensive guide perfect for beginners.

How to Start an Online Reselling Business

Want to start reselling online but don’t know how to get started? Here is an ultimate guide that will get you in the right direction.

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Ever thought about letting your money work for you, instead of you working for it?

Many of us have been taught that the only way to make a living is through active income. 

Meaning you have to constantly use your time and energy to get paid. 

If you’re here, you know that there are ways to make your money work for you, and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to create passive income. 

If you have a website, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate revenue, but with so many programs out there, narrowing down the right choice can be tough.


Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Getting Started as an Affiliate Marketer

To become an affiliate, most of these programs require that you have a website of your own and some writing skills, so extensions like Grammarly will help to make sure that your writing is up to par with your audience’s needs.

Another option is to become a content creator on larger platforms like Youtube or Instagram.

The popular choice is to start a website and to use Bluehost for your site host. Many bloggers are opting to use Bluehost due to its reliability and user-friendly interface. 

However, it can be tough to design and create your own website, that’s why we recommend purchasing templates to make the process a lot easier for you. 

A platform that offers great website templates is WPEngine which makes designing your site a lot easier and faster.

WPEngine even offers to host your website, which makes it a one-stop-shop. 

Once you have created your website, you can write blog posts that pertain to the topics related to the affiliate programs that you have chosen.

The best way to include your affiliate links is by adding them naturally and choosing the programs that you have used or to include a trusted company. 

It is important for you to only provide your audience with companies that are reliable because you want to be able to keep their trust. 

If you would rather include your affiliates in videos, you can do this by mentioning the company and links to your content.

Many video creators do product reviews or casually mention the products that are relevant to the topic they are discussing. 

If you’re ready to start narrowing down the best affiliate program, below are the best affiliate networks and programs for different niches.  

Printable Blog Content Planner

This 10-page blog content planner can be printed to use all year long and will help you break down tasks into manageable chunks!

Affiliate Networks

One of the easiest ways to get started with affiliate marketing for beginners is to join one of the Affiliate networks.

They’ll often serve as a helpful middleman for payments and some of these programs even offer awards and other incentives for those who are their best sellers.

Here are some of the best affiliate networks you can join:

  • AWIN– AWIN has over 200,000 publishers working for them currently, and for good reason. Their platform offers a variety of helpful tools and partnerships.
  • Clickbank– Clickbank is a free network that advertises itself as a platform that works to help push for growth with its wide selection of affiliate partnerships.
  • Rakuten– Rakuten is another free network you can join that works as a good middle-man for getting your payments after they reach a certain threshold and it’s free to join.
  • ShareASale– This platform has some great tools for tracking your performance and helping you find the perfect partnership for your website.

What a lot of these programs will do for you is help to narrow down the massive selection of programs and networks to choose from.

These are some of the most reliable and best affiliate programs you could join. 

Shopping and Product Affiliates 

If your platform is mainly focused on shopping or directly selling products then one of these affiliate programs might be right up your alley.

  • eBay’s Partner Network– eBay is by far one of the most diverse marketplaces anyone can shop at, since you can find almost anything there. Their partner network provides tracking tools, leverageable deals, and rewards to affiliates that innovate. One of the best perks of this partnership is that you’ll get up to 70% of any auction fees for the auctions you promote.
  • Etsy– You can help small business creators on Etsy by promoting their products while earning a commission! Joining Etsy’s affiliate program also nets you some great benefits like access to exclusive reports, content, and competitions. Commission for Etsy affiliates is up to 8%.
  • Overstock– Overstock affiliates receive a 6% commission from the products they help sell and you’ll get a bunch of other things like paid media opportunities and access to Overstock’s dedicated affiliate team for assistance.
  • Target– Target’s affiliates earn an 8% commission from the products they help to sell. The best part is that they’ll provide you a weekly catalog of the best deals to talk about on your website.

A lot of these online stores are great since there are a ton of products you can promote, which means more opportunities to earn. 

Free Work Online Training

Still confused and don’t know how to find an online job? This training will help you learn how to land your ideal remote job ASAP! 

Sports and Sporting Goods Affiliates 

If your content provides guides and information on sports then you’ll want to be involved in an affiliate program relating to sports or sporting goods in general.

Here are some of the best affiliate programs that would fit your content:

  • Al’s Sporting Goods– Al’s is one of Utah’s oldest sporting goods companies. They have a selection of products for camping, skiing, hiking, and climbing that you can talk about with your adventurous audience. The commission for this program is 7.2%
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods– this affiliate program grants you access to their product Data Feed, which allows you to feature their products on your website front and center. They’ll even give you access to specialized website banners as well. Affiliates make 5% from the sales of this program.
  • Fitbit– Fitbit’s affiliate membership program is free to join and is as easy as adding their banners to your website to promote their products. The average Commission for this program is 7.2%
  • GoPro– The GoPro affiliate program is great if your blog promotes adventure and travel. The standard commission rate for this affiliate program is 5% and you get other features like deep linking and access to continuous product launches.
  • Leftlane Sports– Leftlane Affiliates earn a 10% commission for every sale they make. They give you 60 days to earn a commission from sales and their biggest requirement is that you’re a leading member of the sports e-commerce community. 
  • UnderArmour– Under Armour’s affiliate program will pay you 5% of the sales you make for them. It’s free to join and their award-winning program is easy to keep track of thanks to their tools. 

Financial Affiliate Programs

If your focus is on finances and you like to create content that is money-related, then these are some of the best affiliate programs you can join.

  • Barclays Bank– Barclays offers a flat rate of $2 per sale. They more than makeup for this rate with how high their conversion rates are. 
  • Bankrate Credit Cards– Bankrate’s program is free to start and gives a commission rate starting at around 45% of shared revenue. They’re great to work with if you focus a lot on the topic of credit cards.
  •– Being a part of’s programs nets you some financial resources that would otherwise be impossible to attain. Their commission rate is variable and while they don’t take new members often, you can check back to see when they are accepting new applicantsl.
  • Lending Tree– For each lead you get, you earn a $70 commission. Lending Tree is known primarily for being a price comparison website for various loans.
  • Transunion– The Transunion Affiliate Program is free to join and offers all sorts of tips, guides, and tools for its members. The commission rate for this program is varies with payments happening at a monthly rate.

A lot of these financial affiliate programs have strict guidelines that need to be followed, so as long as you read up on the rules and follow them closely, you should be fine.

Travel Affiliate Programs 

If you offer travel content to your audience then these affiliate programs might be more up your alley.

We’ve compiled some of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers to include in their content. 

  •–’s program is one of the best affiliate programs out there for travel bloggers, allowing many customization options for how the bookings are done, these can include travel locations and they even have a way to effectively manage your earnings. The commission for this program can go as high as 40%.
  • Expedia– The commission rate for Expedia goes as high as 6% for their affiliates. Benefits include access to all of Expedia’s connections for travel, hotels, and activities as well as a centralized and customizable set of tools at your disposal.
  • Kayak– Kayak’s affiliates get paid 60% of the booking fees in commission. They offer seamless integration of their services and the use of their travel search engine.
  • World Nomads– World Nomads specializes in insurance options for people that like to frequently travel. The commission rate you can expect from an affiliate partnership with them is 10%.
  • Lonely Planet– Lonely Planet’s affiliate program is different in that their providers are hosted separately. Awin hosts the American and UK programs while Commission Junction hosts the Asian Pacific programs. You’ll earn 12% commission from travel guides and 15% on bookings. 
  • Marriott– With Marriott hotels around the world, this one almost seems like a no-brainer for anyone wanting to become a travel blog affiliate marketer. The commission that working with Marriott gets you is 6%.

VPN Affiliate Programs

The topic of VPNs likely will come up more if your blog is centered around Cybersecurity and similar topics, but it can be worked into just about any subject.

Here are some of the best VPN affiliate programs you could work with:

  • CyberGhost– CyberGhost’s affiliate program is one of the highest paying ones out there, with the potential to earn upwards of 100% commission from each referral. They offer the fastest payouts and even special offers if you’re high-performing.
  • Express VPN– One of the oldest VPNs out there, it has certainly built up a big reputation for itself. The commission rate for Express VPN is $36 for every successful referral you’re able to generate.
  • NordVPN– Nord offers a recurring commission of 30% a month, with the ability to make 40-100% of the generated commission in total. The fact that their brand is a long-standing and trusted one means conversion rates are typically higher.
  • Private Internet Access– PIA provides access to users in over 30 countries and is relatively easy to sign up for. You can earn up to 33% commission.
  • Surfshark– Surfshark is similar to most VPNs however it also offers a multi-hop feature, which allows you to access servers in multiple locations at once. Their affiliates can earn upwards of 40% per referral.

VPNs are some of the best affiliate programs out there due to their versatility when it comes to incorporating them into your content and the fact that they can provide users with a better sense of privacy anywhere in the world.

Cryptocurrency Affiliates 

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic for investment blogs and we have found the best affiliate programs that could provide you with the best potential earnings.

Certain cryptos and crypto trading sites offer affiliate programs that we have listed below:

  • Coinbase– is one of the biggest platforms for both sellers and buyers. The commission earned is 50% of trade fees for the first 3 months.
  • Binance– is a trading platform that most crypto traders will use, so why not earn while you refer? Every time one of your referrals makes a trade you’ll earn a lifetime commission from them. You can earn up to 50% commission from referrals to Binance.
  • KuCoin– is a newer exchange, but it’s also one of the fastest-growing ones with its growing number of supported coins. The commission rates go as high as 50%.
  • CoinMama– CoinMama’s main mission is to help simplify Cryptocurrency for more people to trade with it. They help by taking out the risk of P2P trade, obviously incurring other fees. Their commission rate is 15% per referral.
  • Changelly– is another recent crypto exchange that has emerged. They have a fairly easy onboarding process and their affiliates earn 50% of their generated revenue.

All of these listed programs are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners to start earning passive income.

Unless the policy says otherwise, you’re usually not limited to just one affiliate partnership, just make sure you can keep up with them so that you can earn enough to fully support your ideal remote lifestyle!


Ultimate Guide to Selling Etsy Digital Downloads

In recent years, there have been more opportunities to make money online, and many remote entrepreneurs have been flocking to Etsy to sell digital products. 

If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is an eCommerce platform that focuses on vintage items, handmade crafts, and Etsy digital downloads. 

Many creators have discovered that selling digital downloads on Etsy can help them generate new income streams and create content similar to Creative Market, 99Designs, and Fiverr.

Although Etsy is best known for handcrafted goods, you can still make a great income by offering Etsy digital downloads. 

Blogging tools, worksheet templates, calendars, and other marketing materials are already sold on Etsy, which can only mean that there is a demand, and will allow you to confidently start selling digital downloads on Etsy. 

If you’re ready to dive into creating digital products, we have provided more information below that will help you become successful on Etsy. 


Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The Benefits of Selling on Etsy

From logos to marketing graphics, Etsy is a great platform to offer and start creating digital products.

Many entrepreneurs and creators want to save time, so they are willing to spend on templates that will make their lives easier. 

With millions of customers on the platform per year, you are bound to sell digital products that are in demand. 

There is Potential to Earn Big Money

Like any other business, the money does not always come instantly – but if you do the right market research, then you will be able to offer Etsy digital downloads that sell. 

It is important to understand that just because you have a great product idea, does not mean there will be customers lining up to buy. 

In order to be successful with your Etsy digital products, you have to understand what type of items are selling. 

One way that you can find out which digital products on Etsy are selling is to look for your biggest competitors and see which items are their best sellers. 

This strategy will allow you to find out if there is a real demand and if there is potential for income. 

Remember, you do not have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to put your own personal touch on products that are already doing well. 

You Can Create Passive Income by Selling Digital Products on Etsy 

The beauty of selling digital downloads on Etsy is that it can be almost completely hands-off. 

Since your products are digital, you do not need to pack and ship. You can allow your customers to automatically download your content with no extra work from you! 

This means, as long as you are offering the right digital products on Etsy, you will be selling and creating income passively! 

In short, Etsy is the kind of marketplace that truly holds a lot of potential for creating passive income streams.

Best Practices When Selling Etsy Digital Downloads

Sell with a Goal in Mind

One of the most important questions to ask before you start selling is, what Etsy Digital products can I offer that will actually sell?

Remember, in order to become successful on this platform you have to do your market research and understand what people actually want to buy. 

So, make sure to strategize and understand your ideal customers, know what is selling from your competitors and provide your own personal touch to the product to make yourself stand out. 

Be part of the Etsy Community

Selling Etsy digital downloads on this platform can seem lonely and confusing, especially when you are just beginning. 

Luckily, Etsy is a platform with a genuinely helpful and supportive community. 

Etsy loves supporting its sellers and has even created the Etsy Community where sellers can connect with others and learn how to grow their businesses. 

They offer forums for specific niches where you can join the conversation. This is where you can connect with newbies and seasoned sellers to learn and share expertise. 

So make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and learn before and while you sell! 

Familiarize Yourself with the Basics of Business

Creativity is one of the most critical aspects of being an Etsy seller, but it’s not the only factor determining your success. It would help if you were business-savvy too. 

Being successful on Etsy is more than just finding the product and selling it on the platform. 

You also have to take into account the different overhead costs, how to price your items accordingly, and how to market effectively.  

Aside from the tasks above, you will also need to familiarize yourself with opening up your Etsy store and follow any laws that apply to you as a small business owner. 

Although it may seem a bit overwhelming, do not let this stop you from selling digital downloads on Etsy and potentially earn passive income! 

Learn to Market Your Etsy Digital Products

Think your amazing digital product will sell itself? Well, think again friend!

Unless you already have a ton of existing customers that will follow you on Etsy, you will have to learn how to get yourself out there. 

Which means letting people know what you are selling and why they should buy your amazing products. 

A few ways that you can market your Etsy digital products is by:

Sharing your Etsy digital downloads on social media. 

Social media can be highly effective if you know how to market your products. And this doesn’t mean just sharing a link to your product. You have to be more clever! 

Try doing contests, giveaways, or clever memes to make your store and items standout. 

Pitching your shop to similar niched blogs. 

One of the best ways to market your digital downloads on Etsy is by collaborating with bloggers whose audience would love your products. 

In order to do this, you have to familiarize yourself with the top blogs in your niche and start pitching.

You can even provide them with incentives such as affiliate codes or links so they can also earn income from your products, which will make it a win-win for both parties! 

Be part of an Etsy Team 

Success can be a long and lonely road if you do not have the right support. Etsy has made it easy for its sellers to connect with each other through their Etsy teams, where the community can connect with one another. 

Being a part of the community, you can find and share tips as well as attend local events and meetups with other sellers who can show you how to market effectively. 


Top Selling Etsy Digital Downloads 

Now that you are familiar with the Etsy platform, it is time to decide on the best digital products to sell. 

Below are some of the best-selling digital products that could be perfect for you! 

1. Printable Wall Art

The first item on our Etsy digital downloads list is printable wall art. Home decor is a popular niche for any Etsy seller, that is why selling printable wall art is one of the best selling digital products on Etsy. 

Printable wall art is diverse, and you can design for different niches like nursery-themed art, bathroom wall décor, kitchen wall art, seasonal decors, party signs, wedding wall decors, photography, typographical works, illustrations, and even inspirational quotes. 

With so many different options, you will always find new printable digital wall art to sell on Etsy. 

2. Printable Planners

Think that printable planners are outdated? Think again! 

There are still so many people who prefer writing down their plans and love seeing their calendars on the wall, instead of the screen. 

Remember planners are not just calendars, you can create a wide variety of printable planners, such as chore organizers, meal plan trackers, fitness tracking journals, monthly planners, weekly planners, blogging calendars, brainstorming calendars, wedding planners, and so much more. 

There is a great need for these organizers which makes printable planners a hot product on the Etsy marketplace.

3. Design Files and Clipart

Selling digital downloads on Etsy is more accessible with products like clipart and digital files that many entrepreneurs will be able to use. 

Clipart are simple pictures and symbols that can be added to your documents and presentations. While design files can be used for print layouts and web designs. 

We recommended creating specific and themed designs to attract the right buyers that will allow you to sell more digital downloads on Etsy. 

4. Coloring Books/Coloring Pages

Coloring books are no longer just for kids, you can make a lot of income by selling coloring pages on Etsy. 

Many adults have rediscovered the stress-relieving effects of coloring books. 

Since not everyone knows how to sketch or create original art, they can instead buy coloring pages and print them out to have a healthy outlet from daily stress. 

etsy digital downloads

5. Creative Templates

The “fill in the blank” mentality has led people buying different templates on Etsy, including eBook templates, photo albums, PowerPoint slides, cover letters, forms, and resumes/CVs. 

People who want to write ebooks, print books, and magazines are also interested in buying pre-made templates to make their work easier when their manuscripts are complete.

While these templates can be found using basic Google search, people who want their presentations or cover letters to stand out need more than just freebies online, so they look for experts selling digital downloads on Etsy. 

This is where you come in! You can either provide them a unique and customizable template or you can personalize a design that will be based on your customers needs. 

6. Digital Guides & eBooks

Despite having iTunes and Amazon, people still buy guides from Etsy. The ebooks on Etsy cover a wide range of topics such as psychology, fiction, business, food and health, skincare, DIY instructions and photography. 

eBooks are also one of the best selling digital products on Etsy because people are always looking for ways to solve their problems with the help of experts and when google search is not enough. 

So if you are an expert in a specific niche, why not share your knowledge and sell a digital product on Etsy?

7. Website Design Templates

Since more businesses are creating websites to market their content and products, many are flocking to marketplaces like Etsy to get inspiration for their sites. 

WordPress and Squarespace templates are some of the bestselling digital products on Etsy for a reason. 

While professional web design is still essential, design templates can help business owners save on costs as they begin their journey to creating their website. 

Do you have a knack for creating website templates for dentists? How about pet grooming services? As a creative, you have complete freedom to choose the right niche for your templates. 

Focus on the markets that you know best, and you will realize that there are many paying customers just waiting for website design templates in their markets.

There are countless success stories from Etsy members, so it is possible to make money from selling digital downloads on Etsy. 

Etsy has proven to be a robust and evergreen eCommerce platform, and it just keeps getting better. 

So if you are ready to start selling digital products on Etsy, go ahead and get started because your future customer is waiting for you. 


How to Create Digital Products to Earn Passive Income

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you’re here, it’s because you are ready to learn how to create digital products. 

But the problem is, you don’t know how to get started. 

In order to sell digital product online, you have to not only understand how to create them, but also learn how to sell ideas online, which means marketing! 

If we just lost you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We felt the same when we started. 

That is why we are sharing our top tips on how to create information products that will sell and allow you to create passive income from anywhere. 


What is a digital product

Before we get to the good stuff… let’s talk about what is a digital product? 

The simple answer is, they are downloadable online content and not physical products. 

So anyone with a computer and internet can access the files. 

A few examples are: e-books, templates, and e-courses. 

Here are the pros of creating a digital product: 

  • You do not have to worry about shipping items
  • You do not have to handle physical returns
  • No need to worry about storing any of the items
  • No need to spend money on inventory
  • You can make changes to products at any time
  • Once you market and complete your digital content creation it can become completely passive. 

Creating a digital product rather than a physical item will also allow you to get started with no money down. 

That is why many entrepreneurs are choosing to sell digital products online rather than opening a brick and mortar store.  

How to Create Digital Products: 5 Ways to successfully Sell Ideas Online 

1. Solve a Recurring Problem that Your Audience is Facing

In order to sell digital products online you need to understand your audience’s pain points and solve them by creating the item that answers their needs. 

Having a thorough understanding means connecting and engaging with your readers, viewers and listeners. 

Because even if you have the best digital product ideas on earth, it will not matter if you are not providing the right solution. 

A few sample questions that you can ask are:

  1. If you could ask me to solve one issue with ______ what would it be and why? 

This question will allow you to narrow down the biggest concerns they are currently facing.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even find similar problems that your audience are currently facing that will help you create all the content you need for your digital product. 

how to create digital products
  1. Would you buy a digital product that helped you solve _______? 

The answer to this question does not mean the individual will actually buy, however it will help you gauge if there is interest in the product that you are planning to sell. 

Once you have received feedback (ideally around 50-100 responses) from your first survey, gather that information and narrow your niche down even more. 

Then create another survey and ask more detailed questions about what you will be adding into your digital content creation. 

Having the feedback will allow you to provide them with 3-5 different product ideas and in return they will share what they think of these resources. 

A few follow up question examples could include: 

  • I am thinking of creating this digital product about_____. What would be a great title that will catch your eye? 
  • How would you like to receive the information (video, audio, e-book)? 
  • What is more important to you when you are purchasing a digital product? The price, having the most comprehensive information, or the convenience? 

Don’t be afraid to be honest with your audience. Let them know what you are planning to do and how you would like them to be a part of it. 

This will encourage them to give you more details and will most likely be willing to give honest feedback on what they want to receive.  

It can be a tedious task to find digital products that sell, however doing your market research will allow you to get the right answers you need to be successful.

2. Organize your Digital Product Content 

Once you have collected feedback from your ideal audience on how to create information products that sell, it is time to get organized. 

This can be a bit tricky, but made easier if you did your market research properly. 

Having comprehensive information will allow you to have a better understanding of how to format and what type of content to add in your product.

The first step to organizing your content is choosing the right format for you. 

Will it be through:

  • An online course: which is information that can be accessed through a password protected website and can be learned from anywhere. 

Course creators can decide to create video, written content, audio or all of the above to share their information and expertise to their students. 

Their students typically have lifetime access to the information and can learn at their own pace. 

  • An E-book: is a non editable book that can be read on any digital device such as your phone, e-reader, and websites. It can also be downloadable and printed by the purchaser. 
  • Templates: are files that are created via Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator and any other platforms where you can create marketing products and allow your purchaser to easily change out the logo, copy and background. 

Some digital product sellers also create calendars, todo lists, forms and more. 

  • An email course: which are a series of lessons given via emails over a period of time. 

The wonderful thing about creating an email course is that once you set up an email sequence from email platforms like flodesk, which make the process easy and manageable, you do not need to purchase anything else. 

Making this an affordable digital product option for many course creators.   

With so many different options, it can be difficult and confusing to figure everything out on your own. 

That is why getting help from successful course creators and being a part of a community will help fast track your progress and allow you to get feedback from experts that you may not find anywhere else. 

We recommend Molly Ho’s membership program Keep Getting Paid” which will help you get consistent 4-figure months with digital products. 

keep getting paid

What we love about the Keep Getting Paid Membership:

  • The comprehensive video training that will help guide you to create the most profitable digital products which includes mindset, branding, product suite, attraction marketing, sales, and productivity system. 
  • The monthly events and coaching calls that will allow you to stay on track and have accountability from the group and the founder. 
  • The affordability. At $97 a month it is a steal! We have personally taken courses and coaching that were 4-5 figures that was equivalent to what Molly is providing her membership clients! 

If you are ready to stop looking for the “right” answers and start receiving information from an online entrepreneur who has successfully created income from her digital products, then join the “Keep Getting Paid” Membership. 

3. Test and Revise Your Digital Products 

One of the most crucial things about creating a digital product is being able to get feedback from your ideal clients. 

That is why getting beta testers is a must for the success of your product.  

For digital products to sell online you may need 10-20 testers to get enough responses for your content. 

A few ways you can obtain these individuals is by: 

  1. Doing a call to action with your most active community whether it’s through social media, website, podcast or others. 
  1. Letting your email subscribers know. 
  1. Joining other communities online like relevant facebook groups, clubhouse rooms and then asking members to participate. 

Once you have found the right people to test your digital products, you can give them access to your content in exchange for filling out a survey and providing you with a review. 

By asking them to fill out your survey you are trying to find out:

  • If the content is clear and concise
  • If the content has covered relevant topics that they needed
  • What type of price you should be charging 
  • What changes should be made and any other honest review 

Always remind your testers to provide you with honest feedback, if need be, provide them with an option to become anonymous. 

Otherwise, some will only give you responses that they think you may want to hear. 

4. Finding the Right Digital Product Selling Platform

Whether you are selling an e-course, templates or e-book, you will need the right platform to sell  them so that your customers will be able to access them easily. 

In order to find the right platform, you have to make sure that they are able to provide you with the right services. 

For example, if you are selling an e-course, you will need to create a high converting sales page. 

We recommend using SamCart, we personally use their services and love the ease of use and reliable customer support. 

What is Sam Cart? 

They are a digital product e-commerce platform that helps you start selling your digital products or online services. 

Not only do they make it easy for you to create sales pages for your products but they also help you boost your sales, so that you can run your business worry free. 

how to create digital products

What we love about SamCart: 

  • You can sell almost any digital products using their platform such as online courses, membership sites, coaching, e-books, templates and more! 
  • Customizable and built-in templates to share and sell your products. 
  • Easily shareable links that will allow you to link your page to socials and other platforms. 
  • They offer built-in upsells, split testing, order management and more so that you are able to scale up and create more income opportunities. 
  • They include automated subscriptions, abandoned cart recovery, and so much more! 

Right now SamCart is offering a 14 day free trial to their services, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to see if their platform is right for you before you sign up! 

Another platform that we highly recommend is Kartra. We love Kartra because it is an all in one platform that will not only allow you to create your sales page, but it will also host your content. 

This means it is a one-stop shop for all of your digital product selling needs. 

What we love about Kartra:

  • They are able to integrate everything that you need for your digital products and online services. All of their individual sections are woven together so everything is seamless. 
  • Their platform is geared for both beginners and professionals. So whether you need pre-made templates or customizable options, they have it for you.
  • They have a reliable and fast customer support team. 
  • The services they have available are endless, from creating funnels, campaigns, emails, memberships, videos, and so much more! 

Kartra is truly the ultimate all-in-one platform for you to get started selling your information products.

Both SamCart and Kartra are great platforms to use when you are ready to sell digital products online. 

We highly recommend SamCart if you already have other service platforms to host your products, but need an incredible sales landing page for your content. 

However, if you are starting from scratch and need an all-in-one service. Kartra is a great platform to join. 

They have everything you need in one spot and are also great for beginners and pros alike. 

But either way, we love both platforms and you can’t go wrong with either one. 

5. Market and Sell Your Digital Products. 

Now that you have created your product, beta tested your content and found the right selling platform. 

It is time to market and sell your information products. 

Without creating an effective marketing strategy, all of your hard work will go to waste! 

Because let’s face it, if no one knows about your product, you won’t be able to sell them. 

That is why marketing is one of the most crucial parts of selling information products. 

Here are a few successful marketing strategies that will help you promote your content. 

Do a  Pre-Launch Promotion 

In order to spread the word, you must create the hype. That is why creating a pre-launch promotion is a great way to call attention to your product. 

Here are a few ways you can do it: 

*Run a contest: people love and get excited over the possibility of winning something that they love. Allow them to find out more about your product and why they need to have it. 

This is also a great way to build excitement and collect potential buyers even after the contest is finished. 

*Get Social: do teasers of your product weeks before your launch so you can continually build excitement. Encourage them to like and share with their own audience so that you can spread the word. 

Build a Launch Team 

Want a ton of reviews and social proof before you even launch your digital product? 

Gather up a launch team that will provide you with reviews for your content and start sharing their reactions on social media. 

Ask your launch team to take videos and pictures of them with your product!

Then send these glowing reviews to your followers on social, your email list, create a blog post and podcast episodes surrounding the raving reviews. 

This will allow you to provide social proof that will catapult your product to success before you even launch your product! 

Creating information products will make passive income possible

I know you hear this all the time, but we’ll mention it again…

You CAN make passive income by selling digital products online. 

It isn’t a pipe dream and it is not unreachable. 

You can earn income without constantly hustling for that dollar, and creating a digital product can be a great way to achieve a freedom lifestyle goal. 

Don’t get us wrong, it is not easy but once you have guidance from an expert and do your own due diligence, it can happen! 


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