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How to find Etsy best sellers and start an online business

Is one of your hobbies creating things? And are your handmade items so good that friends and coworkers keep asking you to make them one? If so, those items could be Etsy best sellers.

Have you ever thought of selling on Etsy? Why not show the world your creative side and make some money along the way?

Shoppers love handcrafted items. Not only are products unique, but many things can be personalized. And nowhere is there better proof of how much love handmade items are getting than on Etsy. And it’s not just handmade items, but digital items, too.

If you’re looking to make extra income from home or an easy way to start your own online business, joining Etsy is a great option to explore. And we will take you through Etsy for beginners and show you how you, too, can start selling Etsy best sellers.

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What is Etsy?

Etsy is the top online platform for selling handmade and craft items as well as vintage goods (items over 20 years old). Think of it as a giant street fair that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. And you never know what amazing item you will find.

Etsy has cemented its place as the top site to go for crafted items with over 2.5 million sellers and 44 million buyers. That’s a lot of people looking for unique items!

Making Money on Etsy

Is it possible to make money on Etsy? Absolutely!

Most of Etsy best sellers have the platform as their sole source of income. And that could be you, too. Not only do you need to know all the ins and outs of selling on Etsy, but it helps if your product falls into the Etsy best seller products.

Being successful and among Etsy best sellers, you must know what are the Etsy best sellers and what fees are involved with selling on the site so you can find the perfect products to sell on your own Etsy shop.

Top Ideas to Sell on Etsy

Whether you already have a hobby or are looking for ideas to sell on Etsy, it’s good to know what items are the most popular with customers. And as you’ll see, the list greatly varies including products that do require a specialized skill to those that just need a know how with certain computer software.

When you find the Etsy best sellers in the categories your product will fall under, look at the keywords each shop is using for their product titles. This is all a part of understanding SEO (search engine optimization) on Etsy. If you want to be among Etsy best sellers, you need to be found quickly. And using popular search keywords on Etsy is one easy way to get buyers to your shop.

Top Product Categories for Ideas to Sell on Etsy:

Craft & Supplies – a very popular category for those who love sewing, needlework, etc. Here you can find cross stitch/crochet/quilt/knitting patterns and even different types of yarn.

Handmade Items – from pottery to wood carved pieces, anything handmade that makes a statement in a room or a special gift fits into this category.

Jewelry – handmade jewelry has never been more popular with people wanting more original pieces to wear rather than mass produced product.

Wedding Items – the wedding industry is always a big money maker as most people want to make their special day a truly memorable one.

Accessories – fashion never goes out of style. And those that love it, love to accessorize. Hats, scarves, gloves, ties, etc. are found in this category.

Paper & Party Supplies – a way to make a party really singular is to have customized cards or party favors, so people turn to Etsy to find that special something.

Clothing – from printed shirts to hand sewn dresses or swimsuits, people find that unique piece on Etsy.

Vintage Items – Any items over 20 years old fits into this item. Rather than create, if you have a good eye at thrift stores, this is a great option for selling on Etsy.

Home & Living – Living spaces can be livened up with wall decorations, rugs, and furniture. And kitchenware and utensils are always in demand.

Arts & Collectibles – One-of-a-kind pieces are very popular on Etsy.

Currently, the best things to sell on Etsy to make money include:

Stickers – shoppers can’t seem to get enough of stickers and are buying them in large quantities.

Notebooks & Planners – from personalizing them to eye-catching graphics, notebooks are something that never go out of style nor demand.

Candles – with people spending more and more time at home, candles can provide great ambiance as well as scent.

Home Décor – shoppers are always looking to add a special something to their home. An individual piece that stands out and reflects their personality.

Personalized Items – always makes for a great present no matter the time of year.

Graphic/Digital Designs – from posters to cards, computer-generated graphics are very popular and easy to reproduce in a multitude of variations.

Posters – everyone likes to have something on their wall. And posters are inexpensive to print and ship out.

Etsy best sellers

Fees for Selling on Etsy

To be among the Etsy best sellers and for making money on Etsy, it’s not enough to know how much making your products will cost you and then determine what you sell them for based upon the percentage markup you pick. You need to factor in the different fees charged on Etsy into your total cost per item.

Etsy makes money from its platform by charging fees from each seller, which include both listing and selling fees. Let’s break down each fee for Etsy for beginners.

Etsy Store Cost

Technically, starting an Etsy shop doesn’t cost you anything. But it does charge you to list items in your store. And what good is an Etsy shop if you have no product to sell?

So, Etsy charges sellers $0.20 per each item that you list. It’s important to note that there is a difference between item and product.

Etsy says an item is the actual item that you are listing. Each variation of that item that you offer is a product. For example, you would list a hand knitted scarf as an item. Within that item, you could offer different colors or lengths. Each of those variations is a product listed within the main item.

With this fee set-up, you could list multiple products under one item and only pay the item listing fee of $0.20 once.

But, the listing fee of $0.20 is not necessarily a one-time fee. If an item listed does not have any sales within 4 months, Etsy will charge you another $0.20 to keep the item listed. But, once a sale is made, the clock automatically resets to 4 months at no added charge to you. So, the more you keep selling, the less fees you will have to pay.

Etsy Transaction Fee

As soon as you make a sale, Etsy charges the seller a 5% transaction fee of the sale price.

Payment Fee

If a buyer, upon checking out, opts to use Etsy’s payment system, then the seller is charged a 3% processing fee AND a $0.25 transaction fee per transaction.

Shipping Fees

Any shipping fees can be avoided if you correctly determine the shipping costs for each of your products. On Etsy, buyers pay the shipping fees that are set by the seller.

So, if you guess on shipping costs rather than weighing packages and determining rates, you could end up paying shipping costs out-of-pocket. The only way to avoid this scenario is to take the time to calculate true shipping costs.

And if your product is digital and can be downloaded, you don’t have to worry about shipping fees at all.

To help you better keep track of fees, what products are selling (and at what price) and what your overall profit is, it helps to use some sort of spreadsheet software. That way you can easily see where you stand financially at any given moment.

Starting an Etsy Shop

Now that you’ve done your homework and decided that it’s time to start looking at how to sell things on Etsy, it’s time for the fun part: starting an Etsy shop.

But before clicking on Etsy and starting an Etsy shop, there’s a few things you need to do first.

1. Make the product – As stated before, there’s no point in starting an Etsy shop if you don’t have any merchandise to sell. So, make sure you have something to list on the website. If your product is small or inexpensive, it will help to have some inventory available with choices for buyers.

The tricky part is to not make too much product upfront unless you can safely store it. But during the first few months on Etsy, it is going be a lot of trial and error as you work with product names, prices, etc.

2. After you have your product, take photos of each product, including different colors, sizes, patterns, etc. And as your photos are what will initially attract buyers into your Etsy shop, these photos need to be of a high quality.

Each product should have at least 5 photos showing the item from different angles, including overview and details. And it helps to have a few very clean images of the product on a clean white background and a few of the product in actual use or in a living setting.

And, you will need to decide on how you want each thumbnail image to look for each product. As the thumbnails will be visible together on your Etsy shop page, they should all have the same look and feel. This is your shop, so in fact, you are creating your own brand.

If you know someone who is really good with photography, it’s worth asking for their help as quick photos taken with your phone just won’t stand up to the quality of other Etsy shops.

Configuring your Etsy Shop

Once you have your product and photos, starting an Etsy shop is quite easy to do. But here’s a break down on how to open your store on Etsy for beginners.

Go to Etsy and click on ‘Open Your Etsy Shop.’ If you don’t already have an account on the platform, you’ll be asked to create an account before continuing.

Next, you need to set your preferences. And this includes how you want to sell your item, which currency to use, what language to use for product descriptions, and shipping location.

Then comes the all-important part of choosing your Etsy shop name. Technically, the requirements are that the shop name must be between 4 and 20 characters long without any spaces and special characters are not allowed.

And it’s important to not rush this step. Etsy is a creative place, so be creative with your Etsy shop name. Though your name should reflect you and what you are selling, it shouldn’t be too narrow a name. Etsy best sellers are always growing and expanding their product offering. So, your Etsy shop name should be able to grow with you.

Now it’s time to start listing your products. For each product, you will need to create a product title and description. And it’s here that you will add your product photos. Once you have everything listed, you then add your inventory for each product option as well as the sale price and shipping fee.

Once you have entered in your products and item options, preview how your Etsy shop looks. Does everything look like it ties together and is from the same brand? If not, you need to fix that as you can bet that the top Etsy best sellers have a coherent look and feel in their shops.

After you’re happy with your shop, it’s time to select your payment options. The two most common forms of payment on Etsy are PayPal and Etsy Payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s worth opening one up.

Lastly, Etsy will ask you for your billing information, which helps validate that you are you (and a real person).

Personalizing your Etsy Shop

If your goal is making money on Etsy, there are a few extra things you can add to your Etsy shop that will help get buyers to notice you beyond just having Etsy best sellers on hand.

Though it’s not necessary, it adds a nice touch to buyers if you take the time create a profile, FAQ section, and a store bio. Why is that?

Well, Etsy is all about finding unique items from individuals that you do not know. By filling out a profile about yourself and the purpose or origin of your store, you are building trust with your buyers without them having to meet you. All the Etsy best sellers have their profiles and bios completed.

And having a FAQ section that answers questions shoppers may have about materials, build, ship times, etc., is a great way to demonstrate that you are sincere about your shop and gives it the professional touch.

Selling on Etsy

Now you are ready to start selling on Etsy.

Once your Etsy shop goes live, don’t expect for orders to start flooding in. It does take time and effort to start making money on Etsy. Sometimes you may need to play with product titles as well as pricing.

Use your analytics to see which combination drives more sales. And, there is always the option to create ads on Etsy so your listing appears at the top. However, that does cost money per ad click.

And there you have it. Selling on Etsy is not complicated at all. So, if you have the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, an Etsy shop may be perfect for you to start earning extra income from home.

If you stick with it and really learn the platform, the odds of you joining Etsy best sellers list is likely. So, happy selling on Etsy.


How to Start an Online Graphic Design Agency

You’re tired of going to the office and working the 9-5 on graphic design projects that don’t excite you. So, you’ve been thinking about starting your own graphic design agency.

And why not? These days it’s easier to work remotely and to be your own boss. And as a graphic designer, your creative juices may flow more freely when you get to say what projects you want to work on. And that is part of the perks of running your own graphic design business.

But to be successful starting out on your own in a highly competitive field, you need a plan. You need a road map that details all you need to do to start your own online graphic design agency.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together all the critical steps to take to be successful at your own creative design agency.

Now, keep in mind that this post assumes that you already know all about graphic design and have been in the business for several years. There isn’t enough time in this post to go over the basics of graphic design, what education you need to become a graphic designer or how to get started in graphic design.

But, if you are interested in becoming a graphic designer, there are plenty of online courses you can take that give you a good idea of what is truly involved with becoming a graphic designer, for example on Udemy.

What Graphic Design Services to Offer?

When you are starting your own graphic design agency, you need to focus on pulling in as many clients as possible. Not only is this to get some cash flow going, but also to start word-of-mouth and reviews circulating.

In order to make yourself available to a wide range of clients, from bloggers to small businesses, you should know how to design a wide range of types of graphics. Sure, you can specialize in a particular area later on. But to start, you shouldn’t be fussy and welcome every job you can land.

Graphic design services you’ll be asked to work on include (but not limited to):

  • Logos
  • Social Media Images
  • Illustrations
  • Ebook Cover Artwork
  • Website Banners
  • Image Editing

Starting Your Own Online Graphic Design Agency

If you are looking for how to start your own graphic design agency, here are the main things that you need to focus on. All the steps below will help you build a strong foundation and get you started with your own graphic design company.

Land Clients

Let’s face it, you don’t have a business until you have clients…paying clients. So, if you are serious about starting your own online graphic design agency, then first and foremost is getting paid clients.


Word-of-mouth is great free advertising for you and your skills. And, if your early clients are happy with your services and end product, you can ask them for reviews that you can use later when you build your graphic designer portfolio.

Landing those first clients takes work. And once you get over that first hurdle, you will have the confidence to continue down the path of setting up your own graphic design business.

But where do you find those first clients if you don’t even have a graphic design agency name? First, use your connections. You have friends, family, co-workers, etc., a network of people who know you and can vouch for how reliable you are. Let them know that you are in the market of doing freelance graphic design and see if they know anyone that they can send your way.

The other way is by offering your services on task-based platforms like Fiverr and 99designs. The pay will probably be below what you are looking for, but you need to remember that you are at the start of trying to get a graphic design company up and running. In the beginning, it’s all about landing those first clients. It’s only a temporary, but critical, stepping stone in the larger picture of starting your own online graphic design agency.

Give Those First Clients Something to Rave About

It goes without saying just how critical those first clients are to setting you up for success with your own online graphic agency business. Glowing reviews lead to more clients. Bad reviews will kill your graphic agency dead in the water.

So, give those clients what they asked for and more. And this goes beyond the graphic design. You are offering them a complete service package. And this means being on top of communications with clients, providing options, etc. You want to be easy to work with and give clients that feeling of being in capable hands. You need to over deliver to your clients in every way.

And if you do this, you will get those testimonials and recommendations. It seems a lot to ask for jobs that pay less than desired, but it is all about laying a strong foundation. Remember, there is a lot of competition when it comes to graphic design agencies. An easy way to stand out from the crowd is what you offer beyond the visuals.

It’s All in the Name

Starting with focusing on finding clients allows you time to figure out what you will name your graphic design agency and, more importantly, how you want to brand yourself.

And it’s here that you need to think about the future. What type of graphic design agency do you envision having? Will it always be just you running the business or would you like to grow your graphic design business into a company with multiple employees?

It’s easy to say that you are going to use your name for your design agency. It’s you and you shouldn’t have a competitor with the same name. But, will having your name for a business work if you one day have other people working for you, perhaps even doing the design work?

If you haven’t fully committed to what your end goal is or if you are thinking that your long-term plan may change, then pick a name that will work in both situations and that can be flexible so it always represents you and your brand in the best possible light throughout the years.

And before you have your business cards printed and website created, ask friends and family for their opinion on the different name options and logos you’ve come up with for your graphic design business.

Building a Portfolio

When you start approaching clients as your newly formed graphic design agency, you are going to need more than a strong verbal pitch. It’s the visuals that matter most when it comes to graphic design. And any potential client is going to want to see just exactly what you can do.

And that is easily done by presenting your graphic designer portfolio. This portfolio represents the best of the best that you can do. So, you have to be overly picky and critical when selecting which of your work should be showcased in the portfolio.

You do not want to put in everything you have done. No one wants to see that, and no one has time for that. Your graphic designer portfolio needs to represent the wide range of skills that you possess and the type of projects you can handle.

Actually, you may want to consider putting together two portfolios. One that is succinct and concise and that contains the absolute best of what you do. And, you may want to include some testimonials from your early clients, too.

The other portfolio contains more examples in case a client is on the fence about hiring you or just wants to see more samples. Rather than waste extra time trying to put something together to send to a client, you have this portfolio at the ready. But again, don’t put everything in it. You want to showcase the best of what you can do. This time, though, you are just offering more flavors.

It’s More than Graphics

Regardless if you are planning to expand your graphic design agency to include other employees, when you first start out, it is going to be just you. And only you designing the graphics, reaching out and giving pitches to potential clients, sending out and tracking invoices, keeping up with correspondence, balancing the books, etc.

Though a fundamental aspect of graphic design is knowing the ins and outs of graphic design, if you are going to be running your own graphic design business, there’s a whole lot more that you need to be able to do.

If you don’t know the first thing about business, running a business, negotiating, or marketing, you need to learn quickly. Luckily, you don’t need to invest in a business degree. There are plenty of ways you can find out what you need online either through tutorial videos, eBooks, or online classes (think Udemy).

As long as you have a base foundation of what is needed to run a business, you should be able to keep up with the demands required of having a business.

What to Charge Clients

Another key area to think about when setting up your graphic design agency, is how are you going to determine your graphic design pricing? Are you going to have set rates for different projects and graphic design services? Are you thinking of having a set hourly rate? Or, are you going to work with the client and see what they offer?

It’s good to try to see what graphic design agencies are charging and try to price accordingly. Of course, your pricing also needs to match the skills and experience. If you are still new to graphic design, you shouldn’t be charging premium rates. And you also don’t want to over price yourself out of job. So, do some research and come up with your graphic design pricing so you can stay consistent across the board. 

graphic design agency

Getting Paid

And while on the subject of charging the clients of your online graphic design agency, the life blood of being successful and being your own boss is getting paid. And let’s be real, a lot of customers are not good about paying for services rendered on time.

First, as soon as a client accepts your work as says they are happy with the outcome of the job, send out that invoice. That falls on you. And the quicker you get the invoice out, the quicker you can expect payment.

And how long a client has to pay an invoice should have been negotiated before taking the job. Using either professional software or your own spreadsheet, you need to track when an invoice was sent out and when payment was received.

If you don’t receive payment on time, do not feel bad about reaching out and reminding the client that payment is past due. It’s not always a fun or comfortable task, but it is a part of business. Plus, you held up your end of the bargain and delivered a product. So now it’s the client’s turn to pay for your work. It’s business.

Keep Networking for Clients

As crucial as it is to get clients quickly when starting out, trying to get new clients is a constant task that will never go away. It’s the bread and butter of any online graphic design agency. Though it’s nice to dream that clients will be running to you, that is not going to happen at first. Or even in the first few years.

You need to build a name for yourself and a reputation. And you must always be networking with who you know and previous clients to secure new clients. Don’t be afraid to ask your satisfied clients if they know anyone who may be in need of a web graphic designer. If they are happy with your work and the working relationship, it will be easy for them to recommend you to others.

And depending on how long you have been business, it is up to you if you want to start getting particular about what jobs you want to take.

Researching businesses and finding new clients does take work. But it is work that pays off (literally) for you and your graphics company.

Following these guidelines will help you on your path to being your own online graphic design agency. Remember, this takes time. So, if you really want to venture out on your own and be a freelance web graphic designer, you need patience and perseverance.

Having your own graphics company gives you full creative rein, and you get to make all the decisions. And that alone makes starting your own graphic design agency something to shoot for.

If you have the skills and the drive, you can succeed.


Top Tips for Selling on Poshmark (no experience needed)

Let’s face it, we all have too much stuff in our closet, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. We are always buying new items, but we never seem to toss out the old at the same time. This leads to overstuffed dressers and closets.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

But what to do with the clothes that you have decided to get rid of? Donating is the easiest but you don’t get anything in return. Garage sales are a lot of work for not a lot of profit. And eBay isn’t an ideal platform for clothes.

Thankfully, there is now Poshmark. It’s the perfect place for selling lightly used clothes, shoes, and accessories. And with the right tips for selling on Poshmark, your old clothes become extra income.

Whether you are looking for a side hustle or a way to set up your own at-home business, Poshmark can work for you.


What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a fun and simple way to sell and buy fashion. This app is the perfect place to sell clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and makeup. And with 50 million users and 5 million sellers, it’s the perfect ratio for buyers to make money.

And, it’s super easy to use as you do everything on the app on your phone. No need for uploading images to a desktop. Poshmark is designed so that you can easily snap photos of your item, write a brief description, and list it for sale all on your phone in just a few minutes.

Founded in 2011, Poshmark is a completely legitimate virtual marketplace.

How Does Poshmark Work?

After downloading the app and creating your account, you are ready to list your first item.

The steps are simple for how to sell items on Poshmark:

  • Choose an item from your closet
  • Take several photos
  • Create an item title
  • Write a description of the item
  • Choose the size and color of the item
  • Set the price
  • And click ‘List Item’

And that is it! It’s that simple.

And when you make a sale, Poshmark even provides you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label that you just need to print out and place on the shipping carton. Then you can just drop your items off at the post office or arrange for a pick-up. Again, very easy.

As a seller, you will not receive payment for a sale until 3 days after an item has been received by the buyer. And that is because the buyer has those 3 days to report any discrepancy in the shipment and request a refund. Thankfully, buyers cannot request a refund just because an item does not fit.

Tips for selling on poshmark

And as soon as your shipment is accepted, payment is immediately made. Then you can request your funds via check or direct deposit. No minimum dollar amount is required to receive funds.

And like any app that is a virtual marketplace, Poshmark does take a fee from buyers for every purchase made. Their standard commission is a $2.95 fee on all sales under $15. For sales over $15, it takes a 20% commission.

To get started selling on Poshmark, start small with what you already have in your wardrobe that you are looking to get rid of. This way you get a feel for the app and how it works before you start investing more time and money into your online closet.

Top Tips for Selling on Poshmark

But can you actually make money selling on Poshmark? Absolutely. There are plenty of sellers that earn at least $10,000 a year from selling things on Poshmark. And, you can too.

All you need to do is follow these simple tips for selling on Poshmark and you will start to see extra income coming in each month.

Make Sure Items Are Properly Labeled

If you want people to find your product, you will need to make sure the item is properly labeled. Yes, it’s one of the more obvious tips for selling on Poshmark, but some people get lazy when it comes to an item label.

Buyers on Poshmark love their brands. And they know exactly what they are looking for. So, if you are looking at how to be successful on Poshmark, you will need to include the designer’s name, style name and number, and size.

With these stated in your product label, buyers will easily find your items. And that means quicker sales.

Feature Awesome Cover Shots

An eye-catching photo will always make one stop and take a look. So, if you have great cover shots of your items, it will make selling things on Poshmark that much easier.

But what makes an awesome cover shot? Lighting is key. You want shots with lots of light, making the image very bright and easy to see. And a non-cluttered, neutral background helps draw focus to your item.

Whenever possible, consider having a photo of someone wearing the item. This can be your own shot or one that you find on the internet. But, if you are going to use another person’s image, make sure that you provide proper credit.

Share Lots of Photographs

Buyers on Poshmark love to see the item they are purchasing. So, the more photos you have per item, the better. And don’t just include overall photos of the items, highlight the details of the piece. What makes the piece special? Show it in your photos. It’s one of the easiest tips for selling on Poshmark that you can do.

And, to avoid getting questions from potential buyers, it especially helps to include photos of the area of a garment that gets worn the fastest. For pants/jeans, this is the crotch and knee areas. For shirts, under the arms, elbows, and cuffs.

You want to give the buyers proof that your item has little worn and well worth them buying. It’s also worth including photos of the garment tags (both size and care tags).

For shoes, take photos from all angles. If you have ever been on a shoe website, you have seen the angles. Include the shoe from the front, back, side, above as well as the sole.

Again, make sure you are showing everything to buyers. It will be easier and quicker to make a sale this way. And, you make it harder for buyers to return an item stating it wasn’t as described.

Be Overly Descriptive

Sure, a photo is worth 1,000 words. But, if you are looking on how to make sales on Poshmark, being overly descriptive goes a long way towards making sales.

Not only are you describing the item from color to any defects and stains, but you also need to include the size, fabric type, and measurements. For measurements, you should include bust, waist, hips, and length. All you need is a simple tape measure.

Don’t List Everything All at Once

You may want your closet cleared out. But, one of the best tips for selling on Poshmark is to not list everything you have to sell all at once. Space it out and list items daily.

By posting items daily or weekly, your closet feed will appear at the top of searches making it easier for buyers to find you and your items leading to more sales.

Pick a Style

One of the best tips for selling on Poshmark is for each buyer to pick a style and stick to it. Having an identifiable style will attract the right buyers to your closet as well as make sure that they come back to check out what new offerings you have.

So, what makes a style? Well, it can be a variety of things from utilizing a certain color scheme to selling only a few brand names. But it can also be photographing your items in a particular and consistent way.

You just want to avoid being all over the place. This makes it confusing for buyers to know you and your style. And if they don’t know you, they are probably not going to return to your closet. They want buyers who match their style and that they can count on.

Keep Current with Trends

Another way on how to sell fast on Poshmark is to sell what buyers are currently looking for and purchasing. And, Poshmark makes it easy to see what is hot right now.

By checking the top-selling categories on Poshmark, you can see immediately what buyers are wanting. And, seeing how many likes are next to an item also indicates just how popular that item is.

So, if you are serious about earning extra cash with Poshmark, you should consider not just using the app to clear out your closet from time to time. But you can turn your Poshmark closet into a small boutique. It takes work, but you can earn even more money by keeping in-demand current items in stock.

Stay in the Price Range

It is never a good strategy to just make up prices off the top of your head. Another of the best tips for selling on Poshmark is to price your items that are comparable to what is already on offer.

Of course, you need to consider the condition of what is already on Poshmark versus the condition of your item, but you are not going to sell anything if your price is unrealistic.

Take a few minutes to research your item will ensure that you are in the mix adding to how to be successful on Poshmark.

Cushion the Price

But…another way for how to be successful on Poshmark is to cushion your asking price. This is because many sales are not just straightforward click and buy purchases.

In fact, bargaining for items is the norm on Poshmark. So, by cushioning your prices by a few dollars, you are giving yourself wiggle room to negotiate on price. This way, you still make what you wanted on the item, and your buyer feels like they got a bargain. It’s a win-win.

Tips for selling on poshmark

Offer Bulk Discounts

People love to save money. So, a way to entice buyers to purchase multiple items from your Poshmark closet at one time is to offer a discount.

And this is also where having a style makes a big difference. With having a style, more of your pieces will make sense together and appeal to the same buyer.

Offering bulk discounts is a top way on how to sell on Poshmark fast.

Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

A sure-fire way to lose customers is to not respond or take too long in responding to inquiries. When it comes to the app, no one wants to wait around hoping for a response.

A great way for how to increase sales on Poshmark is to be the best customer service representative you can be. And this means being highly responsive to customers in a very professional and courteous manner.

Be Social

Poshmark differs from eBay as it is an app where the more you engage on it, the more likely you are to appear in searches and buyer’s feed. If you are looking for a place where you can sell your items by just listing them and then waiting for a buyer, Poshmark is not for you.

But how can you be social on a selling app? The easiest way is to share other seller’s closets. You share theirs, and hopefully, they will share yours introducing your closet to new buyers.

And you will want to share other items or closets that fit with your taste and style. Again, you are trying to connect to people who have that same taste as you. It’s not much use for selling things on Poshmark if you are being seen by buyers who are not interested in what you have to offer.

Also, as a social app, you can have followers on Poshmark. And you can share your new listings with them so they know exactly when you have new merchandise. But be sure that you follow people, too.

So, engaging with others on the app is one of the great tips for selling on Poshmark.

Throw a Posh Party

Rather than gather at someone’s house, a Posh Party is a virtual party where multiple sellers can get together and offer items of a specific brand or category to tens of thousands of users who log in at the same time to shop and share listings.

It is a quick and easy way to gain followers. And one of the best ways on how to sell on Poshmark fast.

Avoid Fakes

We have all seen street vendors selling “brand name” merchandise on the corners for ridiculously cheap prices. And that’s because we all know that its fake. It’s not real merchandise from an actual brand.

That may be ok for a city street corner, but it is illegal to sell fake merchandise on Poshmark. To avoid this, stick to brands that you know, and don’t buy merchandise unless you are 100% that it is real.

You can use these tips for selling on Poshmark to earn extra income each month or to set up an online boutique that becomes your main source of income. It’s up to you on how much work you want to put into finding clothes.

But as you can see that there is nothing difficult about how to sell items on Poshmark. It is very straightforward. It is just learning how to maximize your listings and closet that helps how to make sales on Poshmark.


Start an online business as a Pinterest Manager

Many businesses do not have time to devote to promoting on Pinterest, that is why being a Pinterest manager is in demand right now.

Best Online Without Investment Business You Can Start Today

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

You’re tired of the repetitiveness of your 9-5 job. Maybe your commute is just unbearable. Or, maybe you have family that you would like to stay home with. What to do?

The answer is simple. Start an online business from home with no money. That’s right. You can start your own legit online business from your very home.

When you think of starting a business, you instantly think, “how much is that going to cost me?” Well, there are plenty of zero investment business ideas out there. And these ideas don’t require you to purchase any equipment that you don’t already have.

In fact, if you are looking at how to start an online business with no money, here is everything you need to get you on your way to being your own boss working from the comfort of your home.


Perks of Running Your Own Legit Online Business

When you work for someone else, you have to work the hours they tell you to. If you are lucky, sometimes you can have a say on when you work. But that always isn’t the case. And, the daily commute can be a real pain.

But, when you set up your own online without investment business, you can say goodbye to those headaches. You set your own hours. You decide when work fits best for you and your family’s schedule. And commute? It all depends on how long it takes you to walk to your home office.

Additionally, you can even take your legitimate online business with you when you travel. Want to move elsewhere? Or do some long-term travel? Not a problem. You can pack your business and work anywhere and everywhere.

10 Top Online without Investment Business

Here are the top 10 online business from home without investment that you can start right now. All you need is a laptop, internet connection, know-how, and self-motivation. If you have those four things, you have the essentials for creating a home based business without investment.

online without investment business

Social Media Consultant

There’s no denying that social media dominates our lives. It is everywhere you look, and individuals and companies uses it to promote themselves. And that is where a social media consultant comes in to play.

A social media consultant works with clients to drive social engagement on posts, increase followers, run social media campaigns, and boost sales from social platforms.

If you love social media and are continuously active on a multitude of platforms, this may be the perfect online without investment business for you to start. Platforms that you should be well versed in include Facebook (and Facebook ads), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Tiktok, and LinkedIn.

But what does a social media consultant do? The nitty gritty includes:

  • Perform audits of a business or individual’s social media accounts
  • Manage social media
  • Provide coaching sessions
  • Create new social media accounts
  • Develop media strategies across all platforms
  • Define target audience
  • Implement brand awareness
  • Devise metrics to track progress

When marketing yourself, you need to know what it is that sets you apart from the competition. What can you provide that others don’t? Look at what’s around, and take time to think about it.

Next, what are you going to charge clients? Typically, the going rate for those starting out as social media consultants charge between $25 and $40 an hour. After you have established yourself and have several loyal clients, then you can start to consider raising your rates.

Now that you have everything, where do you find clients? An easy way is to begin with your community. Keep it local. Even just walking around town, you can see what small businesses are opening. Talk with them and offer your services. Perhaps even offer a great discount at first or even offer several hours of consulting for free to start.

Or, you can join Facebook groups and advertise your services and even pitch to potential clients. And, you can list yourself on freelance sites such as Upwork, Fiveer, and Freelancer.

SEO Consultant

Every day, more and more blogs are appearing on the internet for niches of every kind. And, many new bloggers fail to realize the importance of SEO, search engine optimization, or even understand how it works.

And, this is where a SEO consultant can offer their services. They focus on how to improve a website to rank better in search engines and target traffic. As the job requires expert knowledge of SEO and how search engines work, being a SEO consultant is a great online without investment business to start.

But, more specifically, a SEO consultant should have thorough knowledge and the capability to:

  • Understand how keyword searches work
  • Understand the behind-the-scenes technical workings of a website
  • Implement link building strategies
  • Analyze website metrics to develop long-term strategies

Additionally, you may want to consider specializing in one industry. Make it your niche. Not all industries operate the same way nor do they have the same goals. So, rather than keep reinventing the wheel when you get a new client, learn everything you can about a particular industry from trends to players in that industry and market yourself that wya.

Learning SEO is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, and it helps if you have hands on experience with a website of your own. You can also use services like Keysearch that make your key word search easier.

online without investment business

Starting out, you can expect to earn about $50 an hour. As you build up experience and satisfied clients, you can increase your hourly rate to $75-$100.

As for finding clients, again, you want to start locally. Find small businesses, look at their website, and then write down what improvements are needed and how they could help the business grow. And then make the pitch. It is all about persistence and patience.

Or, you can also offer your freelance services on Fiveer, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Graphic Designer

If you are more of a creative person, then consider running your own graphic design online business. Graphic designers use their creativity to make company logos as well as oversee the layout of a company’s brochures, ads, and magazines.

Unless you have a background in graphic design, it is going to be hard to start your own online without investment business in graphic design. And that’s because you need training.

Also, to be successful as a graphic designer, you need certain computer programs. And unless you are already a graphic designer, you probably won’t have them and it will cost you money. Computer programs you should have access to include:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Starting out, the average hourly rate for graphic designers is around $25 an hour. To find clients, check with local small businesses or join Facebook groups. And, you can always market yourself on freelance websites such as Creative Market, 99designs, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Ghost Writer

Do you love to write? If so, ghost writers are needed for every type of written word, from fiction to nonfiction, from blog posts to eBooks. And as you need is your imagination and a firm grasp of English grammar, ghost writing is the perfect home business without investment to start.

But what is a ghost writer?

A ghost writer is a person who writes a document, book, or blog post but the credit goes to someone else. Ghost writers are especially in demand these days as there are many successful blogs on the internet these days. But the individuals who run these blogs don’t always have time to create their own content. That is where a ghost writer fits in.

The subjects are endless. And, with each job, not only will learn something, but you may have the opportunity to write in a different style. But, before you can start pitching to bloggers and authors, you need to build a portfolio.

Clients will want to see examples of your work. Though you can submit unpublished work, published is always better. And the best ways to get published is to submit letters to the editor for online publications. Find blogs about a hobby or subject that you are passionate about and check to see if that blog is accepting guest posts. Or, publish your own eBook.

Once you have some examples, it is now time to look for clients. One of the key places to finding ghostwriting jobs is by joining several Facebook groups. And don’t just look for groups dedicated to ghost writing. Those are good for networking and seeing what other people are working on, but join groups based upon your hobbies. Many times, bloggers will post on the groups that they are looking for writers. And, you can also bid for jobs on Upwork, as well as market yourself on Fiverr and Freelancer.

And what can you earn being a ghost writer? Well, that varies with every project. Often times the rate depends upon how many words are required, what medium you are writing for, and time line. So, it is up to you to try to negotiate the best rate for yourself.

E-book Author

But why write about what someone else wants you to write? Why not write about what interests you? That’s right, nowadays it’s never been easier to publish your own book. And becoming an author is an easy online without investment business as all you need is a laptop, your imagination, and time.

And what you write about and how long your book is depends on you. You can write about anything, including, short stories, novels, non-fiction, or even a series of guides based upon your subject matter expertise.

Once your eBook is completed, you don’t need to submit it to an editor for publication. An easier method is to publish the book yourself. But don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you may think. And, it will cost you nothing.

Nowadays, people are using their tablets, phones, and laptops to read books. That is why an eBook is so easy to get out there. There are plenty of places online for readers to go to find new material.

The top five websites to publish your eBook for free are:

Keep in mind that each of these websites will take a royalty fee from your sales ranging from 15-35%. But it is a great way to get your book out there and noticed.

Resume & Cover Letter Writer

If there is one thing that most everyone hates doing is writing their resume. It’s a painful but necessary process as one’s resume is the first thing that a potential employer will see about you. No pressure, but it has to be perfect to land the ideal job.

And if there is one thing that job seekers will happily hand over to someone else is writing their resume. If you have always been complimented on your resume, you may want to consider being a resume and cover letter writer for your online without investment business.

So, your job is to provide professional looking and sounding resumes full of active words and phrases that make your client look great. This involves needing to speak with your client about their job history and then writing a few drafts until your client is happy with the final result.

To attract clients, you should have several examples for clients to review. Also, you should stick to an industry, preferably one that you have worked in before. It’s easier to generate a resume if you know what the job entails as well as metrics and terminology for that field.

Many resume writers are certified and you may want to look into pursuing this at some point so you can better compete against the competition. And, what you make per resume and cover letter depends on the level of position the client is applying for as well as the turnaround time. To start, you may be looking at around $50 per resume.

online without investment business

To get a grasp of your resume writing skill to start, ask friends and family if you can create or update their resumes. And when you feel good about your writing, you can offer your services at WriteZillas, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Business Coach

If you have been working in a 9-5 office job for several years, it stands that you have some expert knowledge in a particular field. And because of this, you may want to consider becoming a business coach.

In addition to sharing your expertise, you will also be helping to coach personal development at the work place. First you need to understand how a person currently works and then offer them tips to improve themselves at work. Basically, you are helping someone be a better version of themselves so they can move up the corporate ladder.

And how is this accomplished? It is done by giving the individual feedback about what they’ve told you, set them on the right path for success, and sometimes just be a sounding board for ideas. Additionally, identify a person’s strengths and weaknesses so they know what to focus on for improvement.

To be a successful business coach and make your online without investment business grow, you will need to sell yourself. And not just yourself, but what you can do. Especially, what services you offer that makes you stand out from the competition. You need to know how to market yourself to find the right clients.

And landing those first clients is going to be the hardest part of all. It may be easier if you get certified at being a coach, but it is not a requirement. To help attract clients, start by offering free 30-minute calls. This way, people can get a feel for you and see if your personalities match.

And, don’t forget to work up a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) so that clients can feel confident that what they say to you about their work and what may be happening with their company won’t be shared elsewhere.

Starting out, you can expect to charge around $30 an hour. And, being a business coach will require you to spend a lot of time on the phone and attending video meetings.

Arts and Craft Retailer

Is there an artistic hobby that you just love to do in your spare time? Quilting. Painting. Woodworking. And do your friends and coworkers love what you produce? If so, why no turn what you love into a full-time business? Thousands already have their own legitimate online business thanks to Etsy.

Etsy is an online platform selling millions of unique, homemade items. Items available include:

  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Clothing
  • Home goods
  • Toys and entertainment
  • Art and collectibles

And, the number of people who love Etsy are in the millions. Some people are addicted to the site. So, why not put yourself out there? You already have the materials, and you may already have a closet full of your creations. That is your store!

To sell on Etsy, you need you to open your own Etsy Store. The pro is that it is an established platform with millions of users each day. So, they have the traffic, and they have everything in place for shoppers to easily purchase from you so you don’t have to worry about any of that. You even will have access to Etsy Ads to help you get noticed. The downside is that Etsy does take out a fee from each sale.

Online Teacher

Have you thought about inspiring others or helping them gain skills and knowledge in a particular field? If so, why not become a teacher? Nowadays, online education is very popular, not only with students but also with adults who want to broaden their horizons.

And the easiest way to become a teacher is to create your own online course of study for your online without investment business. And what you create your course on is endless. It doesn’t have to be your typical course that you find in a school. Perhaps you are an expert in a particular computer program. Or you are an expert sewer. Anything can be turned into a course.

And how you want to present the course work, is again, up to you. Options include videos, PDFs, and images. Even the length of your course is up to you. But you want to make sure that the videos are informative and engaging. Students love to leave reviews, so keep that in mind.

Once you have developed and created your online course, it is up to you on where you want it to be available. There are many websites that have millions of registered students. And these sites let you post your course for free, but they do take a small fee from each student’s registration.

The top online course websites include:

Teaching online classes can either be a part-time or full-time job. It’s up to you to make it what you want.

Though starting your own online without investment business may not be the easiest thing to do, it certainly isn’t the hardest. And remember, you are doing it for you. For you to be your own boss and to have flexibility as to when you work and who you work for. Do it correctly, and you can easily have your own online business without investment.

Don’t let not having the capital put you off of your dreams. All you need to be successful with your online without investment business is drive, time, and patience. If you dedicate yourself, you can succeed in having a legitimate online business.


How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA and Work from Home

Undoubtedly, you’ve made a purchase or two on Amazon. But have you ever considered using Amazon as an additional source of income?

Amazon is the world’s largest ecommerce site, but not all product offered is from Amazon itself. It is also an ideal place for individual people/ businesses to sell their products. And that can be you, too.

Now, finding what the best products to sell on amazon fba does take some work. But by putting in the time and effort up front, you can watch your Amazon FBA sales take off. Depending on your goal, your online business can be supplemental income, or you can work harder to have it become your only source of income.

If it is something you’ve been thinking of doing, but have been unsure of how to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, keep reading. We will break down the best ways to determine what the best Amazon FBA products to sell are giving you the perfect road map to set yourself up for success on Amazon.


What is Amazon FBA?

Simply, it is Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon.

And, what does that mean?

To break it down, you have an item (or items) that you want to sell. Rather than store inventory yourself and handle all the packing and shipping (like you do on eBay), Amazon does it all for you.

You ship your product(s) to sell to Amazon. Then Amazon keeps your product(s) in one of its warehouses. And, then you list your product(s) to sell on Amazon. And when a sale is made, Amazon packages and ships the product on your behalf.

How Much Can I Earn from Amazon FBA?

Well, how much you can earn from selling on Amazon FBA all depends on you and what product you choose. Some individual sellers start seeing profit within the first 30-days of their first product listing. The top sellers earn up to $50,000 a month. But, don’t go in expecting that type of return.

But, with the best Amazon FBA products, you can absolutely earn thousands of dollars each month. It all depends on the formula: the product chosen, the cost of that product, and the sale price. If you get that right, there is no telling what you can earn monthly using Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA Fees

But don’t plan your potential earnings straight from the cost of the good from the sale price. You will need to consider the different fees when deciding on what to sell on Amazon FBA.

When looking at the cost of your products versus what you intend to sell them for, you need to factor in the fees so you have a better idea of your true profit.

For everyone, there is the standard 15% seller fee, which Amazon charges for placing the item on their site. Every item of yours sold on Amazon will have 15% deducted from the sale price.

In addition, there are fulfillment fees per each item that vary in amount based upon the size of the item that also includes picking and shipping. And, if you have a lot of inventory or inventory that is not moving, you are also charged inventory storage fees.

Best products to sell on Amazon FBA

Technically, you can sell anything that you want on Amazon FBA. But to find the best Amazon FBA products, you need to focus on selling an item that has high demand. Ideally, your product will have high demand and low competition. That’s the formula you need to strive for.

And, your target selling price should be between $10 – $50. Why? Most shoppers don’t think twice before purchasing an item in this price range. It’s an impulse purchase.

For an item to fall within that price range, it is easier for you to turn a profit on each sale and to move inventory. Anything under $10 is going to be hard to realize a profit. And anything over $50, people may stop and think twice about purchasing.

And, you will want to avoid competing with well-established products or companies. It is nearly impossible to compete with not only the brand recognition but with the marketing budgets of major companies. Imagine going head-to-head with Nike?

Another consideration is if the product has year-round demand. Seasonal items may provide an amazing profit, but it is only for a part of the year. Would you rather have your product earn you a profit all year long or for just a few months?

Not only is it a lot of work for you to see sales for only part of the year, but for product that doesn’t sell, you may have to pay monthly inventory fees for storing your unsold product at an Amazon warehouse until the next season rolls in again. And there goes your profit.

Something else to keep in mind, but not necessarily a hardened must, is to pick an item that is light and small. Why? Easy, shipping costs.

If your item cannot be offered as a part of Amazon Prime, shoppers will have to pay for separate shipping. So, you will want to keep shipping as inexpensive as possible or it may deter buyers.

But, having a light and small product also reduces shipping costs for you. You need to factor in costs of getting the product in bulk to you and then to Amazon. The heavier and bulkier the product, the more you will eat into your potential profit.

And how you determine what the best products to sell on Amazon FBA can be done two ways, though both require thought and research.

What to Sell on Amazon FBA?

Your first step is to find a niche to look for ideas for the best things to sell on Amazon FBA. And, there are two ways to go about that:  personal interests and data gathering.

The first method for finding the best Amazon FBA products is to sell something based upon a hobby or subject you are passionate about. What interests you? What do you know a lot about already? Using something from what you love means that you are really invested in your chosen items, and you know the customer base.

And writing your product information for something you love will be much easier. But, if writing is not one of your strengths, you can always use Grammarly to ensure that your product listing is free from error.

But you need to go deeper than just an area that interests you. What are some specific areas? For example, you love hiking. But hiking is extremely broad. How can hiking be broken down? Hiking gear, safety equipment, and protective clothing are a few specific areas for hiking.

Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

And then, with your areas listed, what products can you think of that would fit into each of those. Once you have completed your brainstorming, then you can start researching which products are viable ideas to pursue.

Or, you can jump into selling product solely based upon market research. What is in demand now? What has a healthy market without a major player in it? This way, your decision on what best products to sell on Amazon FBA is based entirely on data.

Researching the Best Amazon FBA Products to Sell

Whether you are using your personal interests or market data, researching the demand of a product is much the same.


One of the easiest ways to research the best Amazon FBA products to sell is by using Amazon itself. If you know how to use what the site already provides in terms of product demand, finding good products to sell on Amazon is easy.

On Amazon, head to the category that best matches what you are thinking of for your product, and then check what the best-selling items are. Besides seeing what the popular items are, you should also look at the selling price of each. Is what you are wanting to sell fitting within that pricing range?

Customers Also Bought

But don’t just stop at what the best-sellers are for the category. To get a better idea of what people are looking for, drill down further for each of the best-selling items listed. Check out the “customers also bought” section for each item. And then make a list of those items that pique your interest.

Using Amazon Search

You can also find the best products for Amazon FBA using Amazon’s search bar. With your brainstormed product list, enter the item into the search bar. How many search results come up for that item? Under 1,000? Over 10,000? If it’s a small search result, you may be on to something.

But if your product returns a large search result, try narrowing down your search even further. Be more specific. For example, the term “flashlight” comes up with over 10,000 results. But if you search “micro flashlight” you get 414 results.

Being as specific as possible in the Amazon search instantly gives you less competition. Now you can look at the top sellers for these items. What are the reviews? Are people happy using this item or are they looking for something better? What are the price points? If you can compete within that range or offer a superior item, you may have a winner.

Amazon Best Sellers

But sometimes it is just not enough to have minimal competition. You have really found the ideal product if you find a category that has more than one item marked as a “Best Seller”. If your specific category only has one item that is a Best Seller, perhaps the demand isn’t there.

But if your micro category features several items that are marked as “Best Sellers,” you may be onto something. Having multiple items as best sellers tell you that there isn’t just one item that is dominating the market. In fact, the demand for this product is large enough that several items are best sellers and not one specific item is the king. This means there is room for you.

Looking at flashlights again, if you type in “camping flashlight,” you will see that there are about five items that are marked as best sellers. Whereas for “travel thermos,” there is only one bestseller in that category.

Customer Reviews

Though more time consuming, another way to find out what customers are looking for on Amazon is to read customer reviews of products you have shortlisted.

What you are looking for is how to improve upon what is currently offered. Is it a bag that needs more pockets? Or, a portable electronic that needs to use smaller batteries? What are customers saying that they wish that product had?

If you find a common suggestion, you can then find a product to offer that fits into that gap. People are saying they want it but cannot find it. So, you can provide it to them.

Using Jungle Scout

If you want an easier method to find the best Amazon FBA products to sell than researching on Amazon, there is a tool you can use. The Jungle Scout Chrome browser extension is a platform designed to make selling on Amazon as easy as possible.

Jungle Scout gives you the tools to find the high-demand products to sell on Amazon. Not only does it allow you to research product keywords, but you can also track the product to see its overall performance over time.

The platform even has a tool for evaluating the profit you could make from a particular item, even taking into account the seller’s fees associated with the item.

However, you are trading ease of finding a product for the cost of finding a product. Doing your own research on Amazon, the only cost associated is that of your time. And it is up to you to determine how much your time is worth.

With Jungle Scout, the service is available for a fee. And there are different plan options for you to choose between starting at $19 a month.

How to Find Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

Doing all this research is great and informative as it tells you what product(s) you should move forward with selling. But how do you then go about sourcing the best Amazon FBA products to sell?

There are several sourcing options that depend upon what your business model is. Are you looking to quickly turnover small inventory or are you planning to buy products in bulk?

Quick Inventory Turnover

For items that you want to do a quick turnover on, you may not have a specific item in mind. Rather, all your product research happens on the fly.

What is in the clearance aisle of a store? What has been hugely discounted online? Are there products that have recently been discontinued that you can find at a liquidation store?

But, wait? If these items are on clearance or discontinued, why would you want to buy them and then try to sell them for a profit on Amazon? Consumers are creatures of habit. And if there is a product they love and use all the time, they will be looking to secure more of their favorite items before they completely disappear. And that is how you make money. This method is a great way to start an Amazon FBA business with little money.

For these products, you need to look at the cost of purchase versus what you can sell them for on Amazon. Is the product reduced by 70% but you can sell it for 3 or 4 times more what you paid? If so, you have a winner.

But just because something is on clearance doesn’t mean that you can turn a profit. It may be on clearance for a reason. So, you will need to do some quick research on your phone to see if you are holding a winning product in your hand.

However, you won’t want an inventory of a quantity of just one for any item you list. Again, think of the costs of listing the item, shipping it to Amazon, etc. The costs for a quantity of one is not worth the effort.

If you have a winning clearance item and you happen to be in a big chain store (i.e. Target), try to get to as many of those stores as possible to try to increase your inventory count.

Outlet malls are another great option for finding bargains where you can possibly turn a profit.

But if you don’t have the time to drive to multiple stores and do research in the aisle, you can still shop for discounted items online. Practically every ecommerce website features a sale/clearance section.

Using Drop Shipping Companies

If you have a more specific product in mind, you can always use a business to business (B2B) company that can drop ship products directly to Amazon on your behalf. Many of these companies are based in China. But they offer wholesale prices making their products ideal.

Though Alibaba is the most recognized wholesaler, they are not a good fit if you are just starting out. They have large MOQs (minimum order quantity) making it a costly investment for you.

When getting your feet wet for selling the best products for Amazon FBA, you want to start small. Not only is your financial investment smaller, but so is your risk.

Rather, try taking a look at Chinabrands or DHgate. Both companies operate without a MOQ on orders making it perfect for your first-time selling product on Amazon FBA.

If you are leaning towards this method for sourcing product, make sure that your start with small orders. It is good to get a feel for the company and how they work. Plus, you want to make sure that the product ordered is of the quality you are expecting.

And, as a first-time seller on Amazon FBA, you want to test the waters. Both with your supplier, the product you chose, and for getting a feel for the steps for selling on Amazon FBA.

Just like any business, selling on Amazon FBA requires a lot of thought and planning. Don’t go in thinking that this is a get-rich-quick-scheme. To succeed, you really need to do your homework.

There are a lot of individual sellers on Amazon, so you need to be smart about finding the best things to sell on Amazon FBA. It’s not a magic trick nor a lucky guess. If you want to be successful, you need to really understand the customer demand and buying pattern.

Everything you need to succeed is listed above. Once you sit down and start brainstorming, you are on your way to finding the best Amazon FBA products to sell. And before you know it, you will be creating your first listing. So, happy selling!


5 Best Digital Nomad Health Insurance

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

One of the best things about being a digital nomad is the ability to take part in adventures on a whim. Most jobs tell you when, where, and how long you can take off on a holiday. Working for yourself ensures that this will never happen.

Heading off on the spur of the moment is indeed a privilege that you should take advantage of. But never forget that unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time. Being ill abroad can be scary. So that’s why finding the right international health care should be at the top of your list, especially if you are planning long-term travel. Lucky for us, there are some excellent travel and health insurance options for digital nomads that are affordable and provide you with the right coverage needed for your travels.

Is it a good idea to get International Health Insurance?

Some people have or have had global health insurance at some point in their lives, and we’ve all been on the shallower end. It is always better to live with a little extra assurance when you can afford it. As a long-term traveler, you may need to purchase medication or get a basic check-up. Even during a simple excursion where you are going off to watch the sunset, a deadly slip could bring your trip to an abrupt halt.

Normally, when unfortunate circumstances such as these come around, the simplest solution is to call your long term travel insurance company. Upon a simple call, the representative will happily walk you through the problem and reassure you as they make the necessary arrangements. Unfortunately, the process is different when traveling. Other languages and customs may be at play when dealing with emergencies, and what may be the norm in terms of coverage in your home town might be a completely different issue once you venture abroad.

With an understanding that people travel and require assistance abroad just as much as they do at home, some companies can cover you once you go global. Although there are companies that will provide health insurance for digital nomads, it is always best to read the fine print and do your research. Be aware that travel expenses are far different than broken bones. It is always wise to consider your options beforehand to know that your health, belongings, and family are covered in case of emergencies.

Types of Plans that fit into the Digital Nomad Lifestyles

Digital nomads come in many forms. Some live abroad as expats while others travel the world with their families. Each case has its specific worries and needs. Because of this, it is important to know the distinct difference between travel, health, and other types of digital nomad health insurance.

International health insurance covers your actual health costs like doctor visits, pharmacy prescriptions, and emergency situations. Travel insurance is different in that it specifically covers the typical problems a traveler runs into, like delayed planes and lost luggage. In both policies, emergency health issues may or may not have eligibility for an insurance claim depending on your plan, so be sure to check with your provider before purchasing.

Traveler insurance is more likely to cover personal items and is also known as personal asset coverage. Personal item insurance will cover items like your laptop and phone. As a full-time traveler who works online, these are the essentials of your lifestyle. To be without them would be the equivalent to losing your job. It is always recommended that digital nomads ensure their work equipment.

5 Companies to use as Your Digital Nomad Health Insurance

Before setting off on your travels, it is best to take stock on what type of travel you will be embarking on. Consider questions such as, “How long will I be traveling?”, “What places will I be visiting?”, “What activities do I plan to do while traveling?”, “Will this be long term, or am I in need of something more along the lines of a short-term plan?” For full-time digital nomads, an all-inclusive insurance plan with a well-rounded coverage across the globe is probably your best bet. This is especially true if you are the type that likes to travel spontaneously.

For those with a family, international health insurance plans can be a necessity. Whether or not you need protection against common travelers’ issues will depend on your lifestyle. You may find that it might be worth your time and money to get a comprehensive insurance plan to cover all of your bases.

To protect against unforeseen circumstances, some form of travel and digital nomad health insurance is imperative to all wanderers. Do your research and look into the different options available before deciding on long term or short-term international health plans. And always be sure that your chosen insurance plan is in place before you start on your travels.

Below is a list of our top 5 recommended international health insurance companies for digital nomads. We include information on what they protect and the specifics, good and bad, behind their coverage.

International Health Insurance plans by Integra Global

Integra Global offers one of the best comprehensive digital nomad health insurance plans if you are looking for all-around coverage. Normally, you read through the plans and decide which one will best suit your needs. You may be able to ask for add-ons and upgrades, but of course, this will come at an extra cost. Sometimes the additions aren’t even available.

Integra Global is unique in that their representatives will develop your plan with you and walk you through the process. Instead of making you choose the tier that suits you best, you can speak with their representative and discuss your needs such as budget, personal wants, and lifestyle. Afterward, they send you a personalized plan catered specifically to you.

Besides comprehensive plans, they also work with several partners around the world to ensure you get what you need with the expertise to back it up. And they won’t just stop there! Integra Global recognizes that some individuals need unusually specialized care that isn’t covered by their typical suggestions. Because of this, you are allowed to seek out your own professional advice, even if that means going outside the plan to get it.

It isn’t just the global traveler that gets coverage. If you fall into the expat category, the underwriters provide for financial stability as well as an expat assistance program. Unique from other nomad travel insurance companies, Integra Global offers natural disasters and security issues that are included at all times.

Where Integra Global truly stands out though is in its app. The app provides the ability for those wanting to process a claim with 24/7 claim protection and assistance from an in-house global expert. Through their app, you can get support and authorization directly for you claims along with policy papers, membership card, and documentation. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can find the internet or phone, rest assured that you will be protected.

Each individual international health insurance plan and situation is unique, especially when it comes to those who travel the globe as a digital nomad. This company’s flexibility puts it at the top of the list for customized insurance.

International Health Coverage Plans by Aetna

Aetna is a dedicated healthcare company that strives to follow its core values in providing you and your family with a comprehensive healthcare plan. Integrity, excellence, caring, and innovation are at the heart of Aetna, and it shows in their unique plans and diverse look on possibilities.

One of the most unique aspects of Aetna’s programs is that they allow you to use your insurance to cover an array of unusual medical practices that aren’t often included by other companies. Massage, acupuncture, yoga, and even holistic treatments may be partially covered depending on how your plan is set up. To sweeten the deal, a 24/7 hotline is offered that allows plan holders to call at any time to seek medical advice, express concerns, or get answers.

Digital Nomad Health Insurance

One of the main downfalls of Aetna’s health insurance is its limited coverage for common travelers. The insurance plans that you and your provider will discuss are based on where you are coming from and where you are going to. If you plan on visiting a different country every other month and continuing as a long-term digital nomad, then these plans may not suit you well. However, if you and your family have specific needs and are moving overseas long-term, then this may be the exact international health insurance plan for you. 

International Medical Plan by Cigna

Cigna has been around for many years. Because of this, they have had the opportunity to establish a name for themselves as a great digital nomad health insurance option for expats. The company likes to specialize in offering insurance to individuals as well as expat employees of organizations and multinational companies. With the ability to work within 30 different countries across the globe, most who live overseas are able to work with Cigna to establish a plan that fits their circumstances.

Cigna’s options are simple, straightforward, and based on a tiered system. Each covers specific types of medical visits and emergencies up to a certain dollar amount. Depending on where you are and your health needs, this can be simplistic and extremely helpful if you know you have a special type of medical situation that must be covered.

Unfortunately, the company does only work with their own partnered providers which is their main downfall. This means you won’t be able to visit any hospital or doctor you come across, just the ones on their list. If you have pre-existing medical problems and are seeking specialist advice, the possibilities are often limited. In this case, Cigna may be a no-go for those with pre-identified health issues.

World Nomads

World Nomads is a nomad travel insurance designed specifically for those on the go all the time. No need to stay in one country, write down an address, or worry where you are at, as they cover you even if you sign up on the go.

World Nomads was designed by real digital nomads for digital nomads. They are unique in that they also thought of the essentials when developing their plans. From cell phones that might get broken on a train ride to bags missing at the hostel, or even mountain climbing fiascos, they’ve got you covered.

Coverage includes items like laptops, backpacks, and over 200 plus adventure type activities. With this assurance, you are free to go out and do what you like without the risk of worrying about your things. They also cover the typical digital nomad worries like trip cancellation. If this is you, then World Nomad overseas travel insurance may just be right up your alley.

As with any insurance, there are certain catches though. Although they do protect your electronics, they’ll only cover up to a certain amount. This means that if you like to carry around expensive items, you’ll have to list them as an extra personal asset.

International Insurance by Allianz

Allianz is perfect for the traveling family. Depending on what your needs are and whether or not you travel full-time, Allianz international health Insurance is designed specifically to cover families. They even have a policy that caters to cover children under 17 years of age. If the minor is accompanied by a parent or grandparent on an Allianz plan, that child is insured for free.

Allianz also offers coverage for up to a year, making it the best option for long trips or moves overseas. Unfortunately, Allianz isn’t as flexible as most plans if you are looking for more specific additional coverage. And it doesn’t stray far from its typical pre-existing terms.


  Health Travel Family
Integra Global X X X
Aetna X X X
Cigna X   X
World Nomads  X X
Allianz XX   X

The coverages may have changed from publication. Make sure to contact the providers to receive accurate coverage inclusion.

Protecting yourself and your family while abroad is often overlooked when traveling short-term but is an important detail that should not be missed. However, if you decide to live abroad, acquiring expat health insurance is an essential part of your relocation process. Doing your research and understanding the coverages are crucial before making your decision. It’s imperative that you are fully informed before choosing the right health insurance coverage for your travels.



The complete beginners guide to becoming a digital nomad.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Have you ever wondered how you can work and live from anywhere as a digital nomad?  It may seem like a constant vacation for someone looking in, especially with all the beautiful photos you see on social media, but the lifestyle is not always ideal.

It is easy to underestimate how much work actually goes into being a remote worker or consider the constant challenge of balancing work and travel.

Becoming a nomadic freelancer is not easy, but if you are willing to do the work it can give you the freedom and independence that you have always wanted.

You’ll have the ability to create your own hours, live in any location you want and not be stuck in a desk job that can make you have the worst cabin fever. 

Before leaving my 9-5 I was always restless and even had a few panic attacks. I thought it was because I needed to travel and leave a job that I didn’t find fulfilling. But, I realized that it was also because I was not living the life that I truly wanted to live. 

I knew that I wanted to become a “lazy entrepreneur” and craved to be fully independent. So, I began to research the different ways to fulfill my dreams to have an independent lifestyle. 

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    What is a digital nomad?

    Before we go any further, let’s talk about what a digital nomad actually is and how you can work from anywhere. 

    They are typically workers who travel to different locations. They work in co-working spaces, coffee shops, and any place where they can have access to wifi and internet hotspots. 

    Since they have the flexibility of being able to work from a laptop, a location independent entrepreneur has the freedom to work from anywhere and will have the opportunity to travel to different cities or choose to stay in a long term home base when you are a remote worker.

    digital nomad

    Who is the ideal digital nomad? 

    Let’s be realistic. This lifestyle is not for everyone. I have seen so many wanna be remote workers crash and burn, not because they did not have the right skills to become successful but because they did not anticipate the discipline that’s required to have a steady stream of income.

    So, before you dive into becoming a nomadic worker ask you self these questions:

    Am I self-motivated? 

    Being a nomadic freelancer requires you to be in charge of your own schedule. Your boss will not be in the same space so,  monitoring how you spend your time is crucial to your success. 

    If you are prone to get distracted and your time management skills are poor, it will be extremely hard for you to succeed in this field. But don’t worry, we all struggle with distractions and being self-motivated. Lucky for you, there are a lot of techniques you can use to beat these distractions. 

    Using productivity tools like the forest app can keep you accountable by helping you stay away from your smartphone and stay focused on your tasks. 

    You can also use the Pomodoro technique which is a time management method that uses a timer to break down work intervals. The work intervals usually lasts for 25 minutes with a 5 minute break.

    Another way to stay productive is to create set hours and boundaries for your self as well as your business. These boundaries will help you form and maintain a healthy work/life balance that will be beneficial for you in the future since it will allow you to avoid burnout

    Am I able to adapt to different situations and be open to failure?

    There will be a lot of roadblocks- from communication issues, visa hurdles, unpaid invoices, difficult clients and so much more hardships. So, being flexible and not letting the “little things” ruin your day can play a huge role in your happiness. 

    Instead of stressing out on the small issues, think of the bigger picture and focus your energy on the projects that really matter. And if that doesn’t work, remember – being angry and stressed out will not solve the problem.

    Look at each set back as a learning opportunity and figure out different ways to solve them. It is OK to be upset, but do not let it ruin your flow and motivation.

    I often find that the people who have failed the most are also the most successful. They have decided to learn from each setback to create a better product or service. So remember, you are not failing– you are learning.

    Now that you’re familiar with the digital nomad lifestyle, let’s take a look at the 11 things you should consider before becoming a location independent entrepreneur.

    Experiment with different tools to find out how you can stay productive.


    Set realistic expectations.

    Before you take the leap to leave your 9-5, ask yourself why you want to hit the road. Are you doing it for the right reasons or do you have unrealistic expectations that it will all be a constant vacation?

    If you have romanticized this lifestyle, then you are in for a big surprise. Most of your days will consist of working in your pj’s- indoors and not in front of the beach. Because let’s face it, you’ll be too busy to go to the beach and being under the heat of the sun with your laptop will not be an ideal working space. 

    On the other hand, if you have done enough research and understand that you will work as hard or even harder as a digital nomad than in your 9-5, then you will be more prepared for this lifestyle. 

    It is important to learn what you’re getting yourself into before taking the leap. Once you consider all these outcomes you will understand that it can also be extremely rewarding and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start sooner! 

    Have enough savings for the lean times.

    The main thing that most of us worry about even with a steady day job is making enough money to pay our bills. As a remote worker, you will experience a lot of lean times before you create a steady income. 

    So, before leaving your stable job, make sure that you have paid off all of your debt (or as much as you can) and have enough savings that will last you for at least 6 or more months. 

    This will alleviate the stress of paying your bills and stop you from making poor decisions that will force you to do projects that do not align with your goals. 

    Use your personal skills to land that digital nomad job. 

    There’s a misconception that you need to be extremely tech-savvy or have a ton of experience in order to become a remote worker. Fortunately, that is untrue and you be a location independent with the skills you already have. 

    I have interviewed so many people on The Offbeat Life Podcast who left their day job to follow their dreams or had to work online after being laid off from their 9-5 and used the skills they already had from their previous work. 


    Take a look at your current skills and brainstorm how you can use them to help other people. For example, are you organized, resourceful and a great problem solver? Then you would be a great candidate to become a virtual assistant. 

    I have hired several virtual assistants who had very little experience but were extremely resourceful and trainable who became integral to the success of my business. 

    Know your best assets, and start marketing them to potential clients. You will be surprised how many people will need your skills and hire you to do something that you are good at and accomplish tasks that you already enjoy! 

    Learn how to communicate efficiently as a remote worker.

    What can make or break your success as a digital nomad is how well you communicate with your clients. It is hard enough to communicate properly when you are sitting face to face with your client, but having to communicate through a screen can make tasks even more difficult. 

    In order to be an effective communicator, you have to be flexible and adaptable with each of your clients because everyone communicates differently. 

    Using tools like Dropbox, Trello, and Skype to help you share content and connect with your clients can help tremendously. 

    Make sure that your team clearly understands when you will be available and provide them with the best platform to reach you when a problem arises. 

    Being prepared for the worst-case scenario can help you deal with bigger issues that may come later. Always have backup plans whether it is with your backup-drives or the availability of an internet connection.

    digital nomad lifestyle
    Before hitting the road, ask your self why you want to travel. Are you traveling to escape or to experience new adventures?

    It can get lonely. 

    Being a digital nomad has a lot of perks, but the biggest is being able to work from anywhere. But when you are constantly moving around or working from home it can be hard to connect with others when you no longer have co-workers.

    Working from home can feel freeing and it is easy to become a hermit when all your work is within your reach. There is no need to commute, which means you don’t have to leave home unless you have to. 

    I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t leave the house for several days while working from home. Realizing that I was becoming a hermit, I began to create daily routines that allowed me to leave the house to exercise, see friends or just go for a walk to enjoy the sun.


    Being a part of a community where you can form bonds and friendships outside of work is also important when you are working remotely.

    Try joining a co-working space so you can work in a new environment and network with other people in a similar lifestyle. They will most likely understand your wins and struggles. Who knows, you may even get more clients by putting yourself out there! 

    Get a travel insurance.

    Having insurance is important on the road as it is at home. In fact, you’ll need it more since there will be a lot of unpredictable situations that you may encounter when you are traveling. That’s why having digital nomad insurance is important to purchase when you are planning to start your life on the road. 

    Having traveled tremendously for work and leisure, I recommend World Nomads travel Insurance or With their insurance, you can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home.

    Travel insurance from World Nomads is available to people from 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travelers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and of course remote workers.

    Living and working abroad can be unpredictable. If there are any change of plans you can buy more cover or claim online while you are still away. You can even buy a World Nomads travel insurance if you’re already traveling.

    I want to make sure you get the most from You can find out more about why travel insurance is important for your trip. If you have any questions about your travel insurance or travel safety in general, please contact directly.

    You do not have to travel full-time. 

    The biggest appeal of being a remote freelancer is the ability to become nomadic. But traveling full-time is not always ideal if you are also working on the road, especially since having a reliable internet source is crucial to your business. 

    It may be wiser to choose an affordable home-base so that you can focus on your work but also have the convenience of traveling in your spare time. 

    Personally, I’ve chosen to have a home-base since I found that the constant traveling made me lose focus and stopped me from being productive. Instead of full-time travel, I chose to travel slowly so that I can be effective and also truly appreciate the place that I am visiting. 

    Get reliable internet

    The biggest concern for most digital nomads is the internet speeds when they are traveling in different destinations.

    It can make or break your remote lifestyle because after all if you can’t work you can’t earn.

    One of the best inventions for remote workers is WiFi hotspots like Skyroam. Skyroam allows you to be able to travel to different locations around the world with access to the internet.

    With Skyroam you can get global wifi at your fingertips! Exciting right?

    Research visa and work policies abroad. 

    The location independent lifestyle is still a fairly new concept, especially in how visas are applied and issued by a specific country. 

    Digital nomad visas are often based on tourism and not work. Obtaining a tourist visa as a remote worker can be a legal gray area since you are not technically taking a job locally.

    However, it is wise to let the country know that you are a digital nomad while there with a tourist visa to avoid future complications. 

    Make sure to do thorough research on the city you want to visit, especially if you want to prolong your stay. Every country has its own rules, so get all the information before you get on the road. 

    Optimize your time. 

    Having a steady schedule can be difficult since you are combining adventures with work. Being on the road and being in different timezones can really stop you from having a solid workflow. 

    That’s why developing a consistent daily routine even when you are on the go is crucial to your productivity.

    Keep in mind that what works well for one person may not necessarily work for another. So, if you haven’t decided on a routine yet, try many different ones until you figure out what’s best for you and your digital nomad lifestyle. 

    Goal setting is also a great way to optimize your time. Writing down your schedule for the next day and planning ahead in order to set specific and actionable goals will be a game-changer in your productivity.  

    Being specific with your goals and writing them down will help with accomplishing your goals because they become more real.

    The key is to create daily habits that will help you become more productive and balanced even when you are always on the go. 

    Loneliness can happen while you are on the road. Make sure that you are a part of a community and create connections with others.

    Create different streams of income. 

    If you think that you can dive into the digital nomad lifestyle with only one stream of income- think again. Unless you are working for a company that will give you enough income to fully support your living expenses, you will need to find different ways to diversify your income.


    I found different sources of income months before I left my job. Knowing that I could create income gave me the confidence to leave my 9-5.

    Although most of my current income comes from brand sponsorships, I have also been able to make money as a freelance writer and in affiliate marketing.

    I continue to find more ways to diversify my income and I would suggest never relying on one revenue stream. Prepare for the worst and work smart to get the best outcome. 

    Want to learn how I earned over 11K in a month with brand sponsorships? I’ve done it with the help of Jacob Fu and Esther Julee’s e-course “No bullshit guide to working with brands”, Jacob and Esther make over 25K a month through sponsorships alone. Through their e-course I learned negotiating techniques that allowed me to triple my rates as a content creator. This e-course has been instrumental in my success in making revenue from my podcast and website. My income did not take off until I learned the negotiation techniques that Jacob shares in this e-course.

    It can be the best decision you have ever made. 

    If you’ve read this far, it means you’ve considered all the different obstacles that may come your way and haven’t been scared off!

    Good for you!

    To reward you for your continued interest, let me tell you a little secret. Being a digital nomad and a location independent entrepreneur can be the best decision you will ever make. 

    Yes, you will face a lot of difficulties but it can also lead you to living a life of freedom and adventure. So make sure that you are diving into this lifestyle with your eyes wide-open but also be ready for the best time of your life. 

    You will be meeting many incredible individuals who will share your passions and understand the struggles you may face throughout your incredible journey.

    Reach out to other digital nomads before you take the leap and create meaningful connections with these individuals, because they can help you grow and succeed.

    You will also have opportunities to explore and experience the world that would never have been possible if you did not have the freedom to live in your own terms.

    Be prepared, because this is going to be a wild and amazing ride! 




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    How to prepare for early retirement and travel the world.

    Even though I decided to leave my steady 9-5 in order to become location independent, a big goal of mine is to retire early. I can see this new found freedom as early retirement. No set schedule, and being completely independent of a “job”.

    The location independence lifestyle may seem like early retirement, but not even close. Early retirement can only happen when you are financially independent. So, I reached out to someone who achieved their early retirement goals in their mid-thirties.

    On episode 82 of our podcast The Offbeat Life, I spoke with Steve Adcock who was able to retire and is now living in an RV with his wife. 



    Listen to my full interview with Steve Adcock for more early retirement tips below:

    Here are a few amazing tips on how to think, save and retire early in order to escape from the rat race and live your best life.

    Learn how to prepare for early retirement

    In order to prepare for early retirement, Steve explains that you must understand where your money is going. Often times we are oblivious on how much we actually waste on materials that we do not need. Whether it is an ongoing payment for a gym membership that we never use or impulsively buying that cute sweater that we will only wear ones. It all adds up.

    One way to stop yourself from overspending and mindlessly purchasing is to use apps like These money hacking apps will send you reminders and notifications when you are over your budget and will tell you exactly where you’re spending your money. Knowing where your money is going will make planning for early retirement a lot easier.

    Know how much money you need to retire.

    A strategy that Steve Adcock and his wife used in order to figure out how much money they needed to retire early is by using the Trinity Study. Which helps you calculate and decide on a retirement budget.

    The Trinity study explains that a person has enough savings in assets if 4% of their assets are able to cover a year’s expenses. For example, if you are planning to spend 40K a year, your portfolio must be $1 million dollars in order for you to withdraw 4% (40K) each year.

    Once you understand your personal ratio, you will be able to calculate the amount of savings you need in order to retire.

    Anticipate the roadblocks you will face.

    Sensible living can be a sacrifice when you are trying to achieve your financial goals and it can be a hard transition in the beginning.

    There are so many spending habits that you may have to eliminate in the short term that can be extremely difficult to do. A few examples are not going out for drinks, not taking the vacation you’ve always wanted, and no impulse buying.

    Every penny must be accounted for and it is really important to ask if what you are purchasing is giving you enough joy, that you are willing to take that money away from your early retirement plans.

    early retirement

    Set a deadline for retirement.

    Setting a deadline is crucial to achieving early retirement. Saving and maintaining a sensible lifestyle will become a lot easier but actually taking the step to leave your secure 9-5 can be the most difficult decision you will make.

    Having a lot of uncertainties and putting off retirement can easily happen. Self-doubt and the fear of not having enough to retire on can be self-debilitating. In order to take the final step to leave your 9-5, you must set a deadline and stick to it. Otherwise, you will always be putting it off until “next year”.

    So, if you think you’re ready to take the plunge, set that date and start living the next phase of your life. You worked hard for it, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

    Where he gives amazing and inspiring stories that will make you yearn to start the early retirement process.



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