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Guide to Finding Chat Moderator Jobs Online

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Do you love social media?

If you’re a social media junkie, then becoming a chat moderator might be the perfect job for you.

Chat moderators are the people who monitor and moderate social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

They answer questions from users, troubleshoot issues that arise on these platforms, and stop inappropriate behavior before it gets out of hand.

To become one of these professionals, however, you need to be prepared to handle all sorts of difficult situations with tact and diplomacy.

It’s not an easy job by any means!

But if you think this is something that would interest you as a career path or even just as a side gig while going to school or working another full-time job then read on!

We have some tips for how to become one of these chat moderators below.

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What do chat moderators do?

Community moderators are responsible for monitoring chat rooms on social media sites, public forums, and other online communities.

They have to keep things under control by removing offensive or inappropriate content that might appear there.

Or even delete entire conversations if they feel like it’s necessary.

For this reason, chat moderators need to be empathetic people who are able to see problems from different perspectives.

They should also have plenty of tact and diplomacy, and be detail-oriented so they don’t overlook any mistakes or problems.

Here are other responsibilities that online moderators might have:

  • Answer customer service questions from the public.
  • Troubleshoot computer or app issues that users are having on their end.
  • Terminate individual accounts that violate terms of service guidelines.
  • Respond to abuse reports from other moderators and admins.
  • Monitor a chat room for inappropriate behavior, such as spamming, trolling, and harassment.
  • And much more!

It’s a really interesting job that requires you to be able to think on your feet because you never know what sort of problems will come across your screen.

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How do I become one?

There are several different ways to become a community moderator.

You could start your career as an independent contractor by reaching out to businesses and asking if they’d like to hire you directly so they won’t have to do the tasks themselves.

If you’re feeling hesitant about this option, though, then you might be more comfortable applying for work on job boards online.

Check out Indeed or Fiverr to find companies that are looking to hire online moderators.

In addition, many social media sites will hire moderators directly.

But just like anything else in life, there are certain qualifications they might be looking for that you have to meet first.

In general, though, here are a few qualifications that seem to be in place in most cases:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not always necessary
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in stressful environments and remain calm and collected at all times
  • Knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Ability to work as part of a team and follow instructions
  • High computer and internet literacy
  • Patience and understanding when it comes to handling other people’s problems or complaints
  • Experience in customer services is a plus

If you don’t have all these skills or qualifications right now, though, don’t worry.

You can always start with a lower-level job in customer service and work your way up to chat moderator.

A lot of business owners will hire you for a lower-paid position if they know that you have the potential to grow into something higher eventually.

So if you impress them with your work ethic, you could be promoted to chat moderator eventually!

But even if this doesn’t happen right away, you will still gain valuable knowledge and experience working in customer service that is transferable to other job positions.

How much do chat moderators get paid?

This depends on the platform you’re working for.

But, you can expect to earn anywhere between $10-$20 an hour depending on the company you choose to work for.

So that’s a good starting point as far as salaries go.

But be aware that it will also rely on experience and skills too, so make sure you have those!

Where to find Chat Moderator jobs online?

There are several sites online where you can find chat moderator jobs.

Some of our favorite sites to check out include:


It is a great place to find plenty of jobs that are available for community moderators.

They have many listings specifically for that profession, meaning you will be able to find quite a few positions that will be right for you.

Their website is easy to use and they provide very detailed information on each position.

Click here to find chat moderators jobs that are available on Indeed right now.

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The website is very easy to navigate and it has all kinds of resources provided by job seekers to make your search for suitable positions easier.

You will find hundreds of listings, all in one place, which you can easily search through.

Just click here to find chat moderators jobs that are available on FlexJobs right now.


If you want to go directly to the source, then you can visit Facebook’s careers page too!

They do have plenty of job openings and they seem to be accepting more and more applications all the time.

They have specific listings for moderators, so you won’t have to sift through unrelated posts.

Click here to find chat moderators jobs that are on Facebook right now.


Fiverr is a great place to find work with social media platforms and other companies.

One of the best things about this website is that you can set your own price for each job and get paid for it!

You get to work directly with the company instead of through a third party, which means you can get hired easily if you put in the time and effort.

There are many listings here for community moderators but you do have to keep in mind that most of the gigs you can get with Fiverr will be short-term or part-time.

Click here to find chat moderators jobs that could be perfect for your skills.

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Just like Facebook, Twitter also has their own careers page where you can find listings for moderators.

They have the same advantages as Facebook so check them out if you want to work directly with the company!

You won’t need to go through a third party either.

Click here to find chat moderators jobs that are on Twitter right now.


Reddit is a great place to find work if you’re creative and experienced with the latest technology and social media.

They only accept moderators who know how Reddit works and who are familiar with all of its functions.

So keep that in mind when you decide on applying for a job there.

Click here to find moderator jobs that are available on Reddit right now.


If you’re a video-oriented person then becoming a moderator for YouTube might be the job that you have been waiting for.

They have countless jobs available and they are always looking for new people to add to their team.

Click here to find remote jobs that are available on YouTube right now.

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If you want to be in charge of your own position, then Freelancer is the place for you.

They have thousands of job postings every day so if you’re looking to become a community moderator, they will probably have what you are looking for!

Click here to find online jobs that are available on Freelancer right now.


You will find listings here that are not available on other websites, making this a unique place to look.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect job, you can always post your resume and let them help you by matching you to jobs that suit your skills.

Click here to find online community jobs that are available on Glassdoor right now.


Upwork is a great place to start your search for online jobs.

They have many listings available and they are constantly accepting applications, so you can’t go wrong with them.

Click here to find chat moderators jobs that are available.

These are just some of the places where you can find chat moderator jobs.

You might also find other places by simply networking with your friends and family, some of whom might work in the industry already.

Another option is to check your local newspaper or college job board for any new listings, or you can even pass out fliers around your community!

And if you’re lucky enough to live near a major city, then there are probably plenty of jobs available so keep your eyes peeled.

So make sure to take your time to look, because there are plenty of places where you can find work as a chat moderator.

The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Community Moderators

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about becoming a chat moderator.

Where can I get training for this job?

There is no specific training required for this profession.

But it’s a good idea to have previous experience with customer service, friendly communication, and dealing with people from different backgrounds.

You should be quick on your feet and know how to handle yourself in every situation that might happen through the online community.

Is there an age limit for taking this job?

You don’t have to be a certain age to become an online moderator, but you should be at least 18+ years old to work for most platforms.

What types of things can I do as a chat moderator?

You will mostly be answering questions, troubleshooting issues, or stopping inappropriate behavior on social media websites or forums.

Sometimes you might have to report accounts that are violating the terms of service or other policies.

What kinds of skills are needed to be successful at this job?

You will need to be able to communicate effectively and stay cool under pressure.

Being good at problem-solving is a plus too!

What types of personality traits and background do employers look for in potential chat moderators?

Employers are always looking for people who are detail-oriented, fast-paced, empathetic, trustworthy, and responsible.

You should also have strong listening skills, excellent writing skills, good intuition, and a passion for customer service.

What types of companies do chat moderators work for?

Chat moderators work for all sorts of different companies.

They can be found everywhere from social media websites to video streaming services and customer support call centers.

Most of the time, they are working at a remote location, but you might also find some local positions available as well.

Are you ready to start working as a chat moderator?

Now that you know more about this profession, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

But don’t wait too long to decide because the competition for these jobs is tough!

There is a lot of demand for chat moderators and they receive a ton of applications every day.

If you want to beat out all the other people who are applying, then you should create an excellent resume that will catch the employer’s attention.

Tailoring your resume to each job opening is also very important because many places only accept resumes with specific keywords and features.

Make sure that your resume is error-free and easy to read because these are the details that most hiring managers pay attention to when they’re trying to narrow down their long list of applicants.

If you want to learn more about how to write a resume that will beat out other applicants, grab our remote resume guide here.

Another way to improve your chances of getting the job is to make sure that your social media accounts are up to date and professional.

A hiring manager will almost always check your social media profile before deciding whether or not to hire you, so be aware of this fact!

So there you have it, everything you need to know about becoming a chat moderator.

Chances are that this job isn’t right for everyone, but if it sounds like something that would interest you then I hope you give it a shot!

You never know until you try.

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