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Extended: How to date as a disabled person with Molly Burke

Here are the incredible tips that Molly shares on how to date as a disabled person.

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In this episode:

What is it like dating as a disabled person and as a personality in the public eye?

  • Dating can be challenging not just because of my disability but they also have to deal with my public image.
  • Never see your disability as a flaw.

How do you date when you are constantly travel?

  • Meeting amazing people can be easy during social events and working on the road.
  • People in your industry will understand your lifestyle more and can be easier to connect.
  • Online dating is not really an option because of her travel schedule and the safety issue as a blind person.

How has your success affected your dating life?

  • It was a challenge that Molly never thought would happen.
  • There are some men who are intimidated by her success.
  • It is more important to be able to share your life and all of your success with no matter who is more “successful” than the other.

Check out the full interview with Molly shares on how to overcome adversity and fight stereotypes. 

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