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5 Best Digital Nomad Health Insurance

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One of the best things about being a digital nomad is the ability to take part in adventures on a whim. Most jobs tell you when, where, and how long you can take off on a holiday. Working for yourself ensures that this will never happen.

Heading off on the spur of the moment is indeed a privilege that you should take advantage of. But never forget that unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time. Being ill abroad can be scary. So that’s why finding the right international health care should be at the top of your list, especially if you are planning long-term travel. Lucky for us, there are some excellent travel and health insurance options for digital nomads that are affordable and provide you with the right coverage needed for your travels.

Is it a good idea to get International Health Insurance?

Some people have or have had global health insurance at some point in their lives, and we’ve all been on the shallower end. It is always better to live with a little extra assurance when you can afford it. As a long-term traveler, you may need to purchase medication or get a basic check-up. Even during a simple excursion where you are going off to watch the sunset, a deadly slip could bring your trip to an abrupt halt.

Normally, when unfortunate circumstances such as these come around, the simplest solution is to call your long term travel insurance company. Upon a simple call, the representative will happily walk you through the problem and reassure you as they make the necessary arrangements. Unfortunately, the process is different when traveling. Other languages and customs may be at play when dealing with emergencies, and what may be the norm in terms of coverage in your home town might be a completely different issue once you venture abroad.

With an understanding that people travel and require assistance abroad just as much as they do at home, some companies can cover you once you go global. Although there are companies that will provide health insurance for digital nomads, it is always best to read the fine print and do your research. Be aware that travel expenses are far different than broken bones. It is always wise to consider your options beforehand to know that your health, belongings, and family are covered in case of emergencies.

Types of Plans that fit into the Digital Nomad Lifestyles

Digital nomads come in many forms. Some live abroad as expats while others travel the world with their families. Each case has its specific worries and needs. Because of this, it is important to know the distinct difference between travel, health, and other types of digital nomad health insurance.

International health insurance covers your actual health costs like doctor visits, pharmacy prescriptions, and emergency situations. Travel insurance is different in that it specifically covers the typical problems a traveler runs into, like delayed planes and lost luggage. In both policies, emergency health issues may or may not have eligibility for an insurance claim depending on your plan, so be sure to check with your provider before purchasing.

Traveler insurance is more likely to cover personal items and is also known as personal asset coverage. Personal item insurance will cover items like your laptop and phone. As a full-time traveler who works online, these are the essentials of your lifestyle. To be without them would be the equivalent to losing your job. It is always recommended that digital nomads ensure their work equipment.

5 Companies to use as Your Digital Nomad Health Insurance

Before setting off on your travels, it is best to take stock on what type of travel you will be embarking on. Consider questions such as, “How long will I be traveling?”, “What places will I be visiting?”, “What activities do I plan to do while traveling?”, “Will this be long term, or am I in need of something more along the lines of a short-term plan?” For full-time digital nomads, an all-inclusive insurance plan with a well-rounded coverage across the globe is probably your best bet. This is especially true if you are the type that likes to travel spontaneously.

For those with a family, international health insurance plans can be a necessity. Whether or not you need protection against common travelers’ issues will depend on your lifestyle. You may find that it might be worth your time and money to get a comprehensive insurance plan to cover all of your bases.

To protect against unforeseen circumstances, some form of travel and digital nomad health insurance is imperative to all wanderers. Do your research and look into the different options available before deciding on long term or short-term international health plans. And always be sure that your chosen insurance plan is in place before you start on your travels.

Below is a list of our top 5 recommended international health insurance companies for digital nomads. We include information on what they protect and the specifics, good and bad, behind their coverage.

International Health Insurance plans by Integra Global

Integra Global offers one of the best comprehensive digital nomad health insurance plans if you are looking for all-around coverage. Normally, you read through the plans and decide which one will best suit your needs. You may be able to ask for add-ons and upgrades, but of course, this will come at an extra cost. Sometimes the additions aren’t even available.

Integra Global is unique in that their representatives will develop your plan with you and walk you through the process. Instead of making you choose the tier that suits you best, you can speak with their representative and discuss your needs such as budget, personal wants, and lifestyle. Afterward, they send you a personalized plan catered specifically to you.

Besides comprehensive plans, they also work with several partners around the world to ensure you get what you need with the expertise to back it up. And they won’t just stop there! Integra Global recognizes that some individuals need unusually specialized care that isn’t covered by their typical suggestions. Because of this, you are allowed to seek out your own professional advice, even if that means going outside the plan to get it.

It isn’t just the global traveler that gets coverage. If you fall into the expat category, the underwriters provide for financial stability as well as an expat assistance program. Unique from other nomad travel insurance companies, Integra Global offers natural disasters and security issues that are included at all times.

Where Integra Global truly stands out though is in its app. The app provides the ability for those wanting to process a claim with 24/7 claim protection and assistance from an in-house global expert. Through their app, you can get support and authorization directly for you claims along with policy papers, membership card, and documentation. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can find the internet or phone, rest assured that you will be protected.

Each individual international health insurance plan and situation is unique, especially when it comes to those who travel the globe as a digital nomad. This company’s flexibility puts it at the top of the list for customized insurance.

International Health Coverage Plans by Aetna

Aetna is a dedicated healthcare company that strives to follow its core values in providing you and your family with a comprehensive healthcare plan. Integrity, excellence, caring, and innovation are at the heart of Aetna, and it shows in their unique plans and diverse look on possibilities.

One of the most unique aspects of Aetna’s programs is that they allow you to use your insurance to cover an array of unusual medical practices that aren’t often included by other companies. Massage, acupuncture, yoga, and even holistic treatments may be partially covered depending on how your plan is set up. To sweeten the deal, a 24/7 hotline is offered that allows plan holders to call at any time to seek medical advice, express concerns, or get answers.

Digital Nomad Health Insurance

One of the main downfalls of Aetna’s health insurance is its limited coverage for common travelers. The insurance plans that you and your provider will discuss are based on where you are coming from and where you are going to. If you plan on visiting a different country every other month and continuing as a long-term digital nomad, then these plans may not suit you well. However, if you and your family have specific needs and are moving overseas long-term, then this may be the exact international health insurance plan for you. 

International Medical Plan by Cigna

Cigna has been around for many years. Because of this, they have had the opportunity to establish a name for themselves as a great digital nomad health insurance option for expats. The company likes to specialize in offering insurance to individuals as well as expat employees of organizations and multinational companies. With the ability to work within 30 different countries across the globe, most who live overseas are able to work with Cigna to establish a plan that fits their circumstances.

Cigna’s options are simple, straightforward, and based on a tiered system. Each covers specific types of medical visits and emergencies up to a certain dollar amount. Depending on where you are and your health needs, this can be simplistic and extremely helpful if you know you have a special type of medical situation that must be covered.

Unfortunately, the company does only work with their own partnered providers which is their main downfall. This means you won’t be able to visit any hospital or doctor you come across, just the ones on their list. If you have pre-existing medical problems and are seeking specialist advice, the possibilities are often limited. In this case, Cigna may be a no-go for those with pre-identified health issues.

World Nomads

World Nomads is a nomad travel insurance designed specifically for those on the go all the time. No need to stay in one country, write down an address, or worry where you are at, as they cover you even if you sign up on the go.

World Nomads was designed by real digital nomads for digital nomads. They are unique in that they also thought of the essentials when developing their plans. From cell phones that might get broken on a train ride to bags missing at the hostel, or even mountain climbing fiascos, they’ve got you covered.

Coverage includes items like laptops, backpacks, and over 200 plus adventure type activities. With this assurance, you are free to go out and do what you like without the risk of worrying about your things. They also cover the typical digital nomad worries like trip cancellation. If this is you, then World Nomad overseas travel insurance may just be right up your alley.

As with any insurance, there are certain catches though. Although they do protect your electronics, they’ll only cover up to a certain amount. This means that if you like to carry around expensive items, you’ll have to list them as an extra personal asset.

International Insurance by Allianz

Allianz is perfect for the traveling family. Depending on what your needs are and whether or not you travel full-time, Allianz international health Insurance is designed specifically to cover families. They even have a policy that caters to cover children under 17 years of age. If the minor is accompanied by a parent or grandparent on an Allianz plan, that child is insured for free.

Allianz also offers coverage for up to a year, making it the best option for long trips or moves overseas. Unfortunately, Allianz isn’t as flexible as most plans if you are looking for more specific additional coverage. And it doesn’t stray far from its typical pre-existing terms.


  Health Travel Family
Integra Global X X X
Aetna X  X X
Cigna X   X
World Nomads   X X
Allianz X X   X

The coverages may have changed from publication. Make sure to contact the providers to receive accurate coverage inclusion.

Protecting yourself and your family while abroad is often overlooked when traveling short-term but is an important detail that should not be missed. However, if you decide to live abroad, acquiring expat health insurance is an essential part of your relocation process. Doing your research and understanding the coverages are crucial before making your decision. It’s imperative that you are fully informed before choosing the right health insurance coverage for your travels.



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