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Digital nomad destinations: Working and Living in St. Croix

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This post is also sponsored by Caravelle Hotel and Casino, although they sponsored the post, all opinions and reviews are mine.

digital nomad st. croix

One of the best perks of being a digital nomad is having the flexibility to live and work from anywhere. If given the choice, most of us would choose a tropical location where we can enjoy the sun all year round!

The Caribbean can be a wonderful place to live if you are craving the island lifestyle. That is why when I was given the opportunity to visit St. Croix, I could not resist the opportunity to find out what it is like to become a digital nomad in the Caribbean.

Although many Caribbean islands are well-known destinations, St. Croix – located in the U.S Virgin Islands is still undiscovered by many. I wanted to find out first-hand what it is like living in St. Croix through the eyes of remote workers and how they are able to make their lifestyle in this beautiful island sustainable.

I was lucky enough to be taken around by a Caribbean transplant, Sara Zuckerman founder of who has become a permanent resident of the area along with her son and husband who is a local to the island.

Sara was able to show me all the local spots that are essential to the island life and how to make moving to St. Croix sustainable by finding the right online jobs in the Caribbean.

There are plenty of jobs online that you can take with you on the road, which can make living in St. Croix possible. Visiting online job boards like Fiveer can be a great place to start to post your skills and find the best clients.

Once you have found the right Caribbean online jobs, then it is time to figure out how to live in St. Croix as a digital nomad. Below are the best resources you will need in order to become a remote worker in St. Croix.  

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Where to stay for short term accommodations  

Before deciding if Caribbean living is right for you, go for a nice visit and stay at these beautiful hotels.

Caravelle Hotel and Casino

Located in Christiansted, Caravelle Hotel and Casino is one of the best choices for accommodations in St. Croix. This lovely hotel has been recently renovated and only steps away from the Christiansted boardwalk with breathtaking ocean views. The hotel is close to the center of town and you will be walking distance to all the shops and incredible local restaurants. If you want to enjoy the ocean view with a great cocktail, try Rum Runners, a dining room and bar that is attached to the hotel.

Rum Runners at Caravelle Hotel

The Hotel is also attached to a casino where you can play while you stay. So, whether you want to relax, play, enjoy the local vibe or all of the above, Caravelle Hotel and Casino is the right place to be at the center of everything!

Another great option is the Company House Hotel which is a boutique hotel with modern amenities that sits beside historic Caribbean buildings. The hotel is at the heart of Christiansted and is great accommodation for working nomads who are ready to explore while having business travel amenities.

Where to stay – long term accommodations

If you have visited the island and now feel a strong pull to stay, getting long-term accommodation is a must. Walking around the island and familiarizing yourself with the specific areas is the best way to figure out which part of the island you can live in. Walking around and introducing yourself to the locals and transplants will also be a great way to find digital nomad communities that could help you find long-term accommodations in St. Croix.

There are two main towns, Frederiksted on the western end and Christiansted on the northeast part of the island.

Christiansted is the bigger of the island’s two cities. It is famous for its colorful homes that have been transformed into shops, restaurants and hotels. You will also find the beautifully preserved Fort Christiansvaern built by the Danish in 1749. Christiansted also has the charming boardwalk in the downtown harbor that will give you easy access to the landmark Caravelle Hotel and Casino.

Frederiksted is a quieter town but does liven up when the occasional cruise ship lands making the port packed with vendors and tourists. Frederiksted is also a popular destination for locals and vacationers looking for aquatic adventures such as scuba diving and snorkeling.  You can also find the popular Rainbow Beach which is a great place to do water sports or to chill at the Rhythms Rainbow Beach Bar.

Once you have figured out which town you want to live in, try contacting AirBNB or Vrbo hosts to see if they would be willing to let you stay for a longer period of time and even negotiate the price so you can cut down the cost of living St. Croix.  

Café’s with WIFI

Living in St. Croix does not always mean it is all play, work has to get done, and what better way to do it than by finding the best Café’s that will also give you reliable WIFI.

The top cafe’s for digital nomads:


Grounded Café: this newly renovated café on Strand Street is centrally located and has a working table at the back where you can have uninterrupted work time.

Twin City Coffee House and Gallery:  Twin City has a great selection of breakfast and other goodies that will keep your belly happy while working remotely.


Rhythms at Rainbow Beach: we often see the typical digital nomad images of people working at the beach, but I can tell you first hand that this is often false and just for the “gram”. However, working at Rhythms at Rainbow Beach is the closest thing you can get to working at the beach.

With the water just a few feet away, and the ocean breeze giving you the most relaxing vibes, it will feel like a real dream coming true and will remind you why you live/stayed in this beautiful island as a digital nomad in the first place.

Rise Caribbean: is a true digital nomad’s paradise where you can not only work and eat great food but also meet and be a part of a digital nomad community.

Local Food


I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fresh food and variety that was available on the island. My all-time favorite local dish that I’ve tried was the conch with butter sauce at the well-known restaurant Harvey’s which has been family-owned for over 33 years.

Do not forget to try their homemade fresh juices, especially the ginger beer. You will keep coming back for more! Also, make sure to speak with Rich, who is one of the owners, and ask him about the story behind the pictures on the walls.

Rich and Mom Sara, owner’s of Harvey’s

Other restaurants recommended by Locals:

Too Chez: a local favorite that serves delicious and fresh food.

Un Amore: this Italian restaurant gets rave reviews from visitors and locals alike. They specialize in handmade pasta, Napolean style pizza and other classic Italian dishes.   

Other things you need to know before relocating to St. Croix.

Do you need a passport and a working Visa?

Since St Croix is part of the United States territories, you do not need a passport when traveling to the island or a working visa to gain employment. St. Croix does have the same immigration laws as the mainland so if you are not a United States citizen, make sure to bring your passport, and working visa if you decide to stay and find Caribbean jobs online.  

What is the currency?

The currency is the US dollar.

Do you need a car to get around the island?

Although there is public transportation, having a car will still be the most convenient and cost-efficient if you are planning to do long term stay. Take note that people drive on the left-hand side of the road, so be careful if you are not used to driving on the other side.

For a small island, St. Croix has an incredible variety of activities and an active community that will allow you to fully enjoy Caribbean living. It also has a unique vibe that allows you to feel like home from the moment you step foot on the island. So go visit and see if it is the right place for you!

Would you visit or live in St. Croix? Let me know your thoughts about island living or if you have suggestions for destinations that would be perfect for digital nomads.


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