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Affordable Eco Lodging for Digital Nomads

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One of the biggest perks of a digital nomad lifestyle is being able to work and live anywhere. 

But if you are environmentally conscious then finding affordable eco lodging is a must. 

This may seem almost impossible to find since it typically costs hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. 

Lucky for you, there is plenty of economy lodging that is also sustainable all over the world. 

From an eco-hostel in Indonesia to a lodge near a hot spring in Egypt, we have found the best nature resorts that won’t break the bank! 

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

What is Eco Lodging?

Typically an Eco lodge is founded so that the guests can experience not only the beauty of their surroundings but also do good for the environment.

When you stay in an eco lodging, you will also be participating in tourism that respects the natural inhabitants by following the local rules and regulations. 

As a responsible tourist, you are there to minimize the social, environmental, and negative economic impact. 

This means, you are not disrespecting the local culture, and conserving the natural environment.

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Why Should You Stay in an Eco Lodging

In recent years, many are opting to stay in eco lodging to create a better impact in the places that they are visiting.

Becoming a responsible tourist has been a big draw to many travelers since it provides them with a better understanding of the locals and the natural environment. 

So, instead of staying in a resort where you are often separated from the real community, why not create a better impact and learn more about the area you are visiting? 

Sustainable Packing tips

Before you even arrive at your lodging, you should already be thinking about how you can make sustainable decisions that will have the least amount of impact and waste for your final destination. 

That is why traveling with the essential gears is crucial to green and sustainable travel. 

Here is our favorite eco-friendly travel equipment that you may need on your next trip:

  1. Reusable Straw 

One of the items that you will often need while on the road is straws while dining out. 

But if you are green conscious, then you may be worried about the impact you will be making while using plastic straws. 

Luckily, there are alternatives like bamboo and stainless steel reusable straws. 

Packing a reusable straw is easy and you can use them without any worry! 

We personally love this portable collapsible straw with a metal case and can be added to your keychain, so you will never leave home without it! 

  1. Bamboo utensils 

If you love tasting local cuisines, then having reusable utensils will be essential for your trip. 

Saying no to plastic and making sure that you are leaving a positive impact on the environment will be a great way to become a sustainable traveler. 

We love this 5 piece cutlery set that includes a travel case and bamboo straw with a brush for cleaning! 

  1. Organic Tote Bags

Plastic bags create a ton of waste all over the world and pollute both land and water. 

That is why bringing your own reusable tote bag will be a huge benefit for sustainable travel that will help the community and the environment.

We love this Cotton Canvas Tote Bag with an awesome VW Bus design. 

This bag is also fair trade which means it is not only good for the environment but also great for the community that’s made it. 

If you want a more simple design, we also love these cloth canvas tote bags that you can take with you anywhere!

  1. Reef Safe Sunscreen 

We can all agree that putting on sunscreen is essential to your health and beauty routine. 

But we also have to make sure that what we are putting on to protect ourselves does not impact our environment negatively. 

That is why purchasing reef safe sunscreens is a must! 

We love this vegan and reef friendly sunscreen that will protect both you and the environment. 

  1. Eco Friendly Water bottles 

Having a reusable water bottle is a must and should be on everyone’s packing list. 

Not only will you be reducing waste by choosing not to use plastic, but will also be saving a lot of money. 

We love this eco-friendly stainless steel water bottle by Tree Tribe that’s BPA-free, and easy to bring with you everywhere you go. 

However, before you go out of your way to buy new items for your trip, make sure to look at what you currently have, so that you can save money and reuse what you already have. 

10 Best Eco Lodging from Around the World

If you are ready to start your life as a digital nomad and set off to find the best eco-friendly accommodations, then we have the perfect spots for you. 

From a nature preserve in the Philippines to the beautiful mountains in Italy, we have found the 10 most beautiful eco lodging in the world. 

  1. Gili Meno Eco Hostel, Indonesia 

This accommodation is the first and only beachfront hostel in Gili Meno. 

You will have the option of sleeping under the stars or in their beachfront penthouse. 

They offer open-air bungalows, a beachfront common area as well as many water activities like snorkeling and diving. 

Cost: Starting at $18 a night for a private room 

How to Book:

  1. Mai Chau Ecolodge, Vietnam

Experience Vietnam in this incredible ecolodge that is surrounded by rice paddies, and breathtaking mountains.

They are also extremely dedicated to making your stay sustainable. 

Mai Chau’s four principles include bringing you closer to nature, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and responsible tourism. 

Cost: Starting at $90 a night 

How to Book:

  1. Rifugio Bella Vista, Italy

If you love winter sports and want to feel like you are on top of the world, staying at the Rifugio Bella Vista in Italy is a must. 

With the option of staying in an Igloo during the winters, while being surrounded by ice-hanging glaciers, it is a unique eco lodging that you can not miss. 

They offer a Swedish sauna with a wood-burning brazier, heated wooden tub, and panoramic views that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Cost: Starting at 75.00 €

How to book:

  1. Desert Rose Eco Lodge, Egypt

Surrounded by desert and hot springs, this eco-lodge will bring you into an oasis away from the city. 

The lodge has been handcrafted by locals, while all services used are from 100% locally owned and operated business, which means all your money remains in the community. 

Cost: Contact the lodge for current rates and availability

How to book:

  1. El Rio Hostel, Colombia 

If you are a digital nomad or a backpacker on a budget, then the El Rio Hostel is the perfect spot for you. 

We love that they have accommodations for any budget and you even have the option of staying on a hammock.

eco lodging

This unique Eco hostel is located near the Tayrona National Park and the Lost City Trek, so there is always a lot of outdoor activities to do. 

Cost: Private Cabanas start at $34 a night

How to Book:

  1. Mount Purro Nature Preserve, Philippines 

If you want to escape from the digital world and really experience nature, then Mount Purro Nature preserve is the perfect place for your next getaway. 

It is a family-run eco-lodge that is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. 

They advocate simplicity and sharing while empowering the communities living in the area, especially the indigenous Dumagat tribe.  

Cost: Casitas for two starts at $80 a night

How to Book:

  1. Koh Jum lodge, Thailand

With incredible views of the Phi Phi Islands, all 19 wooden cottages have been designed in the traditional style and located in the coconut plantation. 

eco lodging

You will experience breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and be pampered by traditional Thai food, as well as Thai massages. 

Cost: Starting at $40 a night (price may change, so check listings)

How to Book:

  1. Bay View Eco Resort, Jamaica 

If escaping to the Caribbean is more your style, then Bay View Eco Resort is a great place to relax while doing some sustainable traveling. 

This eco lodge offers incredible views of the ocean and an outdoor pool that will make your stay in paradise all the more perfect. 

Cost: starting at $85 night 

How to Book: 

  1. Genesis Ek Balam, Mexico 

Minutes away from an ancient Mayan city, this eco retreat is surrounded by traditional villages, uncrowded ruins, and picture perfect colonial towns. 

Respectful to the community, Genesis Ek Balam provides for the local community without creating a negative impact of big tourism. 

Cost: economy rooms start at $58 a night 

How to Book:

  1. HRH Prince Charles’ Guesthouse, Transylvania

If you want a traditional experience in an off the beaten path, then we highly recommend staying at a unique Transylvanian guesthouse. 

eco lodging

Located in the heart of Transylvania, the HRH Prince Charles’ Guesthouse’s rooms are decorated in antique local furniture. 

The Guesthouse also offers horse and cart rides, horse riding, visits to local craftsmen and more. 

Cost: Starting at 90.00 €

How to Book:

Now that you have seen our top picks for eco lodging, it is time to book the best places that speak to you. 

Whether it is the tropics you enjoy or maybe you are more of a snow lover, there is a perfect place for you. 

And remember, you can still enjoy unique nature resorts while being a responsible traveler. 

But of course, make sure to check information for each destination to confirm any travel guidelines and requirements before you start booking. 


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