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Ep. 53 Offbeat Mentor: How to achieve financial freedom as a millennial

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Have you ever wondered how to achieve financial freedom as a millennial?

I am so excited to share this month’s mentorship segment on The Offbeat Life podcast. Where we go beyond telling you inspiring stories to helping a listener get to the next step to a life they truly want to live.

On this episode of the Offbeat Mentor, I invite back Erin Lowry who is the author of “Broke Millennial” and a finance personal expert.

Get inspired and listen to Erin’s episode on How to go from flat broke to financial badass. 

Erin has successfully created a thriving career as a financial guru for millennials and has inspired our listener Bianca Lora to become a savvy millennial. She has observed Erin’s journey and has admired her drive and honest voice on finance.

I was fortunate enough introduce these two ladies and allow them to engage in an incredible conversation in order to get Bianca to the next level to becoming a financial badass!

If you want to be part of this new segment make sure to visit or email me at for more information.

Listen on to find out the incredible tips that Erin shares on this mentorship episode.

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Listen Below:


In this Episode:

Erin is a freelance writer, speaker and financial expert. Bianca is a student who has admired Erin’s work and wants to learn more on how to achieve financial freedom.

| Find out why  Bianca was so inspired by Erin’s episode – click here to listen to Erin’s full episode. 

How did you grow a following in your specific niche?

  • Having “Broke Millennial” as the name of Erin’s brand helped because of SEO purposes, being on twitter at the right time and being one of the only single females  living in an urban location speaking about finance has also helped her grow.
  • Being consistent with your content, media appearances, writing several books as well as having a major in journalism and theater background has helped Erin as a public speaker. 
  • The importance of knowing what information you are willing to share about yourself to your audience.
  • Why acknowledging your shortcomings can be beneficial for your brand and your audience.
  • Knowing your niche is crucial to growing your audience and as you grow, your niche may change.
  • Why you should not try to please everyone, if you try to – you will fail.
  • It is not always better to have high following on social media- it is more important to become a savvy business person.
  • Why it is better to have engaged and loyal followers than just high numbers.

Who are the people you look up to in your industry?

  • One of the people that Erin looks up to is Farnoosh Torabi who has created an incredible brand for herself and is a woman who likes to give back and elevate other women.
  • The importance of mentoring and helping other women succeed.

How do we balance work and personal relationships?

  • We have to remember a relationship does not have to be 50/50, sometimes one person has to take the slack in order to help the other succeed.
  • The concept of partner privilege and the difference when you have a long distance relationship.
  • The importance of having an accountability buddy to make sure that you are staying on track.
  • Why you should not go from long distance relationship to living together in order to give yourselves time to adjust to the new situation.
  • Marriage and starting a family should be a personal decision. 
  • Why having a bread winning woman tends to add more anxiety to a relationship.
  • Power dynamic shifts can bring issues to a relationship.

How do you discuss finance with friends?

  • Tensions in relationships happen as life changes.
  • Relationships may change when your income is changing.
  • Conversations about finance can change with your friends when you are all in relationships. 
  • Respecting peoples relationship dynamics and how open they want to be about their financial situations as a couple.
  • You do not have to let go of a friendship even when the relationship shifts. You have to learn to adjust to the new dynamic.

How do you handle your own personal finance anxieties?

  • Having buffers such as emergency funds to take off some of the stress.
  • If you are prone to having financial anxiety, you have to learn to manage it in different forms.
  • Having a partner (romantic or business) that will keep you stable and level headed.
  • Hiring a certified financial planner or a financial therapist can also be helpful.

How do you balance the creative side of the business with the backend (not so fun tasks)?

  • It is important to demonstrate that there are struggles that you have to face. 
  • Using Oscar catastrophic insurance when you are under 30 is an affordable healthcare.
  • Being a one man/woman show in your business is extremely hard and you will face a lot of obstacles.
  • Make sure to have the right support system to put into place during those tough moments.
  • Having a mastermind group is crucial to success and why you should choose a group that you do not feel competitive with.

| Get inspired to become location independent with these episodes. 

What do you wish someone told you before going into this career?

  • learning how to delegate and create a team that will allow you to grow.
  • Having a life partner that allows you to grow your business will help.
  • Having an agent can be beneficial if you are talent to help you deal with clients. 
  • You have to give yourself time off and time to rest in order to avoid burnout.

How do you keep from neglecting your partner’s needs in your relationship?

  • Don’t allow more than a few weeks for one person to take the burden.
  • Always acknowledge and thank your partner in the moment.
  • Talk to more than one person about your problem so you do not have to burden one person with all of your problems.
  • If you are in a long distance relationship, make sure to split travel expenses 50/50.

What has been the biggest takeaway that Bianca took from her conversation with Erin?

  • The importance of having presence and how you present yourself to your audience is crucial.

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  1. Great podcast Debbie. Key topic too; many millenials still trying to figure out the money thing. Tweeted for you.


    1. debbie says:

      Thanks Ryan. I really appreciate it.

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