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My Offbeat Journey: Moving from Active to Passive Income!

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In this episode, I will be sharing with you my process of moving from active to passive income with my business.

Since reevaluating my lifestyle goals, I have come to realize that moving from active to passive income is the right path for me.


Welcome to another My Offbeat Journey where I share my progress as an online entrepreneur and remote worker.

There are so many things I want to share with you today and the most important one is that I have completely changed my strategy with how I am focusing on my income stream.
Which is now mainly focused on creating passive income with my blog and podcast using affiliate marketing and ads.
I have slowly let go of income streams that were high ticket like my starting a podcast program and the only one that I have kept is my Podcast Payback, Monetization program.
It’s a fun program for me and I love watching other podcasters create more income using their show, so that’s a no-brainer for me.
But, what I have come to realize and what I have also taught my students is to really understand the lifestyle that you want to have, and create income that will allow you to reach that lifestyle.
When I began to process this, I realized that I didn’t really want to be in other people’s time and schedule. I like creating my own timetable and I like working when I want and decide which project I would like to do every day.
I also used to be bothered by the monotony, but I’ve learned that being bored just means, you are creating consistency with your business.
Now, I actually love the sameness of my projects.
By also deciding on narrowing down my income streams, I have become so much more focused, which has been showing more results.
Because now, I am not distracted by busy work or shiny object syndrome.
But let me tell you, it took a long time to figure out what works for me. It took several years.
So if you are still trying to figure it out, keep going. You will find that sweet spot, and when you do, just keep moving forward even through the mundane.
Alright, now as I mentioned I have been focused on my affiliate marketing and ads.
What this means is I am creating more high-quality content on my website that shares products and services from companies that I really believe in.
The biggest difference is now, I am taking it seriously, I am actively adding affiliates and also changing my SEO strategy to find the right keywords for my blog that will generate more traffic.
When I first started my podcast and website, I was not really interested in affiliate marketing or even ad revenue for my website.
But since I have been evaluating my lifestyle goal and what Aaron and I want to achieve with not only the business but our home life, I realized that it is really perfect for what we want to accomplish overall.
Having passive affiliate and ad income will mean income even when we start a family and being able to enjoy life rather than my main purpose being work.
It’s honestly almost being back to scare one again because I am solely confusing on a whole new aspect of my business.
But it feels so good. I feel so much more at peace and there is a sense of purpose that feels right.
So that is it today my friends. A new purpose, a new meaning, and trying to achieve my lifestyle goal by focusing on the right income streams.

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