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Ep.6 : Blending Business and Family with Alison and Allison

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Work life blend

Alison Qualter Berna and Allison Schlanger met during a parent/child music class with their twins (yes, both ladies have twins and their names are Alison/Allison – it was meant to be).

They were frustrated when resources for their children were not readily available. They decided to create a space for families in their neighborhood where they all wanted to come (both children and adults) and stay for a while. So they built apple seeds.

10 years later, they have multiple locations in New York City and have created a music franchise called songs for seeds, all while raising 3 children!

Show Notes
  • 2:33

    Work life blend is making things that you do in your life a part of your work.

  • 5:19

    Being motivated by the individuals who depend on you as a boss and by creating new things daily that keeps the excitement going.

  • 8:51

    The nudge that tells you it is time to change and for self discovery.

  • 12:40

    Evaluating what is holding you back which is mostly fear and lack of support.

  • 13:07

    Loosing the concept of failure will help you move forward.

  • 16:45

    KMF: Keep moving forward when facing a set back.

  • 16:59

    Reinvestment to help your business grow.

  • 18:29

    Dividing responsibility between partners and finding the best roles for each one.

  • 20:04

    Franchising “songs for seeds”, an early childhood music class.

  • 21:21

    Team See Possibilities – 1 endurance challenge a year for a cause.



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