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Ep.45 How to travel cheap and take an American Gap Year with Evan Segura

Have you ever wondered how to travel cheap and take an American Gap Year?

This week I speak with Evan Segura who is a 19 year old traveler and the host of the Life is Weird Podcast.

Living in the suburbs of Illinois, Evan knew he needed to explore the world and leave the comforts of his home town.

He knew that meeting new people and travel will help him find his purpose in the world.

So, Evan worked odd jobs like horse sitting and took an American Gap year after graduating high school at 18 years old.

Evan has finished his tour of South East Asia and is currently hitchhiking through the United States. You can follow allong his journey on his podcast Life is Weird.

On this episode Evan shares how to travel cheap  and the importance of an American Gap Year.

Evan is a rare and adventurous young person who is truly living life to the fullest at such a young age.  I have been so inspired by his infectious nature and determination to live his adventure.

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • What motivated Evan to leave home and travel the world after graduating high school.
  • The reaction from adults and his parents when he discussed his plans to travel.
  • The importance of experimenting and trying new things when you are young in order to find your purpose in life.
  • Why travel and the people you meet will give you incredibly valuable lessons that will help you grow as a person.
  • What gave Evan the inspiration and courage to live his dreams at such a young age.
  • There should only be two people we should impress – our 5 year old self and our 85 year old self.
  • Why you should never waste a moment of your life to do what you love, because you will never have as much energy and youth as you do right now.
  • How to prepare for a long-term trip to South East Asia.
  • The struggle of trying to explain Evan’s motivation to travel the world to his parents.
  • Why there are so much more good than bad in the world and why we shouldn’t be afraid to take a risk to explore.
  • Why side hustles and being frugal are so important in order to afford to travel the world.
  • Why you should diversify your income and having one stream of revenue can be risky.
  • What an average day looks life when Evan is home vs. when he is traveling.
  • How Evan’s perception of being in a community has changed since he has traveled.
  • Embracing and understanding how everyone wants to live their life.
  • The worst advice Evan ever received was about women and behaviors.
  • Why every single person you meet has something to teach you.
  • Why Evan wants to be a pioneer in psychedelic psycho therapy.
  • The most interesting job Evan ever had was teaching English to Buddhist monks.
  • Why Workaway is a valuable for any travelers. It is an organization that connects travelers to hosts- exchanging work for a place to stay.
  • Why it is important for people to have a gap year before entering college.

Click here to get the extended interview with Evan on how to take an American Gap Year.


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