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My Offbeat Journey: Battling from becoming a Hermit while Working From Home

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What’s the biggest setback your experiencing in your business or work recently?

For me, it’s the struggle not to be a complete hermit.

Battling becoming a hermit can become a huge battle if you are working from home.

Since coming back home from my travels, I’ve been more of a homebody and now prefer to stay home rather than go on adventures. I have to force myself to leave the house and thank goodness for family and Aaron, otherwise, I’d just be indoors all the time.

With winter coming, I’m afraid I’ll be going into hibernation.

One of the things we don’t really talk about or acknowledge when we are finally about to be location independent or work from home is the lack of interaction with other people other than the ones on the internet.

This has become a blessing and a curse on my part because although I love what I do and I am so grateful for what it has given me, it can also become very lonely and the social interaction is definitely lacking!

It can take a lot of effort to get yourself out of this slump and I wanted to share a few of the things that I’ve done to combat becoming a full-time hermit.

I’ve come to realize that having a checklist and a schedule is really crucial to creating a productive working environment, so I have been scheduling daily walks or going to the gym, so that I can at least leave the house every day.

Taking the time to go outdoors will be helpful and a little fresh air will help!

I’ve also started reaching out to other friends who work from home and we’ve been able to schedule times to work together. In-person! It’s like having a co-worker but with friends, which is way better.

But make sure that you are not distracted with each otherwise there will be no work done. Take the time to catch up and then do the work after.

Weekend getaways are also really great to do. I love going on hiking and camping trips, so having these little mini getaways have been really great! I try to find spots that I have not been to, so it is new but not to travel too far that it is inconvenient.

I’ve been trying to take the time to really reach out to friends and family so that I am still part of society.





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