Ep. 16 How to be a trailblazer and deal with the pressure to succeed with Meagan Morrison

December 11, 2017


My guest today is the talented Meagan Morrison. Who is the creator of Travel Write Draw.

On this episode Meagan talks about how to be a trailblazer and dealing with the pressure to succeed.

Meagan knew she wanted to be a Fashion illustrator but also wanted to incorporate her other interests in Travel and writing to her art.

She discovered that there were no jobs that fit this niche so she did what many thought to be impossible. She forged her own path by creating her blog Travel Write Draw which combined all of her passions.

Today Meagan has successfully created a new niche in the industry that has allowed her to travel , write and create fashion illustrations for magazines, hotels and personal collections all over the world.

Learn Meagan’s 5 Tips to become a Trailblazer in your industry.

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • How to be a trailblazer by combining your passions to create your perfect career.
  • What are the first steps to take to create a creative blog.
  • What are the biggest misconceptions to a traveling and creative lifestyle.
  • How success does not come easy, it is a daily grind.
  • How do deal with pressures when you start seeing success.
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome.
  • How Instagram helped Meagan transition from her 9-5 to become a full time travel fashion illustrator
  • How to set achievable goals in order to gain success.
  • Why it is important to keep striving for your dreams even when you have huge obstacles that are against you.
  • The importance of being a trailblazer and always having a plan in order to achieve your dreams.
  • Why it is important not to be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • You can either accept bad advice or you can challenge it.
  • Why talent can be outweighed by persistence.
  • Why it is important not to cut ties with your full time position until you have work lined up.
  • The power of putting yourself out there in order to achieve your dreams.
  • What it means to find your passions.
  • Why it is important not to put pressure on yourself to be one thing.
  • The ideal partner for a successful dynamic female entrepreneur.

Click here to get the extended interview with Meagan Morrison to get the best tips and tricks on how to be a successful creative!

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  1. Esther Hosea says:

    Inspiring! There is so much to learn when you’re delving into a new area. Thanks for the tips and encouragement!

    1. debbie says:

      Thanks Esther! You are so right, there is always a lot to learn. I hope you enjoyed this interview!

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