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Ep. 88 How to create business boundaries while making more profit with Louiza Megan

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Have you ever wondered how to create business boundaries while making more profit? 

This week I speak with Louiza Megan who is a coach for entrepreneurs and business owners who want both a thriving business and a fulfilling personal life.

Louiza started her business at 22 and by the time she was 25 she was making a six-figure salary.

She was working extremely hard and measured her success through her earnings.

Louiza finally had to slow down when she had a health scare and realized that the physical pain was not worth making the money.

From this experience, Louiza decided that she would only work 3 weeks in a month in order to enjoy her life. She then created a 4-month course called “The school of audacity” that helps other entrepreneurs make more money while having more business boundaries.

Listen on to find out how to create boundaries while making more profit.


business boundaries


Listen Below:

How to do create and start a company where you can set the boundaries in the beginning and still make a profit?

  • Working harder does not make you more money. It’s about doing what’s uncomfortable that will push you to find more opportunities.
  • It is really important to have a start time and an end time with work because a lot of entrepreneurs are letting their clients run their business hours.
  • When we let others choose and demand the beginning of the relationship,  we are creating a new normal.
  • Make sure that your actions match what you are offering.
  • Only have your work email on your computer, and only check your work email during work hours.
  • You should not have work emails on your phone and should have a private email address that no one has access to on your cell phones.
  • Do not give your cell phone numbers to your clients, so that you can enjoy your life without being interrupted by work.

How do you start a successful coaching business?

  • Everyone has their expertise and it is really important to invest in a coach who can support you in your vision.
  • You will have a lot of mental blocks and limiting beliefs and you will need someone to look at the situation and shift your mindset.
  • If you want to start coaching make sure that you are clear on what difference you want to make in the world.
  • Then get someone who can help you achieve your goals and stand with you when everyone else doubts your decision.

How do you find the right person to mentor you?

  • Be clear on what you want your future to look like and what your end goal is, then hire and work with someone who has that.
  • We have to learn to listen to our bodies in order to become our best selves.

What is the worst advice that you have ever received?

  • The worst advice that Louiza has ever received is to work really hard.
  • Working hard has led to burnout and exhaustion.
  • It is not really the right structure and mindset to have when building a business.
  • It puts you in a place of sacrificing for something in the future when in reality you have to take care of yourself first in order to truly succeed.

business boundaries

The importance of separating work and vacation mindset.

  • Make sure that you do not do work while you are on vacation or enjoying your weekend because it affects your mood.
  • It is our job and responsibility to make time for other things that we love in our life, not just work in order to have a balanced lifestyle.
  • You can get the best epiphanies when you are away from work and on vacation.
  • When you are on vacation, you have to hear your intuition. It is louder

How did you create income from the start and how do you continue to create income today?

  • In the beginning, Louiza built her business while working a full-time day job, and gradually lessened her hours to work full time on her business.
  • When we have financial scarcity, it impacts everything.
  • It is important to have a steady income when we are building our business.
  • Today, Louiza leads a course called “The School of Audacity”, for female entrepreneurs who want to take more vacation and make more money.

How did you find your clients as a coach?

  • Louiza used to attend a lot of networking events and have a lot of uncomfortable conversations with the people at the events.
  • She would also go to a lot of wrong networking events because she was committed to growing.
  • She practiced being audacious, taking risks, and being rejected in order to succeed.
  • In order to grow and get to the next level in your business, you have to be taking risks and be really bold.

How do you teach someone to have the audacity to say no?

  • We have to look at our relationship with disappointment, confrontation, self-worth, failure, and rejection.

What legacy would you like to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • Louiza wants to help women create boundaries and be “selfish” because it creates freedom.


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