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Ep. 11 Completing the 7 summits in 42 climbing days to help Nepal with Ac Sherpa

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7 summits in 42 climbing days to help Nepal


Completing the 7 summits in the world in 42 days is only one of the many incredible things that Ac Sherpa has accomplished.

I met Ac a few years ago when he was promoting International Sherpa guides at the NY Times travel show. Ac’s humanitarian work and climbing the 7 summits is so incredible that I had to share his story with you!

Ac was born in a small village in Nepal where he, along with many others in his town struggled daily. Ac then immigrated to the U.S. and lived with his brother but left home at the age of 13.

Seeing the many struggles in Nepal, Ac decided to climb the 7 summits to raise awareness.

Today Ac continues to do humanitarian work with the where he provides education, health care, and homes for the people of Nepal.

In this Episode
  • Climbing the 7 summits allowed Ac to raise awareness to the plight of Nepal.
  •  We must learn how to grab every opportunity given instead of staying in the same place.
  • Facing struggles at such an early age forced Ac to mature and grow faster.
  • Finding balance and learning how to be disciplined in order to overcome struggles.
  • Learning a new language was the biggest struggle and leaving the family support he did not have when he moved to the United States.
  • Ac prepared to climb the 7 summits by climbing Mount Rainier.
  • Funding the 7 summit climb by selling his Microsoft stocks and getting sponsors.
  • Take a risk and pursue your passion because life is a gamble.  Goal’s may not be achieved the first time but it will be done eventually if you keep going.
  • Trust comes from observable actions rather than the ideas that have never come to fruition.
  • Ac created the 7 summit foundation when he realized that most of the men left the villages after the revolution in order to find jobs, leaving the women with the burden of caring for their family.
  • How to help Nepal by creating labor for the locals or doing the trip of a lifetime with International Sherpa Guides, which gives 30% of their proceeds to the people of Nepal.
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20 comments on “Ep. 11 Completing the 7 summits in 42 climbing days to help Nepal with Ac Sherpa

  1. jen says:

    he’s an inspiration. the true heroes of the himalayas are the sherpas and yet they get little to no attention at all.

    1. debbie says:

      You are so right Jen! He is truly a hero!

  2. Poorna says:

    I was listening to the Podcast, and it is so inspiring! Keep putting up amazing posts like this .

    1. debbie says:

      Thanks so much Poorna, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the podcast!

  3. What a man! It’s a shame that he had to have a bad early life in order to mature and become the person he is now but at least he has done something good with his life!

    1. debbie says:

      You’re so right Jade, he has come such a long way and learned so much from all the experiences he has had. Hope you enjoyed this episode.

  4. Amrita Sen says:

    Wow, I just don’t have any other words to describe the feat. He is truly an inspiration.

    1. debbie says:

      Thanks Amrita! He is really an inspiration.

  5. Bee says:

    amazing story, so amazing what the sherpa does! I can’t believe this is an actual career for them sometimes. they truly have a passion for hiking if anything.

    1. debbie says:

      You’re so right Bee!

  6. Lydia Smith says:

    This is really amazing and inspirational. I’ve never thought of this, I’d be so scares but I love reading about those who do such activities like this. I appreciate their perseverance and fierce spirit. You are amazing!

    1. debbie says:

      Thanks Lydia, I hope you can also listen to the episode. He is truly such an inspiring person.

  7. What an inspiring read indeed. Climbing the seven summits is itself such an amazing achievement.It is great to see that AC is using his mountaineering skill to reach the heights in other sectors too.So commendable to see him use mountaineering to create awareness.

    1. debbie says:

      Thanks Sandy! He is such an incredible person.

  8. neha says:

    I have heard so much about the bravery of the sherpas. Its sad they have such hard lives. It’s really an inspiring read. Great to know that apart from the seven summits, other summits are also being conquered and attention brought to them, in order to raise the awareness

    1. debbie says:

      Thanks Neha, such beautiful worlds and I really agree with you! They need to be highlighted more.

  9. Agnes says:

    Beautiful story! Great motivation to never give up and how to use your struggles to become stronger. I’m also happy to see how people want to give back and help how they can 🙂

    1. debbie says:

      I totally agree Agnes! We can make such a huge impact in this world, its amazing what we are capable of!

  10. Ivy says:

    Ac is such an inspiration! Thank you for raising awareness to his cause. What a wonderful human being- we need more people like him!

    1. debbie says:

      Thanks Ivy! I hope you enjoyed this episode!

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