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Ep. 25 How to create a travel community for women with Jennifer O’Brien

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create a travel community for women

How to create a travel community for women with Jennifer O’Brien

Have you ever wondered how you can create a travel community for women?

A few years ago, Jennifer O’Brien wanted to explore offbeat destinations. However, traveling solo and being concerned about safety she explored online to find resources and tips to help her navigate the destinations.

Jen came to realize that were was a lack of community for women, especially solo female travelers to connect with one another.

This realization led Jen to create The Travel Women in 2015 where she aims to lift up women with amazing stories and create a community to share information on where they have been in order to help others make their dream trips into reality.

Since the creation of The Travel Women, Jennifer O’Brien was able to leave her 9-5 to work full time managing and building a community for women.

The Travel Women, it has been featured in Forbes and Jen will soon be launching “Trips”, where she will create unforgettable journeys for women who can travel solo together.

In this interview, Jen talks about how to create a travel community for women and why connecting people is the best way to succeed.

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In this Episode:
  • The lack of resources and safety became the reason why Jennifer created The Travel Women.
  • How to create a travel community for women
  • Why Jen wanted to create comprehenssive resources and tips to give back to women.
  • How online sources and research helps Jen with taking the first steps to achieving her goals.
  • What an average day looks like for the founder of an online community for women.
  • Why meeting new people can help you learn and become better.
  • Why the best thing to do when you first start out is to give.
  • The biggest set back is being underestimated as a content creator.
  • The best way to pitch companies for a collaboration.
  • How to create a media kit for potential clients.
  • Why numbers do not matter as much as the quality of the work.
  • Why getting a side job is a bad advice for Jen.
  • How to prepare to leave your 9-5.
  • Best productivity resource  is toggl.
  • Balancing unpaid work with paid work to become more productive.
  • Diversifying your portfolio in order to create a variety of income.
  • Why selling products is one of the best way to create income.
  • The launch of The Travel Women – Trips.
  • What passion and purpose looks like to Jen.
  • Why it is important to listen to yourself.
  • Being a connector is the legacy Jen wants to leave.
  • The most offbeat job Jennifer ever had.

Listen to Jennifer’s extended interview where she shares how to be featured on The Travel women and creating the most compelling travel videos.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How to get featured on The Travel Women.
  • How to get noticed by featured accounts.
  • Using “Postcards” on to help you get featured.
  • What Jen looks for when looking for images to feature on Instagram.
  • What you should avoid doing to your photos.
  • How to create compelling travel videos.
  • What to do when you are just starting out as a video content creator.
  • Where to learn how to create video content: and
  • Best tips to do video editing.
  • How to get to the next level as a content creator.
  • How to elevate your photos and videos with a drone.

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create a travel community for women

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