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Ep. 38 How to embrace your wild and feminine nature with Anna Rova

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embrace your wild and feminine nature

How to embrace your wild and feminine nature with Anna Rova.

Have you ever wondered how to embrace your wild and feminine nature?

This week  I speak with Anna Rova,  a fellow podcaster of Girlskill– who provides women with the inspiration, tools & resources to embrace their wild, feminine nature – so they can live life on their own terms.

Anna and I first came across each other when we were both looking for guidance and connection with fellow podcasters on social media.

Anna’s energy stood out to me, even though we have not yet met in person – because of her honest and driven personality and I am so honored to have her in this episode.

Having lived in a little and mostly unknown country Moldova in Eastern Europe,  Anna was faced with a lot of struggles and hardships that have made her resilient but also harsh.

Although her upbringing was harsh, it pushed Anna to leave her home to travel the world and become a digital nomad.

Anna’s journey has led her to reverse her thinking on feminity and the roles of males and females in her journey.

Today, Anna travels the world as a digital nomad with her husband and focuses her time on the podcast and mentoring other women to embrace their femininity.

In this episode, Anna shares how to embrace your wild and feminine nature and why you should not let your circumstances define you as a person.

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In this Episode:
  • How Anna transitioned from leaving the tiny country of Moldova to becoming a digital nomad and world traveler.
  • How to find the right location to live as a digital nomad.
  • Why you should not always have a strict plan in order to achieve your goals.
  • How to monetize a podcast when you are brand new in the business.
  • Starting a webinar to create an online program.
  • The impostor syndrome when you are first starting your company.
  • Why there will always be struggles in the beginning.
  • The concept of femininity around the world.
  • Why women have more opportunities today than they ever have before.
  • How to embrace your wild and feminine nature.
  • The polarity between feminine and masculine energy and how it affects who you are attracted to.
  • The concept of cultural appropriation and political correctness.
  • An average day for a digital nomad podcaster.
  • How losing her mother changed Anna’s way of life and has been the biggest setback she has encountered.
  • How her upbringing has made her harsh and how she had to reverse her way of thinking on femininity.
  • Coming from Moldova and from a poor upbringing has given Anna the drive to succeed but also made her brutal and harsh.
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and not letting your circumstances define you as a person.
  • Why you should not follow all formulas that someone gives you and how important it is to find your own voice as an individual and entrepreneur.
  • How Anna was able to sustain her lifestyle and start a podcast.
  • Why having your partner’s support is crucial when you are trying to build a business.
  • In order to find yourself, you have to figure out who you are without your job, without titles and just understand who you are as a person.
  • Why it is important to really understand, accept and own your femininity.

Listen to Anna’s extended interview where she shares How to keep your relationship strong while you are on the road.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How to stay connected with your partner when you are on the road.
  • Become disconnected in order to stay connected with one another.
  • Why it is important to stay connected with yourself.
  • Why you should not use social media to communicate with one another and making things simple.
  • The importance of understanding how we communicate with one another.
  • Creating a distance can help with your communication.
  • How to deal with financial issues with your partner.
  • Feminine and masculine energy when it comes to relationships.
  • Why it is important to balance your masculine and feminine energy as a person.
  • Anna’s biggest takeaway from speaking with men on her previous podcast “Man Inside Show”.
  • The negative energy we focus on will come back to us, so focus on the positive.
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embrace your wild and feminine nature

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