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Ep.48 Offbeat Mentor: How to start a career as a location independent writer.

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Have you ever wondered how to start a career as a location independent writer?

I am so excited to share the new mentorship segment on The Offbeat Life podcast. Where we go beyond telling you inspiring stories to helping a listener get to the next step to a life they truly love.

In our first Offbeat Mentor episode, I invite back Meagan Drillinger who is a location independent writer and founder of Vaera Journeys.

Get inspired and listen to Meagan’s episode on How to Budget and Hustle as a Freelance Writer. 

Meagan has successfully created a thriving career for herself and she has inspired our listener Angelina Zeppieri who is in PR and the host of the podcast Unmapped to pursue a career as a location independent writer.

I was fortunate enough introduce these two ladies and allow them to engage in an incredible conversation in order to get Angelina to the next level to become a freelance writer.

If you want to be part of this new segment make sure to visit or email me at for more information.

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • Meagan is a freelance writer and Angelina is in PR who wants to dive into freelance writing work- picks Meagan’s brain on how she can take the steps to be a remote writer.

| Find out why  Angelina was so inspired by Meagan’s episode – click here to listen to Meagan’s full episode. 

Here are the questions Angelina asks Meagan. Listen to the full interview to find out more of Meagan’s incredible answers.

Angelina:  How did you get started with your writing career?

Meagan knew she wanted to be a writer from Kindergarten.

Angelina: Did you study Journalism in college?

Meagan studied journalism in NYU.

Angelina: Is having a degree in journalism necessary to landing a full time writing position?

It is more important to write well than have a degree as a writer.

Angelina: How did you start writing for Travel Weekly?

Being given an ultimatum was the step that led Meagan to become a freelancer.

Angelina: How do you start a conversation with an editor that you have never worked with before, if you want to freelance for that outlet.

Going on press trips has helped Meagan meet editors and form a genuine bond and for an editor she does not know, Meagan sends a template email.

Angelina: Do you need to have a specialty when writing for a specific outlet?

Why it is important to differentiate yourself as an expert.

Angelina: For someone who wants to begin as a freelance writer, where should they start?

Explore different topics when you first start in order to find your niche.

Angelina: Do you just pitch to an editor when you have a story idea or just approach them when they have a story?

Pitch to do all of them because you never know where the opportunity will come from.

Angelina: Which sites or resources where freelance writers can find jobs?

Create relationships with other women writers and secret facebook groups for writers.

Angelina: How do you format your resume to showcase multiple freelance gigs?

Show where they can find your work and more.

Angelina: Which outlets would be a good fit for someone who is just starting out?

It will depend on your interests and topics you want to write about.

Angelina: What’s a piece you’ve written that you are most proud of?

A story for Travel weekly about taboo travel.

Angelina: Are there any travel trends you are wanting to write about?

Meagan is writing about why it is ok to be a tourist.

Angelina: Are there any destinations you want to visit and write about?

Meagan’s short list would be the Philippines, New Zealand, Argentina and Bolivia.

| Get inspired to become location independent with these episodes. 


The best thing that Angelina took from speaking with Meagan.

What is the first step that Angelina will take to be a freelance writer and become remote.

Angelina and her boyfriend are looking into teaching English abroad and online with CIEE to help them transition to location independence.

Meagan’s next retreat with Vaera Journeys is next May in Puerto Vallarta.

Want to be mentored by Debbie and a guest on the show? Click here to find out how we can help you get to the next level!


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