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Ep. 299: MOJ: Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself To Achieve Your TRUE Goals

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Hey everyone, to start the year right, I am sharing the questions I have asked myself and my students to figure out how we can become more intentional in our actions.

These are the same questions I have asked myself that allowed me to let go of unnecessary projects and become more focused and more focused in my life and business.

I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

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For many years, there have been a ton of self reflections, lots of failures and lots of second guessing with what I want and where I need to be in the future. 

Most of the time, I would just go with the flow, which helped but it also led me to certain paths in my life that did not really align with my long term goals. 

The last year has been the hardest, most transformative of my life, but has also been the most successful in terms of my business because I became more intentional. 

So, today I am going to let you know the exact questions I asked myself that allowed me to go in the right path and help me achieve more success than I have ever had in my business. 

These are also the same simple questions that I have asked my coaching clients that helped them become more focused and intentional with their actions. 

So here are the questions I ask:

What is my 1 year goal: then I list out my family, health, and lifestyle income goal. Then I do the same for my 5 year goal and lastly my 10 year goals. 

Notice that I did not necessarily set my income goals per month or per year, what I am more focused on is my lifestyle income goal, meaning what type of life do I want and how much do I need to achieve that lifestyle. 

I have met people who are perfectly happy living off 40-50K per year while others are still not done after achieving over 300K per year. 

That is why this is so important to really figure out what your lifestyle goal is, instead of your income goal. So you can have a realistic understanding of where you need to be. 

Because if you do not put this on paper, you may be working so hard, even though you have already surpassed your goals and can now enjoy the fruits of your labor, or maybe you still need years to go to achieve you lifestyle goal. 

Once I have listened to these goals, I look at them all at once. Then I ask myself: are the actions I am taking now leading me to the path where I need to be?

I looked at the clients that I was taking, the projects I was saying yes to and the content that I was creating. And when I began the year, 90% did not serve my main purpose, so I made a huge decision to let go of 90% of my income streams to start a new one.  I made huge changes and suffered a lot in the first half of the year. Then within 5-6 months, I began to see the changes in terms of realizing some of my income goals, health goals, family goals and so forth. 

Today, I am still not where I need to be, but I am going in the right direction, and every action I am taking is leading me to the path that I want to go in. I am no longer hoping for it to work out, I am no longer wishing things were different, I am now in-charge of where I am being led. 

This simple self reflection really helped me and my students take charge of our lives and I am giving this to you so you can hopefully make the change that you have always wanted to or maybe didn’t even know you needed. 

So, here’s to starting the new year with intention and to taking charge of our lives, instead of just hoping for the best. Of course, it can take you to a lot of different places that you didn’t plan for, but it feels good to take charge! 

Well that’s it for now friends, let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message at

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