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My Offbeat Journey: How to make a decision when fear is holding you back.

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In this episode, I share strategies to take on how to make a decision when fear is holding you back.


In one of my recent interviews, my guest Rico who you will be able to listen to later on and I spoke about how to make a decision when fear is holding you back.
Rico mentioned how he learned a great strategy from Tim Ferris the author of The 4 hour workweek.
The strategy that Tim Ferris has shared is called Fear setting, you may have heard of goal setting but fear setting is a little bit deferent.
When you are faced with having to make a huge decision, fear setting can help you gain more clarity to the situation, which can stop you from second-guessing and can ultimately choose courage over discomfort.
This strategy is similar to what Aaron and I did when we had to make a very big decision with a business deal we have been trying to accomplish for several years.
I will share more about this in my future episode. But here is how you can try out the strategy.
You will create 3 pages in your journal a notepad or your computer.
On the first page, you will create three columns. 
In the first column, you will define and name the fear. And listing What if I…
In this column, you will make a list of the worst thing that can happen if you make this choice.
The second column you will title: Prevent.
In this column, you will list all of the preventative steps that you can take in order to avoid the worst-case scenarios. 
And lastly, on the third column, you will title Repair.
If the worst-case scenario happens, how do you come back from it?
On the second page, you will list the benefits of an attempt or partial success. 
This exercise will help you create a mentality that will equate partial success to a win which will give you more motivation, confidence, opportunities, and so forth.
Page three is where you list the cost of your inaction that can affect you emotionally, physically, or financially. 
Inaction can result in regret, financial cost throughout the time – meaning it’s costing you more not to take action than actually taking that step.
Then lastly ask yourself what is the cost of my status quo? How will my life look like 6 months from now, 1 year from now, 5 years from now, and so forth?
I find that it is always better to voice your fears and figure out a way to solve them, rather than worry and not have a course of action.
I also want to emphasize that being an entrepreneur requires you to think outside of the box and two find ways to solve issues that come your way.
Because friends, there is nothing like the feeling of figuring something out, facing your fears, and learning in order to become better!
And you will win sooner or later, you just have to take the first steps and take that risk.
I hope that the fear setting method will be as useful for you as it has been for me.
Till next time!

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