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Ep. 91 How to fill your life with experiences not things with Marilen Rose

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Have you ever wondered how to fill your life with experiences, not things?

This week I speak with Marilen Rose who is the founder of My World Registry, a unique online registry that is bringing local experimental gifts to the world. 

Growing up in Chile, Marilen was exposed to incredible landscapes that inspired her to someday help others enhance their experiences through travel.

However, Marilen put her dreams aside to pursue a different career path and it wasn’t until she became burnt out in the corporate world that she finally got the courage to pursue her passion to become an entrepreneur.

Marilen created my world registry because she saw a gap in the industry for people who have enough stuff and want to have an experience. The registry is also a marketplace where providers can sell their experiences to people who are interested in adventures. 

Listen on to find out how to fill your life with experiences, not things.

Listen Below:

In this episode:

How were you able to create a company to fill your life with experiences, not things?

  • Marilen got burned out from her job and decided that she can use her knowledge and background for better things.
  • Marilen saw a gap when people are receiving gifts that were all material things and not enough experiences.
  • She found that people would have better memories with experiences rather than material objects.

What were the first steps you took to start your business even though you had no experience?

  • Marilen decided to start learning about how to start a business and took classes.
  • She began to interview her friends to get their opinions.

How did you start a company as a mother and balance all the work and responsibilities?

  • It was hard to balance both work and motherhood and Marilen had to take a few years off in order to focus her energy on her child.

What has been the biggest setback you have encountered and how do you handle them?

  • Marilen’s biggest struggle was creating a website and dealing with the technical end of the business.

How did you find the right people to work for you?

  • Marilen asked friends who had businesses already or had websites so she can get the best advice.

How did you find clients for your business?

  • Marilen felt like her customers were just waiting for her product to come along and embraced her business.

What was the worst advice that you have ever received?

  • The worst advice Marilen received was that having a website is not important.

How were you able to create income from the start and how do you continue to create income today?

  • Creating income from the start is always tough, but Marilen did not want to have investors for her company.
  • Since they just started their company, they are investing their money and not creating income yet.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your experience start a business?

  • You have to trust in yourself and your abilities to create a successful business.

What legacy would you like to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • Marilen wants to leave the legacy of giving people the opportunity to learn and to see what is out in the world.

Listen to Marilen’s extended interview where she shares how experiences can improve your mental health.

Listen Below:

Why is it important to be able to have real-life experiences outside of virtual reality?

  • It is important to experience the world instead of just watching it from your screen.

How has this affected your own personal life?

  • Staying indoors can affect your mood significantly and taking the time to be more active can change your mood from negative to positive.

How do you achieve wellness by making mistakes?

  • Fear of failure can be crippling and because we do not want to make mistakes we end up not doing anything.
  • If you become OK with making mistakes and realize that it is a part of life, you will lose the fear and will be able to do more with your life.
  • Making mistakes is where you learn the most and if you don’t make mistakes, you will stay stagnant.
  • We should not avoid pain, because it is what makes us grow.
  • Accepting your mistakes and pain can be the only way to get past it.
  • If you push it away or ignore the feelings, it will remain and can become detrimental to your health and growth.
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