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Ep. 17 How to find your sweet spot and appreciate the present with Mel Legarda

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How to find your sweet spot and appreciate the present with Mel Legarda


Mel Legarda is a freelance journalist and traveler from London, with Filipino and Spanish roots.

Mel knew that corporate life was not for her.

In 2015, she took the leap and left her job in London to chase her dreams all the way to Southeast Asia.

This journey taught her many personal lessons from the struggles of cultural identity to a quarter life crises that made her question her life choices.

These struggles allowed her to leave the bubble that she grew up in.

Today Mel is a freelance journalist, travel blogger (illumelation), social media influencer and will be launching her company Virginutty, which would not have been possible if she did not take the leap to change her circumstances.

On this episode, Mel talks about her struggles and journey as a journalist and entrepreneur. She shares her tips on how to find your sweet spot and the importance of appreciating your present.

Learn Mel’s tips and tricks to find your sweet spot.

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • How travel allows you to become grateful and appreciate the present.
  • Learning how to manage a business as a creative.
  • Learning how to enjoy the journey while striving for success.
  • The importance of trial and error.
  • Why it is important to learn how to problem solve in order to find your sweet spot.
  • The importance of listening to ourselves and believe in our personal choice.
  • How to find the right support group to help you find your sweet spot.
  • Why staying emotionally stable can be challenging as an entrepreneur and freelancer.
  • The importance of focusing on your own journey instead of other people’s success.
  • Why being a “sassy” is the best way to open doors to opportunities.
  • How to bridge two cultures in order to create a sustainable brand.
  • The importance of time management when creating multiple streams of income.
  • How to set time boundaries as a freelancer.
  • Understanding that what we see in social media is only a small part of a person’s life.
  • Why it is important to pursue your interest sooner rather than later.


In this extended Interview, Mel shares how to become a journalist.

Listen To the Extended Interview below:


In this episode:

  • What is the role of a journalist.
  • What type of expertise would you need to be a journalist.
  • How to price your work.
  • How to stand out as a journalist.
  • The best ways to ask questions.
  • How to find clients.
  • Valuable lessons learned as a journalist.
  • How to get noticed by large publications.
  • The best resources on journalism.
  • Best networking tips.

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