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Ep. 302: How This Freelance Guru Helps Others Create Freedom Through Gig Work with Dorothy Hollabaugh

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In this episode, I speak with Dorothy who is the Founder of Needle’s Eye Media, and the  Co-Founder CEO of The Gig, a digital media company that helps freelancers acquire and profit from high-income online skills.

In 2017 Dorothy began freelancing and quickly fell in love with the freedom, flexibility, and uncapped income it provided.

She is on a mission to curate the most important freelance content & tips and give it to you in a fun, entertaining, and easy-to-digest format that you can consume in 7 minutes or less. Her goal is to help others build their own profitable, fulfilling, and recession-proof business as a freelancer.

Listen on to find out how Dorothy has been able to help others create freedom though gig work.

Listen Below:


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