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Ep. 63 How to become a freelance travel journalist with Gabi Logan

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Have you ever wondered how to become a freelance travel journalist?

This week I speak with Gabi Logan who is an entrepreneur, travel journalist, and writer.

Having traveled as her passion, Gabi spends six to eight months out of the year on the road.

Gabi is able to stay on the road by writing for a variety of magazines and coaching others to create a lucrative writing career.

Today Gabi is based in New York City and continues to travel the world while implementing her incredible management skills that help others live a life they truly want to live.

In this episode, Gabi shares how to become a freelance travel journalist and create a steady income as a writer.

Listen Below:

In this Episode:

How and who do you pitch in order to get a steady and retainer type of income?

  • Working with an editor in magazines that works with a variety of magazines that will give you assignments from various companies.
  • Working with companies can be an easy yet unglamorous way to work as a travel writer.
  • Emailing editors and companies is powerful to get your work noticed.
  • Reaching out to companies that will be interested and have a need for the type of work you are doing will be beneficial.
  • Writing for companies can help you polish your skills while getting paid.

How do you use your website as a resume in order to land a job?

  • It’s rare for people to find you through your website in the beginning.
  • Less is more. Be more specific so that you are narrowing down your clients and it will be less confusing.
  • Make your website clean with beautiful photography and address how you can save them time.
  • Using Unsplash to get stock photography for your website.

What is the biggest setback you have encountered and how do you handle them?

  • Getting into a bicycle accident and not being able to use her hands stopped Gabi from working.
  • She also could not work because of a concussion and was getting severe headaches which led her to let go of several clients.
  • This setback pushed Gabi to find different ways to create income after she was no longer sick.
  • Everyone deals with setbacks, but it is what you do with the challenges that matter.
  • Be appreciative and Realize that what you have now is because of what you have learned from your struggles.

What has been the worst advice that you have ever received?

  • Any advice where people are telling you how to live your life.
  • Pursuing a career just for the money.
  • Learning not to leave your day job just to get another job that you want to escape.
  • Advice is only as successful as the person giving it.

How to create income as a travel writer.

  • Gabi started out as a freelance writer to create income.
  • Today she writes books, does subscriptions for her website, coaches people to be a successful writer and hosts retreats in their estate in Upstate New York called Rosewood writing retreats.

What legacy do you want to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • Inspiring others to live a full and fulfilled life.

What do you nerd out on?

  • Board games, cookbooks, food, and growing food.

What was the most life-changing meeting you have encountered during your travels?

  • Meeting a person on a terrifying boat ride in Indonesia and the person helping Gabi with her fear.

Is there any question you wished people asked you more of?

  • Instead of asking about the tactics, ask me about the type of mindset you need to succeed. 

Listen to Gabi’s extended interview where she shares how to do use live events as a growth tool for your business.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

How do you start doing live events as a newbie and how to avoid stage fright?

  • Think about who you are serving and what they are going to get out of it.
  • Focus on what you can give people and how it will help them.

How do you choose a topic that will be engaging to your audience?

  • Choose a topic that is specific and something that can be understandable.
  • Simplify and allow your audience to be fired up and excited.

How do you find clients that will attend your live events?

  • Sending cold emails to people you have never worked with before.
  • Look for the perfect person to be in the audience and invite them to attend.
  • Start by inviting your big fans.

How do you sell your products without being salesy?

  • Allow them to see the possibility for themselves of how far they can go with your help.
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