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Ep.50 How to make everyday count and become a freelance TV producer with Stephanie Ferguson

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Have you ever wondered how to make everyday count and become a freelance TV producer?

This week I speak with Stephanie Ferguson who is a storyteller and freelance TV producer.

Stephanie and I met two years ago, her sense of humor and unique career has always stood out to me and this week I am fortunate to speak with her about her experience traveling the world as a TV field producer.

Her work has appeared on major national networks like FOX, CBS, History, Discovery, and Travel Channel.

Although Stephanie accomplished a great deal as a producer- having worked on the super bowl and traveling the world with the Travel Channel, she knew she needed to leave what many would believe as dream jobs in order to live her dream life.

In this episode, Stephanie shares how to find your identity after leaving your dream job and why we must make every day count.

I am so honored to have Stephanie as my guest and have learned so much from her in this interview. Listen on to find out why she is such an incredible storyteller.

freelance tv producer

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • What Stephanie’s job entails as a Freelance Television producer.
  • How to make everyday count and become a freelance TV producer.
  • There are two fields in the industry there is field production and post-production. Stephanie has worked in both because she believes that its important to see both sides in order to become the best storyteller.
  • Why the most important thing to do while in college are internships.
  • Why there is no average day for a television producer. One day could be in the office, another could be spent hiking in the jungle.
  • Although it may look glamorous, being a television producer is all on the surface and it takes a lot of hard work.
  • What Stephanie wished she knew before becoming a producer.
  • How to find your identity after leaving your dream job.
  • Why you should not be defined by the brands you work with or the company you work for, but the goals that you have achieved for yourself.
  • The biggest setback that Stephanie experienced was leaving sports to TV producing and having to prove her worth in the new industry.
  • Why it is ok to start over and not be on top of your game all the time, it can be the best and most humbling experience.
  • How to leave your dream job in order to design your dream life.
  • Why it is important to listen to someone’s advice but decide for yourself If it is the right step for you.
  • The worst advice that Stephanie has ever received is not to create relationships with your clients.
  • When Stephanie created great relationships with the people on her show, is when she was able to do the best job.
  • The best productivity tip that works well for Stephanie.
  • Why you should try new and different things besides your preferred niche in order to learn different skills.
  • When to say no in order to find the right opportunity.
  • How to make a transition to a different industry and why hard work is crucial.
  • How Stephanie is able to create income as a freelance tv producer from the start and how she continues to create income today.
  • Stephanie deals with stress and anxiety by pointing things into perspective. No one’s life is on the line.
  • How working in the Super Bowl gave Stephanie the best lesson on handling stress and anxiety.
  • What legacy Stephanie wants to leave 50 years from now.
  • Why Stephanie wants to go to space and how she plans to accomplish the goal.
  • The most life-altering meeting Stephanie has ever had.
  • How she learned how to make every day count.
  • What Stephanie wished people asked her more about her job.
  • How her dream of getting paid to eat pizza and travel the world came true.

freelance tv producer

Listen to Stephanie’s extended interview where she shares how to leave your dream job in order to pursue your dream life.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How Stephanie knew it was time to leave her dream job.
  • Why learning and being constantly challenged is important.
  • The first steps Stephanie took in order to get to the next phase in her career.
  • Being prepared for the transitional phase after leaving a job.
  • How not to lose your identity after leaving your dream job.
  • It is OK to admit that you do your dream job is not right for you.
  • Why having a home base is crucial when you are constantly traveling for work.
  • Questioning your decisions and how to appreciate what you have already accomplished.
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