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Ep. 37 How to turn your greatest insecurities into inspiration with Jessica Torres

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How to turn your greatest insecurities into inspiration with Jessica Torres.

Have you ever wondered how to turn your greatest insecurities into inspiration?

This week  I speak with Jessica Torres who is a fashion and beauty influencer who promotes body positivity.

I met Jessica during my incredible week with Vaera Journeys, a retreat that gathers entrepreneurial women in the most beautiful locations.

Vaera journeys gave us the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, collaborate, and be surrounded by the most inspiring women who are doing amazing things!

To learn more about the retreat and how you can take your personal and professional goal to the next level you can visit

I am so excited to interview Jessica on this retreat. Being a plus-sized woman, Jessica has been battling with body insecurities most of her life. It was a long road to self acceptance and body positivity, but she finally realized that she did not have to lose weight in order to love her body.

This acceptance led Jessica to start posting full-body images of herself on social media and share her journey which has led her to become a fashion and beauty influencer.

Today, Jessica works with major brands, promotes body positivity, and creates incredibly funny videos on social media.

In this episode, Jessica shares how to turn your greatest insecurities into inspiration and how to accept yourself at any size.

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In this Episode:
  • What Jessica Torres has learned as an attendee of Vaera Journeys.
  • Why is Vaera Journeys retreat valuable and what you can learn from other entrepreneurs.
  • The biggest takeaway Jessica has learned after being surrounded by other entrepreneurs.
  • How Jessica realized that she did not have to lose weight in order to love her body.
  • How to turn your greatest insecurities into inspiration.
  • Why it is important to network and get to know people in your industry in order to succeed.
  • How Jessica’s first step to body positivity gave her the opportunity to work in the industry she really wanted to pursue.
  • The strategy Jessica takes in order to take the first steps to achieve her goals.
  • Why it is important to create your own style in order to become successful in any business.
  • Why it is important to imitate and follow others, however, it should be the stepping stone in order for you to find your own voice and style.
  • How an injury became a wake-up call for Jessica to finally leave her 9-5 in order to pursue her dreams.
  • What does an average day look like for Jessica as a social media influencer and lifestyle blogger?
  • Why you can become your biggest setback.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who push you to become better.
  • The biggest misconception about influencers versus reality.
  • How to respond to negativity as a public figure.
  • Would you say that mean thing to your best friend or to someone that you love? So don’t say it to yourself because you should be honoring and respecting yourself.
  • How to deal with anxiety when you are first starting out a new business or career.
  • The taboo of still living with your parents as an adult and why it can be helpful to do so.
  • How Jessica wants her legacy to be creating body positive impact on women all over the world.
  • What would be the most unusual job Jessica would do in order to make money.

Listen to Jessica’s extended interview where she shares how to become body positive at any size.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How to create a business for a specific niche.
  • How to accept your body and become body positive.
  • How to get sponsorships and collaborations.
  • Why it is important to create genuine relationships in the industry.
  • How to transition from your 9-5 to become an influencer.
  • The importance of owning your own content.
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greatest insecurities into inspiration

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