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Ep. 314: MOJ: How Lack of Self Confidence Can Make You Miss Out On Job Opportunities

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The confidence gap is one of the biggest killers of opportunities. It can stop you from taking the first and most important step, which is to apply for a job.

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Hey friends, welcome to another episode of my offbeat journey where I share with you the ups and downs of being a remote worker.

In today’s episode, I will talk about how lack of confidence will make you miss out on job opportunities.

Yes, this is a thing and I’m pretty sure that some of you or many of you have experienced this before, I definitely have.

Recently, I actually came across this article that talked about how job applicants, mainly women, are less likely to apply for a position if they do not 100 % meet all of the criteria that are listed on the job board and that there are many missed opportunities from this.

Now I found this really interesting and I have definitely been a victim to this because when we look at a job requirement section on the job board, we jump to the conclusion that it’s what is required, of course, because it says requirements, right?

But we have to think about it in a different way, think of it as a wish list from the employer instead, right? Because for me, as an employer myself and I’ve had people who I hired, I’ve definitely looked at candidates that had all of the requirements that I listed on there but when I interviewed them, they didn’t interview very well and they didn’t answer the right questions or there was just something about them that didn’t fit the right way, and then I would talk to somebody who didn’t 100 % fit every criteria that I had and all the requirements that I wanted perfectly, but when I spoke to them, they knew how to answer questions correctly, we just vibed really well, I knew that they would be really good to work with and they would be trainable, which is really great because that’s what you want.

You want someone who’s always willing to learn, not somebody who’s just there and they think they know everything already and they can’t grow with you. They can’t learn new things and also maybe some of the things that they learned that they think is the right way to do is not really aligning with what you want with your business and this is why even if you are not 100 % meeting the criteria of a job,
you should at least apply for it because you never know.

So let me ask you this question since we’re talking about this now – How many jobs have you actually passed up or did not even bother to look at because they had requirements that you did not fulfill?

How many of those jobs do you feel like you were really interested in but because they had a few things on the requirements section that you didn’t fulfill that you just let go of?

I am definitely a victim of this. I’ve found jobs before that I was like, “Oh, this is really interesting. Oh, but wait, I don’t know any of these things. So maybe I just shouldn’t apply for it because I don’t know how to do it.”, so you just never know, maybe they’re thinking like me that I would rather you not fulfill every criteria, but you would be really great to work with and you would be a great person to be a part of the team.

And also think about, what could have, you know, “what could happen now if I actually apply to those types of jobs?”, maybe you can double, triple or even quadruple your chances of landing a remote job, right?

So just think about that.

How many more opportunities are you giving yourself if you’re applying to these other jobs that you kind of overlooked before or thought were out of reach?

And also another thing that I’ve noticed when I look at these job posts is that sometimes companies will actually place on the bottom of the post to apply if you’re not 100 % fulfilling their requirements because they want you to still go for it.

And, you know, you never know maybe this will change your luck. Maybe it will. It’s not luck if you’re working hard for it and you’re actually going for it. Maybe this will change things around for you because the more chances you take, the more chances you will have of succeeding and finally landing that remote job.

And it may even be your dream remote job, right? Because now you’re setting less limits for yourself.

So let’s think about that, that lack of confidence, that lack of belief in yourself may be stopping you from these opportunities and you’re missing out on these great opportunities because you don’t believe all these criteria are just not for you.

I would say, for example, if you’re a writer and all of a sudden you want to be a software developer, you just have no experience. I don’t know if that’s what I mean by this, but I mean like, “okay, there’s maybe two or three softwares or a few softwares that they want, but I don’t know it.”, you can always learn it on the job or you can learn it before. You know, you never know.

So that’s it for today. Hopefully this will give you, you know, food for thought the next time you go out there and apply. And if you’re not doing it, I want you to apply for at least, you know, one, two, three jobs a day. Just apply to as many as you can, so the more that you put yourself out there, the more chances that you’re giving yourself to actually landing that job.

And also, I always say this in order to land a job, you have to get really good, not just with writing your resume, but also the interview.

So even if you’re not 110 % with the job, apply for it and just keep practicing your interview skills because that’s really going to help you ace those interviews.

All right. So that’s it for now. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you’ve missed opportunities because of lack of confidence.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like me to talk about next, send me an email at

That’s it for now. I will speak to you later, bye!

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