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Ep. 317: MOJ: How To Embrace Peace and Downtime

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Not every era has to be boss mode, sometimes doing less and embracing peace is what you need.

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Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of My Offbeat Journey where I share with you the ups and downs of starting remote work.

Today I am going to talk to you about embracing peace and slowing down.

So I have been experiencing this a lot, not just recently but in the last two years as you may have seen. I’m not as active on social media anymore and I may miss episodes here and there and that’s because I am this era in my life where I am just embracing a lot slower lifestyle and embracing peace and for a really long time I was always on the go.

I was in that Boss Girl Era and I definitely have turned into a different route in my life where I’ve really come to realize how peace and being present and spending time with my family and friends are so much more important to me right now and I’m really embracing this.

So if this has happened to me a few years ago I would have been really feeling guilty about it because I always felt like if I didn’t work that I wasn’t contributing or I didn’t really do what I was supposed to do. So there was a lot of guilt that I associated with taking a break and not being a part of everything and not having my hands on everything, not having to do as much as I can in as you know as little time as possible, just putting everything into my hands on everything and being always on the go and you know one of my biggest pride was to always be working. And in the last few years that has definitely shifted. There’s a lot of things that have happened in my personal life that has been pretty traumatic. I haven’t really or I have not spoken about it at all.

Maybe in the near future I may, but I’m definitely not ready to do that yet. So I’m still in that era right now. I’m still healing and I just you know pivoted myself, my mental health really needed to be upfront, my physical health. I needed to heal mentally, physically, everything just had to heal. I had to be here and really focus on myself and the people that I love. So that’s really been what I’ve been focusing on the last few years and I’m pretty much embracing that. There’s no longer guilt. There are days where I only work a few hours a day and I’m okay with that. And sometimes there’s days when I don’t want to work at all and I just want to lay down and watch Netflix and that’s okay too.

And then there’s days where I do work and you know, and that’s fine. But now there’s definitely no longer that feeling of guilt like, oh my gosh, you have to do X, Y and Z. I still do have deadlines. I’m definitely still about that. I’m not the type of person that just, you know, puts that away and not care anymore. But just doing what I need to do and not doing extra is something that I have come to terms with.

And one of my friends on social I read one of her posts the other day where she said that she’s been feeling kind of the same way. You know, like she doesn’t really feel like doing some of the things that she used to like to do. And now she just feels like staying at home, not doing extra after she comes home from work and she doesn’t really feel motivated to do all of these things.

And I, you know, I said sometimes we’re just in that phase in our life where we really need to take a break, whether it’s burnout from a lot of work that you’ve been doing, maybe it’s something that happened to you that’s traumatic and you really need to have that mental health relaxation that you need. And I think a lot of that is also our body just telling us to slow down.

And I want you to know if you’re in that era of your life right now, if you can to just embrace it, not to fight it, because there is peace that comes with it. And it has definitely helped me to embrace that. So, yeah, that’s really there’s a lot of things that happen in our life. There’s a lot of circumstances. There’s different stages where things do change.

And sometimes instead of fighting it and just learning how to live with it and also to embrace those things that we may not have seen as a positive can really turn into a positive for us. And it’s not such a negative thing after all. And yeah, that’s pretty much where things are right now.

I’m still debating because this September is our six year anniversary for the podcast.
And I’ve really been debating whether I should take a break. I know I’ve been dropping episodes weekly. I did miss the last two weeks because I’ve just been so busy. Like I said, there’s just so many things that are happening in my personal life right now that I really need to to focus on that, that I’m still debating whether I should take a break after our anniversary or six year anniversary and that’s a huge thing.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this podcast for six years. And there’s been so many changes since I started where my life began when I started this podcast to where I am now, which is kind of incredible if I think about it, where I was thinking about, “Okay, I hope that someday I have a remote job. I could be location independent. I could have all this freedom.”, and to actually have that now is pretty amazing. And for a really long time, I didn’t know if that was even possible. And to actually live it is something that I am pretty grateful for. And I feel really blessed. And there are so many things that I definitely learned. And there’s a lot of mistakes and failures along the way. But that just comes with, you know, doing something that may be a little risky because I did leave a pretty lucrative job, you know, I got my master’s in it. I was a behavioral therapist and now I’m a writer. So very different. But I knew what I wanted with my life and where I wanted it to lead. And it led me here to where exactly where I needed to be.

So if you have any questions for me, if you feel like you have your own bouts of not doing much,
you know, like wanting that peace with your life, let me know if that’s your error right now. It’s definitely where I am. There’s no more guilt associated with it.

I know a lot of people say you have to work, work, work, be, you know, you know, that boss bitch. And I used to be that and I’m in my era of just, you know, I keep saying this, just having peace with my life, I think, and needing really needing that right now.

So that’s why you’ll see a lot less of me on social media. I’ll post here and there. I may miss some episodes on the podcast. Obviously, I love – I still love doing this. But again, it’s just something that I need. And if I do take a break from podcasting, I will definitely let you all know.

And if you have any questions, definitely contact me at

That’s it for now! I will talk to you all soon later, bye!

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