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Ep. 78 How to start freelance writing with Danny Newman

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Have you ever wondered how to start freelance writing?

This week I am so excited to speak with Danny Newman who is a freelance writer and entrepreneur.

Danny knew that he wanted to create a life where he is able to live and work from anywhere. He took the leap and decided to start a business doing Amazon FBA.

Although Danny was able to create income with Amazon FBA, the business was too inconsistent and he began to rethink his options.

Danny decided to pivot and pursue his true passion as a writer.

Today, Danny has a freelance writing career that is allowing him to travel the world.

Listen on to find out how to start freelance writing and become an online entrepreneur.

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In this Episode:

How were you able to start creating income for yourself and to start a business in order to become a digital nomad?

  • Danny looked at different ways to create passive income opportunities.
  • After doing a lot of research he came across Amazon FBA
  • He has also learned how to start freelance writing
  • It is all about experimenting and trying to find the best way to make it work.

What type of freelance work do you do?

  • Danny is a freelance writer for a company called The Huff.
  • It gives him a steady income and allows him to work and travel.
  • You have to be persistent and learn how to start freelance writing by doing your research.

How were you able to find a company that can give you consistent income as a writer?

  • Danny applied to a lot of different writing jobs and learned how to start freelance writing.
  • He used the resource which gives a lot of opportunities for people who want to become writers.

| Learn more on how to become a freelance location independent writer.

What made you decide to transition from Amazon FBA to becoming a full-time writer?

  • Danny chose to do private label products when doing Amazon FBA and was getting the products from China.
  • After doing it for a while, he became more conscious of the ethical issues and being unsure about the shipment of the products.
  • It is also an unpredictable source of income.
  • He began to re-evaluate what he really wanted and realized he enjoyed writing.

What has been the biggest setback you have encountered and how did you handle it?

  • Questioning his decisions because it is so different from what everyone in his life is doing.
  • Questioning whether he will regret not having the stability that everyone else has.
  • There was a period when he did not know if he was going to find any work as a freelancer.
  • Trying new experiences so you have no regrets.
  • You have to know what you are willing to sacrifice, time or money.

What has been the worst advice you have received?

  • Danny has had a lot of supporters.
  • Most people usually ask whether the decision is the right one since it is an unstable lifestyle.

What legacy would you like to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • To be seen as someone who made the most out of the present moment.
  • Someone who did not live a life of regret.

What do you nerd out on?

  • Danny nerds out on true crime shows.

Listen to Danny’s extended interview where he shares how to set up an Amazon FBA business.

Listen Below:

In this episode:

What is Amazon FBA?

    • It is for people who want to start a retail business online through Amazon.
    • You find the products that you want to sell and Amazon will be storing and fulfilling the orders without you having to deal with customer service.
  • It is a great business model if you want to be traveling and be hands-off.

What is the first step to start an Amazon FBA business?

    • Invest in learning how to do the business.
    • There will be a lot of opportunities for mistakes, so make sure that you are learnings much as you can.

How do you find the right products that will sell well?

    • You have to do your research and look for a gap where you find a product that you can buy cheap but sell for a profit on Amazon.
    • Look at sales rank on Amazon to see how well the products are selling.
    • If you can get those good selling products on Amazon, it is almost a guarantee that it is going to sell sooner or later.
    • But you also have to look at your competition.
    • You can also do private labeling of products.
    • This process is more involved so you have to make sure that the product is going to sell.
  • You have to test as much as you can.

What are the pros and cons of starting an Amazon business?

    • The massive pro is earning money while being away from the business itself.
    • The con is that there are always risks, that’s why it is important to test your products before selling.
    • Amazon FBA charges for their services so you have to make sure you have enough margin for profit.
  • Expect to lose 30% or more on your sales with Amazon FBA.
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