Ep. 18 How to deal with criticism and turn responsibility into an opportunity with Raha Moharrak

December 25, 2017

Growing up as a Saudi woman, Raha was given a lot of limitations due to her gender.

Having an adventurous soul, Raha knew that she wanted to do something more than what her culture expected her to do, despite knowing she will have to deal with criticism.

Then, Raha had what many would call a “crazy” idea to climb the worlds highest mountains. Climbing the 7 summits on its own was a challenge enough, but for Raha it also meant breaking a taboo.

Today, Raha is the first Saudi female to climb the 7 summits and is a public speaker traveling all over the world to encourage other women to have the courage to leave their comfort zone and not be afraid to break the mold.

On this episode, Raha talks about how to deal with criticism and how to turn a huge responsibility into an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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In this Episode:
  • How to deal with being in the spotlight.
  • How to turn a responsibility into an opportunity.
  • Finding the courage to take the first step towards your dreams.
  • The challenges of practicing mountain climbing while living in the dessert.
  • How being the first Saudi woman to climb the 7 summits gave Raha the opportunity to change what she did not like about her culture and society.
  • Trying to break with what her culture expects her to do.
  • Balancing femininity and masculinity.
  • Why it is important now to be afraid to fail.
  • The greatest obstacles Raha faced throughout her journey.
  • How to deal with criticism
  • The perfect partner for a strong and independent woman.
  • How to finance the summit climbs and creating income as a public speaker.
  • Be curious enough to try new things in order to find what you love.
  • What one regret you should never have 50 years from now.


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how to deal with criticism

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