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Ep. 39 How to appreciate the imperfect moments of travel with Lia Garcia

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How to appreciate the imperfect moments of travel with Lia Garcia.

Have you ever wondered how to appreciate the imperfect moments of travel?

This week  I speak with Lia Garcia who is a full-time travel blogger.

Like many of us, Lia worked at a 9-5 for several years before realizing that she needed something more in her life.

Although Lia enjoyed her job, she still felt unfulfilled… until she began travel blogging.

Lia started a blog when she and her husband Jeremy took a year-long honeymoon.

What started out as a hobby became her source of fulfillment and several years later, Lia was able to quit her day job to become a full-time blogger.

One of the main reasons Lia was able to leave her job was due to Mediavine. A company that helps content creators build a sustainable business through ad partnerships on their website.

After hitting 25K views per month Lia was able to make money from her site, and today she earns half of her income from Mediavine alone!

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Today, Lia continues to travel the world with her hubby Jeremy while providing humorous and useful tips that encourage her audience to travel authentically on her blog Practical Wanderlust.

In this episode, Lia shares how to travel on your own terms and appreciate the imperfect moments of travel.

This interview was so much fun to do because Lia and I were in San Francisco along with other amazing travel bloggers.

Lia gives a lot of incredible tips and tricks so enjoy the show!

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • How Lia started a travel blog by breaking her website and leaving it for two years before finally fixing the issues to start her blog.
  • Lia was re-inspired to start her blog again when she and her husband took a year-long honeymoon, in order to have a hobby during her travels.
  • How Lia transitioned from her 9-5 to become a full-time travel blogger.
  • Lia knew she wanted to travel the world, so she saved for 5 years to take a year-long trip.
  • What an average day looks like for a full-time travel blogger.
  • How to appreciate the imperfect moments of travel.
  • Why it can be very overwhelming when you are self-employed and why you have to master many different skills.
  • Why taking a break from your tasks can help you focus.
  • Fantasy versus the reality of becoming a travel blogger.
  • Why constantly traveling is exhausting and not sustainable.
  • Why you should be more intentional with how you spend your time so you do not burn out.
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship while balancing work and travel as a blogger.
  • What started out as a hobby become a full-time career for Lia.
  • The importance of understanding each partner’s priority and helping each other achieve goals.
  • The yearlong honeymoon that did not go as expected but allowed Lia to realize that it is OK not to have a perfect travel experience.
  • How Mediavine is the main source of income for Lia as a travel blogger?
  • Mediavine is an ad management company that places relevant ads on a blogger’s site that allows bloggers to create income.
  • How Lia creates 50% of her income from Mediavine alone!
  • Why you should never do anything just to earn the money for your business.
  • Why it is important to stay true to your brand and be honest with your audience.
  • How a standing desk and whiteboard help Lia’s productivity throughout the day.
  • How to deal with anxiety and stress when you are trying to achieve your dreams and goals.
  • The importance of breaking down tasks in order to lessen the stress of accomplishing your goals.
  • What legacy Lia wants to leave and how she is making an impact on the world as a travel blogger.
  • The exercise Lia does to make big life decisions and how she decided to stay as a travel blogger instead of accepting a job offer that would make her more money.
  • The most interesting job Lia ever had in Disney and why she regretted leaving too soon.

Listen to Lia’s extended interview where she shares how to use your humor and personality to build a dedicated following.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • Why is it important to build a persona for your brand in order to stand out from the crowd?
  • Showing your personality to your audience will build loyalty and trust.
  • How your humor and personality can help you create income for your business.
  • How someone can start translating their personality into their content when they first start out.
  • Why you should write a blog like you are having a conversation rather than a professional essay.
  • Why your goal is always to entertain people through your content.
  • How Lia grew her blog from her personality.
  • Why you need a lot of practice in order to learn your niche.
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