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Ep. 71 How Johnson and Johnson promotes individualism and gives back to the community.

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Have you ever wondered how Johnson & Johnson promotes individualism and gives back to the community?

In today’s episode,  I am sharing the incredible story of Peter Fasolo who is the chief of human resources at Johnson and Johnson. 

Peter is responsible for the well-being of the employees at Johnson and Johnson and is the newly appointed board member of Save the Children.

Having worked with children for over a decade, it was truly an honor to speak with Peter about their partnership with Save the children. They have made it their mission to prevent any child from dying from preventable diseases around the world.

They have teamed up this year to produce a new social platform called Wisdom by Kids.

A platform that allows parents to share their children’s words on the Wisdom by Kids app as well as social media.

J&J will donate $1 for every wisdom shared and up to $1 million dollars to Save the children!

Listen on to learn about the incredible steps Johnson and Johnson has taken to invest in their employees well being as well as their incredible partnership with Save the Children.

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Listen Below:

In this Episode:

Why is Peter’s job as Chief of human resources so important?

  • Peter has the privilege to support the 140K employees of the company.
  • Johnson & Johnson has a history of investing in their employees – in terms of their career, health, and wellness.
  • Johnson & Johnson has progressive work and life policies that include a minimum of 8 weeks paid parental leave, adoption and fertility policies, the global shipment of nursing mothers are just a few examples.

How has J&J encouraged individualism in the company?

  • Everyone is encouraged to share their unique backgrounds and experiences.
  • J&J makes sure that their staff is diverse and they are inclusive so that they are able to serve not just their employees but also the world.
  • They are encouraged to share their opinions and views in order to be their complete self.
  • It is important for J&J to have managers and leaders create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

Why has J&J provided work and life balance for their employees?

  • Employees are encouraged to take the time they need that will allow them to have balance.

How were you able to pursue other passions outside of work?

  • Peter and his family volunteered in Latin America with an operation smile that allowed them not only to help others but to see a different perspective of the world.
  • Peter and his family take the time to give back to the community on mission trips.
  • Giving back to the community allows Peter to show his sons that having a purpose has to be much larger than just their own interest.

Can you tell us more about Save the Children and their partnership with Johnson & Johnson?

  • Peter is the newly appointed board member of Save the Children.
  • J&J has had over 20 years of partnership with Save the Children.
  • Both organizations want a world where no child anywhere in the world dies from preventable causes and that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • J&J and Save the Children have created Wisdom by Kids – a social platform that allows parents to share their children’s words and share them on the app as well as social media- J&J will donate $1 and up to $1 million dollars to save the children.

What legacy would you like to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • Peter wants his legacy to be able to make a difference by helping as many individuals as he can reach with Johnson & Johnson.
  • People will not remember what you did, but how you did it.
  • Peter wants to continue J&J’s mission to help care for people around the world.

What has been your proudest moment so far?

  • The greatest moments Peter has had so far are with the men and women he has worked with at Johnson & Johnson.
  • All the employees who have made an incredible difference in the company and for the consumers and patients.

Where can we find more information about J&J?



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